Saturday 21 October 2017


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Morneau chose not to establish blind trust, ethics watchdog says

Morneau asks to meet with ethics watchdog as controversy swirls
        Liberals are knifing Liberals in public. Ah, nostalgia.
Board Of Internal Economy To Open Its Doors For The 1st Time
        Trudeau, Trump governments slam each other publicly for first time as NAFTA talks go off rails

Liberals tighten scope of passive-income measure for private corporations
        Feds promise to guard Canadian jobs before approving Bombardier-Airbus deal
Body pulled from Ottawa River behind prime minister�s official residence
        Why Canada may have to walk away from the NAFTA table � and soon
Singh wants to lead Canada, yet would support Quebec secession
        Tax reform debacle exposes phoniness of Trudeau�s populist act
Trudeau and Morneau�s efforts to sugar coat their tax reforms turns into a comedy of errors
        Trudeau makes his mea culpa � and Morneau gets �le shove�
Trump proves Canadians got it right on health care
        How #MeToo lets any woman speak out on sexual harassment
World Conference on Drowning Prevention an opportunity to prioritize water-safety and physical activity

Former PC leadership candidate Sandra Jansen added to NDP cabinet
        Latest NAFTA round ends in a stalemate with plans to extend talks into 2018
Trudeau comes to Morneau�s defence over lack of blind trust for assets
        Ontario�s financial watchdog sounds alarm over hydro-rate cut
After chaotic election night, Naheed Nenshi emerges as winner
        Bombardier shares soar 24% on CSeries deal with Airbus
Trudeau�s tax flip, flops
        Why Niki Ashton blames the media � and why she�s wrong
NAFTA 2.0 � Frontal attack on Canadian and Mexican Sovereignty
        The sisterhood that could save NAFTA

With NAFTA on the ropes, it�s time for drastic measures
        The Halloween ethno-police frighten me
Bombardier CEO confident Airbus deal will resolve Boeing trade row
        Scheer walks out on media when asked about campaign manager�s Rebel ties
Liberals 35, Conservatives 31, NDP 16, Green 7: Nanos
        Fear of nuclear war rising significantly, but more Canadians inclined to �stay out� of missile defence
Former governor-general David Johnston to become executive adviser at Deloitte Canada
        Liberals turn to pasta to move past 3 months of fuss and fury over tax fairness

Veterans ombudsman says more ex-soldiers will need assisted living help
        Ontario bill seeks to ban mandatory high heels as part of uniforms
Diane Lebouthillier Denies Tossing Civil Servants Under Bus On Employee Discounts Tax Controversy
        Wynne is ready for her close-up in Liberals� ad campaign
Quebec to vote on bill that would bar face-coverings for those receiving public services
        Inside Ottawa�s rush to dispute science before pipeline approvals
NAFTA: U.S. demands end to supply management in Canadian dairy, poultry, eggs
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Conservatives seek documents Morneau turned over to ethics watchdog - Catharine Tunney, CBC News
        Singh wants to lead Canada, yet would support Quebec secession - Lauren Heuser, National Post
Ontario�s financial watchdog sounds alarm over hydro-rate cut - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Those suddenly disaffected by Trudeau can�t say they weren�t warned - Anthony Furey, Edmonton Sun
Tax reform debacle exposes phoniness of Trudeau�s populist act - Andrew Coyne, National Post
        An utterly banal tax cut announcement, other than Trudeau�s bizarre behaviour - Chris Selley, National Post
Chief seeks Trudeau�s help to stop U.S. oil drilling in caribou breeding ground - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        A Liberal small-business tax maverick basks in the moment - John Geddes, Macleans
Top McGuinty aide dismissed concerns about lack of gas plant documents, trial told - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        College strikes a symptom of broken business model - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star

The why of the Liberals� tax-plan revamp is clear, but the how remains a mystery - Campbell Clark, The Globe & Mail
        The Prime Minister�s tax reform damage control tour - Murad Hemmadi, Macleans
Toyota introducing in-car tech that can read drivers� facial expressions- Yuri Kageyama - The Associated Press, Toronto Star
        The Sears liquidation could ruin Christmas for other Canadian retailers- Hollie Shaw, Financial Post
Netflix sinking deeper into debt to fuel subscriber growth- CTV News

200 000 personnes manifestent � BarcelonePlus
        Un juge am�ricain bloque le dernier d�cret migratoire de TrumpPlus
Trump sous le feu des critiques pour des propos jug�s faux sur ses pr�d�cesseursPlus
        Le Bloc qu�b�cois veut mieux prot�ger les travailleurs lors d'une faillite d'entreprisePlus
Tadjikistan : un fichier officiel r�pertoriant les homosexuelsPlus
        �tats-Unis: 750 morts �vit�es avec l'attente l�gale d'achat d'une arme � feuPlus
L'�cole pour filles enceintes sera annex�ePlus
        Deux Chinois inculp�sPlus
La fusion Sainte-Justine/CHUM ne passe pasPlus
        Naheed Nenshi r��lu maire de CalgaryPlus

Le ministre Bill Morneau face � l'oppositionPlus
        Al�na: le climat se tend apr�s deux mois de n�gociationsPlus
Un chauffard veut faire de la publicit� sur les dangers de l'alcool au volantPlus
        Grande-Bretagne: le b�b� royal attendu en avrilPlus
Les riches Am�ricains s'enrichissent, mais pas TrumpPlus
        La loi convoquant le r�f�rendum annul�ePlus
L'�pid�mie de peste fait 74 morts � MadagascarPlus
        Le syndicat Unifor se dit inquiet de la vente de la CSeriesPlus
64 cas de surdose de fentanyl � Montr�al en deux moisPlus
        Australie: des restes humains retrouv�s dans un crocodilePlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Right and Left React to Bannon�s Harsh Words for McConnell - Anna Dubenko, New York Times
        Yes, Trump Is Winning - Roger Kimball, American Greatness
Why Are Dems Losing in the Heartland? Some Ideas - Melinda Henneberger, KC Star
        Trump, McConnell try to end feud - Alexander Bolton and Jordan Fabian, The Hill
No, Moscow Didn�t Buy the Presidency for $100,000 - Mark Penn, Wall Street Journal
        Trump Looking Into Drug Czar Pick After Bombshell Report - Ali Vitali and Corky Siemaszko, NBC News
�Hillary, please run!� Trump jokes, says �whole Russia thing� was an excuse for Democrats� 2016 loss - Anne Gearan, Washington Post
        Comey began drafting Clinton statement months in advance - Olivia Beavers, The Hill
Donald Trump: Anti-Obama & Chieftain of Spite - Charles Blow, New York Times
        30 killed as wildfires rage in Portugal and Spain- AFP, The Times Of India

North Korean UN envoy says �nuclear war may break out at any moment�- Associated Press, The Guardian
        Iraqi forces enter Kirkuk as Kurds flee- BBC News
Catalan separatist leaders jailed during sedition investigation- France 24
        Venezuela: Mixed reaction online after election results- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Thousands of anti-government protesters rally in Ukraine
        Mexico, Canada poised to push back over US NAFTA demands
Iraqi president Masum calls for urgent Baghdad-Kurdish dialogue
        UK says reaching limit of first stage of Brexit talks
Iran aircraft deals hang by thread as Trump targets Tehran
        Spain: Top court officially rules Catalan referendum illegal
Israel advances plans for 1,292 West Bank settler homes: NGO
        Netanyahu presses Russian defense minister on Iran
US official says not ruling out eventual talks with NKorea
        EU defends Iran deal, appeals to Congress

Plan B: Seven ways to engineer solutions to climate change
        First body cameras and now gun cameras? Police try them out
Trump hostility set to deepen Iran power struggles
        Israel approves settlement plans in Hebron in a first since 2002
France proposes new sexual harassment, violence laws
        Drive for giant new marine sanctuary in Antarctica
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>,<>
Subject: Any nuclear showdown will mean Assured Destruction of North Korea

The Editor
National Post

Copy to: Prof. James Fergusson, University of Manitoba: Given the enormous disparity in the military prowess between U.S. and North Korea, any nuclear confrontation will mean Assured Destruction of North Korea. Despite his nuclear sabre-rattling, Kim Jong-un is not suicidal to attempt it.

Any nuclear showdown will mean �Assured Destruction� of North Korea

Re: �Is Canada Ready for A Nuclear Attack?� by Graeme Hamilton, Oct. 14.

During the Cold War, the United States and former Soviet Union faced off each other with thousands of nuclear-tipped missiles without daring to attack each other. The underlying doctrine was so-called Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD): any nuclear strike by one would be met with a retaliatory nuclear strike by the other. Today, given the enormous disparity in the military prowess between the United States and North Korea, the United States can destroy North Korea in a pre-emptive nuclear strike within hours. 

As London-based Canadian journalist, Gwynne Dyer, recently wrote in The Hill Times : �Here is the scenario. Late one evening Donald Trump is watching Fox News and a report comes on that North Korea is planning to launch a missile that can reach the United States. � American intelligence reports all this activity, and this time Trump actually listens to them. So he orders a disarming strike on all North Korean nuclear weapons and facilities. With U.S. nuclear weapons, of course. Nothing else would do the job. � Not many Americans would be killed, and probably no civilians, � but millions would die in both parts of Korea.�

Despite his bravado, Kim Jong-un is not suicidal. He knows that in any nuclear showdown with America, he would perish along with millions of Koreans. Survival is key to all dictatorial regimes. What is keeping Trump from destroying North Korea is the fear that Kim Jong-un would take down South Korea along with him.

Graeme Hamilton quotes Prof. James Fergusson, of University of Manitoba, saying that if North Korea gets its long-range missile, it�s time to �get on our knees and pray.� This is fear-mongering ignoring the reality. Both of them seem to think that Kim Jong-un is a fool who is ready to commit self-destruction for glory.



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