Tuesday 24 October 2017

CANADIAN Daily Digest October 23, 2017.

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Liberal government to boost Canada child benefit payments: sources

Polls show trouble on horizon for Liberals over Morneau�s mess, says Nanos
        Ontario PC leader says he will ignore premier�s threat of defamation lawsuit
Feds to show smaller deficits in updated outlook, but no timeline to balance
        Bill Morneau Says Opposition MPs Are �Obsessed� With His Personal Finances

Military fills first new �cyber operator� jobs, with more to come
        Canadian contribution to peacekeeping reaches new low under Liberals
Jagmeet Singh vows to help Horwath topple Wynne
        Trudeau, Scheer and Singh do the math in Quebec and none champion an anti-racist stance
The Liberals dig that tax policy pitfall a little deeper
        The niqab law is appalling. It�s also clever, amoral politics.
The tenuous constitutionality of Bill 62
        Is Canada headed into a new period of national disunity?
Who the f&%$ is Andrew Scheer?
        Canada needs to follow Quebec lead on taxing Netflix
The demise of democracy

Tory MP Scott Reid Accuses Trudeau Of �Hypocrisy� On Quebec�s Bill 62
        Britain to give Canada the shipwrecks of explorer John Franklin
Quebec face-covering law has a likely date with the Supreme Court: expert
        4 parties vying for federal byelection win in battleground Quebec
UCP leadership race enters homestretch
        Liberal government advised not to call young people �millennials� lest they be insulted
Dangerous intersection of law, politics, business and human rights
        Airline industry a permanent hostage to national interests
Morneau�s credibility meltdown spectacular
        Punjab political parties reject Canadian Sikh leader Jagmeet Singh�s self-determination remark

Here�s How The Conflict Of Interest Act Could Be Amended To Avoid Bill Morneau-Like Loopholes (Analysis)
        U.S. not �dictatorship,� time for Congress to commit on NAFTA: Liberal MP
New U.S. envoy, Kelly Knight Craft, presents credentials to Governor General
        Trudeau names ex-Ontario premier Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar
Liberals accused of diabetes tax grab with apparent benefit clawback
        Hope for Indigenous Supreme Court justice swells as appointment recommendations loom
�You never get a second chance to make a first impression,� Singh starts 14-city cross-country charm offensive tour
        Hillary Clinton hits Montreal on Monday night to promote 2016 U.S. election memoir
A piece of Canadian history, for sale to the highest bidder
        DND sex assault conviction rate lower than civilian courts

Goodale asks U.S. to help stop illegal border crossings into Canada
        New Brunswick premier to discuss upcoming throne speech with lieutenant-governor
At mid-mandate and with extra cash, Liberals to chart fiscal course toward 2019
        Jagmeet Singh on Bill 62, what�s next for him and cage fighting with Trudeau
Poll shows great potential for Manitoba Grits
        Living and loving the Cold War: The wild ride of a Canadian diplomat and spy
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�We�re seeing a very noticeable negative trajectory,� polls show trouble on horizon for Liberals over Morneau�s mess, says Nanos -
        Ontario�s flailing Liberals resort to desperate tactics - Kelly McParland, National Post
Liberal MP says Trump must let NAFTA negotiators �do their job� - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Trudeau�s red ink record - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
Time to toss the ethics commissioner off the bus - Mark Bonokoski, Ottawa Sun
        Kelly Craft must mend relationship between old friends at odds - John Ibbitson, The Globe and Mail
Canada �extremely worried� about NAFTA: Ambrose - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
        University of Winnipeg lecturer picked as Manitoba�s new Liberal leader - The Canadian Press, CTV News
PM opposed deficits before he was for them - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        Who killed Sears Canada? The inside story of its downfall- Marina Strauss, The Globe and Mail

Tax savings should go to shareholders, not ratepayers, Hydro One argues- Geoff Zochodne, Financial Post
        Even as Canada�s economy booms, prices are barely rising- Kevin Carmichael, Macleans
Long-term future of Bombardier�s other commercial aircraft unclear: analysts- CTV News
        Walmart ramps up self-checkout by letting customers ring in items while shopping- Sophia Harris, CBC News

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Un patient du CHUS H�tel-Dieu agresse un agent de s�curit� � l'aide d'une arme blanchePlus
        �Il n'y a pas de meilleure affectation que le Canada�, dit la nouvelle ambassadrice am�ricainePlus
Groupe V M�dia rompt tous ses liens avec �ric SalvailPlus
        Le NPD r�clame des excuses de MorneauPlus
R�solu condamn�e � une amende de 100 000 $ pour avoir d�vers� du mazout dans un ruisseau de Baie-Comeau en 2012Plus
        Coderre rejette les accusations de contr�le de l'informationPlus
Le Canada doit sceller un pacte avec ses v�t�rans, selon les conservateursPlus
        D�nonciateurs: le gouvernement critiqu� pour son inactionPlus
Niger: l'arm�e am�ricaine poursuivra ses op�rations malgr� l'embuscade (Pentagone)Plus
        L'ancien patron du FBI se d�voile sur TwitterPlus

Vivre apr�s une agression sexuelle: �On a la chance d'avoir une deuxi�me vie�, assure une victimePlus
        Agression sexuelle : Julie Snyder porte plainte contre Gilbert Rozon Plus
Jean-Philippe Dion se livre sur la maladie mentale de sa m�rePlus
        Rohingyas: Trudeau nomme un envoy� sp�cial pour la BirmaniePlus
Le NPD r�clame des excuses de MorneauPlus
        Trait� de �chialeux� parce qu'il voulait changer la locomotive bris�Plus
L'autoroute 15 Nord transform�e en stationnementPlus
        L'appel de Trump �a fait pleurer� la veuve du soldat am�ricain tu� au NigerPlus
Une journaliste d'une radio critique du pouvoir poignard�e � MoscouPlus
        Recherch�, il se rend � la police apr�s avoir obtenu 1700 partages sur FacebookPlus

Conf�rence de presse annul�e pour le Gala Les OlivierPlus
        Enfant pr�nomm� djihad en FrancePlus
Manille annonce la fin de la bataille contre les jihadistes de MarawiPlus
        Abe a conquis des voix mais pas les coeursPlus
Loi sur la neutralit� religieuse: la grogne s'invite dans le m�troPlus


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Jimmy Carter Lusts for a Trump Posting - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
        Both Parties Are in Crisis � and It�s Getting Worse - David Von Drehle, Washington Post
Trump Is Far More Like Reagan Than GOP Leadership - Henry Olsen, NBC News
        Dems Should Be Terrified by Virginia Governor�s Race - Salena Zito, New York Post
Trump: Fake news claims �finally sinking in� - Brandon Carter, The Hill
        We Should Listen to McCain, Bush and Romney - William Saletan, Slate
Trump�s Obsession With His Own Celebrity May Doom His Legacy - Kathryn Cramer Brownell, NBC News
        Spain Catalonia: Foreign minister denies �coup� by Madrid- BBC News
Thailand: thousands to attend extravagant cremation for King Bhumibol- Oliver Holmes, The Guardian
        Abe sweeps to resounding victory in Japan vote- France 24

Mogadishu: 11 killed week after deadliest blast- Al Jazeera
        US pushes Saudi, Iraq on united front to counter Iran- The Associated Press, The Times Of India

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Iran's regional status has never been stronger: Rouhani
        Wall St stalls as industrials lag
Israeli president attacks government assault on state bodies
        Protest by hardline religious Jews shuts entrance to Jerusalem
N. Korea threat is 'critical, imminent,' Japan tells US, S. Korea
        Japan's Abe wins votes but not hearts: analysts
Bangladesh says Rohingya arrivals 'untenable' as thousands arrive daily
        Iraq dismisses US call for Iranian-backed militias to 'go home'
Germany approves sale of three Thyssenkrupp submarines to Israel
        Is Vladimir Putin losing his grip?
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From: "John Feldsted" <jfeldsted@shaw.ca>
To: "John Feldsted" <jfeldsted@shaw.ca>
Subject: Home buyer beware?

The federal government is tone deaf to the many unintended consequences of its policies. The small business tax changes and Canada Revenue Agency changes to interpretation of taxable employee benefits are two examples of policy changes that adversely affected thousands of taxpayers without justification.

Legalization of cannabis (marijuana) is another policy loaded with unintended consequences. Home grown marijuana whether for medicinal or recreational use involves specialized growing equipment, unusually high humidity levels and with it potential growth of harmful mould and mildew. It is ironic that growing licensed and legal marijuana can result in introducing health hazards to a home.

While it is possible to segregate and properly control the environment in a separate grow room, doing so is expensive. The brings in a necessity for inspection of home grow operations and standards for safe grow rooms. The alternative is potential harmful mould and mildew that can harm the health of residents and in worst cases, render the home inhabitable.

Potted plants, in real soil, are less hazardous than plants grown hydroponically, but natural growth is slower and harvests less frequent. The main hazards lay with hydroponic growing. Equipment is readily available, so a license for a given number of plants cannot specify how they are grown without an inspection. Regulating home grow operations can be expensive, intrusive and costly.

Home buyers should have protection against hidden hazards which would include a mildew infested house that will require thousands of dollars in renovations to make the house livable again. Who knew that legally growing marijuana could influence home resale values and costs. Will real estate advertisements now specify a home is guaranteed mould and mildew free?

As the date for legalization looms, the Gordian knot of problems in regulation become more apparent. The failure to consider the ramifications of legalization is another black mark on a government committed to ideology without respect for real world problems in application. Clouds of anxiety and doubt are obscuring the sunny ways, sunny days we were promised.

John Feldsted

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor c: adb@cp.org
Subject: Re: At mid-mandate and with extra cash, Liberals to chart fiscal course toward 2019, Andy Blatchford, October 22, 2017


Finance Minister Bill Morneau intends to reduce the government's debt-to-GDP ratio.  But this measure, based on gold standard days when national governments could run out of bullion and fail to repay their borrowings, is today irrelevant. The gold standard era ended more than 45 years ago, and sovereign governments like Canada, the U.S. and Japan can always create fiat money at will, and can always service any debts denominated in their own currencies. 

The only meaningful way to appraise the fiscal position of a monetary sovereign like Canada is to assess the state of the economy in real terms: do we have sufficient job opportunities, a healthy environment and first-class services?  Currently Canada has 1.3 million unemployed, many unused resources, and few signs of inflation. Public purpose today demands a robust program of infrastructure renewal and poverty reduction within the framework of a full employment policy.  Shackling the economy with arbitrary restraints is foolish


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