Wednesday 25 March 2015



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Regulator slams Bell Media after report exec meddled with CTV

Toronto judge to preside over Mike Duffy�s trial
        Stephen Harper says ISIS unlikely to sue over legality of Syria mission
Christian leaders say faith under attack in Canada by governments, regulators
        Medicare in distress and near �tipping point,� Roy Romanow says

C-51 must include more oversight, anti-radicalization efforts, NDP says
        Ottawa to give itself more time to study foreign takeovers for security concerns
Brazeau�s lawyer suggests Crown�s key witness provoked confrontation
        Just let Elizabeth May say her piece
Conservatives� reputation as good economic managers suffering due to slow job growth, low oil price
        Despite the political spectacle, it�s hard to imagine any other decision on ISIS
Stephen Harper�s Syrian gambit clarifies divisions over Canada�s latest war
        As wars go, Syria is pretty safe for Harper � so far
On Islamic State, the opposition are right where Harper wants them
        The low, dishonest decade redux

In Quebec, the Conservatives love orange
        Ten reasons why Canadian progressives coming together to oust Cons a non-starter
Stephen Harper�s Syrian foray carries risks, but is a winner on home front

Why Canada is in Iraq � and should stay out of Syria
        Why social media is the new public pillory
Time for a new model to address Israeli-Palestinian conflict
        Can George Soros buy a better world?
Prentice distances himself from previous PC leaders
        ISIS mission has support of Canadians, polls suggest
OPP identifies security lapses in report on Parliament Hill shooting
        Woman fighting citizenship oath niqab ban favours gender segregation � but not in Canada
Wynne says lawsuit against PCs not the reason for changes to anti-SLAPP bill
        Liberal Party top on index, Harper top as preferred Prime Minister

Right-wing Website Reboots to Fight Bill C-51
        ISIL mission may be expanding militarily but not when it comes to aid, for now
Reduced staff at Veterans Affairs struggle with caseload
        Niqabs, Hijabs, Anxiety and Accommodation
�Putin is behaving like a terrorist': Cabinet minister�s speech on Ukraine sparks social media battle with Russia
        All parties signal support for Magnitsky law to sanction Russian officials
Anti-communism memorial better than building an office, minister says
        Pierre Poilievre set to unveil legislation to boost child-care benefit
U.S. nudged Canada towards expanding ISIL air campaign to Syria: Kenney
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Poilievre backs site of victims of communism memorial - Jordan Press, Ottawa Citizen
        Accuser the one who started fight that got Brazeau arrested for assault, suspended senator�s lawyers tell court
Compensation for Ontario public servants has skyrocketed over the last 10 years of Liberal rule: Fraser Institute
        What the slumping economy is doing to Ottawa�s bottom line - Kevin Milligan, Macleans
Nicholson doesn�t rule out targeting terror groups beyond Syria, Iraq - Andrea Janus, CTV News
        Provincial budgets reversed: Alberta expects deficit, Quebec to see growth - Les Perreaux, The Globe & Mail
Iraq debate gets heavy topspin from Canada�s politicians - Terry Milewski, CBC News
        Nice song and dance from Alberta Premier Jim Prentice during address, but sure sounds like he�s changed his tune�
The Canadian Government Is About to Start Bombing ISIS in Syria - Justin Ling, Vice
        Albertans to pay �directly� for health care, Prentice says in pre-budget TV address - Karen Kleiss, Edmonton Journal

Budget tough to balance after slow start to year, economists say - James Fitz-Morris, CBC News
        Ontario Tories want Liberals to stop worker�s compensation being used to fund OFL staff - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
AB went on a $104 million �March Madness� spending spree in 2014: Wildrose - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
        B.C. citizens� group launches recall campaign aimed at �ineffective� MLAs � but it won�t be easy -  National Post
Prentice distances himself from previous PC leaders - Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal
        Are vacant Liberal seats a sign of division over the anti-terrorism legislation? - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
Attack on Toronto Police Chief Blair is just plain politicking - Marcus Gee, The Globe & Mail
        Tory soft on fixing social housing mess - Editorial, Toronto Sun
La Vie en Rose to expand Bikini Village across Canada after buying chain- Ross Marowits, Canadian Press, Financial Post
        TD Bank trims first-quarter outlook for Canadian economy as low oil prices bite- The Canadian Press,

Job hunting tips for millennials- Landon Dowdy, CNBC
        Canada facing grim outlook for auto trade- Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail
Fall in gas prices drags behind crude oil plunge- Dana Flavelle, Toronto Star

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Firearm advocate accuses prime minister of betraying gun lobby
        Indian prime minister to visit Canada
Canada transport minister says spate of CN Rail accidents no fluke
        Past, Present, and Future: The Evolution of Canadian Foreign Intelligence in a Globalized World
Obama disrespects NATO chief raising questions about his commitment to the alliance
        Modi travels to France, Germany, Canada to boost 'Link West' policy
Plentyoffish Media Inc. pays $48,000 for alleged violation of Canada's anti-spam law
        Canada energy regulator engineers investigated over probe of alleged safety violations
Pregnant women not getting enough omega-3, critical for infant development Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research ...
        Obama Snubs NATO Chief In Face Of Rising Russian Threat

2015 Canada Gairdner Awards Honour Top Medical Discoveries Around The World
        Canada's foreign policy  Bombs away
Canadian democracy rates a mediocre 'C' in new Samara report
        Canada 'doing its share' on aid as ISIS mission set to expand, Nicholson says
Canada expanding air strikes into Syria to protect Canadians, says Foreign Affairs Minister Nicholson
        McKENNA: Canada crosses the line into Syria at its own peril
What Canada is missing in its Islamic State mission, Iraq�s first pollster says
        Canada may target groups linked to ISIS in expanded mission

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La plaignante nie avoir frapp� en premier Patrick BrazeauPlus
        Des sans-abris chass�s d'un Mcdonald's de Montr�alPlus
A320: un pilote coinc� hors du cockpit avant l'�crasementPlus
        Perquisitions dans un resto: de la coke avec votre quart cuisse?Plus
Les Saoudiens lancent une op�ration militaire au Y�menPlus
        Montr�al: coups de feu dans la Petite-BourgognePlus
Netanyahu charg� de former son 4e gouvernementPlus
        Vente de Vision Globale: Qu�becor n'a pas enfreint la loiPlus
Les maires de Toronto et de Montr�al font alliancePlus
        Un soldat fait prisonnier en Afghanistan inculp� pour d�sertionPlus

Budget: des souliers usag�s pour LeitaoPlus
        Colis suspect retrouv� dans un abribusPlus
Cols bleus de Montr�al: Michel Parent remerci�Plus
        Barrette accus� de faire des bruits de poule en chambrePlus
Des p�dophiles en r�habilitation � 100 m�tres d'une �colePlus
        Un homme suicidaire sauv� par son fils de deux ansPlus
Manifestations: �Tol�rance z�ro�, pr�vient la Ville de Montr�alPlus
        Pont de Qu�bec: �D�courageant� reconna�t HamadPlus
Meurtre de Bernard Rochon: un homme arr�t� Plus
        Un nid-de-poule g�ant avale un autobus (vid�o)Plus

Amanda Knox: d�cision report�e � vendrediPlus
        La GRC arr�te un homme soup�onn� de complot terroristePlus
Perquisitions chez des fournisseurs de Rio Tinto AlcanPlus
        Charbonneau: une publication sur Facebook critiqu�ePlus
H�catombe de thons dans un aquarium de TokyoPlus
        Ukraine: deux hauts responsables arr�t�s pour corruptionPlus
Manif nocturne: des milliers de personnes au rendez-vousPlus
        La FPJQ d�nonce les agressions contre les journalistesPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Obamacare: What�s Wrong � and Right � With Politics - Ezra Klein, Vox
        What�s Wrong With Ted Cruz? - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Why Cruz Won�t Be GOP Nominee - Carl Leubsdorf, Dallas Morning News
        The Rise and Fall of Andrew Cuomo - Michael Shnayerson, Politico
Clinton Had a Good Run, But She Isn�t the Future - Lisa Schiffren, New York Observer
        Sri Lankan president to visit China after stalling Chinese project- Saibal Dasgupta, The Times of India
Israel denies report it spied on U.S. in Iran nuclear talks- Jethro Mullen and Oren Liebermann, CNN
        Russia fails in bid to halt UN staff benefits for same-sex couples- Reuters, The Guardian
Thousands march in Kabul over mob killing of woman- Al Jazeera
        Germanwings plane 4U 9525 crashes in French Alps � no survivors- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Facing resistance, U.S. pushes to meet deadline for Iran deal
        Turkish military clashes with Kurdish militants in southeast
Palestinian premier heads to Gaza on reconciliation mission
        Arab leaders confronted with multiple crises at summit
Fighters target vital water plants across Middle East: Red Cross
        Israel suspends E.Jerusalem settlement building plan: report
EU urges quick restart to Israeli-Palestinian talks
        Two top Ukrainian officials arrested at cabinet meeting
Iran to insist all sanctions lifted in any nuclear deal: foreign minister
        Ukraine's president dismisses powerful regional governor

China pushes Iran again to reach nuclear deal with world powers
        Iranian minister: Cooperation needed to fight terrorism
Arab world lags behind Western states in e-commerce
        Eurozone economy leads as China struggles
Europe has to lower its reliance on gas imports
        U.S. eye in the sky aids Iraq�s Tikrit operation
U.S. counterterrorism strategy in Yemen collapses amid chaos
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Intervention in Libya erodes national sovereignty
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 6:10:35 EDT AM

This opening sentence of the article above, written as Canada was attacking Libya, raised questions concerning the alteration
in international affairs in which Canada was taking part then and in all probability is going to duplicate by bombing Syria:

"Since the 17th century, the concept of national sovereignty has been the foundation of the nation-state and a source of stability in the international system." This "source of stability" is tottering due in part to Canada's actions.

The closing thoughts expressed then apply equally today, I hope you will agree:

        " ... the prime minister needs to conduct a focused foreign policy review for the post-Westphalia era.

        To that end, the review should set the principles and criteria for military intervention in the affairs of
        other nations. And it should also address how and when Canada should disengage from such missions."


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