Tuesday 24 March 2015



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Canada right to fight ISIL in Syria, despite uncertainty: experts

Tory MPs Deny Elizabeth May A Chance To Speak About ISIL Mission
        Harper�s real target with Islamic State mission is Trudeau, say experts
Budget tough to balance after slow start to year, economists say
        Patrick Brazeau�s lawyer attacks credibility of alleged sex assault victim

Parliament�s $3-billion reno on time and on budget
        Beyond KXL: Obama envoy ends first year in Canada, pointing to areas of accord
Some 5,600 privacy breaches in federal government in 2014: documents
        Federal leaders playing to the base in debate on extending Canada�s mission against ISIS
Iraq debate gets heavy topspin from Canada�s politicians
        Justin Trudeau doubles down
Stephen Harper�s Syrian foray carries risks, but is a winner on home front
        Justin Trudeau sticks to his firm position on both sides of the Iraq mission
Online polling methodology is often misunderstood and unfairly maligned
        Is the gun lobby giving Harper a pass on C-51?

Liberal MPs accused of sexual harassment treated less fairly than VIA plot terrorists
        Liberals fall into unhappily familiar pattern in Quebec
It�s not Harper�s war, but it may be ours

Scathing report on health of Canada�s waters accuses Ottawa of wilful negligence
        Withdraw anti-terrorism bill, aboriginal activist tells committee
Canada faces dramatic drop in citizenship, prompting concerns about disengaged immigrants
        Harper and Trudeau tied in latest poll
Cuban ambassador to Canada calls US terror listing nonesense, impediment
        �A family affair�: Canada�s next first lady? Lunch with Sophie Gr�goire-Trudeau
Omar Khadr�s bail application before the court
        Alberta premier takes to TV for address, opposition calls it an election ad
Online gambling: why provinces are eager to jump in
        Study sparks renewed interest in universal pharmacare plan

Ontario�s workplace safety board tries to muzzle online commenter
        Cutting the TV cord? Call the anti-cable guy
Harper describes expanded ISIL war motion, seeking airstrikes in Iraq and Syria
        Text of Stephen Harper�s ISIL speech Tuesday to House of Commons
Bill C-51 will �prevent the spread of radical jihad� in Canada, say Tories in a new letter to supporters
        NATO ships face Black Sea incidents
Complainant returns to witness stand at assault trial for Patrick Brazeau
        Rogue page doesn�t regret �Stop Harper� stunt
Canada Weighs Joining China-Led Bank Amid U.S., Japan Concerns
        Military intelligence warns of terrorists harassing Canadian Forces personnel, families online

�Patrick Brazeau� named in 911 call played at sex assault trial
        NDP, Liberals reject plan for expanded mission against Islamic State
Oil conference presenters say oilsands environmental record improving
        Just what was said Tuesday about proposal
CBC Asks: Is politics broken? �Team No� weighs in
        Temporary foreign workers still wanted in the West
For Harper, Obama is another Trudeau
        Critics of Harper�s gun comments are off the mark
Anti-gun sentiment not based on facts
        Temporary foreign workers still wanted in the West

The astounding rise of China�s currency
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Stephen Harper�s Syrian gambit clarifies divisions over Canada�s latest war - Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star
        Woman describes alleged attacks by Patrick Brazeau - Tom Spears, Ottawa Citizen
Recalling when Harper was fed up with fighting - John Geddes, Macleans
        Pan Am Games transit plan requires 20% traffic reduction - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
English text of Stephen Harper�s ISIL speech Tuesday to House of Commons - Winnipeg Free Press
        Cuban ambassador to Canada calls US terror listing nonesense, impediment - The Canadian Press,
Harper to push for 1-year extension of ISIS mission, airstrikes over Syria - CTV News
        Bill C-51: Peter MacKay says peaceful protests OK under proposed law - Kady O'Malley, CBC News
NDP, Liberals ready for fresh debate over Iraq mission - Bruce Campion-Smith, Toronto Star
        Coalition inhibition? So far, only the NDP likes political partnerships - Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen

I used to dislike the niqab. Harper showed me how wrong I was - Gerald Caplan, The Globe & Mail
        Patrick Brazeau struck woman, pushed her down stairs, court told - Laura Payton, CBC News
Bill C-51 �reckless,� advocacy group says at public hearing - CTV News
        Campaign financing rules a growing threat to Ontario�s democracy - Martin Regg Cohen, Toronto Star
Liberal MPs accused of sexual harassment treated less fairly than VIA plot terrorists - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        Opposition to be briefed by Tories on Iraq mission extension - Steven Chase & Kim Mackrael, The Globe & Mail
Support for Islamic State mission hanging on text of motion, opposition says - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Tory MP supports calls for legislative oversight of anti-terror bill - Daniel Leblanc, The Globe & Mail
AB Liberal participation in premier�s TV address chance to show Albertans alternative, party leader says -
        Alberta�s Progressive Conservatives look to extend their reign by doing the unthinkable:

Tory becomes part of TCHC problem by sanctioning bonuses - Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
        Tory blames attack ads for why he won�t help Ford fundraise - Don Peat, Toronto Sun
Ombudsman Fiona Crean�s downfall was doing her job too well - Edward Keenan, Toronto Star
        Transit vote will send a simple message: No new taxes - Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun
Cliffs to sell chromite claims in Ring of Fire area to Noront for US$20 million- The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Wind Mobile replaces CEO, shakes up board- Christine Dobby, The Globe & Mail
What to do when the housing boom turns to bust- Gary Marr, Financial Post
        What 60 Minutes Got Wrong About Rare Earths And China- Tim Worstall, Forbes
Harvey�s, Swiss Chalet parent company aiming for $200 million IPO- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

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Manif nocturne: des milliers de personnes au rendez-vousPlus
        La FPJQ d�nonce les agressions contre les journalistesPlus
Graffitis haineux contre la porte-parole de l'ASS�Plus
        Un appel terrifiant de la pr�sum�e victime de Brazeau au 911Plus
Budget Leitao: baisses de services appr�hend�esPlus
        150 morts dans l'�crasement d'un avion en FrancePlus
Un ex-diacre prend le chemin de la prison Plus
        Attentat en Tunisie: une vid�o � glacer le sangPlus
Dutil voulait tuer son ex-petite amie � sa sortie de prisonPlus
        Gr�ve �tudiante: violents affrontements � Montr�al Plus

Boycottage des cours: Blais met les �tudiants en gardePlus
        Fils de �Mom� recherch�: un agent correctionnel suspenduPlus
S�rie de perquisitions li�es � l'asphalte au Qu�becPlus
        Ottawa veut prolonger d'un an la mission en IrakPlus
Khadir souhaite un autre printemps �rablePlus
        Le chef incendie de L'Isle-Verte quitte ses fonctionsPlus
Tunisie: report de la r�ouverture du mus�e du BardoPlus
        David Cameron �carte un troisi�me mandatPlus
Des punaises de lit d�couvertes dans une �cole primairePlus
        Un Torontois serait en territoire de l'EI en SyriePlus


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Clinton�s Scandals and Warren�s Opening - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post
        Republicans rally to Scott Walker�s call, believing he�s a scrappy survivor - Philip Rucker, Washington Post
Obamacare Turns Five, Awaits Repeal - Jeffrey Anderson, The Weekly Standard
        367 House members warn Obama on Iran - Kristina Wong, The Hill
Why This Scandal Won�t Hurt Clinton - Larry Sabato, Politico
        Why Putin�s hosting Kim Jong Un- Alexandra Jaffe, CNN
Saudia Arabia ready to take �necessary measures� in Yemen- Al Jazeera
        Netanyahu apologises to Israeli-Arabs over election remarks- BBC News
UMP should tell supporters to keep out Front National, says Valls- Kim Willsher, The Guardian
        Syrian rebels shell city of Aleppo, killing at least 13- The Times of India

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Jordan agrees deal for Russia to build nuclear plant
        Jihadists, Islamists in new assault on Syria's Idlib: monitor
Obama says two-state deal unlikely after Israeli leader's comments
        U.S. to keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through end 2015: White House
US to keep briefing Israel on Iran talks amid spying row
        War-ravaged Syria feeling 'abandoned by the world': Ban
Oman denies bail for rights activist: HRW
        Israel jails Gaza Hamas fighter for 15 years
Russia fails in bid to stop UN staff benefits for all gay couples
        Official: Iran won't accept snap inspections of nuke sites

Egypt, Ethiopia hope for long-term Nile River cooperation
        Israel denies spying on US
EU set to re-impose sanctions on more Iranian shipping companies
        US security adviser: US committed to political transition in Syria
Turkish military launch operation targeting Kurdish rebel hideouts
        Assad urges united front with Iraq against terrorism: state media
EU-Greek deal possible this week: EU parliament chief
        Arab-Israeli political leaders reject Netanyahu's apology
Ukraine urges G20 for more financial aid
        Israel spied on US-Iran nuclear talks: report

Canada to expand anti-ISIS strikes to Syria: official
        White House warns Israel that occupation must end
U.S. faces few options for Russia sanctions
        Isolate Israel after Bibi�s rejection of Palestine
South Syria rebels given more arms
        Jordan says coalition to train Syrian tribes
Syria Kurds yet to be fully embraced by U.S. in anti-ISIS fight
        EU joins Arab states in seeking access for U.N. rights envoy to Gaza
How Obama outmaneuvered hard-liners and cut a Cuba deal
        Tehran urges �common� world position for nuclear agreement
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* Private army in Kiev: Why oil stand-off in Ukraine shows oligarchs won Maidan revolution
* Ukraine's oligarchs turn on each other
* NATO head says Canadians should prepare for 'long war' with Russia
* Pro-Europe rally in Georgia aims for regime change
* New pro-Russia party emerges in Poland
* Canadian Bill C-51 outlawing 'terrorist propaganda' could be used to control NATO narrative

* Right wing in Poland follows Ukraine lead in organizing paramilitary battalions
* Central Asian countries threatened by warming world
* Russia signs major alliance treaty with South Ossetia, pledges military protection
* Russia rebounds, despite sanctions

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Primary raison d'etre?
"They were clearly running out of targets in Iraq," said Fen Hampson, head of the global security program and the
Centre for International Governance Innovation, a reality that makes expanding the mission into Syria inevitable.

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