Monday 23 October 2017

CANADIAN Daily Digest October 22, 2017.

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Liberals accused of diabetes tax grab with apparent benefit clawback

At mid-mandate and with extra cash, Liberals to chart fiscal course toward 2019
        Jagmeet Singh on Bill 62, what�s next for him and cage fighting with Trudeau
Poll shows great potential for Manitoba Grits
        Trudeau tributes slain soldier for Parliament Hill attack�s third anniversary

Andrew Scheer�s Ties to Rebel Media Are Now Impossible to Deny
        Living and loving the Cold War: The wild ride of a Canadian diplomat and spy
Anti-Trudeau, anti-racism demonstrators clash in Toronto; four arrested
        Are M�lanie Joly and Bill Morneau being Punk�d?
How charismatic Singh is a threat to Trudeau
        Dangerous intersection of law, politics, business and human rights
Airline industry a permanent hostage to national interests
        Morneau�s credibility meltdown spectacular

Dougald Lamont leads Manitoba Liberals after tight race
        Survivors wait for next steps in effort to preserve �horror stories� of residential schools
Trudeau reluctant to reveal too much on Quebec�s face-covering law
        After two years, the real Justin Trudeau emerges
Inside the government�s $200,000 budget artwork
        Five things about UCP leadership race
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Jagmeet Singh�s stand on Trans Mountain pipeline alarms Alberta NDP - Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail
        Wynne�s fiscal plan: Long-term pain for short-term gain - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Ontario�s electricity disaster - Kenneth P. Green, Elmira Aliakbari and Ashley Stedman, Toronto Sun
        Let Morneau be the test of the Liberals� principles - Editorial, National Post
Are Canadians Living In The Matrix? - Josh Lieblein, Loonie Politics
        Holden the line: End of an era as the last big Australian car factory closes up shop- The Associated Press, CBC News
Half of all Tim Hortons Canadian franchisees have joined GWNFA, group president says- Hollie Shaw, Financial Post
        Bombardier �just sold the future.� What now?- Nicolas Van Praet, The Globe and Mail
Yellen says Fed�s extraordinary policies may be needed again- CTV News
        Hudson�s Bay CEO Gerald Storch leaving company; executive chairman assuming role- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star


La nouvelle ambassadrice am�ricaine arrive � OttawaPlus
        Un ministre britannique s'attend � ce que de nouveaux emplois soient cr��s Plus
Qu�bec solidaire aura un nouveau logoPlus
        La GRC abat un automobiliste en SaskatchewanPlus
Ren�gociation de L'AL�NA: �c'est le moment d'�tre inquiet�, dit Rona AmbrosePlus
        Coderre promet deux millions $ pour des projets faits par les jeunesPlus
Hillary Clinton de passage � Montr�al lundiPlus
        Trudeau rencontre le policier bless� dans l'attentat d'EdmontonPlus
Possible prise d'otages dans une salle de quilles en Angleterre Plus
        Trump vante ses tweets �cisel�s�, facteur cl� dans sa victoirePlus

Un puissant typhon se dirige vers le Japon, 2 morts Plus
        Russie: sit�t lib�r�, l'opposant Navalny repart en campagnePlus
L'OMS �annule� la nomination du pr�sident Mugabe comme ambassadeur de bonne volont�Plus


Les �tats-Unis bien pr�ts face � la Cor�e du Nord, redit TrumpPlus
En Catalogne, les ind�pendantistes se pr�parent avant une semaine d�cisivePlus
        Les Japonais votent, victoire en vue pour AbePlus
La r�gion de Toronto disposera du plus grand parc urbain en Am�rique du NordPlus
        La qualit� de l'eau sous surveillancePlus
Saisie record de cannabis dans un camion marocainPlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
What Bush Missed About Conservative Nationalism - F.H. Buckley, New York Post
        Trump again claims no president has done more than he has in first nine months - Brooke Seipel, The Hill
Democrats ban some corporate donations while approving controversial new member list - David Weigel, Washington Post
        How Republicans Imperil Their Own Tax Cuts - David Dayen, American Prospect
How Does a Democrat Run in a Trump State? Very Carefully - Michael Tackett, New York Times
        Trump calls Rep. Wilson �wacky,� stoking the controversy over condolence calls - John Wagner, Washington Post
How Liberals, Socialists Can Work Together to Beat Trump - Jeet Heer, New Republic
        Why Five Former U.S. Presidents Are Putting Politics Aside - NBC News
Egyptian officials say 55 police killed in Cairo shootout- The Times Of India
        Munich knife attack leaves several injured- France 24

Iraq forces in full control of Kirkuk province- Al Jazeera
        Spain prepares to seize powers from Catalonia- Staff and Agencies, The Guardian
Mugabe named as goodwill ambassador by WHO- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Spanish PM aims to take over Catalan govt; residents aghast
        Trump has no plan to block scheduled release of JFK records
Over 600,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh: UN
        Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill ambassador after outcry: statement
UK's divorce bill figure will come in final Brexit deal: trade minister
        Abe to push reform of Japan's pacifist constitution after ruling bloc election win
Italians vote in autonomy referendums in shadow of Catalonia crisis
        Five things to know today
Russia likens US coalition bombing of Raqqa to WWII Dresden
        Israeli police arrest 15 over campaign to stop Jew-Arab dating

Spain hopes Catalans disregard instruction from regional leaders: minister
        US-allied force takes Syria's largest oil field from Daesh
Russia frees opposition leader Navalny as Kremlin race heats up
        Bomb kills former Afghan warlord, bodyguard
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "John Feldsted" <>
To: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Quebec face covering ban:

Many are wondering why the Quebec General Assembly would put into law a ban on face coverings. It seems odd in a city where winter temperatures can easily reach levels where exposed skin can freeze in a very few minutes. Seeing people with headgear that covers their ears and scarves protecting their necks, chins and noses is common. Burqas are not adequate for Quebec winter wear and don�t expose any less face.

The idiots protesting the new law while wearing surgical masks, sun glasses, scarves and so on are hilarious. Muslim women wear the burqa so that only family members can see their beauty. The idea is that a Muslim man has wives that are so beautiful, they would be stolen away if seen. Most Muslim chieftains maintain a large harem (as an indication of their power and wealth) so young women are often seized for the harem; the burqa is protection against abduction.

Despite what we are told by the multicultural industry and apologists for Muslims, the burqa and wearing thereof is not a sign of female emancipation. In Canada, women can wear a burqa by choice. In a Muslim theocracy and many majority Muslim nations, female failure to wear a burqa can result in severe punishments.

Our progressives are as thick as posts on this issue. Their indignance about protecting Muslim women�s Charter rights to religious beliefs also supports tenets that require all women to sit at the back of the Mosque, enter from the rear of the building and undergo genital mutilation.

While they are waving placards while claiming to support Muslim Women�s Charter rights to religious freedom, they might take a moment to explain in lucid English or French how their rants are ensuring Muslim Women�s Charter rights to security of the person (Section 7) and equality under the law without discrimination (Section 16) are respected.

Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was not written to protect 13th century Arabic beliefs and practices. Our system of laws and rights are rooted in British common law and the French civil code. 

John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba


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