Thursday 26 March 2015



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The EKOS poll: Support for anti-Islamic State mission starting to soften
        Executive tipped as Trudeau�s pick for Finance would target wealthy to boost middle class

If Jim Prentice can roll out his budget, why can�t Joe Oliver?
        MPs received $442,524 worth of free travel from third parties in 2014
Syrian airstrikes could help al-Qaeda
        Vic Toews, judge and former Tory minister, has wages withheld over late rent
CRTC unveils proposal to make TV service contracts more consumer friendly
        CBC News lays off 144 staff, Radio-Canada cuts 100

Stephen Harper on the legality of bombing Syria: LOL
        Transport minister issues edict requiring two crew members in cockpit
Commons starts debate on Iraq mission as NDP seeking to end fight altogether
        Sagging economy threatens warrior Stephen Harper
Stephen Harper�s flip-flop on war fits pattern of deceit
        Syria gives the Liberals a way out
Bell Media�s principles of business and media collide: Don Pittis
        Mike Duffy trial a sorry excuse for a political scandal
By denying my right to speak, our Parliament is weakened
        Why Canada�s democracy rates a sad �C� grade

Toronto and Montreal might find mutual benefit working together
        Obama�s sights on Harper?
Ontario booze sales need more convenience

They will come, whether we build it or not
        More questions than answers as Parliament debates ISIS mission
Alberta government increases taxes, but still plans to run record deficit
        Taxes and fees: Some highlights of the Alberta budget released Thursday
MPs told ISIL mission will need more than one year, sources say
        Kenney�s claims about Canada�s smart bombs questioned
Anti-ISIS mission in Syria built on shaky legal ground, critics say
        Canadian Premiers Closing In on Energy Agreement Without Harper
Brent Rathgeber is having an interesting week
        Air Canada changing cockpit policy after Germanwings plane crash

Two predictions about Friday�s Quebec gun registry decision
        Debt agencies sought to help government collect overdue fines
Proposed life-sentence bill could have domino effect, critics say
        Ottawa�s delay on Asian infrastructure bank shows divided approach to China
No cameras trained on Hall of Honour during Oct. 22 attack
        CRA tops list of federal privacy leaks
Stephen Harper says ISIS unlikely to sue over legality of Syria mission
        Rights group presses watchdog on CSIS records about Northern Gateway pipeline
Canada finally fills 2013 Syrian refugee promise, says work underway on next one
        �Political� anti-drug campaign by Health Canada endorsed by focus groups

It�s time to legalize ridesharing, Uber GM tells Economic Club of Canada
        Parliamentary Budget Officer says defence costs �unsustainable� over next decade
Canada gov�t asks pipeline regulator for safety guidelines by 2016
        Toews� lobbying to be probed
Peter MacKay and Nazanin Afshin-Jam expecting a daughter
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Quebec budget blasted over minuscule increases to health care and education spending -
        Ontario health minister stalling on �conversion therapy� for LGBT kids: NDP -
Waging war on Islamic State necessary part of humanitarian response, Tories say The Globe & Mail
        Current defence spending unsustainable, Parliamentary Budget Officer says
Average Ontario hydro bill to go up about $120 a year - Richard J. Brennan, Ottawa Citizen
        Balanced budget law overdue - Anthony Furey, Ottawa Sun
The Harper Government May Have Bullied a Pro-Gun Group into Dropping its C-51 Criticism -
        C-51 must include more oversight, anti-radicalization efforts, NDP says - Kady O'Malley,
Ontario�s minimum wage hike won�t help the poor - Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun
        Ukraine world�s top security issue, not Mideast, says Alexander -  Ottawa Citizen

Why now is not the time to slacken the fight against Islamic State - Editorial, Macleans
        Parents to receive child care benefit three months before federal election - The Globe & Mail
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says health levies will be �progressive� - Matt Dykstra, Calgary Sun
        Mike Duffy trial a sorry excuse for a political scandal - John Barber, Toronto Star
Kathleen Wynne gets pushback from John Tory on electoral reform comments- Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "EIN News" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

British foreign minister to talk homegrown terrorism, ISIS with Nicholson
        Canada Set for Monday Vote on Syria Mission Amid Legal Questions
Canadian Stocks Fall for Second Day as Air Canada, Banks Tumble
        Canadian Stocks Fall as Air Canada Tumbles Amid Rally in Crude
Canadian Premiers Closing In on Energy Agreement Without Harper
        Words to win: George Lakoff frames progressive values and language to win the federal election
ISIS mission opponents 'dismissing Canadian values,' Rob Nicholson says
        Labour leader speaks out on Bill C-51 in Parliament
Role of Canadian soldiers fuels Commons debate
        Stephen Harper shuns the progressive conservatism of his political hero

Press Digest: Kiev�s demands over elections jeopardizing Minsk Agreements
        Canada needs a flat tax
Modi to visit Canada from April 14
        Canada justified in bombing ISIL targets in Syria, minister says
Newest Canadian museum exploring human rights ready for its close-
        Canada to Launch Airstrikes on IS Positions in Syria
GS1 Canada Announces Partnership with Global Data Solutions...
        Brings More 3D Printing Options to Canadians

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La prison � mi-temps pour l'agression de sa fillePlus
        SNC-Lavalin: l'ex-vp d�lateur contre son ancien employeurPlus
Le budget accentuera l'aust�rit� lib�rale, selon le PQ et QSPlus
        �tats-Unis: des policiers corrompus par des cartels de droguesPlus
�ducation: les pires compressions depuis 20 ansPlus
        S�curit� en vol: Ottawa ordonne deux personnes dans le cockpitPlus
12 bless�s � NY apr�s une explosion: le gaz en cause?Plus
        Un trou de 42 G $ sur dix ans � la D�fense nationalePlus
Le cardinal Turcotte est admis aux soins palliatifsPlus
        C-51: l'opposition lib�rale propose dix amendementsPlus

Budget 2015: �quilibre et r�gime minceurPlus
        Neuf arrestations et saisie de stup�fiants � GatineauPlus
Crash du A320: une destruction volontaire du copilotePlus
        Pension �princi�re� de Vandal: Drainville furieuxPlus
Crash du A320: le copilote, un Allemand sans histoirePlus
        Les Saoudiens interviennent au Y�men contre les rebellesPlus
Il devient compl�tement fou dans une attraction � sensations fortesPlus
        Irak: la coalition a men� 17 frappes sur TikritPlus
Un officier sup�rieur accus� d'agression sexuellePlus
        Sans-abris: volte-face du McDonald's du centre-ville Plus
Tunisie: 23 suspects arr�t�s depuis l'attentat du BardoPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clinton�s Rough Road Ahead - Charlie Cook, National Journal
        Maybe Early Polls Are Telling Us Something - Byron York, Washington Examiner
Republicans Are Responsible for Netanyahu - Brian Beutler, The New Republic
        Democrats Need a Plan B - Bill Press, The Hill
Biden Is Democrats� 2016 Understudy - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
        Court tells former Liberian president to serve war crimes sentence in Britain- The Guardian
Russian ambassador threatens Denmark with naval nuclear attack if it joins missile shield- France 24
        Yemeni Houthis seize airbase in advance on Aden- Al Jazeera
Turkish cartoonists sentenced for �insulting� Erdogan- The Times of India
        Germanwings plane crash: Black box �has usable data�- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Disputes with Iran must be resolved to clinch nuclear deal: Britain
        White House concerned about Iranian weapons in Yemen
UN chief skirts legality question in Saudi's Yemen intervention
        US general: No decision to shield US-trained rebels in Syria
Putin, Rouhani express 'hope for success' at Iran talks: Kremlin
        UN Mideast envoy calls on Security Council for Israel action
Cuba proposes quick start to human rights dialogue with US
        US lawmakers introduce bill to aid Kurds fighting ISIS
Putin says Russia will stand firm in standoff with West
        Top Arab Israeli MP begins 4-day march for Bedouins

Disputes emerge as Netanyahu starts work on new Israel govt
        Britain to train Syrian opposition forces in Turkey
Iran demands immediate halt to military actions in Yemen
        China says deeply concerned about Yemen situation
New tool to foretell risk of heart attack, stroke
        U.S., Iran nuke talks enter critical round
NATO is at a policy impasse over Ukraine

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Ultra-nationalist Ukrainian battalion, Azov, gears up for more fighting
* In show of force, U.S. Army's Operation Dragoon Ride rolls through Europe
* U.S. House votes to provide lethal aid to Ukraine
* 'Ceasefire' in Donetsk as seen by residents of Oktyabrsky Township
* Is the worst over for the Russian economy?
* Interview with trade union leader: 'The full extent of the economic abyss in Ukraine is hidden'
* Poland sees doubling of Ukrainian immigrants amid crisis
* Internal rifts in Ukraine play in Russia's favor � analysts

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Anti-ISIS mission in Syria built on shaky legal ground, critics say
Without request from Syria or a UN mandate, Canada could be seen as violating sovereign airspace

"If RCAF jets fly missions over Syria it would mean that Canada has joined an exclusive alliance of countries � namely the U.S. and Israel � that have spent the past 15 years trying to broaden the legal justifications for attacking non-state actors within sovereign nations.

"We are taking sides in a decade-long debate, and the side we are taking is one that was carved out by George W. Bush and cultivated by his administration � very controversially," says Michael Byers, a Canada research chair in global politics and international law at the University of British Columbia."

Hmm. What do you think will happen to the percentage of support as Canadians learn of this?


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