Saturday 25 February 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST February 25, 2017.

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Ontario PCs poised to win �super-majority�: Forum poll

Former religious freedom ambassador warns conservatives that �Canadian values� talk is full of pitfalls
        Want millennial voters? Conservatives must change, researchers say
Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money: documents
        �Ladies� Gallery� in the House of Commons is too outdated for modern minister

Itinerary of federal NDP leadership debates will skip Alberta
        Republican activist Kelly Knight Craft on Trump�s radar for ambassador to Canada
Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau asks provinces to stiffen penalties for distracted drivers
        Is Prime Minister Trudeau losing the Millennials?
Anbang�s B.C. acquisition raises questions about Ottawa�s approach to foreign takeovers
        The Conservative leadership really is Kevin O�Leary versus Anyone But Kevin O�Leary
Justin Trudeau has gambled on the reelection of B.C.�s liberal government
        Why Conservatives need to shake up their leadership debates
In Donald Trump�s world, Canada has to embrace the chaos
        Whether it�s Donald Trump or Paul Martin, followership takes it cues from our leaders

The race to the political bottom
        Barton Report Could Chart a Policy Revolution for Ottawa
The Manning Conference takes a hard slide to the right

Ralph Goodale to raise illegal border crossings with U.S. officials in coming days
        Kevin O�Leary vows to claw back money raised by provinces through carbon taxes
Kevin O�Leary: Butt-Grabbing Moment On �Dragon�s Den� Was Just For TV
        Conservative MP Kellie Leitch runs ads on Breitbart News
Finance Canada hiring pollsters to gauge Canadians� gut reactions to budget
        Parliamentary press gallery pushes back against plan to fingerprint, screen reporters
A dark road beckons Canada�s Conservatives and the Manning Conference is speeding their way
        The O�Leary factor is real
Bill C-23 U.S. border brouhaha is not about Donald Trump
        In promising to take axe to federal spending, Maxime Bernier has fun with figures

Latest poll puts NDP and Sask. Party in dead heat for Saskatoon Meewasin byelection
        Federal Politics More Competitive; Reviews of Trudeau Trump Meeting Are Positive
Trudeau�s Privy Council Office budget the highest in a decade
        Climate-change policies add $1-billion to Alberta expenses
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Kathleen Wynne re-appoints the man who recommended booze in supermarkets and the Hydro One sell-off - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        In Ontario, the taxpayers sustain Wynne�s green energy perpetual motion disaster - Rex Murphy, National Post
A Trump North revolution? Not so much, at the Manning Conference - Kady O'Malley, Macleans
        Canadian Conservatives must learn from �Trumpomania,� Preston Manning says - Daniel Leblanc and Laura Stone, The Globe and Mail
Q&A: Preston Manning on Canadian populism in the age of Trump - John Geddes, Macleans
        In the war against Twitter trolls, women are well on the way to being victors: Cohn - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
Ontario government ordered to pay members of First Nation $390,000 after logging charges dropped - Colin Perkel - The Canadian Press,
        Conservative Party leadership contenders hold debate in Ottawa - Peter Zimonjic, CBC News
Parliamentary press gallery pushes back against plan to fingerprint, screen reporters - CBC News
        Conservatives need pressure release on Islamic extremism, but Manning panel on terrorism was bonkers - Chris Selley, National Post

Royal Bank�s 1st-quarter profit jumps 24% to $3.03B- The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Auto parts giant Magna raises concerns about protectionist trade measures- CTV News
Inflation rate spikes as carbon taxes hit gasoline prices- David Parkinson, The Globe and Mail
        How Costco Canada breaks retail rules to win- Hollie Shaw, Financial Post
So you�re an RRSP procrastinator- Lisa Wright, Toronto Star


Le chef du SPVM rencontre son �tat-majorPlus
        �lection samedi du nouveau chef du parti d�mocrate am�ricainPlus
Hollande � Trump: �Jamais bon de marquer la moindre d�fiance�Plus
        Mur � la fronti�re: Mexico agite le spectre des droits de douanePlus
Incendie de Fort McMurray: le chef des pompiers sans regretPlus
        Course au NPD: apr�s Peter Julian, bient�t Guy Caron et Charlie Angus?Plus
Un morceau de glace transperce un toit de maisonPlus
        Condamn�s � perp�tuit� pour avoir laiss� leur enfant mourir de faimPlus
Le gouvernement �met ses premi�res obligations vertesPlus
        Temps doux et pluie: surveillance accrue des rivi�resPlus

Vers un record de chaleur?Plus
        Attaque audacieuse contre les renseignements � Homs, 42 morts Plus
Kevin O'Leary se d�fend d'avoir touch� le derri�re d'une femmePlus
        �thique: une enqu�te sur le ministre Barrette r�clam�ePlus
Les juristes pr�parent une contre-offrePlus
        Un des assassins du pont Jacques-Cartier veut �tre lib�r�Plus
Avertissements de pluie vergla�ante au Qu�bec Plus
        SPVM: Coiteux annonce une enqu�te administrativePlus
Le pass� criminel des journalistes scrut� � la loupe?Plus
        Fentanyl: deux laboratoires clandestins d�mantel�s


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A Renewed Republican Party - Joshua Mitchell, American Affairs
        White House dismisses CNN report on FBI as �indefensible� - Jordan Fabian, The Hill
Trump: GOP has transformed into �amazing, strong, powerful� party - Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner
        Donald Trump�s CPAC speech proves it: He�s totally obsessed with the media - Callum Borchers, Washington Post
Gabby Giffords Tells GOP Members to �Face Your Constituents� - Kalhan Rosenblatt, NBC News
        �Teflon� Le Pen unshaken as corruption plagues French election- Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian
Suicide bomber kills 29 near Syria town taken from ISIS- AFP, The Times Of India
        136 Turkish diplomats, relatives seek asylum in Germany- France 24
Syria talks hit snag before opening ceremony in Geneva- Dylan Collins & Zena Tahhan, Al Jazeera
        Kim Jong-nam killing: �VX nerve agent� found on his face- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

In Trump's first speech to Congress, will decorum hold?
        Final cleanup begins at Dakota Access pipeline protest camp
Celebrities launch pot brands as California legalizes drug
        16 soldiers wounded in Ukraine clashes despite truce: army
PM vows defense of Dutch values on campaign trail
        Scottish Labour rules out platform with Conservatives to fight independence
Bangladesh releases arrested factory workers: union
        Thousands protest in Manila as Duterte jails top critic
Merkel says, on NATO spending target, commitments have to be met
        Archaeologists hunt for long-lost tomb of Scottish king

LF chief says plan to move embassy to Jerusalem threatens two-state solution
        Priebus asked FBI to dispute Russia reports
U.N. report indicates Iran honoring its end of nuke deal
        Mutually assured deterrence can save the world
East Europeans leaving U.K. since Brexit vote
        Tories gain U.K. Parliament seat, Labour suffer setbacks
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: Larry Kazdan <>
To: Letters Editor <>
Subject: Re: Tax, Borrow or Wait? Something�s got to give in Trudeau�s budget, Theophilos Argitis, February 23, 2017

Austerity hawks argue that financial markets will punish Canada for big deficits. But the 2008 financial crisis demonstrated that when our large institutional lenders got into trouble, the Canadian government nonetheless had the fiscal capacity to bail them out with billions in "Extraordinary Financing".

Bond vigilantes have little power when Canadian dollars are no longer gold-backed, and the government's central bank can create by computer entry whatever money the government requires. The federal government can either spend too much causing inflation or too little allowing mass unemployment. Today we have 1.3 million unemployed Canadians whose talents and productivity are being wasted. Infrastructure renewal will employ skilled workers, but the government must also hire off the bottom by creating local jobs in community service and environmental conservation.

During the depths of the Great Depression, John Maynard Keynes argued in a radio debate, "I do not believe that measures which truly enrich the country will injure the public credit�Look after the unemployment, and the Budget will look after itself."


1. How the Bank of Canada Creates Money for the Federal Government: Operational and Legal Aspects, Library of Parliament

"By recording new and equal amounts on the asset and liability sides of its balance sheet, the Bank of Canada creates money through a few keystrokes. The federal government can spend the newly created bank deposits in the Canadian economy if it wishes."
".....there is no external limit to the total amount of money that the Bank of Canada may create for the federal government."
"The Bank of Canada's money creation for the Government of Canada is an internal government process. This means that external factors, such as financial markets dysfunction, cannot cause the federal government to run out of money."

2. John Maynard Keynes quote:
3. Improving Access to Financing and Strengthening Canada's ...

"To soften the impact of the crisis, the first phase of Canada�s Economic Action Plan included measures to provide up to $200 billion to support lending to Canadian households and businesses through the Extraordinary Financing Framework."


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