Wednesday 18 March 2015



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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<
How should we (formally) debate this year�s election?

        Saskatchewan attracts mining investment while land-claims disputes damage Ontario and B.C.
Ten Quick Takeaways from Yesterday�s Israeli Election Results
        No, Trudeau didn�t compare Canada�s treatment of Muslims to the Holocaust
Unity is a lesson the Canadian left has yet to learn
        The Biggest Threat to America�s Future Is � America
        When �bozo eruptions� are Conservative party policy

Miller will survive niqab comments
        Why doesn�t MP Larry Miller stay where he came from?
Getting back to higher ground on the terror debate

Mulcair Making Up Coalition Discussion, Liberals Say
        Tom Mulcair fights the squeeze
Larry Miller and the case against the niqab
        Liberals on top, with Tories near 84 week high on Nanos Index
Ontario key to breaking Liberal-Conservative deadlock
        �Dig deep': politician calls for snow shovellers to rescue Halifax
Charbonneau Commission didn�t publicize claims of illegal donations to Marois�s husband
        Feds put protest activity under microscope in compiling national �risk forecast�
Cost of federal election will soar to $376 million in 2015
        Canada and Israel in a deep, committed relationship

Veterans Affairs ads that cost $4.3M fell flat with viewers: report
        Vente du quotidien Le Droit : � Un choc pour tout le monde �, dit le pr�sident-�diteur
Expert challenges government claims that C-51 similar to allies� powers
        MP Wayne Easter defends Liberal support for Bill C-51
Albertans want fewer temporary foreign workers here in wake of downturn, federal minister says
        Microsoft�s new B.C. workforce may consist mostly of foreigners: draft plan
Talisman Energy cuts up to 200 jobs, mostly in Calgary head office
        Woman charged with assaulting Nova Scotia cabinet minister pleads not guilty
Harper taking flak from legal experts over rural gun-justice remarks
        Growing income gap poses a health risk to all

The Conservatives have Canadians soaking in fear
        Why Canadian governments resist sensible pharmacare
Everyone loves PR (except Canada)
        �Mansplaining� the return of political correctness
Suspended MP Massimo Pacetti won�t seek re-election
        Jury reaches verdict for one of two Via terror suspects; impasse for other
Vic Toews met with Peguis lawyer about Kapyong settlement: Court documents
        How Ottawa left U.S. Ambassador Bruce Heyman out in the cold
Stephen Harper defends �moderate� Canadian gun control policy
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Patrick Brown gets a big bump in donations - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        Chretien, Martin or Harper�who has the best fiscal record - Paul Boothe and Sandra Octaviani, Macleans
Sun News personalities join, or rejoin, Conservative Party fold - Jennifer Ditchburn,
        Taxpayer group urges Tories to stop pumping public money into partisan ads - Kady O'Malley, CBC News
Harper calls criticism his gun ownership comments could prompt vigilantism �patently ridiculous� - National Post
        MP Scott Andrews �astounded� to learn from media that Trudeau is booting him over sexual misconduct allegations -
Iraq mission extension, expansion motion to go to House next week - Laura Payton, CBC News
        Alberta Premier Prentice seeks money for chief electoral officer, another sign of spring election -
The Family Tax Cut needs a rethink - Kevin Milligan, Macleans
        Tory MP�s remarks proof of politics taking a dangerous turn: opposition -

Mulcair slams Harper�s comments about people who arm themselves - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        B.C. announces $2.5 billion plan to rehabilitate bridges, highways and roads - Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun
NDP leader says politicians should not be deciding limits to religious freedom - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Relaxing booze rules makes good business sense: Wynne - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Blame politicians for Toronto�s $100,000 cops - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        Montreal loses political clout under new electoral map - The Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette
Nexen to cut 400 jobs amid oil industry downturn- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Bets that the loonie will fall have spiked to a year high � and the reasons why are grim-  Financial Post
Canada�s transportation safety board says new standards for oil tank cars should come sooner-
        Malaysian airline eyes Bombardier C Series jet deal worth $1.5-billion-  The Globe & Mail

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Taber, Alberta The town that banned liberty
        Call the cops and clear the air: The PC Party cannot investigate accusations of criminality...
Worried about C-51? You�re probably a terrorist.
        Mulcair Says Niqab Debate A Matter For Courts, Not Politicians
White Supremacists Celebrate Tory Repeal Of Hate Speech Clause
        Aboriginal Mental Health Awareness Project
Rick Mercer weighs into victims of communism memorial brouhaha
        The demise of Ontario�s middle class
Slammed by oil crash, Canada takes major hit in new OECD forecast
        Group Seeks Injunction on Voting Law | The Tyee

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Battue parce qu'elle pr�parait la soupe trop lentementPlus
        Coiteux pr�cise son �grand m�nage� dans l'informatiquePlus
S�rie de fusillades en Arizona: un mort et cinq bless�sPlus
        Carnage dans un mus�e � Tunis: 19 mortsPlus
Netanyahu triomphe aux �lections isra�liennesPlus
        Un nid d'araign�es venimeuses dans sa bananePlus
C-51: Qu�bec �corche le gouvernement conservateurPlus
        Il court tout nu en pleine nuit dans un parc d'Ahuntsic-CartiervillePlus
Un homme tombe dans les eaux du Saint-LaurentPlus
        Le maire de Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures d�missionnePlus

Inconduite sexuelle: Pacetti ne sera pas candidatPlus
        La CAQ soup�onne la RAMQ de favoritismePlus
D�neigement: confusion � Montr�al Plus
        Enceinte de six mois avec 89 sacs d'h�ro�ne en ellePlus
Harper veut prolonger la mission militaire en IrakPlus
        Anneau de glace: Hamad refuse de jeter l'�pongePlus
Ivre morte, une femme manque de perdre ses doigtsPlus
        Ottawa financera des r�formes en UkrainePlus
Menaces de mort contre Caroline KennedyPlus
        Gaudreault donne son appui � DrainvillePlus

Mort d'un homme apr�s une intervention de la policePlus
        Serbie: �Ne jetez pas les grenades � la poubelle�Plus
�meute lors de l'inauguration de la BCE en Allemagne Plus
        Un homme bless� par balle dans Notre-Dame-de-Gr�cePlus
Pakistan: neuf nouvelles pendaisonsPlus
        Une lettre qui contiendrait du cyanure � la Maison-BlanchePlus

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Chinese company pledged $2 million to Clinton Foundation in 2013 - Julianna Goldman, CBS News
        Dems� Weak Bench and the Paradox of Power - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
GOP Struggles to End War on Women - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
        Clinton poll numbers take a hit - Jose A. DelReal, Washington Post
Lack of Democratic Race a Burden for Hillary - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        7 Signs Oil Prices Will Tank (A Lot More)- Daryl Jones & Ben Ryan, Fortune
Pakistan hangs record 12 convicts in wake of moratorium lift- France 24
        Syrian raid may amount to war crime, says rights group- Al Jazeera
Ukraine crisis: Rebel �status� row threatens truce deal- BBC News
        Iraq�s Tikrit offensive stalled by IS bombs- The Times of India
Brazil in crisis mode as ruling party sees public trust rapidly dissolving- Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<
Israeli troops shoot, critically wound Palestinian: officials
        Obama, Merkel reiterate no easing of sanctions on Russia
Netanyahu win has no impact on Iran nuclear talks: US
        U.S. does not recognize Russia's treaty with rebel Georgia region: State Dept
UN says expects Israel to continue Middle East peace process
        White House knocks "divisive rhetoric" against Arabs in Israeli election
White House says will evaluate approach to Mideast peace process after Netanyahu's 'no Palestinian state' pledge
        Israel center-left leader rules out unity government
US claim that Iran excluded from terror report over format change 'a flat lie': ex-UN envoy
        Ukraine rebels warn they could abandon cease-fire

Palestinians want world pressure on Israel after Netanyahu win
        US reassures Turkey it seeks Syria solution without Assad
Iran clearly got Republican letter�s message, author says
        Key questions in Iran nuclear negotiations
Iran deal a high-stakes gamble with Obama�s legacy
        Are the good times over for growth in U.S. shale gas?
Defying U.S., Europeans say they�ll join China-led bank
        Currency swings cost U.S. corporates $18.66B in 4Q
Ocean pollution is causing a sea of troubles
        U.K. judges fired for watching pornography at work

Isolated tribe ventures out of Peru forests

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED  POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Who�s won the �sanctions war� so far?
        Ukraine's Neo-Nazis Are the Most Dangerous in Europe - Russia Insider
American Volunteers Help Kurds Fight ISIS in Northern Iraq
        Reports of NSA spying on Canadian companies fuel calls for more transparency
Skilled gunsmith helps Kurds turn ISIS' guns on terrorists
        Iran nuclear talks intensify as sides face tough issues
Oil at 6-year low as Iran talks weigh
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> STRATFOR <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Russia is at war. With America. Consequently also with us Europeans,
"Gaming a Russian Offensive is republished with permission of Stratfor."
"Can Putin Survive? is republished with permission of Stratfor."

What the West Could Do
Russia Weighs the Cost

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GMOs are in almost  everything we commonly buy when we go out to eat
or to the grocery store. But are we playing with toys we don't yet understand
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