Saturday 21 October 2017


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Finance Minister Bill Morneau briefing Liberal caucus at special meeting Monday

Finance Minister Bill Morneau waited 2 years to disclose company that owns French villa to ethics watchdog
        From Sunny Ways to Midterm Blues? Two years after Trudeau majority, Liberals and CPC in dead heat
U.S. starts dropping auto-part bombshell demands at NAFTA trade talks
        Initial demands from U.S. on dairy not as extreme as Canada anticipated: source

A Mexican Journalist Asked Trudeau For A Photo And Of Course He Agreed
        Why a journalist�s question to Jagmeet Singh about an Air India bombing made them both targets of criticism
Inside the progressive think tank that really runs Canada
        As Sears goes dark, middle-class votes may be elusive
The backbench ballad of Wayne Long, MP
        Social movements played a huge part in derailing Energy East
The Mounties� Muslim-targeting border quiz was stupid and pointless
        If Trudeau is �sucking up� to alpha dog Trump, it�s for the greater good
Time to crack down on junk food ads that target kids
        Today, women are boycotting Twitter. Here�s why

For Indigenous nations to live, colonial mentalities must die
        "You wonder what the government is trying to hide�

A guide to the upcoming byelections that have Scheer, Singh out campaigning
        How a quiet change to the tax code became a PR problem for the Liberal government
Universities introducing term limits for Canada Research Chairs to meet diversity targets
        Trump lied about NAFTA to ride anti-trade wave into the White House: James Moore
Canada expects aggressive U.S. demands, but will not walk out on NAFTA talks
        Trudeau addresses Mexico�s Senate, calls for renewed effort on gender equality
NAFTA 2.0 � Are its days numbered?
        Opting In By Opting Out
Jagmeet Singh and the media�s race problem iPolitics Insights
        Surprise guilty plea entered in B.C. Liberals� �quick wins� scandal

Manitoba climate adviser charged nearly $60K in travel expenses since August, documents show
        Sears Canada granted permission to liquidate remaining 130 stores
Saskatchewan NDP reviewing sex assault allegation against former candidate
        Alberta government says $760 cab ride for panel members is justified
How Trump and Trudeau heated up the White House
        Government quietly appoints Guy Bujold interim RCMP watchdog
Prince Charming and his taxes: Justin Trudeau�s flying unicorn hits a storm
        Budget Cover Cost $212,234
Concerns mount that NAFTA could die before it�s renegotiated
        Sears demise is Nortel all over again for pensioners, says expert

The U.S. has started delivering its bombshell demands at NAFTA talks
        Quebec premier lashes out at media over cabinet shuffle questions
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Will Trump�s rejection of clean power leave Canada sputtering? - John Lorinc, Macleans
        National energy strategy an ongoing discussion, not single report: Carr - Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Ottawa to press provinces on user fees at health ministers meeting next week - CBC News
        Ottawa�s blame game hits new low with CRA tax move - John Ibbitson, The Globe and Mail
Giant rubber duck all it was �quacked up to be,� after all - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
        �No negotiation about a tax exemption,� Joly says of Netflix pledge to build production facility - Susan Krashinsky Robertson,
Donald Trump wants to ease rules so Canada can buy armed Predator drones worth $1 billion - David Pugliese - Ottawa Citizen, National Post
        If Justin Trudeau can glad-hand at the White House, so can the Pittsburgh Penguins - Chris Selley, National Post
Working Ontario Women organization plans pre-election ad blitz - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Sousa opens up $5M �suggestion box� for budget ideas from the public - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star

Universities introducing term limits for Canada Research Chairs to meet diversity targets - Chris Hannay, The Globe and Mail
        Alberta, federal ministers defend Trans Mountain pipeline expansion amid opposition from B.C. - Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail
BlackBerry self-driving car hits the road in the first Canadian street test- Craig Wong - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Tesla recalling 11,000 Model X SUVs- Reuters, CBC News
Boeing faces challenge proving harm from Bombardier�s CSeries: U.S. think tank- CTV News
        �GM declares war on Canada� with threat to move production as strike lingers: union- Alicja Siekierska, Financial Post


Le gouvernement du Qu�bec pour le respect des identit�s au sein des �tatsPlus
        Crise des opio�des: d�j� 1000 morts en Colombie-Britannique cette ann�ePlus
Appel refus� pour un anesth�siste ontarien coupable d'agressions sexuellesPlus
        ALENA: offensive am�ricaine dans l'industrie automobilePlus
Une femme de 42 ans port�e disparue � BlainvillePlus
        Record: une couverture d'album d'Ast�rix vendue 1,4 million d'eurosPlus
Amazon suspend le chef de ses studios, accus� de harc�lement sexuelPlus
        Trudeau souligne le scandale WeinsteinPlus
Trudeau souligne le scandale Weinstein devant le S�nat mexicainPlus
        Trump va �d�certifier� mais pas quitter l'accord sur le nucl�aire iranien Plus

Une temp�te automnale attendue dimanchePlus
        Le pr�sident islandais se casse le nez dans son bainPlus
Chine: retrait de photos d'Africains compar�s � des animauxPlus
        Australie: trois parachutistes tu�s dans une collision en plein cielPlus
Trump supprime des subventions sant� pour les plus pauvresPlus
        Uber reste au Qu�becPlus
Le Che immortelPlus
        Le ministre Barrette r�agit � l'arrestation de son filsPlus
France Lauzi�re devient pr�sidente et chef de la direction de Groupe TVAPlus
        D�raillement: op�ration s�curisation des wagonsPlus

Uber: les chauffeurs devront faire une formation de 35 heures, confirme le nouveau ministre des TransportsPlus
        Mari�e 9 mois � un imam en Tanzanie, sa vie tourne au cauchemarPlus
Des milliers de poussins de manchots Ad�lie meurent dans l'AntarctiquePlus
        Dans l'Atlantique, l'ouragan Ophelia se dirige vers les A�oresPlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Time for Obama to Join the Resistance Full Time - Charles Pierce, Esquire
        Republicans Become the Party of the Little Guy - Keith Koffler, White House Dossier
Hillary Tweets a Reminder of Why More People Chose Her - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
        House Approves $36.5 Billion Hurricane and Wildfire Aid Package - Thomas Kaplan, New York Times
Donald Trump Is Acting Like a Fifth-Grade Bully - Chris Cillizza, CNN
        Democrats� Delusions of Pragmatism - Damon Linker, The Week
Sen. Paul commends Trump�s health-care executive order - Philip Rucker, Washington Post
        How Elizabeth Warren Became the Soul of the Democratic Party - Graham Vyse, The National Republic
�I�m Not Getting Fired Today,� Trump Chief of Staff Says - Adam Edelman, NBC News
        Unity rallies swell amid uncertainty over Catalan vote- Al Jazeera

Israel to join US in quitting Unesco- BBC News
        US-Canadian couple held captive by Taliban-linked group freed: Pakistan- Reuters, The Times Of India
Unimaginable for UK to leave EU without a deal, says IMF chief- Larry Elliott, The Guardian
        Ex-footballer Weah leads most regions in Liberia presidential election- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Israeli PM 'embraces' Trump's call on Iran nuclear deal
        Iraq forces retake positions from Kurds in disputed Kirkuk
Israeli minister says Trump speech may start war with Iran
        Trump refuses to certify Iran nuclear deal
US treasury says adds Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to sanctions list - statement on website
        Iran says will respond strongly to any action against its military forces: TV
NATO chief concerned about Iran missile program
        UK Islamic school guilty of sex discrimination for segregating boys and girls
NATO chief urges US, Turkey to 'find solutions' to row
        'Extremely negative' consequences if US quits Iran nuclear deal: Kremlin

Israel buoyed by Trump tack against Iran atom deal but sees long way to go
        Five things to know today
China urges US to 'preserve' Iran nuclear deal
        S.African court upholds ruling reinstating corruption charges against Zuma
Lack of sleep: An underrated lifestyle contributor to obesity
        Trump�s Iran plans driving EU toward Russia, China
Mystery surrounding ancient Easter Island people deepens
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


For Indigenous nations to live, colonial mentalities must die
"The resurgence of Indigenous cultures and the re-establishment of a peaceful,
just coexistence between Canada and Indigenous nations is a stated goal today.." 

Is "The resurgence of Indigenous cultures" seen as a goal possible in today's reality?

In considering this, compare the aim and article with the thoughts expressed below.

At 12:54 PM 26/08/2017, you wrote:

Aboriginals, Ethics and Sir John A. MacDonald (and just about everyone else at the time)

Let's look back 300-400 years.  What if the "Indians"� in the North America won the "Indian wars"� and repelled the "Settlers?"�  What would we see if we were able to look around?

We would see thousands of "Indian Monarchies and tribes"� (in N/Am.) complete with ongoing disputes over/claims to "hunting grounds"� and
fishing territories".

We would see ongoing "Indian Wars"� between these "monarchies and tribes"� complete with killing, burning, torturing and enslaving the losers.  Whether you call it "Tribalism"� or "Racism" wouldn't make much difference.  And this would include a lot of murdered, enslaved or missing women.

We would see a population in North America about 2% of what it is today�hunting and fishing do not support dense populations like cities.  Where there was agriculture, the regional population might be as high as 10% of what it is today.

There would be no reading or writing or math or records.  No efficient (scaleable) transmission of learning. There would stories told by the victors�the very thing we're accused of today.  The Church ran Western Europe for 1,000 years because the "scribes"� (left behind) could read and write, and learn from records, and therefore knew more about farming than farmers.  (The church was killed by the printing press)

The birth rate for "Indians"� would be very high, much as it is today but the infant death rate would be many (6x�10x) times higher.  Life expectancy of a 20-year-old, would be about 40-50 years instead of 60-70.

There would be very limited movement beyond the hunting grounds.  There were no horses.  Although tribes had seasonal hunting and fishing patterns, and moved around with the seasons, there would be no routine and substantial travel patterns.

For this reason, each tribe would have characteristic immunities and disease sensitivities.  This is why so many of them died between 1490 and 1700.  They died because they didn't have well developed immunity profiles in comparison with Europeans.

And for this same reason, many of them could not talk with each other.  They had distinct dialects.  The outcome, "war"� was obvious.  We avoid a lot of war by talking.

We would see weapons and fishing tools characteristic of what we call "the stone age."�  There was no tin, no copper and certainly no steel.  Creating tools and weapons was time-consuming.

Given these characteristics, their territories (North America) would have been predictably visited and attacked again and again by more mobile and technologically advanced neighbours (just as tribes came across the Bering Strait 50,000 years ago and moved in on the peoples already there). 

Technologies and economies that support denser populations will always win.

Conclusion:  There was a lot of "unethical" or "immoral"� on both sides.  We're all human.  There was however no "immorality"� in how things "turned out"  or who won.  It's just blunt force economics.  Horses are faster than run.  Steam engines are faster than horses.  Planes are faster than trains.  Rockets are faster than planes.  And a bicyclist will always lose in collision with a car.   Physics.

It's predictable. 

We're challenged today by the same dynamics.  Morality has nothing to do with it.  Whether we learn and evolve, or choose to fail and complain remains to be seen.  My money's on the latter.  Sadly. 

Air travel was not created by the railways and this has nothing to do with ethics.

(Nor were drones and robots - Joe)

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