Saturday 21 October 2017


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Trudeau accuses opponents of stoking regional divisions after pipeline cancelled

Jim Carr �not interested in divisive politics�
        �We did it the way we intended to�: Morneau weathers tax storm of his own making
Calgary Election 2017: Mainstreet poll has Bill Smith eclipsing Naheed Nenshi in race for mayor�s seat
        Freeland shares a dark history lesson with NAFTA partners at trade talks

The complex politics of taxes and pipelines
        Like it or not, the oilsands are a national project and you�re a stakeholder
Alberta NDP fights uphill battle amid slipping energy future
        Justin Trudeau�s Thanksgiving turkeys
We must define Islamophobia by what it truly is
        Trudeau helps snuff out energy self-sufficiency dream
Election reform is coming to Canada � somewhere, somehow, and soon
        The end of the Energy East pipeline could mark the start of federal-provincial turmoil
Everybody�s gotta win something � during NAFTA talks
        Power Play: Poll results on Singh not surprising
Toss Trudeau�s misbegotten tax scheme onto the ash heap

Canadian ambassador�s Myanmar security detail draws ire amid accusations of atrocities against Rohingya
        What Jagmeet Singh can draw from Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy
Can Manitoba�s Liberal party become a real contender again?
        Liberals� pot bill tweaked to remove plant height limit, add timeline for edibles
Canada adds jobs for 10th straight month with boost in full-time work
        Morneau prepares fall update as PBO report shows improving federal finances
B.C. civil rights watchdog concerned with new Angus Reid Institute poll results
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Netflix deal receives rough reception among Canadian cultural leaders - Daniel Leblanc, The Globe and Mail
        Canadians think Jagmeet Singh�s religion could hurt his chances of winning an election: poll - Stuart Thomson, Calgary Herald
Liberals divide country with unflappable Bombardier support, disregard for energy - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Health Canada sees rise in number of assisted deaths in first half of 2017 - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Trudeau breaks another promise - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        How Patrick Brown�s Tories dodge wedge issues - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
Stone enters leadership race reminded of toll promises - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
        Tim Hortons franchisee group files lawsuit against parent company Restaurant Brands International- Aleksandra Sagan - The Canadian Press,
Hondability set to get even worse next year, big banks warn- CBC News
        Doubts arise over Theresa May�s influence in Boeing-Bombardier dispute- Paul Waldie, The Globe and Mail
Tight oil export pipeline capacity expected to persist as Energy East cancelled- CTV News


Dossier �nerg�tique: Trudeau d�nonce l'attitude des conservateursPlus
        Alexandra Chichikova, premi�re Miss Monde en fauteuil roulantPlus
Virage � droite au feu rouge : Labeaume invoque la s�curit�Plus
        Val�rie Plante veut investir dans les chalets de parcPlus
Russie: au moins 60 manifestants anti-Poutine arr�t�s � Saint-P�tersbourgPlus
        Coupable d'avoir tortur� un autistePlus
Trag�die de Las Vegas: les lois canadiennes de port d'armes nous prot�gent, croit un sp�cialistePlus
        Des pi�tons fauch�s par un v�hicule: la piste terroriste �cart�e, 11 bless�s, un homme arr�t� Plus
Plus de 1,7 million de nouveaux Canadiens en une d�cenniePlus
        Une consultation lanc�e sur l'avenir num�rique du CanadaPlus

En route vers les �tats-Unis, la temp�te Nate se transforme en ouraganPlus
        Crise en Catalogne: les Espagnols manifestent pour �le dialogue� et l'�unit�Plus
Nobel: le trait� d'interdiction des armes nucl�aires �ne rendra pas le monde plus pacifique�Plus
        �Vous verrez�: Trump muet sur l'�nigmatique �temp�te� � venirPlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Without Bombast or Bravado, a Presidential President - Wesley Pruden, Washington Times
        Two Dems donate NRA contributions after Vegas shooting - Cristina Marcos, The Hill
Trump calls Schumer for help on reviving health-care push: report - Julia Manchester, The Hill
        Trump Prepares New Iran Strategy, Including Bid to Alter Nuclear Deal - Mike Memoli, Hallie Jackson, Vivian Salama,
�What storm, Mr. President?� Trump puts world on edge with cryptic cliffhanger - Jenna Johnson, Washington Post
        Who Will Lead the Left on Gun Control? - Bill Scher, Politico
Harvey Weinstein: Clinton Friend, Fundraiser, Sexist Pig - Melissa Mackenzie, American Spectator
        Grace Mugabe denies plotting to poison rival for Zimbabwe presidency- Jason Burke, The Guardian
Syrian forces enter one of Islamic State group�s last strongholds- France 24
        US agrees to sell THAAD missile defence to Saudi Arabia- Al Jazeera

May under fresh pressure to step down as British PM- PTI, The Times Of India
        Catalonia referendum: Spain apologises to injured Catalans- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Merkel backs coalition with Free Democrats, Greens
        Bangladesh's mega refugee camp plan 'dangerous': UN official
Five things to read today
        Turkey-backed Syrian rebels ready to enter northwest Syria
Great white sharks swim farther, deeper than expected
        Ex-poachers help protect Siberian tigers
Globalization, migration fears reawaken Germans� interest in �Heimat�
        How Catalonia separatists pulled off vote despite crackdown
Who are the members of the nuclear club?
        U.S. jobs slump likely to be short-lived

Struggling Venezuelans now battling cash shortages
        Iran tech startups thrive despite sanctions
Rising inequality is literally a matter of life and death
        May vows to stay as party members seek to oust her
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>,  <>,
Subject: Coal mines are biggest destroyers of rural  lands and "e" stands for environment

The Editor
Financial Post

Copy to: Ms. Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director, Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA): Recent poll shows 86 per cent of Quebecers support Wind power because it is clean and a source of income for rural people. As such, you are right to promote wind energy.

Coal mines are biggest destroyers of rural lands and �e� stands for environment

Re: �That �e� stands for evil,� by Lawrence Solomon, Oct. 6.

Lawrence Solomon is also a great fan of coal as a source of energy in China and India despite the fact that coal mines are destroying valuable agricultural lands in rural areas in both countries. Toxic runoffs from coal mines are also polluting waters of rivers and lakes, killing both humans and fish stocks. Facing an environmental catastrophe, China is shutting down coal-fired  power plants, replacing them with solar and wind, because they are non-polluting.

A recent poll found 86 per cent of Quebecers favour wind turbines, because they produce no pollution and are a source of income for rural people.

As for the electric car,  it may be interesting to note that the electric automobile, quiet and easy to operate, was popular around the turn of the 20th century, but it lost out to the gasoline automobile because there was no battery that could carry it very fast or far.  All have changed with the mass production of all-electric Tesla 3 this summer.

Elon Musk, CEO of California-based Tesla Motors, has just rolled out his much awaited Tesla 3. With the base price of $35,000 and a range of 350 kilometres, it is aimed at the higher end of the mass market. Tesla Motors will roll out half a million Model 3 by the end of this year. Popularity of Tesla 3 is evident from 400,000 buyers paying up $1,000 down payment. In its October issue, Financial Post Magazine has put Tesla 3 as top 3 of the Top 10 Most Anticipated Autos For 2018.

Electric cars are once again generating the biggest automotive headlines around the world. GM has just rolled out its Bolt EV. At $30,000, it too boasts more than 350 kilometres of range. Almost 50 new pure e-car models will come to market globally between now and 2022, including cars from Daimler and VW.

E-cars have zero tailpipe emissions. The burning of fossil fuels by gasoline cars produces toxic chemicals polluting the air we breathe. E-cars, powered by wind, solar and hydro, are pollution-free. Also e-cars need less maintenance as they do not need oil, coolants and muffler changes. As such, it is far more economic. With the price of e-cars coming down, no subsidy will be needed to induce the consumers. The future belongs to electric cars.



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