Saturday 10 June 2017


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Trump and Canadians: it�s Not Going Well

Cost is one question � but partisan politics may undo Liberal defence plan
        Liberals Silence Opposition By Fulfilling Their Defence-Spending Promises
Bureaucrats tried to scuttle naval supply ship plan, worrying it would make government look bad
        BC NDP, poised for power, preparing for snap election
Canada looking at all options for new fighter jet: Sajjan

4 dead in northern Quebec town after series of stabbings
        U.S. treasury secretary �couldn�t be happier� with Ottawa visit, even as tests loom
Health Canada considers sweeping ban on junk food ads aimed at children and teens
        �He actually understood what it meant to be a candidate�: Andrew Scheer the ultimate political animal
Power Play � Canada has to pull its weight
        No matter how much Trudeau and Liberals yammer on, they can�t solve Trump
If Nixon had lied the way Trump does, he might never have had to resign
        British youth put down the avocado toast and take revenge at the polls
Comey-Trump: The actors� commentary track

Kenney speaks to party faithful about unity plans
        Labour market stays hot with surprise gain of 77,000 full-time jobs
Most Canadians prefer Trudeau over Trump on leadership style, poll suggests
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Liberals� citizenship bill to proceed with some Senate amendments - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail
        Liberals examining how to better target youth jobs programs: Hajdu - Jordan Press, The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail
Is Trudeau finally backing our military? - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        MP argues � in Cree � for indigenous languages in Parliament - Nathaniel Dove, CTV News
Canada, U.S. have more than climate change to talk about: McKenna - Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Premier Wynne strikes a personal note at daughter�s convocation - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Pay hikes for Ontario public sector execs to require ministerial approval - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        LCBO workers could strike ahead of Canada Day weekend - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Trudeau�s new �feminist� plan commits 95% of foreign aid to gender, women and girls by 2022- Marco Chown Oved, Toronto Star
        Tesla passes BMW in market cap, ranks No. 4 auto maker by value- Craig Trudell, The Globe and Mail

Coming B.C. NDP-Green agenda means province is next in line for an energy shock- Claudia Cattaneo, Financial Post
        Pound falls sharply as U.K. enters new period of uncertainty- Carlo Piovano - The Associated Press, Toronto Star
Canada adds 54,500 jobs in May as full-time employment surges- CTV News
        Today might be Tax Freedom Day � depending who you ask- Pete Evans, CBC News


May confirme le d�but des discussions sur le Brexit �dans les deux semaines�Plus
        Trois Qu�b�cois toujours en lice pour devenir astronautesPlus
Syrie: des forces anti-�I entrent dans l'ouest de RaqaPlus
        Trois ans apr�s son enl�vement par l'�I, une fillette irakienne retrouve les siensPlus
Soup�on d'espionnage au Canada: un Chinois tente en vain de faire retirer une accusationPlus
        Il sectionne un chevreuil en deux avec sa moto � GatineauPlus
Quatre morts, dont un enfant: le BEI enqu�te � AkulivikPlus
        Avions de chasse: Ottawa �tudie ses optionsPlus
La soeur de Christiane Vadnais poursuit son combatPlus
        Ontario: l'inventeur de la pizza hawa�enne est mortPlus

D�mission des deux chefs de cabinet de Theresa MayPlus
        Le nouveau terminal de croisi�res accueille son premier navire Plus
Les juristes offrent des consultations gratuites Plus
        Vaste op�ration contre la vitesse au volant Plus
Des militants en requins � Hong Kong pour protester contre la consommation d'ailerons Plus
        Un homme poignard� � la sortie des bars Plus
Philippines: 13 soldats tu�s dans des combats avec des islamistes Plus
        58 nouvelles voies cyclables � Montr�al


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Mr. Comey�s Not Very Good Day - Wesley Pruden, Washington Times
        Trump claims �vindication� from Comey testimony, calls him a �leaker� - David Nakamura, Washington Post
Trump Is Guilty of Exactly Nothing But Winning an Election - Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker
        Comey Tried to Indict Trump, May Have Indicted Himself - Robert Barnes, Law Newz
Trump Committed No Crime. Democrats Need to Get Over It. - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
        American politics is an embarrassing mess thanks to a reality TV huckster, poor loser and scandal-hungry press -
James Comey�s Devastating Indictment of Donald Trump - Todd Purdum, Politico
        Trump Lawyer to File Leak Complaint After Comey Testimony - Ali Vitali and Peter Alexander, NBC News
France�s Macron �to end state of emergency�, but keep its anti-terror powers- Joseph Bamat, France 24
        May to form �government of certainty� with DUP backing- BBC News

Qatar crisis grows as Arab nations draw up terror sanctions list- Peter Beaumont, The Guardian
        Iraqi government rejects Kurdish move for independence- Al Jazeera
14 killed as soldiers clash over drought food aid in Somalia- The Associated Press, The Times Of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Protesters rally against Islamic law in dozens of US cities
        Hamilton on pole in Canada to equal Senna's haul
Brazilian Supreme Court lashes out at Temer 'snooping'
        Germany's Gabriel warns Qatar crisis could lead to war-newspaper
Russia detains executive of state technology corporation Rusnano
        Turkey's Erdogan calls for Qatar row to be resolved by end of Ramadan
Afghan commando kills two US soldiers: official
        Ethiopia, humanitarian groups say food aid for 7.8M to run out
French president commemorates deadly World War II massacre
        Iran opposes Iraqi Kurdish independence vote

Turkey arrests Amnesty International's country chairman
        US-backed force pierces into ISIS Syria bastion from west
Russia's Lavrov calls for talks to ease Qatar stand-off
        French new president Macron seeks parliament majority
N. Korea says it tested new anti-ship missile
        Syria forces reach Iraq border, circumvent U.S. advisers
Comeback for cut-exempt producers threatens to swamp OPEC
        Central banks begin to move in same direction
Northern Ireland�s unionist kingmakers may help shape PM�s Brexit
        Catalonia calls October referendum on independence
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Is 'the end of modern medicine' near?


From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Re:  A national infrastructure bank will ensure Canada�s long-term prosperity, Neil Parmenter, Jun. 07, 2017

Canadian Bankers Association CEO Neil Parmenter wants to avoid "an undue burden on taxpayers", but who will pay the fees, charges and tolls that will give his private infrastructure investors their proposed 7 - 9% return?
And while private suppliers can find ways to exit their participation if problems arise, the government cannot abandon vital public structures and so will either have to provide subsidies or take over operations. 
The government should accept its responsibilities ab initio and offer low-cost financing directly through the Bank of Canada. All BoC shares are owned by the federal government which receives 100% of the Bank's profits, currently averaging $1.7 billion annually. 

1. Justin Trudeau�s big infrastructure mistake
"Michael Sabia, who in addition to being a Council member is also CEO of Quebec�s Caisse de d�p�t pension fund, let the cat out of the bag in a March 3 speech to the Toronto Region Board of Trade:
�For long term investors, infrastructure offers something that�s not easy to find today: stable, predictable returns in the 7 to 9 per cent range with a low risk of capital loss � exactly what we need to meet our clients� long term needs�.

2. Call for Renaissance of the Bank of Canada

"Through our Bank of Canada, which has been publicly owned since 1938, the federal government has the power to borrow money in huge quantities essentially interest-free, and to make such funds available not only for its own use, but also for provincial and municipal expenditures. Such borrowing helped Canada to get out of the Great Depression, and to finance its participation in World War II. Continuance of this practice until 1974 played a key role in creating Canada�s post-war prosperity and in making possible its cherished social programs.
As federal governments, which control the Bank of Canada, increasingly catered to the private commercial banks, this practice greatly declined. Governments at all levels throughout Canada increasingly had to resort to borrowing from the private banks and other private money-lenders, including foreign sources."

3. The glorious gouging of the public purse
 William Mitchell is Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

"The real problem with the PPPs in this regard is that is a falsehood that the risk shifts from the public to the private sector. Who ultimately bears the risk?
If the private partner defaults, the public always has to pick up the pieces. There is no real risk transferred."


"The Bank was founded in 1934 as a privately owned corporation. In 1938, the Bank became a Crown corporation belonging to the federal government. Since that time, the Minister of Finance has held the entire share capital issued by the Bank.
  The difference between the interest the Bank earns and its operating expenses is its net profit, which is given to the federal government. In recent years this profit has averaged about $1.7 billion annually."


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