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�Go big': Inside the $24 million, two-year federal plan to market oil

Harper call to Netanyahu: Canada supports two-state solution
        Harper to meet, talk ISIS with NATO secretary general
Ottawa to invest in anti-terrorism drone technology
        Tories ready to ram anti-terror bill through hearings
Angus calls for investigation into missing letter to Finley
        Feds spend $4.3 million on pot for vets, 10 times more than year before
Mulcair doubtful NDP MPs will see wages garnished this month for satellite office
        Mulcair on Iraq: �We think it�s wrong for Canada to be involved�

Unpacking the politics: Iraq mission and Harper�s stance on guns
        Leader Mario Beaulieu wants to bring immigrants to the separatist cause
Outspoken First Nations activist says she�s being tracked by the government
        How Stephen Harper came to love politics of fear
Anti-gun hysterics shooting blanks
        Make Iraq mission quick
Premier pours oil on troubled waters in meeting union leaders
        The fall of the OPP
The shabby, shallow world of the militant atheist
        Harper�s extremism pushing opposition onto the streets

If Stephen Harper is serious about criminalising �barbaric cultural practices�then he should arrest himself for even suggesting it

Five unanswered questions from Canada�s Iraq War
        Harper expresses hopes for a �tyranny� free Iran at Canadian Iranian gala
Why wouldn�t the Liberals and NDP make a deal to replace Stephen Harper?
        While Vancouver-East votes in NDP candidate, Greens hope for an upset
What the Nazi era can teach us about deradicalizing extremists
        American and Iranian diplomats cite progress but neither side guarantees nuclear deal by deadline
Foreign students left behind in new Express Entry immigration program
        CRTC �wholesale code� change important for smaller cable companies
Canadian Bar Association denounces government�s anti-terrorism bill
        Two police officers wounded, civilian dead in Mississauga incident

3 ways smaller oil and gas firms can survive the downturn
        Former Afghanistan Task Force head raises caution flag over Iraq
The federal Conservative government believes student debt is stable
        Watch: The West Block: March 22
Pricey Bank of Canada meeting included trip to oilsands
        Slumping oil prices cast shadow on World Heavy Oil Congress in Edmonton
Bureaucrats warned against removing green requirements for infrastructure projects
        New records detail how climate-change views scuttled artist�s grant
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trudeau goes neg � and goes too far - Warren Kinsella, Toronto Sun
How Stephen Harper came to love politics of fear - Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star
Former Alberta Wildrose leader Danielle Smith in tough-to-win Progressive Conservative nomination
Premier Prentice ups sales pitch � at your expense - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
Make Iraq mission quick - Anthony Furey, Ottawa Sun
Canada�s consumer protection watchdog could get more bite with new code- Andy Blatchford,
Independent Canadian TV producers face valuation risk- Michael Lewis, Toronto Star

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Bill C-51: Canada's Orwellian State Arrives | The Nelson Daily
        Pass that Bill! Slow that One Down! On Harper's Hurry-Up Hypocrisy | The Tyee
8 things you need to know about Bill C-51
        Terrorizing Canada With Stephen Harper � CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
CTV QP: Bill C-51 goes to Canadian Bar Association
        Widespread support for burka ban, Jason Kenney says; Muslims salute minister for 'courageous' move
Rick Mercer - Economic Bewilderment
        Which Reporters Don't Bother To Encrypt Email?
Enbridge racks up $264,000 in National Energy Board penalties this month
        Striking U of T, York U workers rally for post-secondary education funding

Forget terrorists be terrified of Harperites: Siddiqui | Toronto Star
        Province formally revokes $5.2 million grant for controversial low-cost housing project
Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial...
        Oilsands Company Will Monitor Employees With Electronic Tracking
LOOK: The Richest People In Each Province And Territory
        The End of Canada in Ten Steps: A Conversation with Naomi Wolf
Federal NDP plans bill that would encourage oil refineries
        Fanning the flames of intolerance
Chris Alexander announces that Poverty has been eliminated in Canada
        Why I Am Fighting Bill C-51

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L'ONU soutient le pr�sident Hadi et l'unit� du Y�menPlus
L'�quipe Coderre remporte la partielle d'OutremontPlus
D�raillement de train pr�s d'EdmontonPlus
Collision � Saint-Bruno: un homme perd la viePlus
Mort du �fondateur� de Singapour Lee Kuan YewPlus
Varennes: �On nous a oubli�s dans la shop�Plus
Isra�l: Ottawa veut toujours une solution � deux �tatsPlus
Saint-Patrick: chaude ambiance malgr� le froidPlus
Calgary: un pr�sum� supr�maciste blanc bless� Plus
�lections en France: la droite en t�tePlus
Le Parti vert veut renforcer les normes de salubrit�Plus
Syrie: l'EI revendique des attaques contre les KurdesPlus
Soudan du Sud: 250 enfants-soldats d�mobilis�sPlus
Inde: 1000 arrestations dans une affaire de triche scolairePlus
L'EI publie une liste de 100 militaires am�ricains � abattrePlus
Attentat: la Tunisie sur la piste d'un troisi�me suspectPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How Hillary can win big - Brent Budowsky, The Hill
        Democratic Disarray - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
Bush: Republican for All Seasons? - Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
        Role of Hillary Clinton�s Brother in Haiti Gold Mine Raises Eyebrows -  Washington Post
For 2016 Run, Scott Walker Washes �Wiscahnsin� Out of His Mouth - Patrick Healy, New York Times
        Stocks are likely to struggle during March Madness- Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch
From Warren Buffett to Bill Gates: How auto dealerships are attracting a whole new class of investor-
        Apple�s drive for world auto dominance spooks the industry- Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail
Iran upbeat on nuclear talks progress- BBC News
        Russia moves to stop same-sex spouses receiving UN staff benefits- Chris Johnston, The Guardian

Pakistan forces kill 80 militants in northwest- The Times of India
        US evacuates 100 special forces from Yemen airbase- Al Jazeera
Senegal opposition selects on-trial Wade as presidential candidate- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

French left and right beat National Front in local election: estimates
UN says Yemen conflict could become "Iraq-Libya-Syria" scenario
Russia threatens to aim nuclear missiles at Denmark ships if it joins NATO shield
US trains Iraqi forces as battle for Tikrit continues
UN: Libya talks holding together despite fighting outbreak
Palestinians protest planned Jerusalem evictions
Argentine archaeologists explore possible Nazi hideout: report
CIA director: Iran general 'destabilizing' efforts in Iraq
Israel reaches out to France before resumption of Iran nuclear talks
Netanyahu allies blame White House criticism on misunderstanding
US can prevent Iran developing nuclear bomb: CIA director
US should rethink UN funding if Palestinian resolution approved: senator
US Marine Corps urges 'vigilance' after ISIS online threat
West should consider all tools, including arms, for Ukraine: NATO general
Sri Lanka probes ex-envoy over alleged Ukraine arms deals
Israel president opens talks over appointing next PM
Artillery fire breaks out in east Ukraine
US, Iran cite progress in nuke talks, though deal is unclear
Obama takes Netanyahu 'at his word' on Palestinian state
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The "iEverything" and the Redistributional Imperative
        Mass Exodus of Germans From Eastern Europe: The Last Nazi War Crime
Circumpolar Mental Wellness Symposium - CIHR
        10 News Outlets Corporate Media Doesn't Want You to Follow
Glyphosate is �probable human carcinogen� WHO�s cancer agency Ye Olde Journalist
Defeat the Right in Three Minutes
        Around The World, People Say The United States Is Most Dangerous To World Peace
Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis
        Are the Elite Going Into Hiding Because World War III Has Finally Begun? | War and Conflict

North Korean Red Dawn closer than ever
        Jesse Ventura: The Racist States of America
US Taxpayers To Fund Ukraine Bailout With Bond Guarantee | Zero Hedge
        Oligarch Kolomoyskiy about raid on UkrTransNafta and Parliament deputy Leshenko | Eng Subs
Politicians Lie Because Voters Punish them for Telling the Truth - Breitbart
        A Family Business of Perpetual War | Consortiumnews
Important! China and Russia Team up with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
        Russia Threatens To Aim Nuclear Missiles At Denmark Ships If It Joins NATO Shield
It�s Official: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too
        Iran is ready to crash Pipelineistan

Busting Ukraine Fakes (#1) - How Ukraine's Media Works (Fakes)
        Corporate welfare Clyde Mobbley spot
The Claim That Democracy Is Tied to Capitalism Is a Lie

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Chris Alexander announces that Poverty has been eliminated in Canada

Senator Hugh Segal on Fighting Poverty in Canada


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