Saturday 16 December 2017


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Change to CPP death benefit panned as insufficient to cover funeral costs

Trudeau and his ministers seem to miss the Senate�s old rubber stamp
        �Seven months is a long time�: Chagger says of MP harassment claim process
Murder-suicide now being investigated in death of Toronto billionaire Barry Sherman and wife

Liberals� new pro-Canada procurement caveat still being figured out
Trudeau talks Trump, Khadr, ISIS and pot in exclusive interview with CTV News
UCP Leader Jason Kenney, fresh off by-election win, looking to recruit LGBTQ, female candidates
Why did Patrick Brown undermine his own platform?
Jagmeet Singh�s decision to skip a seat in Parliament could pay off
A few things that should go up in smoke prior to pot legalization
Do you have what it takes to be the next commissioner for the RCMP?
Neo-Nazis are no joke�they just want you to think they are

Kent Hehr acknowledges he can be �brash and insensitive� but believes he still belongs in cabinet
Provinces have until the end of 2018 to submit carbon price plans: McKenna
Humiliation in Calgary-Lougheed shows NDP needs drastic changes
The growing diversity within federal ridings
How to stop the drum beats on the Korean Peninsula
NAFTA negotiators part for holidays; prepare for pressure-laden talks in 2018
CRA service issues are systemic, says taxpayers� ombudsman
Cancel federal shipbuilding program, launch fixed-cost competitions to save money and get ships quickly: report
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Fran�ois Legault and the CAQ: �more pragmatic than left or right� - Les Perreaux, The Globe and Mail
        Senator�s expense appeal defeated amid allegations of a �personal smear� - Rachel Aiello, CTV News
Quebec offers plan to help newspapers while Ottawa does nothing - Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail
        Backlash against freer trade lurking in plenty of corners in Canada - Adam Radwanski, The Globe and Mail
When there�s a Liberal ethics scandal, the �commissioner� helpfully smothers it - Rex Murphy, National Post
        Federal government proposes new monitoring system for medical assistance in dying - Susan Lunn, CBC News
Trudeau talks Trump in exclusive interview with CTV News: �He�s a deal-maker� - Staff, CTV News
        What the U.S. net-neutrality repeal means for Americans and Canadians- The Globe and Mail
Quarter of Canadian companies considering move to U.S. amid NAFTA uncertainty- David Ljunggren - Reuters, Financial Post
        Bitcoin price nears $18,000 US as second futures contract set to start trading- Reuters, CBC News
October manufacturing sales well below expectations, says StatsCan- David Paddon - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star


Une cha�ne d'amour dans les CHSLDPlus
        Deux navires toujours � la recherche du sous-marin argentin disparu, sans succ�sPlus
Incendie d'un immeuble r�sidentiel au centre-ville de Montr�alPlus
        L'anniversaire royal du pr�sident Macron critiqu� par ses d�tracteursPlus
Controverse sur les causes de la collision mortelle bus/train en France Plus
        Des nageurs attaqu�s par des lions de mer dans la baie de San FranciscoPlus
Appel palestinien � des manifestations de col�re � l'arriv�e du vice-pr�sident am�ricainPlus
        Les Saoudiennes seront aussi autoris�es � conduire des motosPlus
Une juge am�ricaine bloque une mesure anti-contraception de Trump


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This Tax Bill Is a Trillion-Dollar Blunder - Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg
        Graham rips Trump over interrogation policy: It�s like �Obama and his team never left� - John Bowden, The Hill
The Growing Partisan Divide Over Feminism - Peter Beinart, The Atlantic
        8 Worst Defenses of Peter Strzok�s Anti-Trump Texts - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
Once Unthinkable, Senate Now Looks Like Tossup in 2018 - Nate Cohn, New York Times
        Republican holdouts announce support for tax bill - Josh Dawsey, Washington Post
All of Hillary�s Men - George Neumayr, The American Spectator
        Court Temporarily Blocks Trump Order Against Contraceptive Coverage - Robert Pear, New York Times
Brexit: EU leaders agree to move talks to next stage- BBC News
        Palestinians killed in protests against Jerusalem move- Al Jazeera

Russia�s presidential election to take place on March 18- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        Austria shifts to the right as new coalition deal is struck- Reuters, The Guardian
Lebanon sets May 2018 date for long-delayed elections- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US, Canada to begin talks in 2018 on Columbia River deal
        South Africa ruling party's fight for its future kicks off
Austrian far right to control foreign, interior ministries -spokesman
        Russia warns against fresh preconditions for US-N.Korea talks
Brexit rebel MPs compromise with UK govt over key bill
        Yemeni rebels slam US charges that Iran is arming Houthis
Britain looking at distinct trade deal with EU: finance minister
        Israel confronts Jerusalem outrage with bullets
Abuse probe attacks Catholic celibacy
        Russia emerges as key dealmaker on Syria

China: The global digital giant
        Trump may decry Russia probe, but trail of evidence is long
Will U.S. companies put overseas cash to work? Don�t bet on it
        Recent sex scandals put workplace romance under spotlight
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The Kiev Maidan Massacre: �Gunfire Aimed at Protesters�, The Objective was to Sow Chaos, Reap the Fall of Yanukovych Government


The West, even flawed, has nevertheless afforded more freedoms and prosperity to more people than ever before in history. If Western civilization is to survive this defamation, it would do well to remind people its historical accomplishments: its humanism and morality derived from Judeo-Christian traditions; its Enlightenment thought; its technological revolutions; its political evolution into full democracy; the separation of church from state; its commitment to human rights and most of all its gravely threatened freedom of speech. Much of what is good in the world is thanks only to Western civilization. It is critical not to throw it out or lose it.


Subject: RE: Daily Digest December 15, 2017.


Re: Unfilled jobs

Unfilled jobs

The 1st thing I learned in Stats 101 in University was to be cautious about interpreting �statistics� unless you were absolutely clear on how they were gathered.  As a businessman, I see the truth of this every day, working with start-ups and the market research they come up with, and their conclusions.


About 4 years ago, I discovered that the �unemployment rate� in Canada was determined by Stats Can by measuring the percentage of job ads, not removed after 3 weeks.  That measurement was (and as far as I know �is still�) the �unemployment rate� in Canada.  We�ve worked with the related Ministry in B.C.

About the same time there was report coming out Manitoba and Saskatchewan reported enthusiastically as �a high rate of unfilled jobs.�  A later investigation disclosed that in most cases there was a strong application response to the employment ads, but that none of the applicants would/could accept the job after learning the compensation package.  The employers would/could not offer attractive wages.

Here�s another stat dynamic; my experience says this is especially true on Vancouver Island:  There�s a well-established practice of advertising jobs that are not available.  The jobs have already been promised to someone personally known to the business, but the business needs to create an impression that the position was advertised openly.  People are interviewed but it quickly becomes apparent that the �employee candidate has already been promised the job.�

Yet another stat dynamic: I�m told this is a common experience in the Vancouver area. The position advertised is for a University graduate and a number of the more promising candidates are interviewed. These might be freshly �Chartered Management Accountants,� M.B.A.s or Professional Engineers, or post-graduates in �Communications Studies� (very popular). 

On being interviewed, it turns out they do not have the basic skills required. Engineers who cannot understand why proposing to do 3 projects/month at a time cost of 160 hours/project causes concern.  M.B.A.s that have not the faintest idea of how to do research and Accountants that cannot handle a spreadsheet.

I don�t pretend to know what�s really going on with these latest reports.  I do know that a well documented and regarded survey (about 3 years ago) of 100 countries in the �developed world� indicated a global unemployment rate of 73%.  That was defined as �I really, badly need a paying job and I can�t find one.�


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Parliament has recessed.

The good news is that the fall session is over - Parliament does not resume sitting until January 30th.

With a some editing of the original quotation:

No man�s life, liberty or property are safe while parliament is in session.

We can all take a break from the stream of bad news from Ottawa. I am going to take a few weeks off to chill and enjoy the season.

Now if I could figure out a way to avoid being inundated with political tripe from the USA I could be truly happy.

If I was an avid Fox News or CNN fan I could understand media preoccupation with President Trump and the increasingly bitter rivalry between Democrats and Republicans.

But I am not. I am a fan of CBC, CTV and Global news. Their coverage of US politics defies logic and reason; their coverage is the worst ever daily installment soap opera.

I had no interest in the Alabama senate race. The outcome will not affect Canada. Yet we got unending commentary from everyone and his alligator on every aspect of a state election, the candidates and race relations in Alabama.

Alabamans went to the polls and cast ballots without fisticuffs, flag-burning, or riots and without disturbing the peace made a collective decision. The strident voices of partisans were stilled for the day and those who wanted a voice in who represented them in Washington made their choice known. That is democracy at work.

Political commentators, insiders, observers and pundits too often overlook the common sense of the common people. Governments have become detached from the people they serve. People have become disinterested in elections because nothing much changes even if the governing political party changes. That works if the economy is reasonably buoyant, and taxation is reasonable.

When the dollar drops in value, the economy is sluggish, and we are taxed to tears, things change and our interest in how we are governed and by whom reawakens. We are less likely to be taken in by platitudes and empty promises. That day is nearing.

John Feldsted


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