Tuesday 6 June 2017


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Conservative Party stands by leadership voting process as questions mount

Top Bernier adviser calls Tory leadership vote a �fiasco�
        Kevin O�Leary wants a recount
Ontario�s election . . . one year to go and the promises keep coming
        Freeland says Canada needs hard power to support global order
Conservative voters not crossed off electronic list
        Political financing 101: What�s the government up to on the cash-for-access ban front?

Freeland rejects Trump�s nationalist policies, says Canada will step up to lead on world stage
        Barack Obama to speak today to sold-out Montreal crowd of about 6,000
A foreign policy manifesto � and a finger in Donald Trump�s eye
        Little evidence Tories experiencing buyer�s remorse over Scheer win
Keep foreign influence out of our elections
        Will Ontario Tories go with Brown�s big tent or Scheer and the social conservatives?
Concerns that Liberal anti-terror bill looks to protect rights at expense of security
        Wonder Woman must save the world, but first she has to fight it
Scheer is a leader who masks his personal beliefs to succeed
        CPC = Cheating Party of Canada

Scheer�s Path to 2019
        Military brass purges items belonging to Vice Admiral Mark Norman from DND headquarters
Campaigns, leadership and Conservative Party officials call �bull***t� on complaints about vote counting
        Political financing 101: What�s the government up to on the cash-for-access ban front?
Freeland rejects Trump�s nationalist policies, says Canada will step up to lead on world stage
        Barack Obama to speak today to sold-out Montreal crowd of about 6,000
Federal Liberals will dedicate former U.S. embassy, an �architectural gem,� for Indigenous use
        Conservative MPs rally around Andrew Scheer amid leadership vote questions
Explained: Why rival campaigns are concerned about the Conservative leadership results
        New concerns emerge over Conservative leadership voting process

Canada keeps terror threat level unchanged after U.K. attacks, but will be extra-vigilant around July 1
        Foreign Minister Freeland�s speech will unveil a Canadian foreign policy rooted in multilateralism
Infrastructure bank may bear large portion of risk in projects, documents show
        Innovation minister orders CRTC to revisit wireless network access decision
Guy Caron, NDP Leadership Candidate, Dangles Electoral Reform As Bargaining Chip
        Ottawa police call B.S. on Breitbart report of massive pro-Trump Hill rally
Top Grit staffer Bosch leaves Parliament Hill, joins public affairs firm
        Christy Clark eyes narrow road to redemption
Justin Trudeau apparently forgot we�ve already had a woman PM
        Trump credits Canada�s privatized air-traffic control; wants U.S. to follow suit

Scheer�s social conservatism obvious target, but Liberals to lay off new leader at onset: insiders
        B.C. legislature faces a challenging search for a Speaker
Change is going to come: Independent Senators Group wants 40 per cent of Senate committee chair, vice-chair positions by fall
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Does education reforms equate to �social engineering� in Alberta? - Norlaine Thomas, Loonie Politics
        LCBO staff closer to possible strike after union files for �no board� report - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Freeland says Canada needs hard power to support global order - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Ontario commits to universally accessible child care - Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star
Liberals to lay out foreign policy vision in major speech by Freeland - Murray Brewster, CBC News
        Why the B.C. Liberals should suck it up and offer a Speaker - Jason Markusoff, Macleans
MPs hold hearings into practices of Canada�s banks - Elizabeth Thompson, CBC News
        Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau square off, finally - John Geddes, Macleans
Madeleine Meilleur faces Senate grilling over languages post as Acadians seek review - John Paul Tasker, CBC News
        Canadian general expects extension of anti-ISIS mission in Iraq and Syria - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, CBC News
Despite single seat, new Alberta Liberal leader David Khan promises to rebuild party - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Ontario�s Greens looking to B.C. for political boost - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Smaller retailers look to a future without cash registers- Adam Stanley, The Globe and Mail
        Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains says lack of access, expensive cell plans cause �unacceptable� digital divide- Gerrit De Vynck - Bloomberg, ar
Toronto home sales drop most since recession as new rules put brakes on market- Garry Marr, Financial Post
        Restaurant Brands CEO met with disgruntled Tim Hortons franchisees- The Canadian Press, CBC News

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Trump souhaite �bonne chance� � l'ancien chef du FBI avant son auditionPlus
        Netanyahu aux colons: �Personne ne sera d�log� de chez lui�Plus
Les victimes de l'attaque de Londres : plusieurs �trangers, des policiersPlus
        La police recherche des victimes potentielles d'un pr�sum� p�dophile de 57 ansPlus
La ministre des Affaires �trang�res justifie les d�penses militaires � venirPlus
        Trump s'en prend au maire de Londres au lendemain de l'attentatPlus
Piratage des syst�mes �lectoraux: le Kremlin d�ment �fermement�Plus
        Une force appuy�e par Washington entre dans Raqa, fief de l'�I en SyriePlus
Les petits Nord-Cor�ens apprennent la loyaut� pour la Journ�e des enfantsPlus
        De plus en plus d'incidents impliquant des drones au CanadaPlus

T�l�phones intelligents : Navdeep Bains souhaite l'abolition des frais de d�verrouillagePlus
        Des organismes r�clament un plan d'action pour les travailleurs en culturePlus
Le PQ et QS s'inqui�tent pour la survie de 18 CPE montr�alaisPlus
        Deux guitares de grande valeur vol�es � Montr�alPlus
L'Iran appelle au dialogue entre le Qatar et ses voisins du GolfePlus
        S�curit� augment�e au Canada?Plus
Au Qatar, des habitants paniqu�s se ruent sur les supermarch�sPlus
        Le pistage par t�l�phone cellulaire devant la justice am�ricainePlus
Attaque � Manille : un homme d'affaires de Vancouver parmi les victimesPlus
        Le chef de l'ONU appelle � sauver les oc�ans pour �viter �une catastrophe mondiale�


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How Trump just completely undermined the legal argument for his travel ban, in 4 tweets - Amber Phillips, Washington Post
        Why Trump Was Right to Scrap Paris - Tom Switzer, Sydney Morning Herald
Schumer: Trump should blame himself for vacancies - Jordain Carney, The Hill
        Republicans Outside DC Could Care Less About Comey - Katie Glueck, Kansas City Star
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Cellphone Tracking Case - Adam Liptak, New York Times
        Democrats Making Big Mistake Obsessing Over Russia - Matt Latimer, Politico
In shadow of deadly attacks, British election campaign resumes- Reuters, The Times Of India
        Qatar: �No justification� for cutting diplomatic ties- Al Jazeer
Two London attackers named by police- BBC News
        Maduro pushes new Venezuela vote, opposition calls for massive sit-in- Joseph Bamat, France 24
Saudi Arabia�s power play leaves Qatar with little room for manouvre- Martin Chulov, The Guardian

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Putin tells Qatar's emir Russia wants diplomatic solution to crises
        After warnings, US wages new strike on pro-Syria government forces
Czech scientists see growing risk of asteroid hitting Earth
        US tells UN rights forum to remove 'chronic anti-Israel bias'
Russia says fighter jet intercepts US bomber on border
        UN rights boss says end of Israeli occupation would benefit both sides
US-backed force launches assault on ISIS 'capital' in Syria
        Afghan leader warns Taliban last chance for peace 'or face consequences'
Trump says look past turmoil and re-engage Russia: Tillerson
        Imposing new sanctions on Iran could be dangerous: Kerry

World stock markets dip with oil price, sterling firms
        U.S. approves $1.4B slice of massive Saudi arms deal
Qatar in the cold as Saudi Arabia, UAE sever ties
        Environment Day puts crisis in limelight
Drugs score big wins against lung, prostate, breast cancers
        Montenegro joins NATO, defies Russia
When writing is deemed a crime
        Crisis forces Venezuelans to sell sex
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Six-Day War, 50-Year Occupation: What Really Happened in June 1967?


From: Larry Kazdan
To: Toronto Star <lettertoed@thestar.ca>
Subject: Re: Infrastructure bank may bear big portion project risks: documents, June 5, 2017 

The Trudeau Liberals claim that having private partners will insulate the government from risk in infrastructure projects.  But if these partners go bankrupt or otherwise exit their participation, the public will still demand that any bridges, roads, water systems or electrical utilities continue operations. The federal government will be forced to step in and clean up the mess, whatever the cost.

The risk transfer claim is just another spurious argument by the Liberals to justify a profiteering Infrastructure Bank that will benefit well-connected elites at the expense of the public, who will end up paying excessive fees, charges and tolls.   

1. Infrastructure bank could insulate Canada from risky proposals, says Sohi, Jordan Press, May 18, 2017

"The government will be taking on financial risk regardless of what projects go ahead, but only on its portion of the funding, not the entire cost of the project, Sohi said in an interview Wednesday with The Canadian Press."

2. The glorious gouging of the public purse
 William Mitchell is Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

"The real problem with the PPPs in this regard is that is a falsehood that the risk shifts from the public to the private sector. Who ultimately bears the risk? The risk premium in private financing is based on the fact that a private entity can become bankrupt with its product and service exiting the market. With an essential public service it is a fantasy to say that the PPP contract transfers risk to the private sector.

If the private partner defaults, the public always has to pick up the pieces. There is no real risk transferred."


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