Tuesday 31 March 2015



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Wallin expensed private, business trips to Toronto and Guelph, RCMP

Ex-general Rick Hillier angry at MP no-shows for ISIS vote
        B.C. MP Lunney quits Tory caucus to defend his Christian views on evolution
Still no budget, but Oliver to give economy talk to Bay Street lunch crowd
        Prentice dismisses poll showing PCs, Wildrose in a dead heat

Lunney bolts CPC caucus amid social conservative disenchantment with Harper
        U.S. pledge for deep carbon cuts pressures Canada ahead of UN climate summit
Who gets the biggest share of the benefits from Tory �family tax cut?�
        We Can�t Hear You: The Shameful Review of Bill C-51 By the Numbers
The gun lobby appears to have Harper in a corner
        The case for blowing Alberta�s oil riches
Danielle Smith just a victim of the old bait and switch
        The lessons of Danielle Smith�s political self-destruction

Chinese investors turn attention to Vancouver�s commercial real estate
        The fight for �progress�
Broadbent most partisan think-tank
        Canada�s foreign policy invites retaliation
Why don�t Canadians want to talk politics?

Premier says Alberta to build hundreds of schools despite economic slump
        New Brunswick forecasts $477M deficit, hikes gas taxes, cuts teaching jobs
Weak showing in new poll has some Liberals wondering if Trudeau has lost his lustre
        Bring all branches of government under information law, watchdog urges
Tax bill hiked for civil servants sent to war zones
        Bill C-51 amendments seem unconnected to committee process
Canada�s gross domestic product fell 0.1 per cent in January: Statistics Canada
        Ex-Olympics boss feels vindicated after �nightmare� of false abuse allegations
Ontario finance minister to reveal lower deficit number, sources say
        Conservative group risks bringing big-money U.S. style politics to Canada: critics

House of Commons votes 142-129 to extend, expand ISIL mission into Syria
        Temporary foreign workers bilked by immigration consultants as deadline looms
Ontario budget expected to beat $12.5-billion deficit target
        A recession may not be imminent. But now, it can�t be ruled out.
Canadian investment in renewable energy up 8 per cent in 2014, sixth in world
        Senate starts review of maligned security legislation
�Shocking� poll signals PCs and Wildrose in dead heat
        Lack of CFIA meat inspectors is putting people at risk: Agriculture Union
Pamela Wallin�s expense claims sought from 3 more organizations
        Conservatives studying anti-terrorism bill reject opposition changes

Tender call finally issued in decade-long plan to replace military search planes
        �Beautiful, limited-edition� sketch by Justin Trudeau offered to Liberal donors
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Lawsuit veterans expecting more out of Ottawa in benefits overhaul - The Canadian Press
        Pamela Wallin�s expense claims sought from 3 more organizations - Laura Payton, CBC News
New family tax breaks to benefit parents with no childcare expenses: PBO - Bill Curry , The Globe & Mail
        Crashing oil prices, plunging dollar do Ontario�s finance minister a big favour - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
Blame Alberta. Death comes to �no new taxes� as �tax and spend� rises from the grave - Kelly McParland, National Post
        PS pension plan accounting changes spark pre-election concerns - Kathryn May, Ottawa Citizen
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice comes to fallen PC nominee Danielle Smith�s rescue, calls her treatment �piling on� ISIS mission:  MPs pass motion to support extension - The Canadian Press, CBC News
Why Canada�s Status of Women Minister Won�t Hold an Inquiry Into Murdered Aboriginal Women - Justin Ling, Vice
        The last of Danielle Smith - Colby Cash, Macleans

Joe Oliver, economists to meet April 9 for pre-budget talk - Bill Curry , The Globe & Mail
        Ontario Liberal cabinet ministers won t say whether $1M university salary in London appropriate - The Canadian Press
Government ruling any C-51 amendments to enhance oversight out of order, say opposition MPs -  The Hill Times
        Ontario poll shows huge support for beer, wine in supermarkets - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Ontario Tories in lead � �til they blow it? - Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun
        As Duffy trial looms, senators worry auditor general will redefine their jobs - Jordan Press, Ottawa Citizen
The Conservatives are levelling the playing field. Maybe. - Paul Wells, Macleans
        Anti-terror Bill C-51 battle moves to Senate committee - Kady O'Malley, CBC News
The good and the bad (and the downright ugly) for BlackBerry- Sean Silcoff, The Globe & Mail
        Honda Canada planning to export vehicles to Europe for the first time- Winnipeg Free Press
Canadian consumer confidence gains for fourth week- Greg Quinn, Bloomberg, Toronto Star

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IMMIGRATION: Express entry and the perils of misrepresentation
        DUBIOUS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Indians closing in on bronze medal for porn consumption
DUBIOUS RESULT: Foreign countries warn women planning to visit India
        DEATH & TAXES: New country - new rules
CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISM: "They are happy to listen to me"
        FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Fast moves in the Philippines
OLD WOUNDS: Don't remove terror tag warns Sri Lankan community
        EDITORIAL: New tax measure will support BC's LNG industry Commentary
ABC's: Some immigrant parents find sex ed curriculum inappropriate
        WASTE: Toxic trade with Canada angers Filipinos
EDITORIAL: Site C jobs should be open to all in B.C.

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Nucl�aire iranien: les discussions suspendues dans la confusionPlus
        Laval veut r�cup�rer des millions de dollars de la collusionPlus
Nigeria: Muhammadu Buhari �lu pr�sidentPlus
        �Terrorisme�: arr�t�s pour des p�tards dans un mariage Plus
�Selfie� tout nu: un cur� br�silien suspenduPlus
        �tudiante tir�e � bout portant: une enqu�te ordonn�ePlus
Turquie: un procureur et ses preneurs d'otage tu�sPlus
        Le printemps se fait encore attendrePlus
A320: une vid�o montre les derni�res secondes du dramePlus
        PQ: un huiti�me d�put� appuie Pierre Karl P�ladeauPlus

Le MTQ fait corriger une faute de fran�ais sur un panneauPlus
        Lufthansa inform�e d'un �pisode d�pressif du copilotePlus
Jurisconsulte: Fournier accuse le PQ d'intimidationPlus
        Employ�s de l'�tat: gr�ve probable � l'automne Plus
Attentats de Boston: la d�fense en a d�j� finiPlus
        La Loi sur l'acc�s � l'information avantage le gouvernementPlus
Richard Henry Bain: 45 000 $ introuvablesPlus
        Enfants tu�s par un python: le propri�taire accus�Plus
Courriels: Hillary Clinton convoqu�e au Congr�s Plus
        Compressions en �ducation: Blais mise sur le gel salarialPlus

Syrie: au moins 37 personnes ex�cut�es par l'EIPlus
        Elle poignarde son conjoint pour avoir mang� la salsaPlus
Un travailleur bless� dans la d�molition d'un viaducPlus
        Dans le noir pour d�noncer les hausses de tarifs d'HydroPlus
Y�men: violents bombardements sur la capitale Plus
        Birmanie: vers un accord de paix �historique�Plus
L'UQAM demande que les actions de blocage cessentPlus


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Boehner, Israel and Race - Juan Williams, The Hill
        Clinton Is Too Old to Run - Linda Chavez, New York Post
How Negative Is Martin O�Malley Willing to Go on Hillary Clinton? - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
        Bill Is Not a Problem for Hillary Clinton - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
The Republican Right Hasn�t Gone Away - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg
        Why are interest rates so low?- Ben S. Bernanke, Brookings Institution
French local elections: Hollande left bruised as Sarkozy and Le Pen triumph- Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian
        Iran nuclear talks: �Tricky issues� remain, Kerry says- Elise Labott and Ben Brumfield, CNN
Alps crash: Lubitz �had treatment for suicidal tendencies�- BBC News
        Buhari gains early ground amid Nigeria vote tally fears- Al Jazeera
Yemeni rebels shell Aden as Saudi launches more airstrikes- The Times of India

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US releases military aid to Egypt, cites national security
        It may be necessary to stop clock at Iran nuclear talks: German source
U.S. would leave Iran talks before deadline if unable to reach deal: White House
        Nuclear talks to continue until major disputes overcome: Iran
Putin offers to extend gas deal with Ukraine for three months
        Lausanne deal would pave way for nuclear-armed Iran: Netanyahu
Palestinians to ask FIFA to suspend Israel
        Countries have pledged $3.8 billion toward Syria humanitarian crisis: UN
Palestinian official in charge of rebuilding Gaza resigns
Coalition preventing ICRC from delivering medical aid in Yemen: spokeswoman
        Myanmar government, rebel groups sign draft cease-fire deal

Russian FM Lavrov says will rejoin talks on Iran in Lausanne, sees good chance of success
        Iran sends aid to Yemen's rebels amid Saudi-led airstrikes
Poland says will train 50 Ukrainian military staff this year
        Council fears US troop decision will hurt faltering Afghan peace process
Russia, Iran, Syria share same vision: Assad
        As medical system struggles, risk of epidemic outbreak grows
Bank of England to test for slump scenario
        Iran riches coveted by Big Oil after decades of conflict
The merger of Syrian factions is aimed at containing the Nusra Front
        Arab parties may alter Israeli politics

United Nations warns of Syria catastrophe
        Syria gets Russian arms under recent deals
Campaign begins for a most unpredictable U.K. election
        Crushing defeat in local vote a bad omen for divided French left
Republicans fear Obama more than Putin: Poll
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* More than 60 children killed in past year by Kyiv's 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' in eastern Ukraine
* Ukraine has 'lost without a trace' five Indian military transport planes during planned upgrade
* Canada's political mainstream backs war in Ukraine, threats against Russia
* Howling in Donetsk: Pepe Escobar reports from eastern Ukraine
* Tariff genocide in Ukraine

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Let's all hold our breath.

The unelected , unaccountable and undemocratic Senate will make Harper's terror bill more in tune with the views of hundreds of experts, ex-PMs, etc who wanted greater parliamentary oversight of security and greater assurance that civil liberties and the rule of law would not be damaged by the unclear legislation. http://www.canada.com/News/politics/Senate+starts+review+maligned+security+legislation/10932944/story.html

Yes, or Senators will not have performed their role

Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, called the Senate a place of "sober second thought."Top of page

Q: What does the Senate do?
A: One of the most important jobs of the Senate is to help make the laws that we live by.

The Senate carefully examines bills, which are proposed laws, to make certain that they are the best they can be. The bills are studied to find out how they might affect the daily lives of Canadians. Changes are suggested to improve them; some bills may even be rejected. http://www.parl.gc.ca/About/Senate/FAQJuniorVersion/brochure-e.htm#q2


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