Sunday 4 June 2017


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Canadian woman Christine Archibald identified as victim in London terror attack

Libyan-Canadian cleric linked to Manchester bomber plans return to Canada to clear his name
        Audit slams Rideau Canal managers for shoddy contracting
U.S. ignored Canada�s advice on Paris climate deal, McKenna says
        Longtime staff members, friends drove Andrew Scheer�s dream team

Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner: Andrew Scheer Cracks Jokes On Leadership Race, Smiling Too Much
        Rejected NDP leadership candidate heads to court; wants to run in contest
Agenda to improve women�s lives finding success
        Sunny ways for the Conservative Party
Successful leaders show respect, not scorn

Liberals face pressure to crack down on crooked immigration consultants
        No resolution for some RCMP employees who have endured workplace harassment
Baird lauds Scheer and Dief during stop in Prince Albert
        A Rising Star Carries on Stephen Harper�s Conservative Legacy in Canada
After a century of stumbles, Alberta�s Liberals march on
        Bell, Rogers, Telus raise some internet prices � while small providers drop theirs
Officials urge Canadians in London to exercise caution in wake of London bridge incident
        No re-vote for Tories in Ottawa West-Nepean, local party leader says amid fraud claims
Video shows Manitoba premier criticizing other provinces over minimum wage hikes
        Expert says columnist suggestion Alberta shut fuel pipeline to B.C. �pretty ruinous�
Police spying inquiry: Denis Coderre expected to testify on Monday
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Progressive politicians change union laws to benefit them - Brian Lilley, Calgary Sun
        Federalism might be our best hope in fighting climate change - John Ibbitson, The Globe and Mail
Minimum wage increases must be gradual - Jim Warren, Toronto Sun
        �It�s going to cost a fortune�: Cancellation of $8.8B Site C dam would scrap billions of dollars in contract work- Jesse Snyder, Financial Post
Toyota making �flying car,� luxury boat- CTV News
        Banana Boat Sunscreen under fire as Health Canada gets more claims it caused burns- Sophia Harris, CBC News


500 000$ en homards renvers�s sur une autoroutePlus
        Il cause deux accidents et s'enfui trois fois � L�visPlus
Denis Coderre devant la commission Chamberland lundiPlus
        Un camionneur blanchit par le coroner dans la mort d'une cyclistePlus
Retrait de l'accord climat: Kerry ironise sur TrumpPlus
        Manifestations anti-Maduro au Venezuela: nouveau d�c�s, 65 mortsPlus
Un Canadien aurait �t� bless� lors de l'attaque terroriste � LondresPlus
        Attentat � Londres: Ariana Grande maintient son concert � ManchesterPlus
Op�ration Enfant Soleil f�te ses 30 ans Plus
        Douze arrestations dans l'est de Londres apr�s l'attentatPlus

Mexique: concert � la fronti�re contre le mur de Trump Plus
        Montr�al: un adolescent en fugue recherch� Plus
Le membership du PLQ en chute libre: 40 000 membres de moins en 10 ans


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U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley: �President Trump believes the climate is changing� - Mary Jordan, Washington Post
        Hillary Clinton Lacks the Remorse of Conscience - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
America, Get Ready for the Comey Show - Frank Rich, New York Magazine
        Protesters in Washington Demand Independent Russia Inquiry - Nathalie Nieves, New York Times
Huckabee: �Hillary needs to get over herself� - Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
        Rise in Brutal Hate Crimes is Intrinsically Connected to Trump - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
France trolls Trump as PM Modi aligns India with global coalition- Chidanand Rajghatta, The Times Of India
        Hackers leak emails from UAE ambassador to US- Al Jazeera
UN Security Council blacklists North Korea for missile tests- France 24
        London attack: Fatalities after vehicle and stabbing incidents- BBC News
Mediterranean death rate doubles as migrant crossings fall- Mark Townsend, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Trump agenda imperiled in distracted US Congress
        N. Korea rejects new sanctions, to continue weapons program
UK parties suspend election campaign after London attack
        Russia says North Korea nukes are a 'direct threat'
Putin says joint efforts to fight terrorism should be stepped up after London attacks
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Feds pursuing TPP revival, crunching numbers on new deal
With Scheer, Conservatives look back instead of forward

US Drops Leaflets In Tanf To Warn Syrian Military Not To Advance, Orders Retreat
Russian Scientists Dismiss �Global Warming�, Predict Decades Of Cooling
Using the Vibration of Sound to Heal the Physical and Spiritual Self
US Warns Syrian Army Against Encroaching on Syrian Territory
Is Sanity Between Russia And The US Possible?

Infrastructure Is About More Than Roads and Bridges: Inside the Millions of Jobs Campaign
Heat turned up over Liberal promise of lifetime pension for wounded veterans
How to Produce More Food with Less Damage to Soil, Water, Forests

Canadian Logging Giant Attempts to Silence Critics Using Anti-Mafia Law
Canada's Political Landscape Undergoing Realignment?

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis plays dumb, �NATO is not a threat [to Russia] and they know it� (Video)

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor <>
Subject: Wynne�s Ontario Liberals know a $15 minimum wage will kill thousands of jobs, but they�re doing it anyway, Matthew Lau, June 1, 2017

According to right-wing mantra, a minimum wage hike will be at the expense of "thousands of jobs".  However OECD (2006) reports that "The level of the minimum wage has no significant direct impact on unemployment." American studies over the past two decades clearly demonstrate that minimum wages have very modest or no effects on employment or hours, and a 2016 Seattle Minimum Wage Study determined that "low-wage workers� employment, hours and wages all rose substantially". 

Communities actually benefit when more money is put into the hands of low-wage earners who have a greater propensity to spend. Those who protest minimum wage hikes on the grounds that low-income workers will be hurt continue a grand tradition. As the late Canadian economist  John Kenneth Galbraith opined, "??The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."

1. Minimum wages 101
OECD (2006) finds that:
    The level of the minimum wage has no significant direct impact on unemployment

2. The truth about the minimum wage
    The research on minimum wage increases in the United States over the past two decades is clear:
    [Moderate] increases in the minimum wage raise the hourly wage and earnings of workers in the lower part of the wage distribution and have very modest or no effects on employment, hours, and other labor market outcomes.

3. Seattle workers better off after significant minimum wage rise
    ? low-wage workers� employment, hours and wages all rose substantially.  Neighboring areas that had similar trends in these variables before the increase ? and that, by the way, were also bound by the highest state minimum wage in the country when the increase took effect ? saw even larger employment and hours gains.

4. John Kenneth Galbraith quote


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