Saturday 21 October 2017


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Patrick Brown�s big tent includes Harper veterans

Trump Lashes Out at GOP Sen. Corker � Who Then Calls White House �an Adult Day Care Center�
        Trade tensions expected to come up in Trudeau-Trump meeting: Freeland
The Insiders: Is Jagmeet Singh�s victory a political game changer?
        Federal costs to fight lawsuit from moms denied benefits tops $2.5 million

Trump�s tough trade talk targets Mexico but his actions are hitting Canada
        Can �sunny ways� prevail in a stormy world?
The changing faces of Canadian politics
        How Singh must grow his party to fulfil his promise
Cause and effect
        Trudeau helps snuff out energy self-sufficiency dream
Everybody�s gotta win something � during NAFTA talks

Why Canada�s farm industry is ripe for change
        Alberta NDP fights uphill battle amid slipping energy future
The complex politics of taxes and pipelines
        Like it or not, the oilsands are a national project and you�re a stakeholder
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Deliverology, where are thy successes? - Rex Murphy, National Post
        Freeland uses Canadian historian�s book to give NAFTA partners dark lesson from the past - Alexander Panetta
Justin Trudeau�s quest to be crowned King of Weed - Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun
        Energy East cancellation a �huge win� for Trump, says former ambassador - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
�A missed opportunity for our people�: Indigenous leaders urge province to revisit electoral map - Sabrina Nanji, Toronto Star
        Trudeau�s NEP redux: a No-Energy Program - Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun
More shakeup at inquiry into murdered, missing indigenous women - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Nothing �fair� about Wynne�s minimum wage hikes - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Activist short-sellers are increasingly targeting Canadian companies � is Canada ready?- Barbara Shecter, Financial Post
        Firm behind Fearless Girl statue OKs equal pay settlement- The Associated Press, CBC News

Amazon headquarters would be less of a boon to Canadian tech, sector leaders say- Eric Atkins, The Globe and Mail
        Canadian dairy tech company wins $1M to locate in Buffalo- CTV News
U.S. job slump from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma worse than expected- Danielle Paquette - The Washington Post, Toronto Star


Trudeau devrait parler de Bombardier � Trump, dit FreelandPlus
        Dove s'excuse apr�s la publication d'une pub jug�e racistePlus
Blanchi par l'UPAC, Gilles Pepin brigue � nouveau la mairie de Saint-ConstantPlus
        Six rhinoc�ros noirs sud-africains pour le TchadPlus
nouvelle manifestation de supr�macistes � CharlottesvillePlus
        AL�NA: le Mexique s'opposera � des hausses de tarif et � l'imposition de quotasPlus
Chelsea Manning dit avoir �peur�, mais veut se �battre�Plus
        La Maison-Blanche, une garderie? Joute verbale entre Trump et un s�nateurPlus
Les forts vents causent des dizaines de milliers de pannes �lectriquesPlus
        11 civils tu�s dans des raids a�riens contre un march� en Syrie Plus

Il provoque une collision en conduisant en sens inverse avec les facult�s affaibliesPlus
        Nouvelles d�missions dans l'�quipe d'enqu�te sur les femmes autochtones disparuesPlus
Le conducteur ayant fauch� des pi�tons samedi � Londres a �t� rel�ch�Plus
        Une semaine apr�s le r�f�rendum, manifestation anti-ind�pendantiste � BarcelonePlus
Un gar�on de 12 ans vole une voiture et provoque un accidentPlus
        Nouveau contrat de travail pour les employ�s de Bombardier au KansasPlus


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Will Trump Trumpify the Fed? - Paul Krugman, New York Times
        Dear Democrats: It�s time to stop dwelling on the popular vote - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
Democrats� Leftward Shift and Its Impact on 2020 - Amy Walter, Cook Political Report
        Gorsuch Could Deal Government Unions a Mortal Blow - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Gerrymandering Isn�t the Problem for Democrats - Jeff Greenfield, Politico
        Did Manafort Use Trump to Curry Favor With a Putin Ally? - Ioffe & Foer, The Atlantic
The Democrats� Harvey Weinstein Problem - Keli Goff, The Daily Beast
        Catalonia referendum: Thousands rally for Spanish unity- BBC News
Bangladesh�s mega refugee camp plan �dangerous�: UN official- AFP, The Times Of India
        Spain�s foreign minister says Catalan claims of violence exaggerated- Catherine Nicholson, France 24

Police find head of murdered Swedish journalist Kim Wall- Nicola Slawson and Agencies, The Guardian
        Iran�s Zarif slams US �addiction� to sanctions- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Catalonia will apply referendum law calling for independence declaration: leader
        Germany worries Trump will quit Iran nuclear deal
Likely successor to Cuba's Castro rejects US demands for change
        Moscow warns it may restrict US media in Russia
UN should arrange refugee return: Riachi
        Refugee issue complicates Merkel's bid to form government
Thousands rally in Barcelona against Catalonia's secession
        Speaker's visit to Kurds divides Iraqi parliament
UK's May says she is 'resilient' amid threats to leadership
        Iran warns US against designating Guards a terrorist group
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From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Trudeau accuses opponents of stoking regional divisions

Trudeau seem incapable of understanding that actions have consequences.

His government changed the rules to require the environmental assessment of a new pipeline to consider carbon emissions upstream and downstream of the pipeline proposed. TransCanada threw up its hands and cancelled a $15.7 billion project.

The change in assessment process is unfair as it applies to new pipelines only. Petroleum movement by ship, rail and truck are not subject to the same standards. Environmental standards are either enforced or not. If they are standards, in place facilities must be measured as well as new projects. If shipments to the east coast and central Canada are not measured against the new standards, the playing field has been deliberately tipped against pipelines.

There is nothing intellectually dishonest about calling a spade a spade. The changes to environmental assessment standards walk like a skunk, look like a skunk and stink like a skunk. A bit of lipstick and accusations that critics are stroking regional divisions don�t stop the stink.   

Oil tankers are one of the worst polluters on the planet. The carbon emissions on a trip from the middle east to Canada are enormous and the return trip is only a little better. If it matters with a pipeline, it matters with a ship. As far as downstream pollution is concerned, that is nonsense. No matter how petroleum is delivered, downstream usage is the same.

Trudeau can show us that his environmental assessments are fair by applying the same criteria to all modes of oil and gas transportation. Until he does, criticisms of his moves to block the energy east pipeline are justified. We are watching what he does and the disconnect between what he says and what he does is disturbing. 150 years of favouring central Canada to buy votes makes us rightfully suspicious.

This is one more example of where Trudeau�s world of ideology based on dreams and idealism hits a brick wall of practicality and reality. He can�t wish away our need for petroleum products to keep Canada and its economy moving until alternate energy sources and infrastructure are perfected and abundant enough to take over.

John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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