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November 5, 2018

Happy Monday all!

Welcome to a special Midterm Election edition of Worth A Look. The Midterm Elections in the United States have been in the headlines almost since the Congress began sitting. With the midterms now a day away, we thought we would assemble a smart array of research to help you understand where things stand.

By most polls, battleground states have elections that are too close to call. Who are the favourites, where is there momentum, and how will it all translate into which candidate gets elected? Abigail Geiger takes a look at the views of American voter ahead of the 2018 elections.

The Pew Research Center recently surveyed Americans to understand their views on the ‘big problems’ that are afflicting the nation. Americans want to see action and they are looking to their elected officials for answers. Who’s addressing them and how will it play out in the midterms? (We replicated the research and released the results last week if you're interested).

Often times, we focus on the national campaign but we forget that every campaign is a local one. So what's the word on the ground? Bloomberg's Demetrios Pogkas and David Ingold give you the skinny on every local campaign from Miami to Minneapolis.

And if you want a central hub for the latest polling data and quantitative insights into the US Midterm Elections, you might want to review Nate Silver’s polling aggregator project, FiveThirtyEight. You will have up-to-the-minute commentary on where things stand all the way to the night of the 6th. As political junkies, we highly recommend.

Finally, yesterday David and Bruce released some new polling data on the carbon price fight in Canada. It's an issue (fighting climate change) our team is passionate about so if you missed it, take a look!

As always, I hope you have a wonderful week!

David Coletto, CEO
Abacus Data
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Worth a Look This Week


A look at voters’ views ahead of the 2018 midterms
The 2018 Midterm election is predicted to have some of the highest voter turn-out in recent US electoral history. The road to the House and the Senate has been fraught with upsets, scandals, and unexpected circumstances. Participation in the Congressional primaries has increased by nearly 6% with many of them young voters. Will the youth vote be the powerhouse that some pundits have predicted, or will the vote be split along an issues basis? Abigail Geiger answers these questions and more before Americans go to the polls.


More in US see drug addiction, college affordability, and sexism as ‘very big’ national problems
Drug addiction, affordable education, and the wealth gap top the list of things that keeps Americans up at night. How is this being expressed in the Midterms? Hannah Hartig and Carroll Doherty explain.

For most Canadians, the world is in trouble
When you ask Canadians if things in Canada are going well the response is fickle but when you ask them about the affairs of the rest of the world, they are clear in their belief that world is slowly falling off it’s rocker. That’s not to say that Canadians don’t see problems at home. The top things troubling Canadians include affordable housing, the cost of living, and the wealth gap between rich and poor. With an election season less than a year away, these concerns are sure to colour the federal party’s talking points and agenda setting prior to the 2019 election.
What the 2018 Campaign Looks Like in Your Hometown
From 30,000 feet up, it's hard to know exactly what the word is on the ground. But with the wonders of AI and social media listening, Bloomberg's Demetrios Pogkas and David Ingold have provided a unique spread of the major discussions happening in each regional campaign. Public Safety and Immigration top the charts in Texas while Healthcare is the Talk of the town in Maine. We highly recommend this read.


Can the Conservatives win in 2019 opposing a price on carbon? Ding ding ding - welcome to the climate price fight!
In our latest national survey, we asked respondents a series of questions about climate change, the federal approach to deal with the issue, and what they know and think about the federal leaders and their approach to climate change. 69% think Justin Trudeau believes climate change is happening and caused by human activities. What do people think about Conservative leader Andrew Scheer?

Introducing Abacus Data's Omnibus Survey Service. Need a few questions with a quick turnaround on a national survey? If you do, take a look at our omnibus survey option and reach out to Yvonne.

The second wave of the Canadian Millennials Report is complete, and we’re ecstatic to share our findings!
Abacus has developed Canada’s largest and most comprehensive syndicated study on Canadian Millennials. If you want to know what the next generation of consumers, voters, and citizens are thinking, you have got to contact us about a subscription to this study. You can do so by visiting the site or by emailing us directly at

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