Sunday 29 March 2015



Have not been collated with Daily Digest and, my memory being less precise, there will be duplicates.

Articles are have not all been visited.  Some may be found unbelievable - some offensive. If so sorry..


 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS/GENERAL INFO<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Speculation And The Frenzy In Food Markets
        Was Your Seafood Dinner Supplied By Slave Labor? Major Chains Caught (VIDEO)
Photos from Sara Isabelle Marie Johansson's post in Enlightened Planet Solutions
        San Diego Scientist: Every Medical Pot Study Showed A Benefit To The Patient
Instagram Censors Photo of Fully Clothed Woman on Period, Causes Uproar

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS CANADIAN RELATED<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Even with Amendments, C-51 Should Worry Activists | The Tyee
        No �decent� living with minimum wage bump
Look Up, Way Way Up
        Power & Politics' Ballot Box question: Anti-terror bill
Heiltsuk will risk arrest to blockade herring boats, warns chief councillor
        C-51 amendments don't go far enough
If Bill C-51 passes this is what the Charter of Rights will look like
        Leaked Documents Reveal False Flags Used By The Canadian Communications Security Establishment
Beyond dirty politics: Harperism threatens democracy itself
        Mallick: What if Harper's dream of a majority comes true? | Toronto Star

How the Ministry of Environment Vetoed Our Interview Request
        At last, encouraging news about democracy: Delacourt: | Toronto Star
Canada Post flips to $194M profit in 2014
        VIDEO: Roy Romanow says Harper Conservatives "missing in action" on health care | Press Progress
After insulting critics, Conservatives effectively admit C-51 is a badly written bill | Press...
        Political parties need to have positions on future of health care in Canada, says Romanow
Canada�s health care system is about to lose $36 billion
        John Baird gets job with mining giant that got government subsidies when he was a minister |...
VIDEO: WWII vet warns Stephen Harper will return Canada "to the dog-eat-dog world of the 1930s"...
        Temporary foreign worker exodus looms April 1

A detailed timeline of Stephen Harper's weird, racially divided vision of Canada | Press Progress
        Why bombing Syria breaks the law | Toronto Star
CEN Biotech withdraws court challenge against Health Canada
        Everything you need to know about Quebec�s latest student strike | Ricochet
The government has not made its case for C-51
        How to stay under the radar when Bill C-51 becomes law
How Harper Turned Canada into a Rogue State | The Tyee

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS FOREIGN INFO<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How the American War Machine Is Sucking Up Vast Amounts of Cash to Screw Up the World
        Russia to Help Palestine Become Independent State Putin / Sputnik International
Israel�s Netanyahu drops his mask and reveals ugliness: Burman | Toronto Star
        An Interview with Polish Reverend Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski about Ukraine's Far-Right Nationalists
ASEAN�s Geopolitical Arrangement Vis-�-vis The Chinese Containment Coalition
        Moscow-Friendly Greece Could 'Paralyze' NATO
The Russia-Iran-Syria mutual defense treaties the Western media missed
        Russia announces plan to build new space station with NASA
Russian Ambassador Warns Denmark Over NATO Missile Shield
        Assange Reveals That The West is Behind ISIS And Ukraine Crisis And Israel Behind Hamas

Trademark Jaw-Dropping US Hypocrisy on Display re Saudi Aggression Washington's Blog
        CUFI Leader John Hagee confirms Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic
Lobbyist claims Monsanto weed killer is safe to drink, then bolts when TV host offers him a glass
        Checkmate: The Central Bank of Russia
Peace Is Not Profitable Enough for the United States - Russia Insider

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