Monday 20 March 2017


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FBI confirms Trump-Russia inquiry, finds no evidence of Trump wiretap claims

Global Affairs bans use of life-size cardboard cut-outs of Justin Trudeau
        Liberals to meet for two-day caucus this week, some Grit MPs dissatisfied with level of cabinet consultation
Lisa Raitt calls for Conservative leadership �cheaters� to be expelled
        Wall tells Saskatchewan residents to brace for tax increases in deficit budget

Raitt willing to serve in an O�Leary-led Conservative caucus
        Gatineau mayor: bus strike in nation�s capital is �hurting thousands of people�
High-tech sector looks to federal budget to spark innovation boom, deliver skilled workforce
        A funny thing about the Liberals and their messaging: they aren�t helping the middle class
Senator Don Meredith�s conduct is nothing but shameful
        If Don Meredith won�t quit, the Senate has a duty to police its own
Is Maxime Bernier too principled to win Tory race?
        Alt-right agitation won�t work in Canada
Ideas for a real change budget
        Will Brian Jean prove the immovable object to Jason Kenney�s irresistible force?

Barely elected, Kenney revs the pickup for yet another campaign
        To keep donation scandal alive, B.C. NDP need to kick Liberals when they�re down
Alberta government makes mess of death and taxes

Morneau opts for dress shoes from Canadian sisters in pre-budget tradition
        Ontario Liberals under fire for ads promoting hydro rate cut
Brian Jean says �time is of the essence� to join together united-right party
        Kevin O�Leary campaign organizer accused of vote buying
Federal budget expected to flesh out infrastructure bank plans
        Gender-based violence report to address �rape culture,� says Conservative MP
MPs take steps to protect themselves as anti-Islamophobia motion sparks threats
        Gatineau mayor: bus strike in nation�s capital is �hurting thousands of people�
Challenge of Quebec secession law finally gets its day in court
        Omar Khadr�s lawyer says �it�s time for the government to . . . apologize to him� and settle suit

Liberals urged to scrap 19th century rule that requires laws be printed in books
        Missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry has just 90 victims� names in its database
DND curbs travel, non-mission training to save money for missions
        Industry hoping fed budget will continue venture-capital support for startups
Panama Papers have helped fuel �a more aggressive CRA�
        Wholesale trade tops expectations and hits record in latest good economic news
Sask. government failed to save for rainy day, some urge to start now
        Navy can�t even give away two old ships because it would cost too much to remove hazardous materials
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Morneau opts for dress shoes from Canadian sisters in pre-budget tradition - CTV News
        Kevin O�Leary campaign organizer accused of vote buying - Robert Fife, The Globe and Mail
Trudeau government set to table modest budget amid U.S. uncertainty - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Can Bill Morneau claim his share of the spotlight? - John Geddes, Macleans
Jason Kenney sets unity plan in motion after Alberta PC leadership win - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Finance Canada says there are �limits� to transparency on gender-based analysis - Joanna Smith and Andy Blatchford,
We need lower taxes and truth in budgeting - Erin O'Toole, Toronto Sun
        Why small businesses are sweating the upcoming federal budget- Jamie Golombek, Financial Post
Experts urge Canada to expand high-heels debate beyond restaurant industry- CTV News
        Bombardier reviewing bribery allegations, says it hasn�t uncovered wrongdoing so far- Nicolas Van Praet, The Globe and Mail

Canada Goose CEO goes from making parkas to making billions- David Scanlan - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        �Free TV� Android box dealers in court Monday to fight injunction blocking sales- Sophia Harris, CBC News


La s�ur de Bertrand Charest n'a pas vu de gestes d�plac�sPlus
        Londres donnera le coup d'envoi du Brexit le 29 marsPlus
Deltell invite Martine Ouellet � faire un choixPlus
        Chaos de l'autoroute 13: le MTQ s'excuse � son tourPlus
Le FBI enqu�te sur les liens entre Moscou et des proches de TrumpPlus
        Le symbole des attentats de Bruxelles de retour en BelgiquePlus
Autre �pisode de violence dans un centre jeunessePlus
        Merkel a lu l'entrevue de Trump � Playboy pour se pr�parerPlus
Accident mortel sur Notre-DamePlus
        S�curit� renforc�e � la Maison-Blanche apr�s un nouvel incidentPlus

Les �Angels shot� pourraient s'�tendre au Qu�becPlus
        Alma: l'h�pital v�t�rinaire incendi� a rouvert ses portes rapidementPlus
Autoroute 13: un deuxi�me officier de la SQ relev� de ses fonctionsPlus
        Pratiques �nazies�: Berlin accuse Erdogan d'avoir franchi une limitePlus
Les Mexicains demandeurs d'asile au Canada en forte haussePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump and Republicans face a fresh test to shape Supreme Court, assert their power with Gorsuch hearings - Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
        G.O.P.�s Health Care Tightrope Winds Through the Blue-Collar Midwest - Abby Goodnough and Jonathan Marin, New York Times
Car bomb threat late Saturday night puts White House on alert - Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner
        Graham keeping the heat on Trump�s wiretapping claims - Nikita Vladimirov, The Hill
Tillerson Ends China Trip With Warm Words From China�s President Xi - NBC News
        Ankara denounces pro-Kurdish demonstration in Germany- France 24
North Korea �tests new high-thrust rocket engine�- Al Jazeera
        Israel threatens to �destroy� Syrian air defence systems- AFP, The Times Of India
Chilean TV star wants to shake up politics, but don�t call him Chile�s Trump- Jonathan Watts, The Guardian
        Orly airport: Attacker phoned father to say �I screwed up�- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Roman Polanski wants 1977 rape case over, attorney tells LA judge
        Turkey uses 'Nazi' metaphors out of worry for European friends: deputy PM
Denmark summons Turkey envoy over claims of anti-Erdogan list
        Russia says has no plans for new military bases in Syria
Israeli nuclear whistleblower says state hounding him
        OPEC leans towards oil cut extension, but non-members need to be in: sources
UK names new spy chief amid dispute with Washington
        US-allied Kurds strike deal with Russia in Syria: Kurdish militia
US criticizes UN Human Rights Council over Palestine, Arab territories
        Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported: Reuters poll

Czech foreign minister: free movement could break up the EU
        Britain to launch EU exit process on March 29
Russia says summoned Israel's Ambassador over Israeli strike in Syria: agency
        Norway unseats Denmark as world's happiest country: report
As Trump talks tough, U.S. cuts nuclear force
        Netanyahu rift fuels talk of early election
EU citizens in U.K. seek security before Brexit
        Labor drought in Europe�s east
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: "Mahmood Elahi"
To: <>,
Cc: <>,
Subject: Electric car revolution will render carbon tax redundant

The Editor
The Ottawa Sun

Electric car revolution will render carbon tax redundant

Re: �Climate treaty dead as a parrot,� by Lorrie Goldstein, �Carbon taxes will fuel Canadian populism,� by Anthony Furey and �Canucks want action on gas prices,� by Jim Warren, March 19.

Two-third of Canada�s power generation comes from renewable, mostly hydro, sources of energy. As such, most of its carbon emission come from gasoline-powered cars. But soon Elon Musk�s all-electric Tesla 3 will put carbon-spewing gasoline-powered cars out of circulation within a few years.

Elon Musk, founder of California-based Tesla Motor Corporation, has been producing his highly sought after luxury electric car Tesla 5. Now, he is about to mass produce his all-electric Tesla 3 by the end of this year. Tesla Motors Model 3 is meant to appeal to the masses at $35,000 before incentives and more than 350 kilometres per charge. By comparison, the average new gasoline-powered car in the U.S. sells for about $33,000. Tesla will mass produce 500,000 electric cars this year, followed by about 2 million next year.

And Tesla is not alone. Later this year, Chevrolet will roll out its $30,000 Bolt EV. It, too, boasts more than 350 kilometres of range, aimed at eliminating �range anxiety,� the fear that a vehicle will run out of juice. VW has pledged to make every model as a plug-in hybrid by 2025. Every plug-in is effectively an electric car carrying a �range extender,� just in case. Hyundai Motor Co. promises eight plug-in hybrid models, plus two all-electric models by 2020. Toyota�s overhaul of plug-in Prius, boasting twice the battery range, will arrive before this year is out.

With millions of cars not using gasoline most of the time, carbon emission will drop precipitously. We will not need carbon tax to keep fossil fuel use down. Electric car revolution will take care of it.

2240 Iris Street, Ottawa.


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