Saturday 28 March 2015


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Harper�s anti-niqab rhetoric helps terrorist recruiters: philosopher Taylor

Canadian democracy has declined under PM Harper, say Bourrie, Harris
        Barrick Gold hires John Baird, Newt Gingrich
Mike Duffy�s trial to examine his secrets � and the Conservatives�
        Future Shop stores closing, some will become Best Buys, 1,500 jobs lost

Harper playing dangerous game that could divide Canadians: Taylor
        Analysis: Does Bill C-51 reflect reality for Canadians?
Ethics watchdog OKs poitical aide joining Ottawa lobby shop
        Expect pleasant surprises in the budget despite downturn � eventually
Why a Liberal-NDP coalition is no longer such a scary concept for cautious centrists
        Stephen Harper�s Middle East strategy takes Canada in more warlike direction
Opposition antics help explain why government isn�t budging on parliamentary oversight in C-51
        Quebec has reasons to cheer long gun registry ruling
Harper�s monumental determination
        Don�t bundle me, bro: Life under the shadow of Big Telecom

Sunshine List exposes ongoing Ontario government boondoggles
        At last, encouraging news about democracy
Politicians put on brave faces to get set for an election

Liberals and Tories Tied as Harper�s Negatives Rise
        Ontario�s Sunshine List: Is it still useful?
From Nigel Wright to Marjory LeBreton: Who could testify at Mike Duffy�s trial?
        Win or lose, Mike Duffy has left his mark on the Senate
The EKOS poll: Canadians want Elizabeth May in the debates
        Woman in hijab controversy files complaint
Analysis: Why Quebec faces a difficult task in rebuilding its long gun registry
        CRTC rolls out new rules for phone calls during federal elections
Post-ISIS responsibilities up to Iraqis and Syrians, says Jason Kenney
        Stephen Harper �dumb� to say niqab is anti-women, Charles Taylor says

Supreme Court ruling on gun data boosts Harper
        Treasury Board, PSAC strike groundbreaking mental health deal
GreenPAC hopes to put environmental champions on federal ballot
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Ontario PC Leadership � Patrick Brown describes how �the PC Party has become disconnected�
        Ontario PC Leadership � Christine Elliott describes what is required to be �socially compassionate�
�Loonie Politics Presents� with Lambton�Kent�Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton
        Party that wins federal election could be squeezed out of government - Andrew Coyne, National Post
Stephen Harper�s Middle East strategy takes Canada in more warlike direction- Stephen Maher, Ottawa Citizen
        Quebec has reasons to cheer long gun registry ruling - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
The expanded Iraq mission is an immoral misadventure - Gerald Caplan, The Globe & Mail
        Sunshine List exposes ongoing Ontario government boondoggles - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Should Quebec start its own long-gun registry? - Charlie Gillis, Macleans
        Opposition antics help explain why government isn�t budging on parliamentary oversight in C-51 - John Ivison,

Mike Duffy�s trial to examine his secrets � and the Conservative government�s- David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        No budget yet, but Tories introduce bill to boost family income - James Fitz-Morris, CBC News
Tax hikes, budget cuts unlikely to hurt Alberta Tories at the polls, pundits say - Karen Kleiss, Edmonton Journal
        Jim Prentice killed the flat tax - Colby Cash, Macleans
U.K. endorses Harper govt�s proposal for anti-ISIL air strikes over Syria - Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press,
        B.C. continues its massive restructuring of public education - Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun
Tories to amend anti-terror bill to allay concerns it goes too far - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Yemen conflict should be a lesson to Canada - Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star
John Tory campaign raised record $2.8 million - David Rider, Toronto Star

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Canada's Charitable Law Urgently Needs Reforming
        It's Time to Put Healthcare on the Federal Election Agenda
Harper Should Stop Playing "What Not to Wear" With Religious Dress
        Why a $7000 Benefit Is An Insult to Veterans' Families
What You'll Have to Do to Stay Under the Radar if Bill C-51 Becomes Law
        Ontario's Opposition Parties Failing to Push Liberals on Climate Solutions
Why I Am Fighting Bill C-51
        Harper's Anti-Terror Bill Puts Every Canadian in Danger
If You Could Speak at the Bill C-51 Hearing, What Would You Say?
        The Tories Cannot Ignore the Supreme Court's Decision on Assisted Suicide

Racism Should Not Become a Conservative Value
        Canada Must Talk Ebola at the G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting
I Am Not a Terrorist, Despite What My Critics Told a Senate Committee

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Le maire Labeaume d�plore le geste pos� par le policierPlus
        Une relation sexuelle � motoPlus
Elle quitte la maison en pleine nuit pour des sucreriesPlus
        Il meurt apr�s avoir �t� tra�n� en motoneige par son amiPlus
A320: de nouvelles r�v�lations sur le copilotePlus
        Une heure pour la Terre: on �teint pour la plan�tePlus
La FEUQ perd plus du tiers de ses membresPlus
        Contre l'aust�rit�: 3000 manifestants � Montr�alPlus
Deux personnes dans le poste de pilotage: oui, mais�Plus
        La manifestation anti-islam n'aura pas lieuPlus

Situation chaotique au Y�menPlus
        Ban Ki-moon dit sa honte devant l'��chec� en Syrie Plus
Qui a tu� Meredith Kercher? Le myst�re demeurePlus
        Raif Badawi s'exprime depuis la prisonPlus
L'ex ministre John Baird embauch� par Barrick GoldPlus
        Manif nocturne: 81 interpellations, 2 bless�sPlus


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Mornings in Blue America - Paul Krugman, New York Times
        Warren Casts a Shadow on Hillary Clinton - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe
Pelosi Is Still the Most Effective Leader in Congress - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
        Inside Bush�s Stealth Campaign to Woo Christian Conservatives - Tim Alberta, National Journal
The Four Faces of Ted Cruz - Brent Budowsky, The Hill
        How Starbucks� �RaceTogether� blunder revealed some hard truths- David Olive, Toronto Star
Tim Hortons borrows Burger King�s global expansion plan- Marina Strauss, The Globe & Mail
        Swiss bankers avoid prison, get probation for tax fraud; helped US customers hide billions- Matthew Barakat
Five key takeaways from the BlackBerry Ltd�s earnings report that surprised markets- Jonathan Ratner
        Don�t Be Afraid of the Big, Bad Google- Katie Benner, Bloomberg Views

Nigeria recaptures Boko Haram �HQ� Gwoza-
        British PM �wins� first TV encounter in close election- France 24
Iranians hold their breath for a nuclear deal with the west- Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian
        Coalition air strikes target Houthi stronghold in Yemen- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Saudi force hits base holding long-range missiles: Yemeni official
        Saudi campaign in Yemen serves Israel: Iran ambassador to Lebanon
Yemen strikes could last 6 months: Gulf officials
        UN's Ban admits 'shame', 'anger' over failure in Syria
Time for Iran to make tough decisions in talks: U.S.
        U.S. special forces operating recon drones in Lebanon
Israel says to transfer tax revenue to Palestinians
        EU weighs new methods to coax Israel back to peace talks
U.K.-funded irrigation canal benefits farmers
        Lebanon contracts Canadian firm to upgrade airport radars

U.S. growth mild, but durable
        Assad welcomes larger Russian naval presence
Syrian army turns to women on Damascus front lines
        Saudis show growing independence from U.S.
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Terrified US Aircraft Carrier Flees From Russian Subs To UK Safety |
        Russia warns NATO drills a �problem� as US attack planes buzz Poland
Russia will not ask anyone�s permission to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea
        US-Russia nuclear conflict: The impossible is possible
US test-fires nukes in California to remind Russia of its powe

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     That Canada Post flips to $194M profit in 2014 was my intended topic

Howsomever this article "Conservatives are now calling criticisms of Bill C-51 'conspiracy theories' " grabbed my attention

The conclusion arrived at in the "Pop quiz", (b), has been replaced by (a) in that Tories to amend anti-terror bill to allay concerns it goes too far.

My thought? You reviewing the criticisms levelled nay better enable you to judge, when amendments are proposed, the degree to which concerns are being met.
Pop quiz!

Your government's controversial anti-terror bill is plummeting in public opinion polls. A lot of people are concerned the bill is too vague and too broad, and that it will erode civil liberties and result in unintended consequences. Do you:

(a) Acknowledge their concerns and work speedily to improve the bill?
(b) Claim there's a "widespread misinformation" campaign of "conspiracy theories" at work and that your critics haven't bothered to "read the bill"?

Here's a short list of those expressing concern:


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