Saturday 18 February 2017


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Leitch surges in latest Mainstreet Tory leadership poll

Kouvalis still on campaign team for Conservative leadership, Leitch says
        B.C. signing health-care deal with federal government, including money for opioid crisis
Ways to gauge Canada�s commitment to NATO beyond just spending: Trudeau
        Canadians voice support for Muslims amid �hatred� unleashed at Liberal MP

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch says her immigration policies are not racist
        Still just one leadership candidate, but NDP schedule more debates across the country before fall vote
Ottawa to settle lawsuit with three Muslim Canadians jailed, tortured in Syria
        Tory move on Islamophobia motion could encroach on backbench power
The two faces of the Conservative party
        Anti-Islamophobia motion puts Tories on the horns of a dilemma
Anti-Islamophobia motion triggered warped overreaction
        Conservative MPs are afraid of Motion 103, and things it can�t do
What the right keeps getting wrong about free speech
        Are U.S. spy agencies trying to bring down Donald Trump?

Players in Alberta�s PC leadership race getting along like a Dumpster on fire
        Is Donald Trump losing it?
The Tories approach a point of no return

Expect to pay more tolls, higher property taxes to fund infrastructure, warns David Dodge
        Trump�s battle with U.S. intelligence community could slow the flow of key security info to Canada
Trudeau lays wreath at Berlin Holocaust memorial
        Conservatives supported �condemning all forms of Islamophobia� in October
Clark to dismiss any staff involved in PharmaNet data breach
        Liberal MP Iqra Khalid reads threats she�s received over Motion 103
Hysteria from Conservatives over harmless motion on Islamophobia
        What took Charles Taylor so long to reverse his position on Quebec�s religious restrictions?
Monsef, Gould fell off the glass cliff
        The most chilling image from the Trudeau-Trump visit

Finally some recognition for agriculture and food
        Israeli stance hinders Trudeau�s chances of getting seat on UN security council
Alberta PC leadership race in danger of becoming a joke
        Some PCs ready to walk away if Kenney wins
CPC leadership contenders rile crowd at Rebel event opposing M-103
        Former Liberal minister says �Islamophobia� is a misunderstood word
Last-ditch bid to turf Jason Kenney from Alberta PC leadership race fails
        Trudeau home to get $2 million in security upgrades
Federal executive verbally abused staff with tirades, profanity: watchdog
        Ontario auditor refuses to back down in $10.7B pension feud

Free-trade pacts may be doomed unless CETA works, Trudeau warns EU
        Top Canadian news officials urge Senate to pass bill on source protection
Trudeau Says EU Must Spread Trade�s Benefits or Risk Its Decline
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Liberals invent �Islamophobia� pandemic to hide their incompetence

Trudeau, Merkel diverge in response to Trump�s NATO spending call - Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail
        A motion to quell anti-Muslim hate shouldn�t be up for debate, but here we are - Elizabeth Renzetti, The Globe & Mail
Ontario to resume contract talks with doctors - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        I�m a liberal Muslim and I reject M-103 - Farzana Hassan, Toronto Sun
Conservative MPs are afraid of Motion 103, and things it can�t do - Campbell Clark, The Globe & Mail
        Conservatives are wrong to oppose Islamophobia motion - Editorial, Toronto Star
Ontario energy minister asks utilities to stop winter hydro disconnections - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Denying abortion akin to violence, Monsef says of Planned Parenthood funding - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Maybe soon, Quebec will be as comfortable assimilating newcomers as the rest of Canada - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Trudeau hails CETA as �blueprint� for future trade deals - CBC News

B.C. premier calls in Canada�s ambassador, special envoy to map softwood strategy - Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Another anti-Kenney effort crashes as PCs edge toward internal chaos - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
Opponents table legislation to reform B.C. political financing - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
        Ford Canada CEO promises to maintain $700-million Ontario investment- Aleksandra Sagan - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
The other side of Hunter Harrison�s CP legacy: white-collar workers driving trains- Kristine Owram, Financial Post
        The European Union is set for a major currency upheaval- Carl Mortished, The Globe and Mail
BlackBerry sued by former employees- CBC News
        Canadian Tire posts 10 per cent gain in Q4 profits- CTV News


Transferts en sant�: entente entre Victoria et OttawaPlus
        Accident de motoneige mortel � Thetford MinesPlus
Des ossements humains retrouv�s sur un chantierPlus
        L'Europe met en garde Trump sur l'UE et la Russie Plus
�G�rard Bouchard r�affirme le consensus�, croit l'oppositionPlus
        Deux coaccus�s de Gilles Vaillancourt �chappent � la justicePlus
Un Trump combatif tente de reprendre la main Plus
        La CAQ recrute Sonia LebelPlus
L'ex-d�put� Claude Patry, nouveau chef de La MeutePlus
        Melania Trump d�testerait sa vie de premi�re damePlus

Quand le jupon d�passePlus
        La SQ va r�viser les plaintes pour agressions sexuelles rejet�esPlus
Ils auraient eu un plan pour fabriquer une bombePlus
        Justin Trudeau s�duit les AllemandsPlus
Voici 5 sujets � suivre aujourd'huiPlus
        Un motoneigiste perd la vie en Mont�r�giePlus
Islamophobie: une d�put�e lib�rale raconte son calvairePlus
        Un meurtrier jaloux condamn�Plus
Un ex-amiral d�cline le poste de conseiller � la s�curit� nationalePlus
        Pavages D'Amours: un �service ex�crable� dit CoderrePlus

Trudeau vante le libre-�change aux eurod�put�sPlus
        N�gos avec les m�decins: Qu�bec d�pense inutilementPlus
L'h�ritier de l'empire Samsung en d�tention provisoirePlus
        Donald Trump: col�re et frustration Plus
Attentat � Qu�bec: Deltell accus� d'avoir contribu� au climat malsainPlus
        Ottawa: des �crises de rage violente� d'un patron Plus
Qu�bec offre moins aux juristes qu'au front communPlus
        Troisi�me lien: Lessard veut mesurer l'impact du SRBPlus
Contacts sexuels: les enfants prenaient part aux �bats


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump Will Issue New Travel Order Instead of Fighting Case in Court - Adam Liptak, New York Times
        John Kerry �hasn�t ruled anything in or anything out� for 2020 run - Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner
The 16 most memorable quotes from Trump�s press conference - Lisa Hagen, The Hill
        Trump Defends Flynn, Blasts �Fake News� and Leaks - Ali Vitali, NBC News
The Michael Flynn situation just went from bad to worse for Flynn � and the White House - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
        Egypt swears in 9 new Cabinet ministers in limited shuffle- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Thirty killed in Isis suicide attack on Sufi shrine in Pakistan- Jon Boone, The Guardian
        Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong arrested in South Korea- BBC News
Saudi Arabia says four ISIL cells broken up- Al Jazeera
        French presidential hopeful Macron calls colonisation �crime against humanity�- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Ukraine leader warns West not to 'appease' Russia
        Erdogan kicks off campaign for referendum on expanding powers
Rebel leader in eastern Ukraine issues military threat
        US can't put allies and Russia on same footing: Germany
France's Le Pen faces new challenges from EU Parliament, UN
        Former UK PM Blair begins "mission" to change minds on Brexit
As talks falter, Moscow finds brokering Syria peace trickier than waging war
        Banks push for easing money-laundering rules
Canada PM says world needs EU, lauds model of cooperation
        White House wrestles with an abundance of crises

Dutch to bring back Cold War warriors as trainers
        Merkel: I was unaware of extent of German-U.S. spy cooperation
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor
Subject: Re:  EU parliament votes in favour of landmark trade deal with Canada, Jonathan Stearns, February 15, 2017

Free trade deals that include Investor-state dispute settlement clauses, pipeline export of raw resources, and privatization of infrastructure promising hefty returns - these are hallmarks of the old economy that benefited the few over the many. 

Justin Trudeau may vow to grow the middle class, but his actions deliver the economy to elites. Big business will prosper, but the average citizen will end up paying the gratuitous court awards, the higher tolls and fees, and the costs of calamitous oil spills on land and water.    

1. Who�s afraid of free trade with Europe?

Under CETA an international body bypasses national courts, and can make decisions that apply retroactive financial penalties to governments....

2. Justin Trudeau and the great rock �n� roll swindle

"Private money will provide up-front cash for construction projects. Investors will be repaid � at two to three times the rates the Bank of Canada can get � with revenue from transit fares, road tolls or other user fees."

2. Assessing the risks of Kinder Morgan�s proposed new Trans Mountain pipeline

"In the case of a major spill, taxpayers would likely be responsible for the burden of costs, as a company�s liability is limited to $1.3 billion and a major spill could easily cost ten times this amount."


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