Sunday 25 June 2017


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

No free trade with China under a Conservative government, says Andrew Scheer

Canadian Parliament Shuts Down Emails Over Fears Of Hacking
        How a rookie MP from Victoriaville became Scheer�s new Quebec lieutenant
Canadian lumber producers brace for second round of softwood lumber duties
        Flint stabbing �not a failure in border security,� Goodale says

Mysterious E.coli outbreak hits grain industry
        Toronto Pride should be inclusive, pastor says at service before parade
Opposition leader the toughest job in politics
        We must all create a culture of respect in the Twittersphere
Give the NDP-Green alliance a chance to work

Commons could do with some sober second thought of its own over infrastructure bank
        Alberta�s �progressive� conservatives struggling to find a new political home
Celebrating a complicated history of blended cultures, racism and reconciliation
        From condoms to caskets: Merchandise marks Canada�s 150th birthday
CRA wants tougher rules for tax-cheat amnesty program
        Video of Quebec history float goes viral amid allegations of racism
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
With Andrew Scheer, it will be trench warfare - Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun
        Wynne-ism: socialism for a new age - J.J. McCullough, Loonie Politics
Derek Fildebrandt pushes toe-to-toe tilt between his liberty conservatives and vanilla pretenders - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
        Free trade between provinces? That would be anarchy - Neil Macdonald, CBC News
�Eventually, many will run out�: How an LCBO strike could impact restaurants and bars- Mark Gollom, CBC News
        Battle brewing as Sears Canada confirms no severance pay for staff- Marina Strauss, The Globe and Mail
Verizon is planning to cut around 2,000 jobs at Yahoo, AOL after next week�s acquisition, source says- Reuters, Financial Post
        Jim Balsillie says Ottawa is open for �course correction� on intellectual property- Michael Lewis, Toronto Star


Qu�bec solidaire et Option nationale ont entam� leurs pourparlers sur une �ventuelle fusion Qu�bec solidaire a fait le choix de l'intransigeance, plaide Lis�ePlus
        Colombie: naufrage d'un bateau avec environ 150 passagersPlus
L'interdiction de la malbouffe dans les �coles fait maigrir les �tudiantsPlus
        Fiert� gaie: d�fil� sous le signe des anti-Trump � New YorkPlus
Venezuela: 376 journalistes agress�s dans les manifestationsPlus
        Les forces irakiennes s'approchent des derni�res poches djihadistes � MossoulPlus
Justin Trudeau au d�fil� de la Fiert� gaie de Toronto ce dimanchePlus
        Trump intensifie ses attaques contre Obama sur l'interf�rence russePlus

Incendie dans un parc naturel en Espagne: au moins 1800 personnes �vacu�esPlus
        Eboulement en Chine: les espoirs de retrouver des disparus s'amenuisentPlus
Violent face-�-face dans les Laurentides Plus
        Le BEI enqu�te sur un accident � Sainte-Catherine Plus
Les BIXI gratuits toute la journ�e dimanche Plus
        Un camion-citerne s'enflamme au Pakistan, au moins 123 mortsPlus
D�lit fuite � Montr�al: un Am�ricain gravement bless�Plus
        Le parlement britanniques vis� par une cyberattaquePlus
Alain Rayes devient lieutenant politique des conservateurs pour le Qu�becPlus
        La Ville de Montr�al s'entend avec ses policiersPlus
Fin d'un long combat de trois ans Pas de �pantalons de clown� jusqu'� vendredi Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
They Call Us Right Wing�I Call Us Mainstream - Rush Limbaugh Show
        �Dump Pelosi� Plays Right Into Republican Hands - Paul Begala, CNN
Kennedy considering retiring from Supreme Court: reports - Max Greenwood, The Hill
        Republicans, Celebrate Your Victory�It Will Be Short-Lived - Maria Cardona, The Hill
The More Dems Scream About Trump, the More He Wins - Piers Morgan, The Daily Mail
        Can Trump Destroy Obama�s Legacy? - Peter Baker, The New York Times
TV ads flood Nevada to win a Republican senator�s health-care vote - David Weigel, Washington Post
        British parliament hit by cyber security attack- France 24
Qatar says list of demands by Arab states not realistic- BBC News
        Kurds see chance to advance their cause in ruins of Islamic State- Martin Chulov, The Guardian
27 apartment blocks in London fail fire safety tests- The Times Of India
        15 dead, 120 missing in landslide in Sichuan�s Maoxin- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Erdogan dismisses pledges over weapons for Kurds in Syria
        Thousands protest against Belgian nuclear reactors
Israel: Errant fire from Syria lands in Golan for 2nd day
        Europeans learn to live with�and adapt to�terror attacks
Merkel's conservatives widen lead three months before German vote
        Mayors to Trump: immigration orders meddle with cities
Turkey's Erdogan says Arab demands on Qatar unlawful
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A murderous history of Korea

US Recklessly Provoking Russia


From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <> Cc: <>,
Subject: With America borrowing heavily from China, U.S. debt to China is far more "lunatic"

The Editor
The New York Times
 Re: News Report : �Kenyans Fear Repeat of �Lunatic Express�,� by Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, The New York Times International Weekly, June-24-25.

Comparing the Chinese-built Nairobi-Mombasa railway with earlier British-built railway called �Lunatic Express� because of its cost, Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura quotes Samuel Nyandemo, senior lecturer in economics at Nairobi University, saying �It�s madness,� because it has cost $4 billion. Most Kenyans are asking how can the country pay its �monstrous debt� to China?

But Prof. Nyandmo may be reminded that China is also bankrolling America�s trillion-dollar budget deficit and the United States is borrowing heavily from China to pay for its military budget and Social Security. Without borrowing heavily from China, the United States will be obliged to drastically cut its defense spending or to borrow heavily from the capital market, triggering massive interest rate hike, putting economic growth at risk. If the Kenyans worry about how to repay $4 billion debt to China, the Americans should spend sleepless nights worrying about how to repay its more than trillion-dollar debt to China. With President Donald Trump promising billions of dollars in tax cuts, the United States will never be able to repay its far �monstrous� debt to China.

There is another sad aspect of America�s debt to China. America is borrowing from China to finance its military spending and tax cut for the wealthy. Kenya is borrowing from China to improve its mass transportation system which will be beneficial in the long run.



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