Saturday 23 December 2017


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Don Martin�s 5 political power players of 2017

Official warns more civil servants could see �low pay or no pay� over Christmas
        Diplomats warn Canada of Russian meddling in finance and elections
Canada attending Nikki Haley�s �friendship� party after Jerusalem vote at the UN
        Deficit on track for elimination by 2045, a decade earlier than last year�s projection

Court jails Ukraine PM�s interpreter accused of spying for Russia
        Amid progress on the Indigenous file, Jane Philpott warns journalists against �sloppy� reporting
Aga Khan not subject to lobbying law, says commissioner
        How �sunny ways� got soiled in the Ottawa swamp
The Tale of the Handsome Prime Minister Who Did Nothing Wrong
        Stumbling Jagmeet Singh the perfect Christmas present for Trudeau�s Liberals
In praise of the best people of 2017: Part 1
        Laureen Harper shows an edge Canadian politics sorely lacks
When it comes to the Middle East, Ottawa sits on its hands to keep Trump happy
        What Trudeau needs to do to become Canada�s first �Oceans Prime Minister�

Finance Department trims long-term deficit projections after year of growth
        Feds say deficit through October at $6.3 billion as monthly spending drops
Liberals agree to settle class action lawsuit over student loan privacy breach
        Accounts of violence against Rohingya Muslims must be documented: Bob Rae
Right-wing extremism �growing concern� in Canada, federal report says
        Why Canada�s energy transition will face a big pushback in 2018
Jagmeet Singh: Canada�s pioneering party leader on building unity amid division
        Twitter mocks Jason Kenney for suggesting the left thinks �saying Merry Christmas is hateful�
MP Obhrai says there�s a �personal vendetta� against him in Forest Lawn nomination battle
        39% of cannabis users admit to driving after smoking pot, government survey finds

Fires, floods and rain dominated the weather in 2017
        Talks with Britain drag on over Franklin wreck artifacts
It will be months before Canada can restore a critical pollution monitoring site
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Jason Kenney on bozos and floorcrossers - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
        Heads should roll over Trudeau ethics breach - Andre Marin, Toronto Sun
Canada drops charade of progressive trade with China - Charles Burton, Macleans
        On easy test of friendship, Canada takes a pass - Kevin Libin, National Post
McKenna gives Manitoba Feb. 28 deadline to sign on to climate plan or forfeit $66M - Aidan Geary, CBC News
        Trudeau�s unforgivable audience with Joshua Boyle - Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun
Price-fixing cases �common� as rewards outweigh risks, experts say- CTV News
        Apple admits it slows the performance of older iPhones (6 and 7), but for a good reason- Stephen Nellis - Reuters, Financial Post
Food producers, grocers jumping on �free from� bandwagon- Dianne Buckner, CBC News
        Canadian TV providers receive payments to carry Russian �propaganda machine�- Susan Krashinsky Robertson, The Globe and Mail


La SQ sur les traces d'un r�seau de contrebande de tabacPlus
        Accus� d'agressions sexuelles: des victimes d'Otman Bahmed recherch�es � Gatineau et OttawaPlus
Laitues romaines contamin�es � l'E-coli : les femmes plus � risquePlus
        Une Am�ricaine nomm�e � la t�te de l'UnicefPlus
Irlande: le groupe Trump oblig� de revoir la taille de son murPlus
        Washington envisage de s�parer les enfants clandestins de leurs parentsPlus
Donald Trump promulgue la baisse des imp�ts adopt�e par le Congr�sPlus
        Bloc qu�b�cois : l'aile jeunesse a une nouvelle pr�sidentePlus
Un cardinal proche du pape a empoch� des sommes astronomiques, selon un m�diaPlus
        Similitudes avec celui de la tour Grenfell Plus

Le dur temps des f�tesPlus
        Un Palestinien tu� par les soldats isra�liens lors de heurts Plus
Les ind�pendantistes catalans face au d�fi de former un gouvernementPlus
        Les Palestiniens n'accepteront �aucun plan� de paix des �tats-UnisPlus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Democrats May Wish They�d Supported Trump�s Tax Cut - Michael Graham, CBS News
        Trump�s New Strategy Will Baffle Allies and Delight Foes - Fred Kaplan, Slate
What�ll It Take to Beat Trump? The Case for a Generic Democrat - Bill Scher, Politico
        The Double-Edged Sword of a Party-Line Victory - Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic
Ho, Ho, Ho. Jolly Good Year for Trump Defies Doomsayers - Conrad Black, New York Sun
        �Sweden sends us to be killed�: young Afghans facing deportation- Catherine Girouard, The Guardian
Mosul is a graveyard: Final ISIS battle kills 9,000 civilians- The Times Of India
        Suspected cholera cases hit 1 million in Yemen, Red Cross says- France 24
Damian Green sacked after �misleading statements� on porn claims- BBC News
        Bahrain warns against challenging US over �side issues�- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Trump signs sweeping tax overhaul, sealing major victory
        Russia's partial Syria withdrawal 'carried out': defence minister
India, China hold talks on long-running border dispute
        Putin, Erdogan discuss creation of Palestinian state
Putin accuses U.S. of plotting to break landmark arms control pact
        Britain to bring back classic blue-and-gold passport as it leaves EU
Catalan separatists win vote, thwarting Rajoy's bid to solve crisis
        Major powers scamble to agree on Syria peace plan
U.S. has 'marginalised itself' in Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Macron
        President Abbas says Palestinians will not accept any U.S. peace plan

North Korea says new Trump security strategy seeks 'total subordination of whole world'
        Top US aid recipients ignored White House threat on UN vote
Two choices: Fake Brexit or no Brexit
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Studies Show WTC Building 1,2 & 7 could Not Have Fallen Why does the US Still Lie About 9/11??

Canada Wimps Out UN Vote On Trump's Decision To Move US Embassy To Jerusalem
Georgian Snipers: An American Directed Kiev's Maidan False Flag Massacre
Russia warns US, Canada against weapons supplies to Ukraine
Thriving cash market survives wheat board demise
Is this where Santa is really from?


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