Saturday 5 March 2016


Mulcair faces uphill battle in Edmonton

Campaign Tips, from Justin Trudeau to Bernie Sanders
        Privy Council Office wants $600,000 more to update Trudeau�s website
Nine factors should drive federal marijuana moves, ministers told
        �Canadian Obama� to visit White House

Canada�s new ambassador to U.S. defends appointment
        Ontario Progressive Conservatives unveil new logo under new leader Patrick Brown
Vancouver summit kept lid on overheated energy-environment debate
        Should we dread more that carbon plan is not lived up to, or that it is?
Premiers� climate change meeting long on principles, short on specifics
        MPs set their sights beyond Parliament Hill bubble
Liberals offering quick and easy citizenship
        History isn�t on the side of a PC-Wildrose party merger
Trudeau�s blurring the line between ministries and the public service. Good for him.
        Aboriginal land claims�the largest deterrent to mining investment in B.C.

Outspoken anti-oilsands group to host Justin Trudeau in Washington
        Canadian navy brass expressed disbelief, anger in wake of sailors� arrests in 2014 port visit
�He�s kind�: �60 Minutes� reporter about Justin Trudeau
        State dinner a sign of warm relations between Trudeau, Obama
Canada�s immigration website saw U.S. traffic spike on Super Tuesday
        Canada gives visa-exempt travellers 6 months to comply with electronic travel authorization
Canadians want Americans to pay more attention to the world, says Trudeau
        Sask Party defends Executive Air usage
Ontario Progressive Conservatives dismiss report of caucus infighting
        Inmates at Regina jail refusing food trays; want more TV, more time outside

At Issue | First Ministers Meeting
        Inside Canada�s bombing bureaucracy
Federal government should cool its jets with new climate targets, Ontario and B.C. premiers say
        Obama seeks environment partner in Trudeau, says envoy to Washington
Canada-wide carbon pricing needed to hit emissions targets, Wynne says
        No power from B.C. without pipeline to west coast, says Notley
Liberals won�t rule out imposing a national carbon price, Catherine McKenna says
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley continues her Excuse-Maker-in-Chief act - Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun
        �Stop Wynne� fundraising project launched - Toronto Sun
Canada gives visa-exempt travellers 6 months to comply with electronic travel authorization - Susana Mas, CBC News
        Patrick Brown aims to put his stamp on Ontario�s Progressive Conservative party this weekend - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Quebec judge quashes one injunction against Energy East, another still � - Geoffrey Morgan, Calgary Herald
        Trudeau, premiers full of hot air - Editorial, Edmonton Sun
You have to do something, Ms. Notley � here�s a four-point plan for Alberta - Kevin O'Leary, The Globe & Mail
        Justin Trudeau honoured by Tsuut�ina First Nation as �the one that keeps trying� - CBC News
Outspoken anti-oilsands group to host Justin Trudeau in Washington - Jason Fekete, National Post
        Evan Solomon on the long road to a climate deal - Evan Solomon, Macleans

PC Leader Patrick Brown shows he can work a room - Susan Sherring, Ottawa Sun
        Canadians turn to the second-hand market amid tepid economic growth- Alexandra Posadzki, The Canadian Press, CTV News
From a billion dollars to zero: Canada stands alone in G7 as it empties its coffers of gold- Bloomberg, National Post
        1,600 Scotiabank workers settle for $20.6M- Michael Lewis, Toronto Star
This indicator on housing affordability is a lot less rosy than Ottawa�s- Rob Carrick, The Globe & Mail

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David Suzuki: Will cap-and-trade slow climate change?
Are Toronto and Vancouver in the midst of a pot-shop bubble?
Over 1,000 emails sent to Trudeau government about the TPP
Canada Has Just About Emptied Its Stash Of Gold
Health Canada flagged nine key considerations in legalizing marijuana
Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Investment Chapter
Did GMO Corn Really Kill All Those Bees in Canada? - Jba Healthy News
Canada's gold reserves now almost zero as Ottawa sells off bullion and coins
Minister of Defence Sajjan shatters Trudeau�s myth about the roots of the crisis in Iraq

Will Michael Chong Become Canada's Next Conservative Leader?
Canada's climate plan can improve human health both at home and abroad
VIDEO: Elizabeth May applauds premiers on climate but urges bolder action



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Romney�s a Coward For Not Saying What He Really Wants - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
        Rubio Scrambles to Undo Trump in Florida - Marc Caputo, Politico
Hillary Clinton, in Detroit, Will Unveil Plan to Grow Jobs and Wages - Amy Chozick, New York Times
        Trump Is Still Stoppable, According to the Rules - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Former Sen. Jim Webb: I Won�t Vote for Clinton, But I May for Trump - Eliza Collins, Politico
        IBM laying off U.S. workers to shift focus to cloud, cognitive computing- CBC News
France and Germany united on migration crisis, says Hollande- France 24
        Merkel says Putin is committed to Syria ceasefire- Al Jazeera
Two Italian hostages freed in Libya: Official- The Times of India
        Turkey police raid critical Zaman newspaper in Istanbul- BBC News
Brazilian police detain former president Lula in corruption inquiry- Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
EU urges Turkey to respect media freedom after newspaper seized
        US, allies conduct 14 strikes against ISIS: US military
Turkey newspaper defiant after raid as police attack protests
        Libya's future threatened by 'terrifying' ISIS: UN chief
UK business chief suspended in Brexit row: report
        China emissions goals less ambitious than 2015 cuts: plan
Scientists: Possible new octopus species found near Hawaii
        �Organic� food may just be expensive rip-off, experts say
Risks to the euro are stacking up
        Egypt�s poorest struggle to find rice as traders hoard supplies

U.S. trade deficit widens as exports hit low
        Libya must make a decision, or the alternatives are very worrisome
Israel demolishes Palestinian homes, displacing 36
        France won�t open border to migrants in case of �Brexit�
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Ted Cruz wins Kansas, 1st state in �Super Saturday� contests
        O.J. Simpson Murder Case: Buck Knife Could Produce Ron and Nicole�s Fatal Wounds
Clinton�s drawl, Trump�s �yuuge� N.Y. accent and campaign �code-switching�
        Donald Trump in Europe: Republican front-runner hailed as a racist, a clown � and a hero
US election 2016: Republican Ben Carson ends campaign
        Trump rallies: Tense, racially charged, immensely successful
Jewish Republicans call Trump feckless, dangerous
        Donald Trump under attack from debate rivals
Donald Trump defends flip-flopping in ugly GOP debate
        Scientists �find cancer�s Achilles heel�
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The War On Terror | Declassified
Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth
What is the problem? - Stop TTIP

New Cold War� And Policies To Confront Russia � OpEd

"You're Fired!" The Abuses of "Skilled" Worker Visa Programs

TTIP: Another Secret Trade Deal Putting Us and the Environment at Risk

The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism
New Anti-NATO, EU Coalition Formed in Serbia Ahead of Elections
Direct dialogue, amnesty & free elections is key to Ukraine settlement Lavrov
Who's Afraid of the F-35? Russia Unveils Plans for 6th-Generation Fighter Jet
Fake News!! CNN & BBC Busted!! Proof Chemical Attacks Staged By Media - Educate Inspire Change
Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens Continue Reading Article[]
Combating BDS Act of 2016

U.S. defense establishment believes Putin must be 'defeated'
U.S. military head: Russia, instability threaten U.S. and European security interests
This Won�t End Well U.S. Just Sent an Entirre Carrier Strike Group to Confront China

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