Friday 10 February 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST February 10, 2017.

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Amid Leitch furor, Trudeau defends �turning back� on electoral reform promise

US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Russia dossier
        Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O�Leary backs prescription-heroin program that Harper tried to shut down
Canada�s AAA Rating Is on Thin Ice
        PC member files formal complaint; says Jason Kenney seeking to undermine party

NDP MP mocks Trudeau�s comments on �paddle sheds� in open satirical letter
        Two Canadian CF-18s were on approach to land at Florida airport that hasn�t existed since 2010
Rona Ambrose denies link between federal funding and spouse�s billionaire friend
        order in the Trump chaos will be job one for Trudeau: H�bert
Trudeau was always a joke to the right; he should worry now the left�s joined in the laughter
        Here�s how Trudeau could say sorry for breaking his electoral reform promise
The feds love to consult us. But does anyone listen?
        Rona Ambrose�s vacation neutralizes attack on PM Trudeau
Rona Ambrose, the Conservative ringmaster
        Canada�s kowtow pilgrimage to Donald Trump�s Washington

The electoral reform promise was what made Trudeau different
        A carbon tax is good, but the NDP is going about it the wrong way
Time to let Bombardier crash and burn

Ontario cabinet ministers urged to trumpet trade with US in Trump era
        Alberta Premier Notley heading to Washington at month�s end to talk trade
Ex-Quebec minister will run to replace Stephane Dion in Montreal riding: source
        Michelle Rempel demands more from politics�on the left and right
Ambrose backs united provincial right; PC member files complaint against Kenney
        Morneau dropped deficit forecast from fall update
Political Traction: Trade Wars
        A face-to-face meeting is Trudeau�s best bet for dealing with Trump
The NDP�s headlong rush to irrelevance
        Millennials finally fall out of love with Justin Trudeau after he abandons electoral reform

Women should never be used as political cover
        Bruce Campbell Trump�s assault on regulations and the NAFTA renegotiation
Liberals� Bombardier �loan� � to 1930s public works spending, add 1970s industrial policy
        Boost border security funding before Canada finds itself in Donald Trump�s crosshairs
Influx and integration of immigrants key to Quebec�s demographic growth
        Is the NDP overpaying carbon tax rebates for political gain?
Trudeau�s broken promise is a relief
        Rona Ambrose�s ship of fools
Note to Patrick Brown: Religion and Politics Can Mix
        For Trudeau, old politics won�t cut it

Ottawa took years to warn Ontario First Nations about fraud
        Justin Trudeau says electoral reform is �not in the best interest of the country�
Census shows Conservatives still hold sway in Canada�s fastest growing regions
        Canada gained 48,300 new jobs last month, unemployment rate dips to 6.8%
At Issue: Trudeau�s 1st meeting with Trump
        Former Supreme Court Justice John Major to chair Liberals� firearms advisory committee
Federal budget money earmarked to help Indigenous communities get off diesel as fuel source
        Liberals and Conservatives tied in nationwide poll, Grits still strong in Central Canada, but losing younger voters
Trudeau urged to find common ground with Trump during Washington visit
        Cullen, Angus unimpressed at prospect of Sarah Palin as US ambassador to Canada

Decision on postal service recommendations coming in spring, union told
        Liberals nominate Scott Forsyth in fight for Stephen Harper�s old seat
Trump�s anti-immigrant stance may be fuelling rise in racism in Canada: experts
        Liberal MP�s anti-Islamophobia motion set for debate next week
Canada confirms participation in post-TPP talks next month in Chile
        Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump to meet Monday in Washington
Canada is ready to join a lobbying fight against the Republicans� tax overhaul plans
        Top Mountie orders review of recent sexual-assault cases
Ottawa looks at user-fee hikes for potential new revenue
        Trump security adviser Michael Flynn �can�t be certain� on talking sanctions with Russia
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Podcast: Green Party leader Elizabeth May on the electoral reform broken promise

Liberals tap former pension fund CEO to help build new infrastructure bank - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Trump won�t like seeing U.S. refugees slipping into Canada�and that�s trouble for Trudeau - William Watson, Financial Post
Trudeau should spend his diplomatic capital on Syria - Michael Petrou, CBC News
        Canada�s green electricity bailouts make the Bombardier giveaway look like peanuts - Terence Corcoran, Financial Post
Buying labour piece with Ontario�s teachers - Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
        Michelle Rempel demands more from politics�on the left and right - Jason Markusoff, Macleans
Feds pledge action on treatment of Inuit tuberculosis epidemic - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        B.C. Premier Clark backs away from hacking allegations against Opposition NDP - The Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun
Human trafficking law starts from scratch, without tougher sentencing provisions - Kathleen Harris, CBC News
        Indigo and HMV: Why one triumphed and the other is folding- Hollie Shaw, Financial Post

PC Plus member? Then change your password, Loblaws warns after points stolen- The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Deputy governor says new inflation measures are not BoC�s only focus- Mina Mohit, The Globe and Mail
Twitter struggles to turn headlines into cash- CTV News


D�cret migratoire: une �d�cision scandaleuse�Plus
        Le couloir de la peurPlus
Pas d'amalgame, qu'ils disaient!Plus
        L'expansion des colonies pas �bonne pour la paix�, dit TrumpPlus
Environ un milliard de cachets d'ecstasy saisis aux Pays-BasPlus
        Voici 5 sujets � suivre aujourd'huiPlus
Des communaut�s autochtones sans eau potable jusqu'en 2020Plus
        400 baleines meurent �chou�es en Nouvelle-Z�landePlus
Nouveau projet de loi sur la traite des personnesPlus
        D�cret migratoire: la cour d'appel maintient la suspensionPlus

R�forme �lectorale: le syst�me fonctionne selon de SantisPlus
        Les juristes pr�parent une riposte juridiquePlus
Agression de journalistes: le suspect remis en libert�Plus
        Rencontre entre Justin Trudeau et Donald Trump lundiPlus
Sarah Palin ambassadrice au Canada? Inqui�tude � OttawaPlus
        Sources journalistiques: une demande des m�dias de Qu�becorPlus
Montr�al: �ducation � la sexualit� pour enfants de 0 � 5 ansPlus
        Lutte contre la criminalit�: Trump promet �une nouvelle �re�Plus
Voici 5 sujets � suivre aujourd'huiPlus
        Taux de diplomation en hausse au Qu�bec


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump faults �political decision� of appeals court, promises future win - Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner
        Why no one wants to be the Trump White House communications director - Callum Borchers, Washington Post
Sessions sworn in, warns of �dangerous� rise in crime - Kelly Cohen, Washington Examiner
        In Messaging War, House Dems Face Goliath in Trump - James Arkin, Real Clear Politics
Schumer: Trump should drop Labor nominee - Tim Devaney, The Hill
        White House Aide Plugs Ivanka Trump Clothing - Jon Schouppe, Mark Murray and Diana Marinaccio, NBC News
Malaysian ship with aid for Rohingya docks in Myanmar- Al Jazeera
        More than 100 reported killed in Brazil as police strike continues for sixth day- Reuters, The Guardian
Syria war: Russian �friendly fire� kills Turkish soldiers- BBC News
        Nato backs Ukraine as clashes surge: Deputy chief- AFP, The Times Of India
Romanian justice minister resigns after mass protests against corruption law- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Putin says could meet Trump in Slovenia, but choice not Moscow's alone
        EU's Mogherini: US says will fully implement Iran nuclear deal
Kremlin: talks to decide future of nuclear pact with US
        UK parliament's upper house aims to attach conditions to EU divorce legislation
Ukraine PM sees IMF deal by end-Feb amid new fighting in east
        Trump says Israel settlement growth not 'good for peace': interview
Russia says no substantial difference with USA over Iran: RIA
        US general says NATO needs more troops in Afghanistan
Monarch butterfly numbers drop by 27 percent in Mexico
        Russian foreign ministry says ready to cooperate with NATO in Afghanistan: TASS

Trump administration delays listing bumblebee as endangered
        Russia looking to undermine NATO, US in Afghanistan: US general
UK, France scramble jets to monitor Russian bombers near their airspace
        Israeli settlers in West Bank top 421,000: NGO
Palestinian opens fire in Israeli crowd, six wounded: police
        Tribe files legal challenge to stall Dakota Access pipeline
Germany readies to speed up failed asylum seeker deportations
        Britain tells Scotland: No need for second independence referendum
Russia calls NATO moves in Baltics, Poland and Germany a threat: RIA
        Kremlin says east Ukraine unlikely to be part of deal with Trump
Israel�s top court asked to strike down settler law

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