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Daily Digest October 31, 2018.


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Conservatives push back when asked why they cracked open bottle, launched into song at meeting

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh attends USMCA celebration despite opposing new trade deal        Government to review funding for former governors general, Trudeau saysEthics inquiry launched into Ottawa MP’s robocall        Bernier calls Tory rally in his riding a ‘compliment’

Brampton Mayor-elect Patrick Brown addresses apparent rift with Doug Ford and Tories        Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party claims 30,000 ‘founding members’Privacy Commissioner of Canada launches investigation into StatCan over controversial data project        Here’s the trouble with Trudeau’s election debate planIs Andrew Scheer fighting climate change or Conservative critics?        Why the Conservatives are whining about the mediaIs Andrew Scheer itching for his own war with the press?        Justin Trudeau’s Trump-like treatment of Jagmeet SinghPoliticians are dragging their feet on privacy rules        Ignore Trudeau’s carbon-tax chorus. Nobel economists aren’t backing this plan
There’s plenty of blame to go around on Saudi arms deal – and it starts with the secret contract        Heated political rhetoric on carbon tax does disservice to Canadian voters

Toronto police obtain nine new search warrants in Sherman murder investigation        Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer play fast and loose with facts about carbon taxAlberta premier tells B.C. steelworkers jobs at risk without Trans Mountain        Doug Ford’s decision to delay pot stores contributing to ‘rocky’ cannabis rollout: industry officialOntario government passes legislation to scrap cap and trade        Pacific Rim trade deal to kick in Dec. 30 including Canada, AustraliaMeeting of Conservative and Liberal MPs over NATO association descends into chaos ­ and singing        Scheer says media ‘essential’ in holding politicians to accountGov’t In Court For 10 Apples        Doug Ford’s budget adviser praised carbon pricing in 2016
Chief Statistician defends effort to obtain Canadian banking records        More than half of Liberal MPs nominated for 2019; Wayne Easter unsure he’ll runFederal parties grilled about protecting voter privacy        A late-night Olympic deal is struck. Now it’s up to council‘The situation is shocking’: Senator leads charge against for-profit blood collection        Ottawa changes requirements for new fighter jets to help European firms to qualify‘I learned a lot of things today’: Conservative senator wades into rapper fight after Twitter account hacked        Increased fruit and vegetable production needed globally, Arrell Centre study saysIn response to court challenge, Ottawa argues imposing a carbon tax is within federal jurisdiction        Police raid Indian call-centres linked to ‘CRA phone scam’ that has victimized CanadiansCanada Border Services Agency moves to ‘substantially’ increase deportations
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<< argues one province’s failure to bring in a carbon tax will harm others - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        StatCan wants Canadians’ financial data, downplays privacy concerns - Staff, CTV News
Feds say help will come for remote, Indigenous communities without Greyhound bus service - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        CPTPP trade pact to go ahead as Australia becomes 6th country to ratify - Janyce McGregor, CBC News
No reason to believe Liberals’ new federal Debates Commission will solve anything - Chris Selley, National Post
        When it comes to carbon taxes, suburban voters will decide whether Liberals or Conservatives win - John Ibbitson, The Globe & Mail
NDP to call for 850-page omnibus budget bill to be divided - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
        Some MPs worry as election looms without ‘any enforceable rules’ for parties on privacy - Stuart Thomson, Calgary Herald
Corporations and unions banned from donating to B.C. recall campaigns - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Prison watchdog says politicians need to put McClintic transfer ‘behind us’ - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Referendum’s $14.5 million price tag is 65 per cent higher than 2011 vote - Susan Lazaruk, Vancouver Sun
GE cuts dividend, splits power unit as new CEO looks toward revival- Reuters, The Globe & Mail
        Fiat Chrysler takes earnings hit over potential costs from diesel probe- The Canadian Press, CBC News
Nintendo quarterly profit up on Switch console, game sales- Yuri Kageyama - The Associated Press, Toronto Star
        Apple revamps MacBook Air for first time since Steve Jobs introduced it 8 years ago- Mark Gurman - Bloomberg, Financial Post
Former Audi CEO to be released, over 4 months after arrest- CTV News

Trump part pour la Floride et durcit encore le ton sur l'immigrationPlus        Des problèmes logistiques à la SQDC, reprochent les producteursPlusDes millions d'habitants de Mexico privés d'eauPlus        L'ex-«pilote des stars» tenait des dossiers sur ses «ennemis»PlusLe Portugal interdit les animaux sauvages dans les cirquesPlus        General Motors résiste à la guerre commerciale grâce aux Cadillac et SUV coûteuxPlusUn vieux chumPlus        Quatre Français sur dix prêts à un «pouvoir autoritaire» pour réformer le pays en profondeur PlusTrois Chinoises perdues en montagne secourues grâce à un numéro gravé sur un arbrePlus        Droit du sol: la Cour suprême tranchera, affirme Donald TrumpPlus
Des ossements relancent l'une des plus mystérieuses disparitions d'ItaliePlus        Aux États-Unis, le «blackface» déchaîne toujours les passionsPlusHalloween : quelques statistiques à MontréalPlus        À moins d'une semaine des élections, Trump continue d'attaquer l'immigrationPlusDonald Trump repart en campagne, à l'assaut de la FloridePlus        Donald Trump demande au Mexique de stopper les caravanes de migrantsPlusKhashoggi étranglé et «démembré» au consulat saoudien Plus        Sylvester Stallone ne sera pas jugé pour violPlusAsia Bibi, condamnée à mort pour blasphème et symbole malgré ellePlus        Projet-pilote : Camillien-Houde est une réussite, selon MontréalPlus
Postes Canada : d'autres villes québécoises touchées par la grève tournantePlus        De nouvelles villes québécoises touchées par les grèves tournantesPlusLion Air: l'armée indonésienne pense avoir retrouvé l'épave de l'avion accidentéPlus        Enquête Khashoggi: la Turquie hausse le ton envers l'Arabie saouditePlusRussie : un adolescent se fait exploser dans une antenne régionale Plus        Espace: la Russie vise une reprise des vols habités le 3 décembrePlusLa Thaïlande, possible nouvel eldorado de la culture de cannabisPlus        L'Inde inaugure sous haute sécurité la plus grande statue du mondePlusCombat pour sauver les tortues de mer en BirmaniePlus        Comme chaque année pour le jour des Morts, une fleur orangée inonde le MexiquePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Biggest Story of Midterms Is One Dems Aren’t Telling - Rahm Emanuel, The Atlantic
        Denying citizenship to children of some immigrants would relegate millions to second-tier status - Philip Bump, Washington Post
Do Blue-Collar Dems Want What ‘New Left’ Is Delivering? - David Freedlander, Politico
        What Happens When the Caravan Gets Here? - Robert Merry, The American Conservative
Pence: Trump citizenship plan may not conflict with Constitution - Megan Keller, The Hill
        Why Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants Will Backfire - Matt Barreto, New York Times
Venice under water as deadly storms hit Italy- BBC News
        Race on as Merkel opens path for succession- The Times Of India
Vatican denies Spain’s claims of deal over Franco’s reburial- Sam Jones, The Guardian
        Saudi-led coalition sends thousands of troops towards Hodeidah- Al Jazeera
With Bolsonaro win, noose tightens around Italian ‘red terrorist’ Battisti- Benjamin Dodman, France 24
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

India inaugurates world's tallest statue to celebrate independence hero        Crime and punishment, by phone Rage against elite: Centrist leaders losing Europe’s favor        NATO chief: West, Russia will behave despite war drillsSaudi ‘mega’ arms deal may only deliver mere hundreds of U.S. jobs        The era of cyber insecurity
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
"The act is very clear. The control of the system lies with the commissioner," watchdog says politicians need to put McClintic transfer ‘behind us’
Personally I can not accept ignoring the injustice of the action taken
- but then I'm also unaccepting of giving away all system control power.
From: John Feldsted <>
Subject: MPs looking into whether RCMP are in contempt of Parliament for gun bill post

Committee questions police force’s intent on Bill C-71
Catharine Tunney
CBC News
Oct 30, 2018

A parliamentary committee is looking into whether the RCMP should be found in contempt of Parliament for posting potentially misleading advice to firearm and gun shop owners regarding the Liberals' gun legislation.

At the centre of the dispute is the question of whether the Canadian firearms program's website anticipated a decision of Parliament by leading readers to believe that Bill C-71 had already been enacted. In fact, the bill is still winding its way through the Senate.

The divisive legislation would reclassify two types of firearms - most models of the Ceska zbrojovka CZ-858 rifle and certain Swiss Arms firearms - as "prohibited", which means owners would have to apply to have their rifles "grandfathered" or face dispossession.

In an April bulletin, the RCMP wrote that "if your SA firearm was listed in Bill C-71, it will be classified as a prohibited firearm," and went on to explain the steps gun owners would have to take to get their guns grandfathered.

Conservative MP Glen Motz - a noted opponent of the bill - raised a question of privilege in the House in May questioning the "presumptuous" language of the bulletin.

That same day, the RCMP changed their wording - a move the Alberta MP read as an admission of guilt.

In June, Speaker of the House Geoff Regan ruled the case was a
prima facie case of privilege ­ serious enough to warrant further study.

"The vast majority of the information was presented as though the provisions will definitely be coming into effect or are already the law of the land," Regan said at the time.

"Parliament's authority in scrutinizing and adopting legislative proposals remains unquestionable and should not be taken for granted. The chair is troubled by the careless manner in which the RCMP chose to ignore this vital fact and, for more than three weeks, allowed citizens and retailers to draw improper conclusions as to their obligations under the law."

Read on:
This is a strange article. I am not sure what rock the CBC hides under, but it needs to take the pulse of Canadians outside of CBC HQ on occasion.

Contempt of parliament is a national pastime. Do MPs really think we are not on to them? Even staid and somber Andrew Scheer can regularly set off the Trudeau stammer at about 20 cycles a minute, which markedly slows his gibberish delivery.

A government announcement used to mean something. These days a government announcement involves a lot of bright lights and cameras around a podium where someone delivers a message as significant as the menu posted outside the enlisted men’s mess on a military base.

Six months later they change spokesmen and deliver the same announcement. They have a habit of repeating the same dirge at lengthy intervals hoping that we have forgotten the last episode.

We can be forgiven for suspecting that common sense, fresh ideas, innovation and problem solving have been bludgeoned to death and are buried beneath the basement floors. Parliamentarians are so intent on virtue signalling and appeal that they look as statesmanlike as a gaggle of high school girls in the cosmetics department at Shoppers Drug Mart.

We do not hold people of character in contempt; the characters in government are a different matter.

John Feldsted


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