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Daily Digest November 3, 2018.


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Scheer names former mayor to face Maxime Bernier in Beauce in 2019

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<’s immigration numbers boost poses many challenges - Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun
        Trudeau apologizes to Tsilhqot’in community members for 1864 hanging of chiefs - Amy Smart, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Top B.C. court rejects group’s attempt to stop electoral reform referendum - The Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun
        Feds funding program to help reduce homelessness in 38 communities - The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
Ontario NDP legislator criticizes work of committee probing Liberal spending - Shawn Jeffords - The Canadian Press, Global News
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No changes planned to assisted-death law, justice minister says after dying woman’s plea- The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Apple silence on iPhone unit sales sparks concern, shows future- Mark Gurman - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
Trump, Xi upbeat on trade after phone call; U.S. targets more Chinese firms- Reuters, The Globe & Mail
        CRT settlement: Courts approve $49.8M payout in electronics class action- CTV News

Canada’s jobless rate at 40-year low ­ but big picture not so cheery- Theophilos Argots - Bloomberg, Financial Post
        Oilsands companies pull back on production as ‘crisis’ hits sector- Kyle Bakx, CBC News

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Cruz suggests without evidence O’Rourke campaign money is funding migrant caravan - John Bowden, The Hill
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Jamal Khashoggi’s body was ‘dissolved’, says Erdo an adviser- Bethan McKernan, The Guardian
        Spain prosecutor seeks up to 25 years jail for Catalan leaders- Al Jazeera
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Letter by business leaders will effectively call for second Brexit vote: Sky News        U.S. campaigns in high gear before electionsTurkey recalls Uganda envoy over ancient Greek costume 'scandal'        About 20 refugees who returned have been killed: Merehbi UAE blames Iran's "aggressive policies" for US sanctions        Irish PM says Brexit has undermined Good Friday AgreementUNICEF warns impeding aid delivery will lead to famine        Iran inaugurates production line of indigenous fighter jetsNew potential murder victim in Vatican probe        U.K. police probe Labour anti-Semitism
Mattis walks Trump tightrope over troops at border         U.S. trade deficit with China hits record highIran sanctions may cause biggest oil disruption in years        Iranians fear more misery after Monday’s measuresU.S. restores Iran sanctions lifted under nuclear deal        Gaza-Israel border protests quiet for truce talks
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
From: John Feldsted<>
Subject: Carbon tax not exempt from GST

Canadian Press
Winnipeg Free Press

11/1/2018OTTAWA ­ The federal government’s impending national carbon price could bring in more than $250 million in GST revenues next year, but it doesn’t intend to account for those funds in its rebate program.

A spokesman for Finance Canada says the government doesn’t believe Ottawa will see a “significant rise” in its net GST take even though the GST will be charged on top of the carbon levy.

“Most consumers would have spent the related funds on other GST/HST taxable goods and services,” Jack Aubry said in an emailed statement.

Businesses can offset any additional GST they pay on the carbon levy through existing input tax credits, Aubry said.

Individuals will pay the GST on top of any carbon price built into the cost of goods and services, either directly on fuels like gasoline or natural gas, or indirectly as businesses pass on their carbon-levy costs to consumers.

A 2017 analysis by the Library of Parliament said that if the GST were charged on all of the revenues collected from existing carbon levies in British Columbia and Alberta, it would add as much as $150 million in a year to Ottawa’s coffers. That was based on those governments having a carbon tax of $30 a tonne. B.C. raised it to $35 a tonne in April and will raise it to $40 next year.

The same analysis applied to the $20-a-tonne carbon levy Ottawa will impose on Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick next April suggests the GST take in those provinces could be as much as $118 million a year.

The revenues expected from the carbon price in the territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are not yet available. They have all opted to either use the federal pricing system or will have a different solution with at least an equivalent carbon price. The parliamentary researchers warned in their 2017 analysis that the final carbon price-related GST tally will depend on what costs are passed on to consumers from businesses. Also, some items, such as basic groceries and pharmaceuticals, are exempt from GST, so if the carbon levy raises their prices, it won’t lead to more sales-tax revenue.

Ottawa expects to raise $2.3 billion in 2019-20 from the carbon levy being imposed on the four provinces that don’t have their own in place. Ninety per cent of that will be rebated to households when they file their taxes, with the other 10 per cent set aside to help businesses, schools and other non-profit groups that can’t pass on all costs to consumers.

Government doubletalk about carbon taxing is outrageous. It is not a carbon tax, it is a pollution tax. It is revenue neutral, but consumers will only get 90% of revenue collected in rebates. The carbon tax will be GST taxed but that tax income is not part of carbon pricing. We are going to rebate carbon taxes up front and tax you later. We are world leaders in carbon reduction. (Canada emits 1.7% of world carbon emissions.) The government manure spreader is in overdrive.

The government tells us the rebate will go to everyone who files a tax return – including aboriginals exempt from federal taxes along with immigrants - legal and illegal who are not citizens. There will also be a rebate for each child in a family due to their extensive purchases of petroleum products and resultant carbon emissions. This pig has so much lipstick on it can neither see nor walk. 

A spokesman for Finance Canada says the government doesn’t believe Ottawa will see a “significant rise” in its net GST take even though the GST will be charged on top of the carbon levy.

“Most consumers would have spent the related funds on other GST/HST taxable goods and services,” Jack Aubry said in an emailed statement.
Consumers forced to pay carbon taxes plus GST have less money to purchase other goods and services no matter how needed they may be. Governments cannot continue to pick our pockets with new taxes and leave us with enough to live on.

The government is promising to send out carbon tax rebate cheques based on out 2018 income tax returns which will be filed next spring. At that time, the government will have collected $0.00 in carbon taxes. Cheques will be issued over the summer – make that late summer, just prior to the 2019 election. It is pure coincidence that the Liberals are planning to buy votes with taxpayer funding.

The government intimates that carbon tax rebates will continue in the future, returning ‘every dime’ to consumers in one form of another. The term ‘one form or another’ can mean anything.

More importantly, where is the legislation? There is no Bill in the House of Commons setting out the carbon rebate plan. The government has no obligation to continue the rebate plan in any form past the 2018 taxation year. Trust it at your peril.  

No one is questioning what a fully rebated carbon tax is supposed to accomplish. If you marked the box beside ‘exercising control over people’ you have seen through the smoke.

John Feldsted

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