Wednesday 1 April 2015



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Mulcair�s approval ratings go up but NDP still in third place behind Conservatives and Liberals: poll

Auditor demands explanation for Senate expense claims topping $100K
        Jason Kenney shakes off �cheerleader-in-chief� jibe amid scrutiny over remarks
Ethics commissioner dismisses counter-complaint Vic Toews made against Pat Martin
        NDP gets temporary reprieve on satellite offices bill

Tory Senator Nancy Ruth annoyed auditor expects her to eat �awful�, but free, airline food
        MP who quit Conservative caucus takes aim at evolution in House of Commons
Mulcair accuses Kenney of �lies� on Middle East military mission
        Senator�s complaint of cold Camembert accidentally sums up Senate�s problems
Tories� behaviour during anti-terror bill hearings borderline anti-democratic
        Justin Trudeau�s fight to find the political middle
A modern Access to Information Act is long overdue
        The war in Parliament: Civilities observed and a missed opportunity to shut
Just in: Official Ottawa to be agog, apoplectic, absorbed by Duffy trial
        Canada Post�s 2014 profits show snail mail isn�t dead yet

The opposition�s fantasy election, coming soon
        Smith�s exit a loss for Alberta
Deficit shows Liberals are high-spending wastrels

Kenney blames briefing error for slip-up over smart bombs in Syrian skies
        Harper Shrugging Off Oil Shock Sets Up Reality Check on Budget
Joe Oliver to announce budget date on Thursday
        Jason Kenney finally takes one on the chin. No, wait�April Fool�s!
Cost of anti-ISIS mission climbs to $528M, Jason Kenney says
        Mulcair calls for release of senator expenses audit �as soon as possible�
The latest blow in battle over education vs. training
        Welfare recipients treated like guinea pigs
Alberta premier�s office shells out $13,000 for huge TVs
        Teen son of Canadian Consul General arrested after brother killed in drug deal

Canada pipeline regulator planning deep budget cuts
        Lawson admits allies using smart bombs in Syria, despite Kenney claims
Fahmy shocked at Ottawa�s refusal to issue passport due to travel ban
        Funding slashed for all safety programs at Transport Canada
Government plans to spend $7.5M to promote federal budget
        Trudeau sketch worth less in the art world than in politics
Canadian spy agency�s overseer can�t really oversee: documents
        Will tax measures benefiting all families actually benefit political leaders?
Tom Mulcair�s NDP may be turning a corner, polls suggest
        At least 40 current, former senators asked to account for questionable expense claims

Ontario review of federal prostitution law finds it�s constitutional: Premier
        Coast guard ship hits bottom off Newfoundland, but says all 26 crew are safe
Liberals score highest on Nanos Index, Harper and Tories slide
        New poll suggests tight battle brewing between Tories, Wildrose
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Fahmy says Ottawa refuses to issue new passport - Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Alberta government hits the ground stumbling in face of anti-budget sentiment - Don Braid, National Post
Wildrose growing support in Alberta polls as battle against governing Tories looms - Darcy Henton
        Kathleen Wynne says new federal prostitution law is constitutional - The Canadian Press, CBC News
Editorial: Jason Kenney is simply not up to the job - Editorial, Ottawa Citizen
        Tories plan $7.5-million ad blitz for pre-election budget - Bill Curry , The Globe & Mail
$77M settlement proposed for families in 2013 Lac-Magantic rail disaster - Allan Woods, Toronto Star
        The Harper Government Has Killed Changes to its Anti-Terror Bill; Critics Are Still Alarmed - Justin Ling, Vice
Justin Trudeau�s fight to find the political middle - Tim Harper, Toronto Star
        Prentice says no more tax hikes after �modest� increases in this year�s budget- James Wood, Edmonton Journal
Cost of Iraq and NATO missions to be �classified� in upcoming federal budget -
        Deficit shows Liberals are high-spending wastrels - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun

Bring all branches of government under information law, watchdog urges - Jim Bronskill The Canadian Press, CTV News
        �To any reasonable Canadian this would seem like a combat role,� says Liberal MP - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
Ottawa misses deadline to join China-backed Asian infrastructure bank - Kim Mackrael, The Globe & Mail
        Federal elections during recessions are rare events. But Stephen Harper could be facing one this year. -
�A lot� of TFWs must leave Canada on April 1 as visas expire, but how many? - Tracey Johnson, CBC News
        No, Ontario�s deficit isn�t really down. In fact, current projections show it�s grown by $400 million -
Canada Post�s 2014 profits show snail mail isn�t dead yet - Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star
        TTC drivers should avoid fare fights: Tory - Don Peat, Toronto Sun
$150-M Spadina subway fix approved - Don Peat, Toronto Sun
        Provincial regulators propose new Canadian rules for corporate takeovers- The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

5 reasons to avoid the GoDaddy IPO- Aaron Pressman, Yahoo
        Ontario teachers� pension plan posts 11.8 per cent return- Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew, Toronto Star
Canada�s economy not as �atrocious� as feared � does that mean we�re in the clear?- Pamela Heaven, Financial Post
        Air Canada, Unifor contract talks break off- Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail

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Une injonction accord�e � l'UQAMPlus
        Nucl�aire iranien: �derniers m�tres� avant un accordPlus
La longue route vers la r�adaptation de Sarah StottPlus
        Sonia Blanchette: un triple meurtre pr�par� soigneusementPlus
Des s�nateurs sous la loupe du v�rificateur g�n�ralPlus
        Ouvert ou ferm� lors de la fin de semaine de P�quesPlus
Manifestation ironique au centre-ville de Montr�al Plus
        Deux cellules d'un r�seau de prostitution d�mantel�esPlus
Attentats d'Ottawa: l'alerte de s�curit� unilingue critiqu�ePlus
        D�cision en anglais: Vall�e ne s'en offusque pasPlus

Mexique: important incendie sur une plateforme p�troli�rePlus
        Expulsez �deux ou trois �tudiants par jour� dit BlaisPlus
Le PQ se dresse contre TransCanadaPlus
        Turquie: une femme tu�e lors d'une attaque visant la policePlus
Un ado appelle le 911 pour faire un poisson d'avrilPlus
        Complice arr�t� pour le meurtre de Bernard RochonPlus
Badawi: les �lus canadiens somm�s de ne pas s'en m�lerPlus
        Grand black-out: Arcand comprend la grognePlus
A320: le patron de Lufthansa sur les lieux du dramePlus
        30 organismes d�noncent la brutalit� polici�rePlus

Cette femme a une particularit� physique incroyablePlus
        Un homme a 40 enfants de 20 femmes diff�rentesPlus
Un p�re coupable d'avoir mari� sa fille de 12 ansPlus
        La prison pour un policier meurtrier aux fantasmes cannibalesPlus
S�oul: l'agresseur de l'ambassadeur am�ricain inculp�Plus
        La Palestine devient membre de la Cour p�nale internationalePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
What Does Congress Do About Clinton Now? - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        The Threat to Obama From the Courts - Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
Quinnipiac: Clinton Trails Paul in PA, Bush in FL, Leads in OH - Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics
        Clinton Makes It Hard to Follow the Money - Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic
Can Ted Cruz Play Well With Others? - John Dickerson, Slate
        Libya�s Tripoli-based parliament sacks prime minister- Al Jazeera
Iran nuke talks to continue in new phase: Officials- The Times of India
        Nigeria election: Muhammadu Buhari wins- BBC News
Iraqi forces recapture government headquarters in Tikrit from Isis- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian
        Video of Germanwings flight�s final seconds?- Pamela Brown, Frederik Pleitgen and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Kerry to stay at Iran talks till at least early Thursday
        Time'to seize the moment' for Iran deal: Zarif
Iran says success of nuclear talks depends on political will of major powers
        Iran nuclear talks productive, progress being made: White House
Merkel says Ukraine ceasefire hasn't been fully implemented
        Saudis reject Canada's criticism of blogger lashes
Israel's US-backed missile interceptor 'David's Sling' passes advanced tests
        Israel advances plans for largest Palestinian housing project
More than 30 jihadi groups support ISIS: monitoring center
        US targets overseas cyber attackers with new sanctions program

Netanyahu, Boehner hail 'strong' US, Israel ties
        Palestinians to receive partial salaries as Israel withholds funds
EU urges Ukraine to accept Russian gas offer
        Egypt president welcomes return of US military aid
Israel to force African migrants to '3rd country'
        Netanyahu calls for 'better deal' with Iran over nuclear program
Iran: No deal without 'framework for removal of all sanctions'
        Iran asks UN's Ban to press for end to Yemen strikes
International court welcomes Palestinians as 123rd member
        'Significant progress in core issues' in Iran talks: China FM

Lawsuit alleges Iran directed killing of US soldiers in Iraq
        Israel expects hundreds of civilian casualties in next war with Hezbollah: report
Syria, Iraq a 'finishing school' for foreign fighters: UN report
        Ukraine�s �blue train� forges path through the chaos
Spy agencies in technology arms race, MI6 chief says
        A stronger Japan would help stabilize Asia
Scientists find shield for potato blight
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The costs of Operation Impact and Operation Reassurance are classified, according to National Defence.

With costs of these two Operations classified, how valid can be a claim "The Budget is balanced!"


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