Wednesday 22 February 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST February 21, 2017.

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Tony Clement hangs up on CBC Daybreak after exchange over asylum seekers

Is Kevin O�Leary the Winner Conservatives Are Looking For?
        Government pressed on plan to deal with migrants illegally crossing into Canada
Ontario PC leader says he�ll support anti-Islamophobia motion
        Liberals win key Commons vote while Tories are accused of creating �waves of Islamophobia�

Tory leadership candidate Steven Blaney wants crackdown on illegal immigrants
        Canada isn�t about to �throw Mexico under the bus,� foreign ministers say
Liberal decline reverses in wake of Trudeau�s Trump visit � 5 point lead widens to 9 in a week
        Actually, one needn�t be a hysterical bigot to have concerns with M-103
Trust in the media is sinking and it�s time to act
        Trudeau�s Electoral Reform Mess: An International View
In Canada, the nationalism is as likely to form on the left as on the right
        Alternative facts won�t make mincemeat of Canadian climate action
Deeper deficits spurred by increases in public school spending across Canada
        Canada�s strategy needs to constrain Trump, not empower him

Justin Trudeau explains Donald Trump to Europe
        Getting to the roots of populist uprisings
Courage in Communication

Former Liberal PM Paul Martin: Trudeau is striking right balance with U.S., China
        Feds may face �rough� NAFTA renegotiation, former PM Brian Mulroney says
Liberals defeat Conservative counter-proposal to Islamophobia motion
        Canada to give asylum to 1,200 primarily Yazidi refugees by year end
Canadians warn against Trump pressure to change strategy for fighting ISIL
        Albertans favour uniting the right, and Wildrose is most popular party in the province: poll
Who will save the Conservative Party from self-destruction?
Sonia LeBel, former Charbonneau Commission lawyer, joins Quebec�s Coalition party
Liberal backbenchers, Tory leadership hopefuls among Parliament�s biggest dissenters
        Canada-U.S. border the final frontier for refugee-seekers
Expect even more illegal border crossings come spring: lawyer
        In Yukon, Maxime Bernier pledges to �abolish� Indian Act
More families of Afghan war veterans lost to suicide will receive military honour
        Canadian troops in Iraq mount pressure on ISIL around Syrian border
Hydro bills will be the focus as Queen�s Park resumes
        Canada set to renew Ukraine military training mission amid Trump fears
Government to weed out pesticides from foreign websites


A new economy and a fair transition for workers
        We need to reimagine an education system that better meets Indigenous peoples� needs.
An antiracism initiative to avoid
        Diversity in the Senate
Recovering the Species at Risk Act
        A Better Flight Path: How Ottawa can Cash In on Airports and Benefit Travellers
CBC/Radio-Canada�s high-quality, public-service journalism is more vital than ever.
        Canada as a global leader in journalism
Privileging diversity in Canadian newsrooms
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Did Brian Mulroney just help strengthen Canada-U.S. relations?

Mulroney warns of �rough� NAFTA talks ahead - Robert Fife, The Globe and Mail
        Ontario says deficit will be $1.9 billion - The Canadian Press, Macleans
Five-year ORNGE criminal probe wrapping up - Kevin Donovan, Toronto Star
        Legalization cock-up the new reefer madness - Mark Bonokoski, Winnipeg Sun
What party leaders need to do as MPPs return to legislature - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
        Maxime Bernier latest Conservative leaderhip candidate to vow end to Indian Act - CBC News
Wholesale trade rise 0.7% in December for third straight monthly gain- CTV News
        Air Miles points policies test customers� loyalty: Roseman- Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star
The Permian Basin: An existential threat to Canadian oil as war on cost heats up- Jesse Snyder, Financial Post
        Quebec increases maple syrup production amid internal revolt, foreign competition- Ross Marowits, CBC News


Le Parti conservateur accus� de d�tourner le d�bat sur l'islamophobiePlus
        Suspect arm� et dangereux recherch�: la police � pied d'�uvrePlus
Trump condamne les menaces �horribles� visant la communaut� juivePlus
        Maxime Bernier re�oit deux nouveaux appuisPlus
Sonia LeBel se joint � la CAQ pour lutter contre la corruptionPlus
        Marine Le Pen refuse de porter le voile pour le grand mufti au LibanPlus
Alexandre Bissonnette obtient une ordonnance de non-publicationPlus
        Quand la lutte professionnelle s'invite � la Maison-BlanchePlus
Un homme arr�t� pour avoir vandalis� une mosqu�e � Montr�alPlus
        Voici 5 sujets � suivre aujourd'huiPlus

Cinq morts dans l'attaque d'un tribunal au PakistanPlus
        Au Liban, Marine Le Pen se pose en future pr�sidentePlus
L'ambassadeur russe � l'ONU est �mort soudainement�Plus
        R�fugi�s aux fronti�res: les agents des douanes sonnent l'alarmePlus
Un pi�ton heurt� mortellement � Thetford MinesPlus
        Alexandre Bissonnette de retour en cour Plus
Montr�al est maintenant une �ville sanctuaire�


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump a Lot Like LBJ � Whom Liberals Still Idolize - John Fund, National Review
        Expect Trump to Keep Moving His Agenda Forward - James Robbins, USA Today
The Deep State Targets Trump - Pat Buchanan, The American Conservative
        President Trump More Cruel & Destructive Than We Feared - Michelle Goldberg, Slate
Obama Pollster: Hillary Blew the 2016 Election - Chauncey DeVega, Salon
        Russia says 4 of its soldiers die in Syria roadside bombing- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Malaysia-North Korea row over Kim Jong-nam escalates- Al Jazeera
        Ireland PM Enda Kenny expected to resign over police scandal- Henry McDonald, The Guardian
South Sudan declares famine in Unity State- BBC News
        �President Erdogan assassination plot� trial opens in Turkey- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US man charged with killing Lebanese neighbor to stand trial March 21
        Death of Russian ambassador to UN needs to be studied more
US sets plan for sweeping crackdown on nearly all illegal immigrants
        Germany to increase army to 198,000 by 2024 amid NATO spending row
Egypt, Jordan say no concessions on a Palestinian state
        Violence down on second day of latest Ukraine truce
Turkey strips pro-Kurdish opposition leader of MP status: official
        Ukraine's leader urges more sanctions against Russia
Russia to rely increasingly on non-nuclear deterrent
        British minister says Scotland to leave the EU whether independent or not

Israeli soldier gets 18 months for killing Palestinian
        Gadhafi son's trial unfair, should be sent to ICC: UN
Philippines says ASEAN concerned about recent events in S China Sea
        Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as No. 1 crude producer
Born killers: French army grooms eagles to down drones
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CETA To Cost Average Working Canadian $2460 In Lost Income: Report
Council of Canadians: Major Overhaul Needed at NEB Amidst Crisis of Confidence
What you know about sleep may be a myth


 "Warning: Canada Is Not What You Think It Is"

Read this article and the following responses to it.

Determine whether you agree more with the author's views on Canada's current nature or the comments made on them .

Then please share your thoughts.


From: CurtisMacDonald

Hi Joe

Complete leftwing BS. The left always condemn as racist those that don't agree with them. It is their most common tactic.


From: Glen Harewood

Dear Joe:

I'.ve read, and re-read the cited article by A. Mitrovica.

I strongly disagree with him that "Canada is not what You Think It Is, " that it is an unwelcoming haven from the bile and divisiveness of  the age of Donald Trump.

Mitrovica's post is, in my opinion, a valid rant against the former Harper Conservative  9-year governance, and many of  the thoughts and actions of SOME of those in his caucus and cabinet -- especially many of those caucus members from the Alberta. I do not know that I would put Michael Chong, for example, one of the 14  contestants for the conservative Leadership, in the same "boat of fear-mongering" as  Dr. K. Leitch. 

Mitrovica makes a valid point when he observes that our parliamentarians wasted no time in passing a bill to condemn "Jewishphobia", as opposed to the present hesitancy by the opposition Conservatives and some Press, to condemn outrightly Islamophobia.

We live, however, in a world where race phobias, ethnic phobias, as well as religious phobias have, and will always exist, albeit latent in the proletariat, as well as among those who lead and govern us. Witness the recently  the racial sleight by an 85+ year-old school trustee in the Vaughn, Ontario, area who resigned her trusteeship, only after persistent public pressure.

What is most paradoxical is that, with the exception of our indigenous peoples, ALL those who trumpet Islamophobia are themselves, or their ancestors,  at one time or another, are/were all immigrants to Canada.

Canada, and Canadians will never be blameless for harbouring pockets of hated and prejudice  of one group or another. I  hear/see it and have experienced it in my immediate surroundings. One still finds it in government bureaucracies, police, Court, systems, private organizations, and in our neighbourhoods.   There is, however, no valid reason to suggest or spread the cautionary fear that Mitrovica is suggesting, to those who seek to move North, from the real and blatant trump-phobia that now seems to be raising its ugly head in some parts of the USA.

That's one of the reasons I sent you that measuring Instrument to measures the index of "SOCIABILITY". One could even apply the index to oneself.

Glenn Harewood


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