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Daily Digest November 9, 2018.

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Doug Ford parts ways with another top aide as sex scandals continue to roil premier�s office

�Inappropriate� but not illegal: Why women Tony Clement followed online are going public
        Donald Trump Played Central Role in Hush Payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal
White supremacist disavowed by UCP and federal Tories joined Bernier�s party
        Women�s March Muskoka calls for Tony Clement�s resignation

Trudeau to mark centenary of First World War armistice at Vimy Ridge, Paris
        Keystone XL setback will cost Canadian industry �millions�, says association
Businesses look to Bill Morneau for help tackling Trump�s taxes
        For a politician like Clement, a $100K gazebo is bad, but a sexting/extortion scandal is the end
Clement owns up to his actions. But he should have the first time
        Craig Oliver turns 80 � credibility spanning decades
If Clement isn�t fit for caucus, why is he fit to be anyone�s MP?
        Will the Canadian consensus on immigration fall victim to Liberal bungling on border-crossers?
Revenge Politics Won the Midterms

Trudeau�s trade talk to be tested on 10-day, three country trip
        Five female PC staffers sent sexually inappropriate texts by former Ford aide, sources say
Alberta Pulse: UCP leads over NDP thanks to a more united right
        Plan to create a national securities regulator is constitutional: Supreme Court
Sexual misconduct allegations levelled against two Alberta NDP MLAs since 2015, says premier�s office
        Tony Clement reveals �acts of infidelity� left him open to potential blackmail
UCP MLAs gagged during abortion bubblezone bill: Former UCP MLA Prab Gill
        Construction of sixth Arctic patrol ship at Irving Shipbuilding to cost $800M � double the cost of the other five
Chinese evidence, Canadian charges: Accused businessman says fraud case built with coercion
        Horgan and Wilkinson clash during TV electoral reform debate

Freeland orders internal review of Canadian development aid in Afghanistan
        Former premier Gallant yet to decide on future as Tory government is sworn in
Opening dairy market to U.S. was biggest concession in trade talks, Freeland says
        Banks weigh legal action to block Statscan�s plan to obtain consumer records
Statcan�s plan to harvest private banking info on hold, pending investigation
        �All options� soon possible to end Canada Post dispute, says Trudeau
Terri-Lynne McClintic transferred out of healing lodge: Rodney Stafford
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The Liberals love projecting an image. Listening? Not so much - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Ontario kids don�t have up-to-date sex-ed, but they can learn from Conservative politicians - Edward Keenan, Toronto Star
Feisty exchange between Essex MP and PM over USMCA photo op with Trump - CBC News
        The replacement House of Commons is just about ready - CBC News
Why conservative politicians across Canada think they can beat Trudeau in fight over federal carbon tax - Tyler Dawson and Maura Forrest,
        Liberals may file complaint against Ontario minister - Marieke Walsh - iPolitics, Toronto Star
Newly renovated West Block turned over as House of Commons prepares to move - Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Ottawa more interested in taxes than carbon plan: Phillips - Bryan Passifiume, Toronto Sun
Incoming New Brunswick premier Blaine Higgs says he will treat taxpayers like customers - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Bombardier cutting about 5,000 jobs as part of restructuring plan- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

IKEA is searching for ways out of the maze amid shifting retail landscape- Jake Edmiston, Financial Post
        Federal pilots union surprised Air Transat given weeks to fix �major� safety system problems in 2015- Katie Nicholson & Joanne Levasseur,


Poussi�re rouge: 100$ par porte dans une zone restreinte, propose Arrimage Qu�becPlus
        Sextorsion: un groupe de femmes lance une p�titionPlus
Trop ivre, il meurt d'hypothermiePlus
        Trop chaud, il meurt gel�Plus
Syrie: 26 civils tu�s dans des frappes de la coalition antidjihadistesPlus
        Trump interdit aux clandestins de d�poser des demandes d'asilePlus
Avalanche Qu�bec: 20 ans d'expertise en Gasp�siePlus
        Piratage d'�lection Qu�bec: les experts demandent une enqu�te polici�rePlus
134 plaintes contre une petite entreprisePlus
        Trafic de cannabis: huit arrestations � Saint-J�r�mePlus

La maison de la culture Frontenac rebaptis�e en l'honneur de Janine SuttoPlus
        Maison insalubre: la famille logera dans un motel pendant dix joursPlus
Le dernier message troublant du tireur de CaliforniePlus
        Un Palestinien tu� par des tirs isra�liens lors de heurtsPlus
Le Pink Legacy, un diamant rose exceptionnel en vente � Gen�vePlus
        La Floride de nouveau plong�e dans un amer imbroglio �lectoralPlus
Promesse de Val�rie Plante: Montr�al ne construira pas assez de logements sociaux selon le FRAPRUPlus
        Somalie: environ 20 morts dans l'explosion de voitures pi�g�es � MogadiscioPlus
Washington �inquiet� de l'attitude chinoise, mais ne veut pas d'une �guerre froide�Plus
        Voyez Donald Trump insulter une journaliste de CNN pour une question �stupide�Plus

Trump rabroue une journaliste de CNN pour une question � stupide �Plus
        Une partie de la caravane de migrants reprend sa marche vers les �tats-UnisPlus
La justice am�ricaine suspend l'ol�oduc Keystone XL, un revers pour TrumpPlus
        M�moires de Michelle Obama: attaques en r�gle contre Donald Trump Plus
Kanak et Qu�bec, m�me combatPlus
        Washington envisage de �nouvelles sanctions� contre l'IranPlus
Guyana : six bless�s dans l'atterrissage d'urgence d'un BoeingPlus
        Six bless�s dans l'atterrissage d'urgence d'un avion � destination de Toronto, 82 Canadiens � bord Plus
D�mographie mondiale: d�clin pour les pays riches, baby-boom pour les autresPlus
        Syrie: 23 rebelles tu�s par le r�gime dans le nord-ouestPlus
La th�se de Stephen Hawking vendue plus de 1M$ aux ench�res


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Reporters accuse Sarah Sanders of sharing edited video of Acosta-aide exchange - Avery Anapol, The Hill
        After Election Draw, How Will Trump & Dems Move Forward? - Conrad Black, National Post
Trump Defeated Green Wave & Liberal Media on Tuesday - Newt Gingrich, Fox News
        Manchin: Ousting Sessions was �a big mistake� that puts the country on verge of a constitutional crisis - John Wagner, Washington Post
4 Midterm Developments That Bode Well for Trump in 2020 - James Antle, Washington Examiner
        Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized With 3 Broken Ribs - Eileen Sullivan, New York Times
Which Democrats Stand a Chance in 2020? - Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast
        Reasons to be Excited About the Midterm Rainbow Wave - Van Jones, CNN
McCaskill points finger at Fox following loss, calls it �state-owned news channel� - Owen Daugherty, The Hill
        Bangladesh general election set for December 23- PTI, The Times Of India

Helge Ingstad: Norway�s warship collides with tanker in fjord- BBC News
        �A Farage in every country�: Barnier warns of existential threat to EU- Jennifer Rankin, The Guardian
Macron stokes anger with plan to honour Nazi collaborator P�tain- France 24
        Trump and Putin to meet briefly in Paris this weekend- Sydney Morning Herald

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US-led coalition strikes kill 26 civilians in east Syria: Observatory
        Trump claims video distributed by White House wasn't altered
Israeli claims of Hezbollah weapons depots false: Aoun
        N. Irish kingmakers tell May: Don't betray UK
Qatar pays Gaza salaries to ease tensions; Israel says money's not for Hamas
        Afghanistan's peace council says ready for talks with Taliban: RIA
India examining details of exemptions on buying Iranian oil
        Anti-Semitic acts up 69% in France this year: PM
Researchers livestream a U.S. marshland for fun and science
        Germany starts trial over refugee center abuses

Iran�s economy to suffer but likely ride out U.S. sanctions storm
        Piecing together the Iran sanctions jigsaw
Why the U.S.-China relationship is a convenient cooperative rivalry
        Experts start campaign against gay �conversion therapy�
Moody�s sees recession pain for Turkey, Argentina after crises
        Kurds near Turkey border dread fresh offensive
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DNA Of World�s Oldest Natural Mummy Unlocks Secrets Of Ice Age Tribes In Americas


BDS: Justified or to be condemned?

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions - Wikipedia

Canada's Justin Trudeau Condemns BDS for 'Intimidating' Israel


From: John Feldsted <>
Subject:Trudeau apologizes for Canada's 1939 refusal of Jewish refugee ship

Steve Scherer
Reuters News
November 7, 2018

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada�s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally apologized on Wednesday for the country�s 1939 refusal to take in a ship carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees, adding that the country would do more to protect Canadian Jews from violence.

 The St. Louis left Hamburg in May 1939 in a desperate search for a safe haven from persecution by Nazi Germany. After it was rebuffed by Canada and other nations, it returned to Europe, where historians have estimated that more than 250 of the passengers were murdered in Nazi death camps.

�We apologize to the 907 German Jews aboard the St. Louis, as well as their families,� Trudeau told the House of Commons. �We are sorry for the callousness of Canada�s response. We are sorry for not apologizing sooner.�

The apology came less than two weeks after a gunman shot dead 11 people, including a Canadian woman, at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Vigils were held across Canada in the aftermath of the attack.

Read on:

Trudeau seems unwilling to understand that he can only apologize for his own actions and behaviour.

There is something ironic and hypocritical about apologizing for a Liberal Prime Minister who made a poor decision 80 years ago.

William Lyon Mackenzie King has been repeatedly and thoroughly disparaged for his decision not to allow the St. Louis to land. History has not been kind on the issue, and rightly so. However, to keep the event in perspective Canada was not the only nation to refuse acceptance of the St. Lewis and her Jewish passengers.

As we age, we reminisce and think to ourselves how life would differ if we knew what we know now at age 20. Looking back at 1939 knowing about the horrors of WW-II and the holocaust is far different from trying to look forward six years from 1939 to 1945.

We can be ashamed of a government decision made in 1939, but we cannot apologize for it. Our grandchildren will judge us on the decisions our government is making today. We can acknowledge unacceptable discrimination of the past and commit to erasing discrimination in the present. Actions speak louder than words.

Vowing to protect Jewish and Muslim places of worship is an admission that hatred is still stalks our society. We have not erased racial and religious hatreds. Christians also face faith-based discrimination and that is a glaring omission from the apology statement. As equals we have the right to worship in peace and safety. We cannot accept anyone to be targeted by hatred. 

John Feldsted

Subject: Liberals will spend $86 million to tackle rise in gang and gun violence
Money will aim to stop smuggled guns from entering Canada and help RCMP investigate firearm crimes

Kathleen Harris
CBC News
Nov 08, 2018

The Liberal government is spending $86 million to boost efforts to block smuggled guns at the border and stop the scourge of gun violence in the United States from creeping into Canada.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Bill Blair, the minister of border security and organized crime reduction, announced Thursday that $51.5 million will be spent over five years for the Canada Border Services Agency to build an all-weather detector dog training facility, deploy more sniffer dog teams and expand X-ray technology at postal centres and air cargo facilities. More training on detecting concealed items in vehicles entering Canada is also planned.

Another $34.5 million will go to the RCMP to enhance investigations, training, inspections, technology and intelligence.

The money comes from a $327 million pot to tackle gangs and gun violence announced last year. Of that sum, $200 million will go to provinces and territories to address regional needs.

Blair said that because gangs have different origins across the country and operate in both rural and urban areas, it's critical to give the provinces money to address specific needs.

No 'blanket solutions'

"Blanket solutions and a one-size-fits-all approach (do) not work," he said.

Thursday's announcement comes as the U.S. reels from another mass shooting incident, this time at a Southern California bar. Thirteen people died in the gun attack in Thousand Oaks, California Wednesday night.

Blair said Canada has a "fundamentally different" culture and approach to firearms, but Canadians are increasingly worried about the spike in domestic incidents.

"What we are seeing is an increase in gun violence across our country, a greater influence, and Canadians ... have told us they're very concerned about the level of gun violence taking part in their communities," he said.

Read on:

We are working at the wrong end of the firearm. Mandatory sentences for firearms offences were struck down as unconstitutional because the law was not linked to the commission of a crime. Firearms legislation, particularly the regulations issued thereunder, are so broad and complex, it is possible to ensnare someone who is not a threat to society.

That does not prevent us from enacting laws with a minimum sentence for unlicensed possession of a restricted weapons which would include all handguns and most automatic weapons. Licensing and regulations for handling and use of handguns are very strict. The government can employ the notwithstanding clause if necessary.     

Firearms used in the commission of a crime, including possession of a firearm during a crime is a very serious threat to public safety. The criminal who carries a firearm when committing a crime is prepared to commit murder and should face a court charged with attempted murder and a sentence to be served consecutively to other charges incurred in the same incident whether the firearm was discharged or not.

We need to extend the laws to increase the sentences for anyone who uses a weapon of any kind in the commission of a crime including assault.

If gang members know they can be looking at a life sentence for using a firearm in the commission of a crime, they will think twice about arming themselves.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act must be amended to exclude underaged persons who use a firearm to commit a crime. They are coerced by gang members to commit gun crimes as an �initiation� as they will receive a minimal sentence under the YCJA.

Anyone employing a firearm in the commission of a crime should be ineligible for bail pending trial.

We cannot continue to pretend we are concerned about the criminal use of guns while we do not ensure that the penalties for using a lethal weapon reflect that concern. We must deal with the criminals, not the hardware. We will not block the black market in firearms any more than we blocked the black market in drugs. Until we get tough on criminals, we will see more lives lost. The gangster in prison will not be shooting rivals, innocent bystanders or responding police officers.

John Feldsted


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