Thursday 14 December 2017

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST December 13, 2017.

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PMO staffer Claude-�ric Gagn� under investigation for inappropriate behaviour

The ties that bind the Liberals and the Bronfmans
        Who is Michael Wolfson?
Morneau clarifies small-business tax changes as senators blast plan
        House of Commons rises for the year, leaving major bills in limbo

DND touts plan to buy Australian F-18s with photo of Super Hornets on Facebook
        National clean fuels strategy will affect all forms of fuels in Canada
Morneau says he would have sold shares earlier if he had known �what I know now�
        How many political lives does Kent Hehr have?
Liberals survive Category 5 storm over small business tax, Morneau but emerge diminished
        Andrew Scheer�s Everyman image won�t be enough to beat Justin Trudeau
Why 2018 is the year of the Trudeau reset
        Indigenous women will be equal � someday
What of CBC�s strange corporate culture?
        Tradition triumphs as Trudeau names Richard Wagner chief justice of Canada�s top court
New private member�s bill could mean end of the Happy Meal in Canada

Stephen LeDrew calls reasons for his firing from CP24 �baloney�
        Aussie F-18s still need a little work, says DND
On Aga Khan�s birthday, Christmas holiday controversy still haunts Trudeau
        Morneau�s small business tax changes promise simpler rules for income sprinkling
Canadians want Ottawa to ban use of tax havens, poll finds
        Canadian arms-makers get the OK to sell to Ukraine
The Liberals in late 2017 � sinking in the House, soaring everywhere else
        The state of Donald Trump�s mental health is a valid � and open � question
Why 2018 is the year of� oh God, now what?!
        Public deserves answers on Chinese takeover of Canadian construction giant

De-radicalization can work for former ISIS fighters
        There are nearly 300,000 high-paying clean tech jobs in Canada
Alberta MLA Derek Fildebrandt charged with illegal deer kill on private land
        Top trending Canadian political figure in 2017? Scheer
Singh launched NDP byelection campaign in wrong Scarborough riding
        Liberals have passed half as many bills as Harper�s government in same time period
Canadian donations for Myanmar hit $12.5M, government to match funds: Bibeau
        Byelection winner Jean Yip �not different than anyone else who�s lost a spouse�

Liberal�s new �naughty and nice list� approach to defence contractors could face legal, trade challenges
        Bring Senate expense-claim disputes out of �arbitrary,� �secretive� meetings: Sen. McPhedran
Morneau to release small-business tax details as MPs break for holidays
        New Liberal MP Gordie Hogg plays down federal implications of by-election win
Department leaves veterans in �financial limbo,� behind on half its targets
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Equalization not working for Newfoundland and Labrador, says finance minister - CBC News
        Brown refuses to apologize to Wynne over Sudbury trial comments - Rob Ferguson & Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Ontario Liberals hiding deficit, second watchdog says - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
        With CF-18 deal, Ottawa augments Canada�s old jets with Australia�s old jets - John Geddes, Macleans
NDP accuse Liberals of using hydro bills as partisan advertising - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Ontario passes Cannabis Act, will take effect July 1, 2018 - Rob Ferguson & Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Trudeau�s pick for Supreme Court chief hailed in Quebec - Jonathan Montpetit, CBC News
        Senator Harder seeking Senate special hearing on marijuana bill - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
Scheer should learn a lesson from the South Surrey-White Rock by-election - Campbell Clark, The Globe and Mail
        More than 25,000 Ontario college students get tuition refund after strike - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

Hydropothecary cannabis expansion plans to put it among top producers in Canada- CTV News
        Canadian cellular prices declining, mainly for talk and text, report finds- Pete Evans, CBC News
Warren Buffett about to add $3 billion back to his cash pile courtesy of Tim Hortons� owner- Noah Buhayar and Craig Gammon -
        Kellogg is hoping a Manhattan caf� will make cereal cool again through Instagram- Craig Giammona - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
A shift in inflation is taking shape and investors may end up paying a big price- Ian McGugan, The Globe and Mail

R�forme fiscale: Morneau veut faire diversion, d�nonce l'oppositionPlus
        Nikki Haley promet des r�v�lations jeudi sur l'IranPlus
Les r�publicains veulent qu'un procureur ind�pendant enqu�te sur le FBIPlus
        France: Marine Le Pen peine � rebondirPlus
Alcool au volant: 45 week-ends derri�re les barreaux pour une m�re de famille qui a bless� deux femmesPlus
        Un chirurgien reconna�t avoir grav� ses initiales sur le foie de patientsPlus
Capture au Paraguay du trafiquant le plus recherch� du Br�silPlus
        Le Canada prot�ge un peu plus la baleine noire et le b�lugaPlus
Donn�es de Google: ce que les Canadiens ont cherch� en 2017Plus
        Un b�b� de quatre mois poignard� � TorontoPlus

Le � ministre du Bonheur � recherch� dans une affaire de meurtrePlus
        Un comit� du S�nat demande l'abandon de la r�forme fiscalePlus
Le plein emploi exclut de nombreuses femmes aux Etats-UnisPlus
        Il s'effondre en jouant au hockey-balle, mais est sauv� par ses co�quipiers Plus
D�couverte d'une tique gorg�e du sang d'un dinosaurePlus
        Elle agresse sexuellement une fillette de 7 ans pour 100 $Plus
Une �le nouvelle du Pacifique pourrait renseigner sur MarsPlus
        Trump : � j'avais raison � sur le fait que Moore ne pouvait gagner en AlabamaPlus
348$ de plus votre panier d'�picerie en 2018Plus
        Des constellations inspir�es par des vedettes pour inciter les enfants � les observerPlus

Une fausse infirmi�re d�clar�e coupable en OntarioPlus
        Le gouvernement ontarien poursuivi pour 600 millions $Plus
Les �tats-Unis �pr�ts� � parler � la Cor�e du Nord �sans condition pr�alable�Plus


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
-Doug Jones declared victor in Alabama race for Senate; Roy Moore may seek recount - Sean Sullivan, Washington Post
        I�m Not Convinced Franken Should Quit - Zephyr Teachout, New York Times
The Republican Party�s Reality Problem�and Ours - Ezra Klein, Vox
        Obama Is Right: U.S. Democracy Is Fragile - Ruth Ben-Ghiat, CNN
WH ramps up calls for immigration overhaul after NYC terror attack - Jordan Fabian, The Hill
        Already on the 2020 radar, Kirsten Gillibrand catapulted into the spotlight by President Trump - Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
Explosion at major Austrian gas hub, one dead- AFP, The Times Of India
        US ready for talks with North Korea �without preconditions�, Tillerson says- Julian Borger, The Guardian
France�s National Front party charged over EU �fake jobs�- BBC News
        Doubts over impact of Putin�s Syria withdrawal declaration- Al Jazeera
EU withdraws support for Cambodia election authority after opposition dissolved- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Putin must nudge Syria into UN peace deal: mediator
        Palestinians at UN push for resolution on Jerusalem
White House says not right time for talks with North Korea
        Nearly 200 nations promise to stop ocean plastic waste
President Abbas says Palestinians will go to UN Security Council over full UN membership
        Muslim leaders urge recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestine capital: statement
EU parliament backs outline Brexit deal
        Tillerson says US ready to talk to NKorea; Japan wants pressure
US wary of Putin's declaration of victory in Syria
        Row over Syrian refugee return threatens Danish government

Russia to keep air, naval bases in Syria
        General Security warns Mossad recruiting online
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Monsanto Giving Cash to Farmers Who Use Controversial Pesticide

Natural Variability


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Liberals reach deal with the provinces on sharing pot tax revenue

Now isn�t that just special. The wolves have decided how to divide up the carcass. They have a new tax they can�t wait to get their grubby paws on.

Although I don�t use any drug other than alcohol or whatever my doctor prescribes (I gave up tobacco as too darn expensive) I am seriously considering acquisition of a still. This old sinner is tired of the enormous taxes on one of the very few pleasures I can enjoy in my later years.

We have listened to months of misinformation and rhetoric about why legalizing marijuana is a sound move, but the real motivation is new tax revenue. Provinces are whining about the increased costs of managing legal sales of weed, but we only need to look at the local liquor marts to see how a lot of the cash will be spent.

Give governments a monopoly on anything and its get real expensive very quickly.

There is no mention or consideration of waiving taxes for medical marijuana use. There are not that many who use it as a medication and most of those are poor enough without being taxed for a medication. Government greed knows no bounds.

Once this tax is in place, future budgets will include incremental increases in the cannabis tax � after all it is just another �sin tax�. We have seen it all before. It will not take very long for the provinces to introduce their own cannabis taxes � we have seen that before too.

When do we stop governments spending lavishly on buying our votes and then taxing the heck out of everything they can think of to keep deficits a wee bit smaller? Does no one understand that rising deficits translate to rising interest payments and less money for a government to spend? Deficits are self-defeating.

Despite government hand-wringing, consumer debt is not a problem. It is the accumulating interest on that debt that eventually results in personal bankruptcy. Governments are not immune to the same rules of prudent fiscal management. Governments take more and more of our earnings each year and refuse to admit they are a leading the way to imprudent spending and growing debt.

Desperate people will undertake desperate actions and we have a growing number of desperate people as each year passes. Governments are far too removed from the working poor to understand that they have passed the point of diminishing returns. The harsher the taxation, the harder people will work to find ways to hide income from taxation.

One thing is certain; the underground economy is going to grow. Barter still works. You do something for me and I do something for you. We both get what we need but no money changes hands. Tracking down and taxing those transactions is going to keep Morneau awake for many, many nights.

In the meantime, Trudeau and Morneau claim they are helpless to stop very rich people and corporations from hiding money in off-shore accounts. There are many less off-shore investors than there are small businesses. It does not occur to them that they could use far fewer resources to gain far more income by plugging those loopholes. They are not the guardians of middle income earners; they are wiping them out.

John Feldsted


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