Saturday 18 February 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST February 18, 2017.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Police investigate anti-Muslim rally outside Toronto mosque as possible hate crime

        McCain: Dictators �get started by suppressing free press�
Ontario PCs close in on majority territory as Wynne�s support continues to plummet, poll says
        Trudeau�s Europe trip dominated by trade and Trump
The next leader of the Conservatives is � one of these 14
        Liberal MP says Quebec mosque shooting was �direct result� of Tory, PQ policies
Anti-Islamophobia debate might define both Liberals and Conservatives
        Kevin O�Leary: Unfair To Criticize Donald Trump In First 100 Days

�Bomb to Toronto�: Bathroom note sparks evacuation of Canada-bound Turkish Airlines flight
        Conservative leadership hopefuls in B.C. for back-to-back debates
Police offer extra protection to MP Iqra Khalid following threatening messages
        On military spending, there�s more than one way for Canada to pull its weight
If the Conservatives want to win, they need a leader who can speak French � period
        Canadians blindsided by Trudeau�s sunny ways
Power Play: �Dying Breed of Leaders�
        Conservatives may pay a price for M-103 hysteria
M-103 is a political billboard. Pick a side and advertise your virtues
        We already know how to silence the cranks, do we really need M-103?

Harper tried to build a big tent party. His successors are burning it down.
        The two faces of the Conservative party

Notley says Alberta getting closer to health deal with Ottawa
        Vice-Admiral Mark Norman owed the �decency� of silence while system works: Vance
Leitch surges in latest Mainstreet Tory leadership poll
        Kevin O�Leary sells wine on U.S. home shopping channel amid leadership campaign
To take advantage of coming agriculture �revolution� Canada needs investment, says expert
        Anti-Islamophobia motion triggered warped overreaction
Conservative MPs are afraid of Motion 103, and things it can�t do
        What the right keeps getting wrong about free speech
Are U.S. spy agencies trying to bring down Donald Trump?
        Players in Alberta�s PC leadership race getting along like a Dumpster on fire

Is Donald Trump losing it?
        The Tories approach a point of no return
Hysteria from Conservatives over harmless motion on Islamophobia
        Canadians prepare to face cyberwarriors and fake news in Latvia mission
New Democrats may switch votes in weeks-long fall leadership vote
        Trudeau warns black tie business elite to �get real� about anxiety workers feel
Expect to pay more tolls, higher property taxes to fund infrastructure, warns David Dodge
        Trump�s battle with U.S. intelligence community could slow the flow of key security info to Canada
Trudeau lays wreath at Berlin Holocaust memorial
        Clark to dismiss any staff involved in PharmaNet data breach
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Kathleen Wynne�s ruling Liberals lag the Tories and the premier�s own approval rating stands at only 18% - Norman De Bono, London Free
        Conservative leadership hopefuls in B.C. for back-to-back debates - CBC News
M-103 is a political billboard. Pick a side and advertise your virtues - Rex Murphy, National Post
        Free speech needs to be guided by judgment and conscience, not rules - Andrew Coyne, National Post
Canada�s Islamophobia debacle is a prime example of liberal media bias - Anthony Furey, Ottawa Sun
        Five things Kathleen Wynne is doing to save her political skin - Charlie Gillis, Macleans
As Trump�s refugees stream into Canada, will our immigration policies hold up? - Chris Selley, National Post
        B.C.�s long history of pre-election fudge-it budgets leaves voters wary - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
Notley says Alberta getting closer to health deal with Ottawa - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        Famous Swiss bank whistleblower wonders why Canada gave up so easily on $1 billion in unpaid taxes- Claire Brownell, Financial Post

Unilever turns down Kraft Heinz�s merger proposal- The Globe and Mail
        Why immigration is vital for Canada�s economic growth- David Parkinson, The Globe and Mail
Air Canada says higher fuel costs will hit margins- CBC News
        Enbridge to invest $1.7B in North Sea wind farm- CTV News
Choosing the right RRSP: Pape- Gordon Pape, Toronto Star


Le Mexique appelle le Canada � maintenir un front uni sur l'Al�naPlus
        Au moins quatre morts dans des intemp�ries en CaliforniePlus
Mort d'une dame de 60 ans en pr�sence de policiers: le BEI enqu�tePlus
        Deux navires de la Marine d�p�ch�s en Afrique de l'OuestPlus
Des jeunes sous le choc apr�s le dec�s d'un camarade de classePlus
        Alberta: condamn� dans la journ�e; battu par des d�tenus en soir�ePlus
D�molition d'un immeuble du Plateau: les r�sidents soulag�sPlus
        Bruce Carson, finalement coupable de trafic d'influencePlus
UQAM: les charg�s de cours ratifient l'entente de principePlus
        Suspendu pour avoir enseign� la fabrication de m�thamph�taminePlus
Cowansville: explosion reli�e � la transformation de cannabisPlus

Un Nord-Cor�en arr�t� pour l'assassinat de Kim Jong-Nam Plus
        Trump traite plusieurs m�dias �d'ennemis des Am�ricains�


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
CBS anchor John Dickerson: Press ruined its reputation �on its own� - Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner
        The Dizzying, Mesmerizing Trump Show - Todd Purdum, Politico
Trump�s Inroads in Union Ranks Have Labor Leaders Scrambling - Glenn Thrush, New York Times
        White House denies Flynn replacement pick turned down job over staffing dispute - Mark Hensch, The Hill
White House Picks GOP Insider for Top Comms Job - NBC News
        Emmanuel Macron: the French outsider who would be president- Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian
IS kills 17 Afghan Army soldiers in east: Official- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine attack prompts Pakistan security crackdown- BBC News
Suicide bombers die in failed attack in Nigeria- Al Jazeera
        Spanish court clears Princess Cristina, jails her husband for tax fraud- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Smartphones are revolutionizing medicine
        New U.S. travel ban to spare green card holders: Trump official
Ukraine foreign minister not happy with ceasefire talks
        Russia calls for 'post-West' world order: Lavrov
Iran in new military drills despite US warnings
        UN chief: US blocking Libya envoy was "serious mistake"
US remains 'your greatest ally', Pence tells Europe
        Merkel calls for joint efforts with Russia to battle Islamist terrorism
Talk to babies and let them babble back to bridge word gap
        U.S. commander in chief piles up the questionable assertions

Remember Nixon? There�s history behind Trump�s press attacks
        Trump�s team in disarray, McCain tells Europe
Under police probe, Netanyahu abandons communications job
        Turkey �no� voters demonized as referendum looms
Blair urges Britons to rise up against May�s Brexit plan
        Le Pen faces new challenges from U.N., EU Parliament
Greece denounces �serious� Turkish navy violation
        Mosquito trap smart enough to keep just the bad bugs
Arctic cultures take climate fight to Berlin film fest
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