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Daily Digest November 1, 2018.


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Tories vow to fight appointment of Liberal chair chosen during song and booze-fuelled meeting

‘Missing’ Liberal MP Di Iorio at the centre of nomination fight        Scheer in Quebec: Supports religious freedom but defers on immigrationN.B. Liberals lure Green votes, but government still likely to fall Friday        Gap in privacy law leaves elections open to ‘misuse’ of personal information: privacy commissioner

Liberals launch pro-immigration campaign to calm ‘anxieties’ as Conservatives turn up heat        Feds award $7B in contracts to three shipyards for navy ship maintenanceStatCan’s plans for banking info hints at larger trove, work on sensitive data        Even the Queen is more accountable for her expenses than Adrienne ClarksonHere’s the trouble with Trudeau’s election debate plan        Is Andrew Scheer fighting climate change or Conservative critics?Why the Conservatives are whining about the media        Justin Trudeau’s Trump-like treatment of Jagmeet SinghPoliticians are dragging their feet on privacy rules        Ignore Trudeau’s carbon-tax chorus. Nobel economists aren’t backing this plan

Baloney Meter: Has there been a significant reduction in irregular migration?        Trudeau rebate bumps support for carbon pricing above 50 per cent, poll suggestsFor most Canadians, the world is in trouble.        Alberta regulator privately estimates oilpatch’s financial liabilities are hundreds of billions more than what it told the publicOpposition parties ‘like to shout’ at ‘respectful’ Liberals, Trudeau tells students        Conservatives push back when asked why they cracked open bottle, launched into song at meetingHeated political rhetoric on carbon tax does disservice to Canadian voters        Freeland affirms ‘ironclad’ support of Israel following Pittsburgh murders‘Completely unacceptable’: Conservative MP on Bay ward robocall        RCMP victimized by $100,000 credit card cloning scam
No longer forgotten: Silver Cross Mother recognizes death by suicide for first time        Alberta cabinet minister apologizes after boot from legislature over personal attackPrime Minister Justin Trudeau in Churchill as town celebrates rail line repairs        Calgary council votes to resurrect Olympic bid from near-death
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<’s carbon tax could go much higher after 2022 review - Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun
        Ontario is on the verge of introducing a climate change plan better than Trudeau’s - Randall Denley, National Post
Liberal MPP Des Rosiers calls for changes to Juries Act to ensure more Indigenous participation - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        ‘Significant recommendations’ expected as McClintic healing lodge report could come within days: Goodale - Amanda Connolly, Global News
He became a champion of transparency in Ottawa ­ and pressured politicians to make smarter decisions with your money - Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star
        Understanding Trudeau’s convoluted carbon-tax defence - Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun
Derek Fildebrandt’s quest for the balance of power - Emma Graney, Calgary Herald
        MPP Sam Oosterhoff’s version of the song told of how Premier Doug Ford scrapped the cap-and-trade carbon pricing system put in place by the Liberals - Kerri Breen,
Meeting to oust floor-crossing MP from NATO chair role ends in acrimony - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
        Statistics Canada reports GDP up 0.1% in August boosted by oil and gas subsector- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

Online giants should pay their share, CBC head to tell government- Emily Jackson, Financial Post
        Ontario’s seesawing labour law changes are politically motivated – and employers are paying the price- Jordan Kirkness, The Globe & Mail
GM offers buyouts to 18,000 workers amid strong profits- The Associated Press, CBC News
        Rising prices, margins drive GM’s third quarter- CTV News

Venezuela: Trump impose de nouvelles sanctions, notamment dans le secteur de l'orPlus        Élections américaines: un duel haletant à l'issue encore incertainePlusUne mère dénonce un «fight club» dans une garderiePlus        Un mois après sa mort, qu'est-il advenu du corps de Khashoggi ?PlusLe Père Noël se fait vacciner contre la grippe en LaponiePlus        Les Montréalais pourront participer au déneigement cette annéePlusEn Syrie, Washington tente de désamorcer la crise entre Ankara et les KurdesPlus        Écrasement d'avion en Indonésie: l'une des boîtes noires a été récupéréePlusAccident d'avion en Indonésie: l'une des boîtes noires a été récupéréePlus        Des milliers de tombes exhumées par un chantier ferroviaire à LondresPlus
L'auteur présumé de la tuerie antisémite de Pittsburgh plaide non coupablePlus        Poursuite civile: Guy Lafleur débouté en Cour suprêmePlusPoursuite civile: la Cour suprême refuse d'entendre Guy LafleurPlus        Commerce: Trump dit avoir eu une «très bonne» conversation avec le président chinoisPlusHarcèlement sexuel: des employés de Google manifestent à DublinPlus        L'accident du Soyouz dû à une «déformation» à l'assemblagePlusUne naissance au Mexique dans la caravane de migrants vers les États-UnisPlus        Irak: 8,55 milliards de dollars de recettes pétrolières, presque le double de 2017PlusDisparition: la maison de Josiane Arguin passée au peigne fin, le terrain creuséPlus        Les Nord-Coréennes sont victimes d'abus sexuels qui restent impunis


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
For Trump, a ‘national emergency’ is anything he says it is ­ including the migrant caravan - David Nakamura, Washington Post
        Oprah to knock on doors, hold town halls for Stacey Abrams in Georgia - Justin Wise, The Hill
Democrats Struggle to Confront Trump-Era Reality - Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal
        Trump’s attack on Ryan seen as advance scapegoating - Melanie Zanona and Juliegrace Brufke, The Hill
Libertarian endorses Rosendale in Senate race - Phil Drake, Great Falls Tribune
        With $30 Million, Obscure Democratic Group Floods the Zone in House Races - New York Times
24 million early-voting ballots already counted, more than 2014 - John Lapinski and Stephanie Perry, NBC News
        Brazil’s Bolsonaro to merge environment and agriculture ministries- France 24
Secret no more: Israel’s outreach to Gulf Arab states- Al Jazeera
        Russia Arkhangelsk blast: Teen blows himself up at FSB office- BBC News

Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee calls on Trump to prevent ‘cover-up’- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        Khashoggi murder may be tipping point in Yemen’s agony- Patrick Wintour, The Guardian
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Brazil will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: Bolsonaro        Gaza protest leaders want calmer Friday demo amid truce talksUN urges end to US embargo on Cuba, US raises rights concerns        Google workers around the world protest its corporate cultureIsrael plans apartment block in flashpoint Hebron        Criminal probe opens into funding of UK pro-Brexit campaignRussia says militants trying to wreck deal over Syria's Idlib: Ifax        Russia imposes financial sanctions on Ukraine's political eliteSerena can still grab Slams record: Keys        Qatar backs renewed US calls for Yemen ceasefire
Yemen govt says it is ready to resume peace efforts, coalition silent        New iPad, Mac screens as Apple pushes creativityThe new tyranny of the dollar         Full transparency for tuna fishing could transform the Pacific Russia, wary of U.S. sanctions, puts saving before growth
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Polio and Vaccination: A Memoir of What We’ve Forgotten

PLEASE SIGN E - 1906, help try to stop Agenda 21 and save Canada 2,532 views<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> BELOW(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)From: <>
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Subject: Ignore Trudeau's carbon-tax chorus.

Ignore Trudeau's carbon-tax chorus.

Nobel economists aren't backing this plan

Canada's carbon-tax plan would be dysfunctional and ineffectual, according to Nobel Laureate William Nordhaus's work
Terence Corcoran

Financial Post

October 31, 2018

In an effort to bolster the federal Liberals shaky arguments for a semi-national, cash-circulating Rube Goldberg carbon-tax price mechanism, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government are pointing to the work of William Nordhaus, one of this year’s Nobel Prize-winning economists.

Canadians would be better off taking advice from a Nobel Prize winner who supports carbon taxation than listening to “ideologues and politicians who deny there’s a problem in the first place,” Trudeau told high school students in Ottawa on Monday.

Similar appeals to Nordhaus as bearer of a Nobel encyclical for the new tax have come from Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s personal secretary. Butts, a former World Wildlife Fund activist, earlier this month tweeted: “You can now choose between a Nobel Prize-winning economist and (conservative politicians) Kenney/Ford/Scheer when deciding who is right about the economics of pollution pricing.”

Rube Goldberg, by the way, is the famed cartoonist from the early 20th century who drew images of wildly improbable contraptions. In 1931, he produced a pretty good illustration of a “Professor Butts” demonstrating his self-operating dinner napkin, which appears to function in roughly the same way as the climate-fixing carbon price. (The napkin contraption can be found at Wikipedia’s Rube Goldberg entry.)

Aside from the twisted problems embedded in the Trudeau-Butts carbon-price scheme, there’s another niggling issue. Any reading of Nordhaus’s work on carbon taxation cannot avoid the conclusion that Canada’s half-baked, go-it-alone deployment of such a regime is doomed.

As I mentioned in a recent column on Nordhaus, the Nobel economist reached a “bottom line” conclusion in a 2014 paper that a carbon tax would require “clubs” of participating nations that would impose “penalties and sanctions on non-participants” to enforce international climate agreements. Unless most or at least a large number of major countries adopted a similar carbon tax and imposed direct tariffs of up to 10 per cent on all imports from non-carbon-tax countries (so-called free riders) then the carbon tax idea will fail ­ just like the Kyoto protocol, which set out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions back in 1997.

In other words, based on Nordhaus’s own writing on the subject, the Nobel Laureate would have to assess Canada’s carbon tax plan as dysfunctional and ineffectual.

Read on:

More and more Canadians are waking up to what some of us have known since 2005 – global warming is a hoax. The original Kyoto Accord included severe penalties for failing to meet carbon emission reduction targets, but no mechanism for imposing those penalties. The most recent IPCC effort, the Paris Agreement, does not even bother with penalties.

The top ten carbon emitters world-wide are:

2015 carbon emissions (mmt)

1 China 9,040.74 28.00%
2 United States 4,997.50 15.48%
3 India                 2,066.01 6.40%
4 Russia        1,468.99 4.55%
5 Japan         1,141.58 3.54%
6 Germany          729.77 2.26%
7 South Korea      585.99 1.81%
8 Iran            552.40 1.71%
9 Canada          549.23 1.70%
10 Saudi Arabia           531.46 1.65%
TOTAL            21,663.67 67.09%


Together, they account for about 2/3 of world emissions. Unless they are all aboard and ensure that carbon emission reduction targets are reached, the reduction plan will collapse.

China is out; the US is out; India and Russia are unlikely to comply. Together, they account for about 54.4% of emissions.

A carbon tax is Canada is a futile exercise with no effect on global warming. It is a fraud within a fraud.

The concept behind the climate change catastrophe is to frighten people witless and  easily manipulated. We are terrorizing our youth needlessly. The IPCC and climate change devotees have ruined the careers and lives of people who questioned their ‘science’ and projections. We are facing full-press government censorship. No debate is allowed. People who question our government are demeaned and derided. That is not democratic governance.

When any government imposes its ideology on us, it has lost legitimacy by failing to adhere to the standards and values of our society and failing to represent the people. There are many version of such governments but democratic is not one of them.

Our current federal government is best described as an oligarchy, meaning "rule of the few"; a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people – the PM and unelected advisors.

“We need to make sure we're all working together to change mindsets, to change attitudes, and to fight against the bad habits that we have as a society. - Justin Trudeau
If that quote does not frighten you, you are not paying attention. The royal ‘we’ excludes us.

We the people don’t elect governments to change us. A government of elected representatives cannot judge our habits as a society. That is the elitism of an oligarchy.

John Feldsted


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