Tuesday 14 March 2017

PC Party candidate in Markham-Thornhill by-election.

Progressive Canadian Party
"Progress with Care"
Progressive Canadian (PC Party) president Rev. Dorian Baxter
candidate in Markham-Thornhill by-election.

For Immediate Release: March 14, 2017

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Progressive Canadian Party Leader and former Progressive Conservative MP for Niagara Falls Joe Hueglin is pleased to announce that Party President, the Rev. Dorian Baxter, is the PC Party candidate in the Markham-Thornhill by-election.
The by-election was called following the retirement from Parliament of the former Member for Markham-Thornhill, the Honourable John McCallum, who was re-elected in the riding on October 19, 2015 but who has now left parliament to serve as Canada's Ambassador to China. The by-election will take place on April 3, 2017.
Reverend Baxter was confirmed as the Progressive Canadian candidate in Markham-Thornhill, March 13, 2017.

"Progressive Canadians are Progressive Conservatives," Rev. Baxter said following his confirmation. "The PC Party continues to share the Progressive Conservative national vision and policies which reinforce Canada's parliamentary institutions, democracy and social fabric in areas like health care and education, and our responsibility to our veterans. Our sense of national vision, policy and values are founded on the belief that Canadian society is best served by a commitment to progressive social policies and to the fiscal responsibility necessary to sustain them."
Rev. Baxter noted the importance of a genuine progressive-conservative presence in Canada's House of Commons and that by voting for his candidacy as a Progressive Canadian we can begin the restoration of the politics of consensus in parliament that is being lost to a hardening of ideology we see in both the new Conservative and NDP leadership campaigns.

We need to restore the party and principles of the Progressive Conservative Party Sir John A. Macdonald and his successors built, not just to move forward and away from the parliamentary dysfunction of the Harper years, but to continue the work of nation-building with fresh eyes to the future as Canada celebrates 150 years of accomplishment since Confederation, Rev. Baxter said.

Following the passing of the Honourable Sinclair Stevens, PC, November 30, 2016. former Progressive Conservative MP and Progressive Canadian National Co-ordinator, Mr. Joe Hueglin, accepted the invitation of PC Party National Council to serve as interim Leader until elections are held as required by the party constitution.
For more information contact:
Joe Hueglin,
Leader, Progressive Canadian Party

Rev. Dorian Baxter,
Progressive Canadian Party candidate Markham-Thornhill

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