Sunday 26 February 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST February 26, 2017.

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Charlie Angus joins NDP leadership race, says party must counter Trump-style populism

Do Canada�s Conservatives want to join the populism parade?
        Close the Safe Third Country loophole, Jason Kenney says
Goodale rejects request to boost border staff to deal with asylum seekers
        Inside the mysterious removal of the Canadian military�s second-in-command

Worry about yourself when it comes to cybersecurity, says federal security official
        Most people crossing border illegally always planned to end up in Canada, minister says
NDP leadership candidates ready to �fight like hell,� despite slow start to race
        B.C. NDP race lays the groundwork for federal pipeline battle
Conservatives at war with conservatism on display at Manning Centre conference
        A knife at the museum: Victim of Harper�s plan to rewrite Canadian history deserves reinstatement
Immigration harmony will be tested in Canada
        Tory hopefuls lack rallying cry
The secret to maintaining political secrets
        Sanctuary status may be more than cities can handle

The backlash to political correctness was inevitable
        Patrick Brown should go for broke

Want millennial voters? Conservatives must change, researchers say
        Anbang�s B.C. acquisition raises questions about Ottawa�s approach to foreign takeovers
Power Play: �Feel Bad for the Candidates�
        Why Conservatives need to shake up their leadership debates
The race to the political bottom
        The Manning Conference takes a hard slide to the right
A dark road beckons Canada�s Conservatives and the Manning Conference is speeding their way
        Health Canada Considers Ban On Smoking And Vaping In Apartments
Ralph Goodale to raise illegal border crossings with U.S. officials in coming days
        Kevin O�Leary vows to claw back money raised by provinces through carbon taxes
Parliamentary press gallery pushes back against plan to fingerprint, screen reporters
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Parliament can�t simply demand people feel good about Islam - Conrad Black, National Post
        Canada�s one of NATO�s biggest deadbeats, but with Trump, we won�t get away with it anymore - Lawrence Solomon, National Post
Yazidi refugee effort proof that government listens and can work: Ambrose - CTV News
        Wynne�s out of shells in hydro rate shell game - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Hard, hard times again; sort of: Why a lot of N.L.�s fiscal problems are self-inflicted - CBC News
        `Goodbye �Mercury,� hello �KEYone�: BlackBerry, TCL release first keyboard smartphone under partnership- Emily Jackson, Financial Post
Buffett annual letter reveals $1.6 billion profit from Apple shares- Jennifer Ablan, The Globe and Mail
        Breitbart suffers extreme pain as ad dollars seek middle ground- Abha Bhattarai, The Washington Post, Toronto Star
Giant Tiger and other discounters in expansion mode- Dianne Buckner, CBC News


Juristes de l'�tat: Moreau ouvert � un blitz de n�gociationsPlus
        Charlie Angus brigue la direction du NPDPlus
Des courriels de vengeance sexuelle envoy�s aux �tudiants de MonctonPlus
        Le Qu�bec peine � retenir ses �tudiants �trangersPlus
Transport Canada dirige une simulation de d�raillement ferroviairePlus
        Gr�ve des juristes: la Chambre des notaires veut �viter une loi sp�cialePlus
Avertissement de d�b�cle et inondations au Qu�becPlus
        Une femme de 69 ans manque � l'appelPlus
Un homme trouv� inconscient par les pompiersPlus
        Un pi�ton happ� � mortPlus

Un chauffard saoul fait 28 bless�sPlus
        Les attentats en Syrie fragilisent le processus de Gen�vePlus
Contributions non conformes: le PLQ remboursera 130 000 $Plus
        Trump n'assistera pas au d�ner des correspondants de la Maison-BlanchePlus
Moreau veut une loi pour forcer le retour au travail des juristesPlus
        Un proche de Barack Obama prend la t�te parti d�mocratePlus
Arr�t� alors qu'il roulait � 160 km/h sur l'autoroutePlus
        Le chef du SPVM rencontre son �tat-majorPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump Plans to Skip White House Correspondents� Association Dinner - Michael M. Grynbaum, New York Times
        How Perez edged Ellison for DNC chair - Jonathan Easley, The Hill
Reagan and Trump and the swift transformation of the GOP - Dan Balz, Washington Post
        Trump makes unannounced trip to Trump hotel for dinner - Daniel Chaitin, Washington Examiner
GOP Rep. Issa Calls for Special Prosecutor in Russia Probe - Phil Helsel, NBC News
        Saudi foreign minister makes rare visit to Baghdad- Reuters, The Times Of India
Homs blasts threaten to derail Syria talks in Geneva- Dylan Collins, Al Jazeera
        Three injured after car ploughs into pedestrians in Germany- France 24
Emmanuel Macron must add substance to style to win votes for presidency- Kim Willsher, The Guardian
        UK terror threat �at highest since 1970s IRA plots�- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Israel demands UN fire Gaza staffer with alleged Hamas ties
        Palestinians urge boycott of Israeli military courts
US urges Russia to 'immediately' observe Ukraine ceasefire
        White House does not rule out Sessions recusal on Russia probes
Thousands march in Moscow two years after Putin foe killed
        Iran holds naval war games amid rising tensions with US
Refugees make up bulk of crossings from US to Canada: UNHCR
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Is Trudeau losing the Millennials?


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Populist Politics:

According to the media, the tall foreheads in conservative circles are trying to establish a plan for dealing with populism during the Manning Conference just concluded. Politicians, political pundits and media scribes want us to believe they understand populism. The origins go back to approximately 1890 and is an ideology that holds the rich and elite control and take advantage of governments when citizens should guide governments.

Populist movements range from the far left to the far right and everything in between. The solutions proposed vary so widely that the terms �populist� and �populism� are meaningless. Democracy is in trouble when people discover they can vote themselves benefits. Current election campaigns are based on promising people things they think they want in return for votes. We are being bought by the tax dollars extracted from us. Populists are motivated by self-interest and what they want or perceive that they want is not what they need. 

We need politicians who put the best interests of their community and country first. Politicians cater to �special interests� through grants and support to garner votes. Why else would we have a Status of Women ministry in the federal government? What happened to equality and equal rights?

Business and industry leaders, the elite, political insiders and academics have too large an influence on our governance. They ignore the needs of citizens and feel they are entitled to decide how we should live our lives and spend our money. Politicians have forgotten that governments came into being to provide those services that individuals and communities could not provide for themselves. 

House of Commons Motion M-103 is a glaring example of politicians engaging in social engineering without a mandate to do so. Canada matured from a being a British colony to an independent nation without a Status of Women ministry or multiculturalism. Immigrants from all over the world fought as Canadians in two world wars with distinction. We had and have more similarities than differences and stood proudly for our nation and our flag. We have gone to war and engaged in peacekeeping missions since, always standing tall for democracy and human rights. We have much to be proud of.        

We have a duty to expect every resident of Canada to respect the charter and human rights of their fellow citizens including family members. Wives are equal to husbands as are partners in same-sex relationships. That may cause some heads to explode, but we either believe in our fundamental principles or risk fracturing a truly wonderful nation. The politics of division must give way to the politics of service to our society. We need politicians to stop trying to micro-manage our lives and how we live them. They do not have our consent.

John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

If anyone would like to be added to my mailing list, send an e-mail to With a subject line:  Conservative Friends List

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor
Subject: Re:  Trudeau's words ring hollow, as his actions favour the privileged, Greg Fingas, February 23, 2017 

Justin Trudeau may blame the elites for hollowing out the middle class, but he has appointed money managers and chief executives to be his economic consultants, and he is taking their advice to privatize our infrastructure.

Consultants, brokers and lawyers prosper when infrastructure is privately owned, and the new operators enjoy captive consumers. Quality of service deteriorates as costs are cut, major job losses occur, and prices escalate. And of course if conditions overly deteriorate, the government is forced to step back in. 

The Liberals have forgotten their history. After WWII, our government built roads, bridges and seaways and didn't need high-cost financing from big investment funds. We used low-cost financing from our own Bank of Canada, and operated our infrastructure as a public service - not as profit centres for private financiers.
1. Justin Trudeau and the great rock �n� roll swindle

"The promise to use cheap public financing � Bank of Canada bonds currently around 1.5% interest � to build infrastructure is gone. It�s changed into a scheme for private investors.
It�s a model loaded with incentive for out-of-control, overbuilt projects and inflated fares, tolls and fees.
Of course this plan wasn�t put together by a bunch of punks. Trudeau appointed a panel of financiers to tell him how to finance infrastructure. And � shocking! � they recommended a scheme that benefits them.

Meanwhile, millionaires and billionaires go to elite pay-for-access events with the Liberal Prime Minister while his government approves their banks and explores airport and sea port privatizations.

2. Thatcher � �Sorry You�ve Lost Your Job
what the free marketers promised would be an efficient, streamlined, low-priced economy has become the highest-priced economy in the world...... The telephones cost more, and nearly every kind of public utility that was privatized now costs much more, capped by railroad and bus service.

3. William Mitchell, Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

"Privatisation, franchising, outsourcing, PPPs, PFIs, and all the rest of the devious transfers of public wealth and funds to the private sector have systematically failed to deliver on the promises made by the consultants.

The stockbroking and legal companies and economists who advised governments in these public robberies have all done very well.

Many private firms have done very well - enjoying the best of both worlds - a captive infrastructure, ability to gouge consumers via excessive fares, no real need to keep the quality of service up to acceptable standards, and increasing public subsidies."


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