Monday 16 March 2015



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Year-long commitment to ISIL campaign a possibility as cabinet weighs options

NDP sues committee over $2.7 million bill for satellite offices
        Gun lobby wants federal Conservatives to be more firearm friendly
Harper sparks controversy by linking guns and personal security
        Public service unions protest �invasive� security screening

An extended mission against ISIL could take a new tack
        Canada not backing down on first anniversary of Crimean referendum
Americans scrambled for details after Oct. 22 shooting
        A tale of two speeches
In a polarizing election year, Harper�s disturbing rhetoric
        Duffy�s day in court is sure to shed light on Harper�s secretive PMO
How a made-in-BC strategy could bring an end to AIDS in Canada
        Speech: CRTC chairman on Let�s Talk TV and the future of content made by Canadians
Why Harper needs Johnston to stay as Governor-General another year
        The niqab is devastatingly easy to manipulate for political gain
If any country has an anti-woman culture, it�s Canada
        Harper�s economic halo is hard to dim

NDP�s Thomas Mulcair stakes his party�s claim to the urban agenda
        Don�t risk our troops with no desireable outcome
Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander delivers a troubling speech on Ukraine
        Sam Brownback�s �Kansas experiment� putting the voodoo back in economics
Canada�s food safety watchdog suspends Costco Canada�s fish import licence
        �It�s an issue of the times:� anti-terrorism dominates House, Senate committees
New loan, independent financing rules impacting candidates� preparations for 2015 election
        Is Patrick Brown the next great Tory hope for Ontario?
Tories go after Greenpeace, BC Civil Liberties Assoc. and Muslim group for raising concerns about security bill
        Canada should have handled Afghan aid program differently, audit concludes
CRA charity audits creating confusion, fear at tax time
        Parole Board says no more funding to clear old pardons applications in backlog
Canada, U.S. sign new border agreement to speed crossings
        Gov�t requests for Facebook user info up in 2014
Ottawa set for rematch in top court over judicial appointment
        Why I intend to wear a niqab at my citizenship ceremony
Niqab controversy: Judge struck down ban without referring to charter
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ISIS mission: Canada extension could signal year-long commitment - Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Ontario orders sweeping review of beleaguered TDSB - Karen Howlett, The Globe & Mail
Canada, U.S. to announce new cross border deal - Alexander Panetta, The Globe & Mail
        A �gun registry for public servants�: Government workers face credit checks, fingerprinting in new security regime -
Parole Board says no more funding to clear pardon application backlog - Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Alberta Tory ridings transferred money to secure Fort Mac in 2014 byelection after EDA lacked funds - Hill Times
Ontario PC leadership rivals stake out spot on political spectrum - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
        Thomas Mulcair focuses on child care, transit in appeal to Toronto voters - Eric Andrew-Gee, Toronto Star
Canada�s relations with Kurds not hurt by dispute around soldier�s death: Nicholson - Michelle Zilio, CTV News
        Rallies held across the country denounce Conservatives� anti-terror legislation -

Auditors scrutinize Senate travel and living expenses - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Trudeau seeks the fountain of youth - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
New loan, independent financing rules impacting candidates� preparations for 2015 election - Mark Burgess, The Hill Times
        Calgary council keeps close eye on Vancouver plebiscite using sales tax for transit cash - Michael Platt, Calgary Sun
Erin O�Toole, veterans affairs minister, moves to address complaints - Jamie Long, CBC News

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
CTV QP: No voice on terror
        'Worst Is Yet To Come': Why Harper Doesn't Want To Talk Economy
Canada-Saudi arms deal has 'significant risk'
        What happens when we connect across Canada?
Voting strategically in Canada
        Carbon fee and dividend petition | Green Party of Ontario Secure Site
Bill C-51 Town Hall: "Criminalizing our Canadian Values" 4 of 5
        The Canadian government abandoned a $2.2B Afghanistan aid program it barely understood, audit finds
Canadian manufacturing jobs plummet to near record low: Statistics Canada | Press Progress
        Toronto demonstrators, scholars and politicians rally against Bill C-51

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Bo�te pleine d'argent: � la recherche du propri�tairePlus
        Des inspecteurs de la STM avec des t�tes de porcPlus
Montr�al r�clame 20 millions $ aux policiersPlus
        Fouille � nu: l'adolescente devra changer d'�colePlus
Incendie � Saint-L�onard: une trentaine de familles � la ruePlus
        Cyclone: 29 Canadiens seraient au VanuatuPlus
Isra�l: Netanyahu �carte un �tat palestinien s'il est �luPlus
        Attentat d�jou� � Toronto: l'accus� demeure d�tenuPlus
Qu�bec donne le feu vert au projet de mine ArnaudPlus
        La CAQ propose une probation de trois ans pour les immigrantsPlus

�crasement � l'a�roport de Neuville Plus
        Enfants dehors par temps froid: le p�re accus�Plus
�Bertrand Charest s'est frapp� � un mur� Plus
        Diffamation: la Cour d'appel tranche en faveur de Gilles ProulxPlus
L'UPAC arr�te un haut dirigeant d'IBMPlus
        Un d�put� porte plainte contre Fillion et DuhaimePlus
Scandale du CUSM: d�but de l'enqu�te pr�liminaire Plus
        Le col phallique d'une pr�sentatrice fait r�agir le webPlus
Tout un groupe de Hells Angels plaide coupablePlus
        Le coroner revoit ses recommandations � la STMPlus

Il avoue des meurtres dans un documentairePlus
        Poutine appara�t en public apr�s dix jours d'absencePlus
Afghanistan: un chef pr�sum� de l'EI tu�Plus
        Un Chinois d�dommag� apr�s une attaque de pandaPlus
Saint-Valentin: il oublie son cadeau, elle l'�tranglePlus

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
21 Democrats who could (maybe) take Hillary Clinton�s place in 2016 - Tim Cavanaugh, Washington Examiner
        A Reagan approach to climate change - George P. Shultz, Washington Post
New Hampshire, Shaping Up as Free-for-All, Gets Early G.O.P. Attention - Jonathan Martin, New York Times
        GOP Letter to Iran: Not Illegal, Not Smart Either - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
More Fake Nonsense Against the Clintons - James Carville, Media Matters
        The Payoff of a Weaker Currency- Megan McArdle, Bloomberg Views
BlackBerry launches new �spy-proof� tablet- Cornelius Rahn, The Globe & Mail
        With Apple Watch taking aim at the wrist, Swiss watchmakers race to smarten up- Claire Brownell, Financial Post
Virtual reality poised to revolutionize retail- Francine Kopun, Toronto Star
        German industrial giant Siemens agrees to $10.5 billion in deals to generate power in Egypt-

Iraqi militia loyal to radical cleric joins Tikrit offensive- The Associated Press, The Times of India
        The latest explanation for Vladimir Putin�s mystery disappearance � flu- Alec Luhn, The Guardian
Aid workers scramble to help Cyclone Pam victims in Vanuatu- Jethro Mullen and Steve Almasy, CNN
        Syria enters fifth year of conflict- Al Jazeera
Big rallies against Brazil president- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Cuba, U.S. renew talks while differing over Venezuela
        Assad will 'never' be part of Syria peace talks: US
Hezbollah and Iran excluded from US terror report
        French PM says regrets Kerry comments on Syria
Canada denies asylum for ex-Tunisian president's in-law
        Israel's Livni drops deal to share prime minister's job
U.S. warns Russia on sticking to Ukraine ceasefire accord
        Greek PM to see Merkel in Berlin March 23: official
Iran lawmakers won't derail nuclear deal: official
        Germany urges its partners, Iran to grab nuclear deal

Netanyahu says a Palestinian state will not be established if he retains premiership
        Netanyahu visits east Jerusalem in final day of campaign
Moscow invites UN mediator to next Syria talks in early April: report
        Assad says awaiting 'action' after Kerry comments
Putin reappears after 10-day absence, looks healthy
        Kerry comments 'acknowledge Assad legitimacy': Syria media
EU worried by military build-up, human rights situation in Crimea
        Turkey slams Kerry over 'talk to Assad' remarks
No compromise with Russia over Ukraine sanctions: EU chief
        China displaces Germany as world's third largest arms exporter: report

Kerry says U.S. must negotiate with Assad
        Netanyahu offers ministry to rival Kahlon
Israeli right-wingers scramble to woo 200,000-strong settler vote
        Netanyahu�s legacy on the line in Israeli elections
Israel must fix U.S. ties after vote: ex-envoy
        Three Asian nations have depleted their reputation for integrity
U.S. U-turn to appease Iran
        Russia on nuclear alert over Crimea: Putin
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED  POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Putin laughs off absence rumours
        In Algeria, women �imams� battle Islamist radicalization
Peace Is Not Profitable Enough for the United States
        US Policy Toward Crimea to Remain Denial of Reality - Expert / Sputnik International
History Turned Inside Out: Nazi Vets Annual March Kicks Off in Riga
        Sending UN peacekeepers to Ukraine �pointless� Russian Foreign Ministry
US refusal to send weapons to Ukraine gives peace a chance top Russian MP
        US ramps up anti-China �pivot to Asia� - World Socialist Web Site
We need regenerative farming, not geoengineering

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Speculations over Vladimir Putin are fuel for Russia destabilization effort
* Fascist formations in Ukraine
* 'Desolate Russia' does not exist � except in Ukraine
* Crimea marks one year anniversary since voting to rejoin Russia
* Editors of The Moscow Times to Victoria Nuland: Stop lying about Crimea

* The U.S./UK bombing of Dresden, 70 years later
* The liberal attack on the Nemtsov murder investigation
* U.S. in Ukraine: Watch what they do, not what they say
* Risks to economic turnaround in Ukraine 'exceptionally high', IMF says
* The hidden horrors of Ravensbrack, the Nazi concentration camp for women

* U.S. intel stands pat on MH-17 shoot-down
* Comedy hour from Washington: 'U.S. gov't does not support coups'--State Dept.
* NATO rebuttal of Canada's Minister of Defense Jason Kenney exposes him as a liar
* Carpathian Ruthenians demand political autonomy and recognition as separate nationality

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CTV QP: No voice on terror
at Committee nor Leader  Election Debate


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