Saturday 9 December 2017


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Documents outline Liberal lobbying plan to promote Gordie Howe bridge in U.S.

�He said, No, no, no�: Trump tells crowd about trade disagreement with Trudeau
        French and Italian governments endorse long-shot bid for 15 new ships for Canada�s navy
�We need to get at this�: Morneau to push for changes to mystery corporations at finance ministers� meeting
        Ontario PCs still lag behind Liberals despite launch of new platform

Joly says it�s up to Morneau to decide whether to tax Netflix
        Migrant workers� group slams NDP�s Singh for online posts on farm visit
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall urges Albertans to tell NDP to stop �protectionist measures�
        Wanted: A disabilities minister sensitive to the needs of others
CBC�s idea of a �level playing field� � subsidies for us, taxes for others
        Canada�s next chief justice will likely be from Quebec
What we know�and have always known�about this moment in sexual harassment
        Canadian media will likely botch its #MeToo moment
Newman on NAFTA: Mitigating Collateral Damage
        Trump�s stance on Jerusalem changes everything � and nothing

Why Canada should say the Jerusalem decision makes the world worse
        Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin knew how to make Ottawa listen

Jason Kenney headlines Calgary-Lougheed byelection, but rivals hoping to spoil the show
        37,272 sexual-assault cases being reviewed, 402 unfounded cases reopened so far
Airbnb warns federal government about overregulation
        Saskatchewan Party investigating after three leadership candidates raise concerns
Boeing won�t end dispute with Bombardier despite Liberal plan to buy used jets
        CRA to review disability tax credit applications after backlash from diabetics
Terrorism expert questions use of ongoing surveillance resources for returning foreign fighters
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Trump tells rally about trade disagreement with Trudeau, admits �I like him� - Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        PCs still lag behind Liberals despite launch of new platform - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Joly says it�s up to Morneau, not her, to decide whether to tax Netflix - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Suicide rate among military veterans higher than general population, study shows - Lee Berthiaume - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
After Brad Wall, can the Saskatchewan Party keep itself together? - Tammy Robert, Macleans
        It�s time for Supreme Court to rein in petty provincial protectionism - Barrie McKenna, The Globe and Mail
Why Trudeau got taken for a ride in China - Colby Cosh, National Post
        Worker protections paramount in NAFTA talks, labour minister says - Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press, CTV News
UCP�s Kenney drops the gloves after NDP attack - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
        The race for Calgary-Lougheed � the vote is Thursday - James Wood, Calgary Herald

Wynne worse than McGuinty on ads - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        �Cars-for-cheese� deal has EU agree to free trade with Japan- CBC News
Why Canada firmly supports net neutrality � but it may not matter anyway- Emily Jackson, Financial Post
        Canadian housing starts� six-month upward trend hits decade high, CMHC reports- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
GM Canada proposing first of its kind renewable energy project at Ontario facility- CTV News


Autoroute 20 Ouest � Longueuil: congestion monstre apr�s un accidentPlus
        �Passager perturbateur�: un avion d'Air Transat fait demi-tourPlus
Mefloquine: les plaignants doivent encore patienterPlus
        Trump s'en prend � CNN apr�s une information erron�ePlus
Phase critique dans les travaux de l'�changeur TurcotPlus
        Saisie record de coca�ne dans un poste frontalier de l'AlbertaPlus
Crise des opio�des: 6000 appels � Vancouver cette ann�ePlus
        Il bat � mort sa belle-fille qui refusait de mettre son pyjamaPlus
Deux Palestiniens tu�s dans des raids isra�liens, nouveaux heurtsPlus
        2 dirigeants, dont l'ex-PDG, de Lafarge soup�onn�s d'avoir financ� l'�I en SyriePlus

15 Casques bleus tu�s en R�publique d�mocratique du Congo, �pire attaque� de ces 24 derni�res ann�esPlus
        Obama appelle � cultiver la d�mocratie, �voque le spectre des ann�es 30Plus


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Obstruction of Congress - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
�Evil� Tax Cuts? Nope, It�s Blue-State Panic - Heather Wilhelm, National Review
        GOP Passing Its Unpopular Agenda Is Bad for Democracy - Hacker & Pierson, Vox
How Far Did Obama�s DoJ Go to Stop Trump? - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Conservative group seeks removal of judge from case targeting Mueller, citing political bias - Morgan Chalfant, The Hill
Will Trump�s tax cuts finally lead to higher wages for workers? - Martha C. White, NBC News
        �Large number� of UN peacekeepers killed in DR Congo attack- France 24
Brexit: �Breakthrough� deal paves way for future trade talks- BBC News
        Palestinian shot dead in Gaza as protesters clash with Israeli troops in West Bank- Peter Beaumont, The Guardian
China accuses Australian leader of undermining trust- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        Tillerson tells Saudi Arabia to temper Yemen actions- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Pro-Palestinian march in Paris ahead of Netanyahu visit
        Iraq and Iran sign Kirkuk oil export contract: Iraqi oil official
Aid groups to boycott new Myanmar camps for Rohingya returnees
        N. Korea condemns 'dotard' Trump over Jerusalem
Brexit breakthrough boosts European stock markets
        Putin launches $27B Arctic LNG project
Why International Day of Human Rights matters
        Muslim world protests Trump Jerusalem decision
Jerusalem plan revives tensions in EU diplomacy
        World economy surging despite Trump�s global system rancor

Donald Trump versus Mideast peace
        U.S. asks for measured Saudi overseas role
Over 60 killed in South Sudan livestock battles
        Tale of two uprisings: 30 years since first intifada erupted
The terrible cost of Trump�s Jerusalem decision
        Group seeks U.S. accountability for CIA renditions
May�s Brexit deal wins her some peace in U.K.
        U.K., EU hail Brexit progress even though issues unresolved
New intifada looms in Palestine
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From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Made in Manitoba carbon tax??

Provincial government propaganda on the carbon tax is an exercise in bafflegab and obfuscation.

Carbon taxes are mandated by a federal government that is threatening provinces that do not meet federal standards with imposing the tax for them.

A new tax is as welcome as a 450-pound pig in the parlor. It must be fed, is out of place, does nothing useful and leaves a mess to be cleaned up. Provincial efforts to gussy up the pig with lipstick, eyebrow pencil, false lashes, eye shadow, a wig and a pretty ribbon obscures intent but the pig still must be fed and leaves a mess.

The Government request for input is humorous. We are given the choices of lipstick colour, wig type and other choices that fit its narrative.

Protecting wetlands and cleaning water naturally are important to us but not in the context of carbon taxes. Manitobans support environmental protection including building dykes to minimize flooding, but not as justification for a carbon tax. The carbon tax plan imposed by the federal government is for $10 per tonne effective in 2018 and rising by $10 per tonne in each of the four years following.

Pallister�s plan to jump in with a $25 per tonne carbon tax in 2018 makes little sense. Manitobans would pay about 5.25� per liter carbon tax on gasoline rather than the federally mandated 2.1�. (Do not forget that GST is added to the carbon tax.) For 2019 we would pay 5.25� rather than 4.2�. For 2020 the going gets sticky, we would pay 5.25� per liter while the feds want 6.3�.

This is not an insignificant tax with little impact. The provincial carbon tax @ 5� a liter on gasoline and diesel is over $118 million per year. GST on that is $5.9 Million. That is $124 million of after income, EI and CPP tax dollars going to the provincial and federal governments in new taxes. Put another way, if you fill a 60 liter tank every week, you will pay an extra $3.15 per fill or $163.80 a year.           

Pallister�s pledges to halt hydro developments and stop bi-poll III have evaporated and we are looking at substantial increases in hydro rates over the next five years. The combined hydro rate increases (another new tax) and new carbon tax are going to put rural people and low-income people in serious trouble. City and town expenses for traffic and street lighting will increase which may result in increased property taxes.

The cumulative effect of taxing to pay for uncontrolled hydro debt and carbon emissions is going to drive our cost of living up sharply. Transport costs will increase to offset carbon taxes resulting in higher prices for consumer goods including food and clothing.

Buying a fleet of electrical vehicles and building the needed charging stations is not attractive when hydro rates are projected to increase by 40% or more over the next five years. The costs of capital expenditure and infrastructure combined with rate increases does not make switching from proven gasoline and diesel driven vehicles attractive.

The sad part of this is that our governments have convinced themselves that they can control climate change by taxing us. Remember that they cannot control spending, cannot focus on core services they are elected to provide, cannot stop needless government expansion and have run us into horrendous debt. We have reason to doubt their ability to deal effectively with climate change.

They are only consistent when it comes to finding new ways to tax us. 

John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reckon it's good changing solar patterns aren't involved in climate change . . .


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