Sunday 10 December 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST December 10, 2017.

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Provinces confront Morneau in feud with feds over marijuana-proceeds pot

Feds avoiding �a lot of trouble� by eyeing used Australian jets: former top general
        As Australia ousts MPs with dual citizenship, Canada�s Parliament embraces many in its ranks
Trudeau to name new top judge for Supreme Court next week
        Finance ministers to talk changes to value, calculation of CPP benefits

Alberta United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney seeks seat in Calgary byelection
        Couillard�s Liberals promise guaranteed minimum income for some Quebecers
Canada is playing the long game with China
        Beware of the dark-side of social media
Trudeau now needs to make NAFTA top priority
        Newman on NAFTA: Mitigating Collateral Damage

Calgary ralliers call on Trudeau to denounce U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital
        �We need to get at this�: Morneau to push for changes to mystery corporations at finance ministers� meeting
Why Canada should say the Jerusalem decision makes the world worse
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Trudeau, trade and the jungle out there - John Robson, Loonie Politics
        Province backtracks on municipalities� right to say no to pot stores - Shawn Jeffords - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Who should sponsor bills in the Senate? - Dale Smith, Loonie Politics
        Our governments are addicted to gambling - John Snobelen, Toronto Sun
Cue the �fundignation� � Notley having fun being indignant with Saskatchewan premier - Graham Thomson, Calgary Herald
        Canadian energy firms take issue with Trump administration�s nod to coal, nuclear power- Shawn McCarthy, The Globe and Mail
Move over Toronto and Calgary, this Canadian city has the lowest business taxes in the country- Jesse Snyder, Financial Post
        Is Rogers really going to sell the Blue Jays? Don�t bet on it- Peter Armstrong, CBC News
Flying to Europe gets more expensive for Canadians as Delta adds baggage fee- CTV News
        Automakers avoid patent wars while adding new tech to cars- Susan Decker - Bloomberg, Ryan Beene, Toronto Star


Plus de 37 200 cas d'agressions sexuelles r��valu�sPlus
        La fin des baleines noires?Plus
Accus�e d'avoir affam� � mort sa fille adoptivePlus
        Nouvelles manifestations contre la d�cision am�ricaine sur J�rusalemPlus
Des arch�ologues d�couvrent une momie vieille de 3000 ans en �gyptePlus
        Il neige au Royaume-Uni, les transports perturb�sPlus
Un incendie encore tr�s actif en Californie, Santa Barbara menac�ePlus
        Importante manifestation � Rabat contre la d�cision de Trump sur J�rusalem


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Doug Jones makes final push in Alabama with black voters in Selma - Daniel Teehan, Washington Post
        Kirsten Gillibrand�s Moment Has Arrived - David Freedlander, Politico
18 Questions for CNN After Latest Round of Fake News - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
        Why Alabama�s Special Election Looms So Large - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
Finally, a President Who Looks at Jerusalem Logically - Einat Wilf, The Atlantic
        The Republican Party Is Rotting - David Brooks, New York Times
Dems hope Bredesen can still win over TN voters - Lisa Hagen, The Hill
        Did Democrats Just Fall Into Roger Stone�s Trap? - Margaret Carlson, The Daily Beast
Here�s a list of politicians accused of sexual misconduct - Dan Corey, NBC News
        Palestinians to snub Pence during visit over Jerusalem move- Reuters, The Times Of India

Ex-Georgian President Saakashvili on �indefinite� hunger strike after second arrest- France 24
        Nepal election: Leftist alliance set for victory- Al Jazeera
Separatists squabble as �healing� election leaves Catalonia even more divided- Stephen Burgen, The Guardian
        Iraq declares war with Islamic State is over- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Honduras' electoral court finds results 'consistent'
        Qatar signs $8B deal to buy 24 Typhoon fighters from UK
UK won't pay Brexit bill if no trade deal agreed: Davis
        With foes absent, Venezuela's socialists to gain from local vote
Netanyahu faces pressure in Europe amid Jerusalem protests
        Israel, Turkey leaders trade insults over US Jerusalem decision
Haley insists US move on Jerusalem will 'move the ball forward'
        Anti-migrant leader pushes to win national power in Italy
Nobel Peace Prize winners sound nuclear warning on N. Korea tensions
        After Brexit, UK aims for trade deal with EU that tops Canada pact

Israel minister calls for boycott of Palestinian area after riot
        Erdogan calls Israel 'terrorist state'
Britain offered 'statement of intent' on Irish border to unlock talks: Davis
        Iran says 'good relations' possible if Saudis change
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: The Equalization Conundrum

The problem with Canada�s equalization program is that it is unfair and does not work.

Theoretically, each province is measured by its taxation potential. That means that resource-rich provinces can enjoy taxes from resource development � if they develop them.

Provinces with a large industrial base will get more tax income than those with smaller industrial bases.

Alberta has no sales tax, so it is measured as if it had a sales tax.

Provinces charge an enormous number of fees and charges that are not truly taxes, but amount to the same thing.

Left out of the equation entirely is the tax burden carried by residents of the various provinces. No one seems to have any clear answer to that one! There are all sorts of tables that compare tax rates at different levels of income, but that is only part of the answer.

Governments, federal and provincial have spent the past couple of decades piling on new taxes and have developed a habit of taxing taxes. One example is gasoline where we pay a federal excise tax, provincial road tax and then pay GST on both those taxes. In 2018 we will pay a federal excise tax, a provincial road tax, a carbon tax and GST on all three!

Our taxation system has become so convoluted and complex no one can keep track of how much in accumulated taxes and fees we pay or to whom.

Canada has become urbanized and providing services to the dwindling number of rural residents is increasingly expensive. Equalization has been with us since Confederation and was first formalized in 1957 � 60 years ago when our rural � urban mix was quite different.

A major flaw is that equalization payments go to provinces and are lost in provincial budgets which favour urban areas � that is where the votes are. Equalization funds should be directed to rural municipalities and towns which would allow them to improve infrastructure towards urban standards.

Better medical facilities upgraded sewer and water distribution and even child care could be available in rural areas. We are missing the boat by assuming that provinces will take care of rural areas instead of buying votes.

Finance ministers are meeting shortly to review our equalization program and my bet is that rural Canadians will be ignored again. That is no way to run a country.    

John Feldsted


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