Monday 7 March 2016


White House state dinner for Trudeau an evening of awe and �highest honour�

Trudeau won�t pick fight with Trump; says US should talk election financing
        For-profit clinic �endangers� blood supply: NDP critic
Is the US experiencing Trudeaumania?
        Ottawa gives new funding for international reproductive health program

Trudeau Says Trump May Dial Back Bombast If He Wins Nomination
        Trudeau, Obama to loosen border barriers slowing travellers and trade
Trudeau visit makes for hot tickets in Washington this week
        Equalization stirs the pot of regional animosities
The problem with Quebec�s injunction
        From �Harper�s War� to �Trudeau�s War�
Decriminalize marijuana possession ASAP
        Effective action by governments can close housing affordability gap
Politicians maintain Calais Jungle to frighten voters
        Surprising perspective on International Women�s Day
�His patter is like a Seinfeld episode�: Trump could win precisely because he isn�t partisan

Small-business payroll tax hike �unintended� result of Liberal EI pledge
        MPs slammed for quietly boosting House budget by $25-million
Nine new MPs came to Canada as refugees or from current or past war zones
        O�Leary praises Trudeau�s 60 Minutes interview
60 Minutes mixes up Margaret Trudeau and Kim Cattrall
        Justin Trudeau on 60 Minutes: Twitter pulls no punches for new PM
Prime Minister Trudeau on 60 Minutes
        Trudeau gets personal, talks parents on 60 Minutes
Trudeau distances himself from Donald Trump in �60 Minutes� profile
        Trade, climate, Arctic: topics for Mulroney, Reagan and now for Trudeau, Obama

Five things to watch for in the federal Liberals� immigration plan
        Unpacking the Politics: assessing Trudeau�s celebrity status
Liberals pick at Brown on �sensible� carbon pricing pledge
        Conservative motion calls on Liberals to allow Billy Bishop expansion
1,900 federal staff to vacate downtown Toronto offices as property sale nears closing
        Poilievre, McCallum make a rare international organ donation possible
Graphic designers voice skepticism of new PC logo
        Liberal budget a performance in three acts
Binnie sends rulings on 14 Senators who challenged AG�s report to Senate registrar
        Rob Nicholson turns to Rob Oliphant in push for national dementia strategy

Panda cubs born at Toronto Zoo named �Canadian Hope� and �Canadian Joy�
        Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau on what women�s empowerment means to her
Activist pours bottle of urine on Rebel reporter during �anti-fascist� rally in Vancouver
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Why Kevin O�Leary�s comments about Rachel Notley are so off-base - Michael Babad, The Globe & Mail
        Brian Mulroney on the death of Nancy Reagan - Macleans
Cuts to Cenotaph Fund insult veterans - Pierre Poilievre, Ottawa Citizen
        McCallum�s plan to rewrite guide book is a historical stumble - Kelly McParland, National Post
White House veteran offers Trudeau some advice - The Canadian Press , Macleans
        Scott Brison and his magical deficit money tree - Mark Bonokoski, Ottawa Sun
Thomas Mulcair fights for his job at heart of biggest failure - Tim Harper, Toronto Star
        Trudeau has a rare opportunity for a rookie PM in Washington: Americans ready to listen - Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press,
�Canada matters�: Trudeau�s White House visit sends message, Freeland says - Emily Chan, CTV News
        Let�s have a grown-up discussion about military procurement - Stuart McCarthy, Ottawa Citizen

Don�t let politics insult our troops - Editorial, Edmonton Sun
        Trudeau in Washington: Softwood lumber at loggerheads again - Janyce McGregor, CBC News
Patrick Brown says PCs will be ready to win 2018 Ontario election - The Canadian Press , Macleans
        Alberta NDP launches new legislature session under shadow of deficit - Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Alberta�s painful reversal- Justin Giovannetti, The Globe & Mail
        Brits developing a taste for fine Canadian vintages, and not just icewine- Aaron Saltzman, CBC News
Why TV production is exploding across Canada (and it�s not just because of the low loonie)- Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Financial Post

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Are we on the verge of another East/West divide?
Is BDS Headed Towards Criminalization in Canada?
CFB Edmonton educates public on PTSD service dogs
Who's Missing in the Canadian Immigration Debate?
Residents asked to stay indoors after train carrying crude derails
Monday's letters: Alberta needs fast action on EI reform
A Campaign to Demand Canada Post Deliver A New Green Economy
There's a women's wage gap in Canada and it's getting worse, Oxfam says
Canada plans to experiment with giving people unconditional free money
Five takeaways from Justin Trudeau's 60 Minutes segment -

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Ex�cutif � Montr�al: Coderre n'envisage pas la parit� homme-femmePlus
        Un ancien militaire f�tichiste de la fess�e derri�re les barreauxPlus
Une femme arr�t�e ivre au volant avec ses deux enfantsPlus
        Un pr�dateur sexuel cherchait des jeunes proies � Saint-J�r�mePlus
Sant� sexuelle des femmes: le Canada donne 81 M $Plus
        Incendie � L'Ancienne-Lorette: 140 animaux ont p�riPlus
Un �dentiste de l'horreur� n��rlandais devant la justice Plus
        Anticosti: Couillard rencontrera P�trolia mercrediPlus
Tunisie: attaques jihadistes �sans pr�c�dent�Plus
        Breivik: pas de s�quelles li�es � l'isolement carc�ralPlus

Clinton et Sanders plongent dans le bain br�lant de FlintPlus
        MH370: des familles chinoises d�posent des plaintesPlus
Cor�e: Washington et S�oul d�butent leurs manoeuvresPlus
        Deux Canadiens d�c�dent dans un accident de voiture Plus
N�gociations: l'opposition syrienne divis�e sur sa participationPlus
        Attentat en Irak: les autorit�s renforcent la s�curit�Plus
�nergie Est: les consultations du BAPE s'ouvrent lundiPlus
        Journ�e �Canada 101� pour de nouveaux arrivants syriensPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani sentenced to death- BBC News
        Iraq: Suicide bomber kills at least 60 at checkpoint- Al Jazeera
Benin to elect new president amid concerns over voters� cards- France 24
        EU referendum: British exit would be �poison�, says German finance minister- Rajeev Syal, The Guardian
U.S. legalized pot industry poised for major expansion- Agence France-Presse, CTV News
        1.8 million layoffs the cost of China�s zombie factories- Jennifer Wells, Toronto Star
Nancy Reagan, an Influential and Stylish First Lady, Dies at 94 - Lou Cannon, New York Times
        A First Lady With Great Political Instincts and Class - Ed Rollins, Fox News
Nancy Reagan dies at 94; first lady was a defining figure of the 1980s - Lois Romano, Washington Post
        Democrats� Problems Quietly Mounting - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

Behind the Trump Phenomenon - David Remnick, The New Yorker
        Govt Confirms: 104 Emails from Clinton�s Private Server Classified - Rosalind S. Helderman and Tom Hamburger, Washington Post
Marco Rubio Gets Massacred - Joe Scarborough, Washington Post
        Cruz Builds Toward One-on-One Showdown With Trump - James Nash, Bloomberg

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Bank of England to act to calm markets around Brexit vote
        US denies building air bases in northern Syria
Climate change threatens African crops: study
        BMW shows off concept car for the self-driving future
Turkey ramps up demands in return for helping EU on migrant crisis
        Syria opposition rejects federalism proposal
Afghan government still wants talks with the Taliban
        Russia calls NKorea strike threats 'totally unacceptable'
Eurozone ministers seek to end Greece bailout row
        Syria govt says will attend peace talks starting March 14

German government concerned about press freedom in Turkey
        Muslim body urges ban on products from Israeli settlements
Leader of UK business group resigns after call to leave EU
        Indonesia agency pushes plan to tackle deforestation, fires
UN nuclear chief: Iran must honor deal 'for many years'
        Suu Kyi party rebuts 'fake' Myanmar president release
Anti-migrant German populist party surges in local polls
        Russia offers Syria bases to help with international aid deliveries
Syria opposition agrees to attend Geneva peace talks
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If vaccines don�t cause brain damage, why is GlaxoSmithKline paying out $63 million to vaccine victims?
Wildly Popular Conspiracy Theorist: Demonization of Russia is Prelude to WW3 (David Icke Video)
If the Refugee Crisis isn�t managed appropriately, it could be the downfall of the EU
GERMANY BANS SAUSAGES: Pork banned in cafes and schools to 'not offend refugees'
Petition to Stop Atmospheric Testing & Weather Modification Programs
Current Palestinian Revolt: Its Context and Consequences for Palestinian Society
The West Comforts Itself: Russia Is Winning in Syria But Only Because It's Evil
Revealed: Big Oil's Backroom Lobby Blitz to Drill in Arctic...Again
Legal marijuana is finally doing what the drug war couldn�t
Who Rules America: The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions in the U.S.
Saudis, Turks Bid to Open Lebanon Front - nsnbc international
Fasten your seatbelts, Putin conspiracy theories taking off
EU-Turkey summit: high-stakes and unpleasant choices
Crackdown on media intensifies in Turkey
Boris Johnson: Britain Faces 'Golden Opportunity' Outside EU

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