Friday 10 March 2017


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Senate colleagues urge Don Meredith to quit over sexual relationship with teen
        Investigation of political donations in B.C. referred to RCMP

Ontario, Quebec, Alberta reach health deals with federal government
        Erin O�Toole snags high-profile endorsement of G�rard Deltell in Conservative leadership race
Rejection rate on the rise for Canadians at U.S. border
        U.S. could launch Step 1 in NAFTA renegotiation within two weeks: Ross

Kellie Leitch says sanctuary cities won�t get transit funding, London�s Jesse Helmer fires back
        Marc and Jodie Emery granted bail after Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensary raids
Canada�s privacy czar pushes for U.S. protections as homeland secretary visits
        �I�ll go to war with her�: Kevin O�Leary vows to battle Notley over carbon tax
At Issue: Politics and judges
        Importance of knowing when not to shut up
Parks Canada�s bizarre political correctness blocks movie in Banff
        War is hell and Chrystia Freeland has nothing to be ashamed of
From Russia with loathing: Freeland and the media
        MP�s motion condemning Islamophobia is nothing to get upset about

How to heat up the Tory leadership race
        Sask budget choices difficult and delicate

Trudeau says he will succeed on energy where his father and Stephen Harper failed
        Lberal cabinet minister to travel the country to set stage for March 22 budget
Canada�s unemployment rate drops to lowest in two years as 15,300 new jobs added
        Don Meredith�s Sexual Relationship With Teen Broke Senators� Code Of Ethics: Inquiry
Trudeau speaks to the heart of Texans in pitch for Canadian oil
        NS premier defends Irving hiring practices
Kevin O�Leary arrives in Calgary pulling no punches
Decolonizing law and policy needs more than Liberal lip service
Notley finds political �uncertainty� in trip to Texas energy conference
�School of hate�: Was Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland�s grandfather a Nazi collaborator?

Of course it�s �news� that Freeland�s grampa was a Nazi collaborator, even if the Russians are spreading it
Enter the Freeland-Nazi conspiracy � and the amping-up of Russia�s mischief in Canada
Chris Alexander Says Tory Leadership Bid Is About Fixing Canada, Not His Image
        BC Liberals accept foreign donations, despite ban in parts of Canada
PM Trudeau tells Houston energy conference border tax would hurt both economies
        Ontario reconsidering a foreign buyers� tax to cool housing market
More Canadians favour keeping first-past-the-post than don�t, except in B.C.: poll
        Senate proposes major amendment to Liberal citizenship legislation: �It goes a long way�
Officials reviewing how Canada, other NATO members calculate defence spending
        Wilson-Raybould wants Supreme Court advice on genetic non-discrimination bill
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Ontario PCs still searching for real hydro and education policy options

Ontario company that got $3M government grant accused of passing off American tomatoes as Canadian - Sarah Sacheli, Postmedia News,
        Canada the �source� of reliable energy for U.S., Trudeau says - Joanna Smith, The Canadian Press, Macleans
Ontario, Quebec reach health deals with Ottawa after months of negotiations - Kristy Kirkup - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Why won�t anyone quit the Tory leadership race? - Shannon Proudfoot, Macleans
Trudeau says he will succeed on energy where his father and Stephen Harper failed - Peter Zimonjic, CBC News
        On energy and environment, you can find Trudeau in the political middle - Campbell Clark, The Globe and Mail
Ontario puts as many as 300 schools on the chopping block - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Budget won�t contain specific actions to address Trump uncertainty: sources - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Tory Leader Patrick Brown says Liberals hydro plan falls short - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Gap between Liberals, NDP shrinks slightly in B.C., poll suggests - Stephanie Ip, Vancouver Sun

AB NDP gets priorities mixed up - Editorial, Calgary Sun
        Shell to sell Canada oilsands assets to Canadian Natural Resources in $7.2 billion deal- Rakteem Katakey and Amanda Jordan,
Marijuana producer moves to get ahead of tainted pot concerns- Solomon Israel, CBC News


D�lit de fuite mortel en Mont�r�giePlus
        Proc�s Habib: �C'�tait pour me rendre int�ressant�Plus
Entente entre Qu�bec et Ottawa sur les transferts en sant�Plus
        Candidature de GND: le PQ exige une rectificationPlus
Le meurtrier pr�sum� d'un enfant avoue un deuxi�me crimePlus
        Deltell choisit d'appuyer Erin O'ToolePlus
Le pr�sident de Cora enlev� pour une ran�onPlus
        �La direction que prend le Qu�bec est inqui�tante�Plus
Encore la religionPlus
        Allemagne: un d�s�quilibr� blesse neuf personnes � la hachePlus

Une entrevue ruin�e par ses enfantsPlus
        Alerte Amber lev�e: la fillette retrouv�e � TorontoPlus
La pr�sidente sud-cor�enne cong�di�e par la justice Plus
        Elle tue son copain en le for�ant � boire de l'eau de javelPlus
Adil Charkaoui nie avoir bouscul� un agent de s�curit�Plus
        Guatemala: 35 ados tu�es dans l'incendie d'un foyer d'accueilPlus
Les p�troliers r�compensent Trudeau, Greenpeace en col�rePlus
        Importante saisie de drogue et d'armes � feu � LavalPlus
ONU: une nomination pour la Canadienne Louise Arbour


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Spicer defends Flynn�s past lobbying that may have helped Turkey - Ben Kamisar, The Hill
        House Intelligence Committee chiefs ask Justice for proof of wiretaps on Trump - Karoun Demirjian, Washington Post
Second House panel approves Obamacare replacement - Paige Winfield Cunningham, Washington Examiner
        Justice Dept. Declines to Back Claim Trump Is Not Under Investigation - Eric Lichtblau, New York Times
WikiLeaks May Release More CIA Tools, Assange Says - Jon Schuppe, Ken Dilanian and Hallie Jackson, NBC News
        IS conflict: US sends Marines to support Raqqa assault- BBC News
Tusk re-elected European Council president despite Polish opposition- France 24
        As far right reaps votes, immigrants face tougher times in Netherlands- Reuters, The Times Of India
Thousands flee to China after MNDAA attack on army- Al Jazeera
        Islamic State fighters returning to UK �pose huge challenge�- Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

U.S. forges ahead with S.Korea missile defenses, despite upheaval
        Scientists develop 'Trojan horse' molecule to fight crop fungus linked to cancer
Turkey's constitutional changes a 'dangerous step backwards': Council of Europe
        Cause of Russian UN ambassador's death won't be released
Le Pen ignores summons over expenses case
        Native Americans march on White House over Dakota pipeline
Russia's Putin says cease-fire in Syria on whole being observed
        German efforts to deport North Africans thwarted by upper house
EU ready to respond to Britain's exit note 'within 48 hours': Tusk
        Syrian government urges UN to make Turkey withdraw from Syria

Britons should retain EU rights after Brexit, Verhofstadt tells BBC
        To Moscow, Trump's choice for envoy makes Russian thaw less likely
Scottish independence vote looking inevitable, FT cites unidentified UK minister
        S.Korean court throws president out of office, 2 dead in protest
Australia sees second year of Barrier Reef bleaching
        Netanyahu: No Syrian peace if Iran present
Here�s why you should worry about Russian propaganda
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From Canada, another Russia 'fake news' red herring
Is Marijuana Decriminalizing Better For Freedom Than Legalization?

"Ukraine repeatedly refers in its claim to Crimea�s unification with Russia as an �illegal occupation�, and claims compensation for the alleged �discrimination� and �oppression� by Russia of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar minorities in Crimea, it does not actually seek a declaration from the International Court that the unification of Crimea with Russia is contrary to international law."
Here�s why Ukraine is suing Russia in the International Court of Justice

Canadian Governments are training Ukraine military to fight more effectively if need be against  Russia, who we say stole Crimea.
News and reality sometimes differ.


From:  John Kruithof
Subject: Re: Daily Digest March 9, 2017.

You must be kidding Joe, about the benefits of residential schools.  The approach was all wrong.  If education was to be brought to natives of the land, educators should have moved into the regions, instead of taking children out by force.  They could have learned from each other, instead of imposing one culture over another.

John Kruithof
Ottawa South

From: Ross Bateman  
To: <>
Subject: Fw: Truth & Reconciliation

Sent: Friday, March 10, 2017 11:16 AM
Subject: Truth & Reconciliation

Dear Senator Byek: Thank you for your public remarks on an aspect of the residential school system that has not been aired. You have shown the very best of what the Senate should be---and so often has not been in evidence in living memory. I sense that you are alone with your notion of balance, sober second thought, and the usefulness of truth in the reconciliation process.  Shame on any of your colleagues who haven't admired (or have spoken against) your courage to speak your moderating words. 

As an aside, years ago, I was a volunteer with the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada, and as such I was imbedded with a Department of Northern Affairs geographical survey of northwest Hudson Bay.  My task was to study the influence of the Protestant and Catholic churches, Hudson's Bay Co., RCMP, and federal government, on the established people who lived there, who called themselves Eskimos exclusively, as did everyone else; and that name also was in all the literature that I saw. Before flying north, I stayed in Ottawa as a guest of the head of Plans & Policy for the Canadian Arctic. An elderly gentleman had a small room with a bunk and a sleeping bag in that Northern Affairs office, and I was very impressed, because his name was Diamond Jenness, the author of Indians of Canada (a seminal work), which my brother Robert had given me years earlier on my 16th birthday. I remember his telling me (me taking notes, no doubt) that all native children should be taken, dressed in smart uniforms, and given nice educations in good private schools away from home. (This was the time that Farley Mowat has just written The People of the Deer, about starvation in Eskimos who were following the deer, and the government had thought that starvation was not an option for any 20th century Canadians.) Later, I sailed in a sloop with Diamond's son north of Baker Lake, so we had many chances to argue about what to do about the native problems in the swaying light of a Coleman lamp. 

Ross Bateman  
2405 Norfolk County Road 45
Langton, Ontario,


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