Saturday 11 March 2017



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Don Meredith tried to censor Senate report on relationship with teen

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau�s controversial Castro tribute left bureaucrats scrambling
        Newly minted Conservatives hope to help stop Leitch, O�Leary
The Conservatives are running out of time to expand their tent
        Liberals� new parliamentary reform plan angers Tories, NDP

Liberal government poised to argue in court against bill supported by Liberals
        What happens when Liberal backbenchers rise up
Alberta Tories prepare for a historic and defining leadership vote
        Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepares to bring abortion rights debate back to the Commons
If Donald Trump gives up on free trade, Canada doesn�t have to follow
        Liberal minister�s messaging on the plight of the middle class seems a bit muddled
Ontario to take billions in federal health funding, after refusing more in December

Louise Arbour takes on UN migration gig at �a very difficult time�
        Air Canada denies U.S. security chief�s assertion that its jets have been focus of any terror plots
U.S. could launch Step 1 in NAFTA renegotiation within two weeks: Ross
        nvestigation of political donations in B.C. referred to RCMP
Liberals propose changes to how House of Commons works
        Louise Arbour takes on UN migration gig at �a very difficult time�
Air Canada denies U.S. security chief�s assertion that its jets have been focus of any terror plots
        U.S. could launch Step 1 in NAFTA renegotiation within two weeks: Ross
Investigation of political donations in B.C. referred to RCMP
        Liberals propose changes to how House of Commons works

Sweden detains Bombardier worker for alleged bribery
        Canada�s unemployment rate drops to lowest in two years as 15,300 new jobs added
NS premier defends Irving hiring practices
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ontario Liberal�s Beer and Circuses

Canada-China trade deal must benefit Canadian workers: ambassador - Mike Blanchfield - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Genetic anti-discrimination law protects patient privacy without sacrificing research - Vik Adhopia, CBC News
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepares to bring abortion rights debate back to the Commons - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
        Liberals propose changes to parliamentary rules - Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press, Macleans
The problems with Michael Chong�s carbon pricing plan - Nicholas Gall, Macleans
        Move over Big Six, there are some new banks in town that want a piece of the action- Armina Ligaya, Financial Post
VW pleads guilty in emissions cheating scandal- Tom Krisher And Ed White - Associated Press, Toronto Star
        Starbucks faces backlash over CEO�s vow to hire thousands of refugees- Reuters, CBC News
Postmedia to lay off 54 employees at B.C. newspapers- Susan Krashinsky Robertson, The Globe and Mail


Premier revers judiciaire pour le nouveau d�cret migratoire de TrumpPlus
        New York: la question du statut des chimpanz�s de retour en courPlus
Universit� Laval : Retour en classe des �tudiantsPlus
        Les Hells f�tent le 20e anniversaire du chapitre �South�Plus
Un policier ne peut exiger que des photos soient effac�esPlus
        Les pompiers combattent un incendie par un froid polairePlus
On avance d'une heure: n'oubliez pas de changer votre montre dimanchePlus
        Prison � vie pour une m�re qui a tu� sa fille de neuf ansPlus
Un week-end de froid extr�mePlus
        Denis Coderre commente la crise au SPVMPlus

Un intrus interpell� dans l'enceinte de la Maison-BlanchePlus
        400 000 $ pour r�cup�rer les surplus dans les supermarch�sPlus
Inde: 11 soldats tu�s par des rebelles mao�stesPlus
        Encercl� � Raqa, l'EI commence aussi � �s'effondrer� � MossoulPlus
Mexique: arrestation d'un important mafioso italienPlus
        Migrants: pr�occup�s, le Canada et les �tats-Unis enqu�tentPlus
Trafics de photos intime: le chef des Marines embarrass�Plus
        Crise du fentanyl: fonds d'urgence de 6 millions $ � l'Alberta


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Flynn was paid to lobby for Turkey while attending Trump intel briefings: report - Nikita Vladimirov, The Hill
        Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign - Charlie Savage and Maggie Haberman, New York Times
Is Sen. Cory Booker changing his tune on a 2020 presidential run? - Daniel Chaitin, Washington Examiner
        Is ObamaCare Unkillable? - Jeff Spross, The Week
One answer in Sean Spicer�s briefing sums up the White House�s credibility problem - Peter W. Stevenson, Washington Post
        Article 50 �could be triggered on Tuesday� if Brexit bill passes- Heather Stewart, The Guardian
Death toll rises to 35 in fire at youth shelter in Guatemala- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        Donald Trump invites Mahmoud Abbas to White House- Al Jazeera
Erdogan, Putin pledge cooperation on Syrian battlefields- France 24
        EU summit: Poland cries blackmail over subsidies- Laurence Peter, BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

As US incivility hits new depths, many are working to combat it
Arab Israelis protest mosque loudspeaker bills
Dutch polls campaign hits fever pitch amid row with Turkey
Modi party wins India's biggest state, strengthens grip on power
Short, white men more likely to go bald: study
Trade war will only bring "pain": China
G-20 plan to stave off debt crises stalls as no country takes lead
A blueprint for ending child marriage
U.S. troop increase risks entanglement in Syria conflict
Britons should retain EU rights after Brexit: negotiator
EU leaders seek unity as Britain heads for the exit
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: Re: Daily Digest March 9, 2017.

  I think  that she is right on the button.  The current reaction by the NDP MP is over the top! P.
From: Ross Batemaan
Subject: Fw: Chasing the Eskimos

Dear Joe:  Now, I might expect a pick-up truckload of firebombers to sweep up my lane from the Six Nations, but it doesn't matter.  The other respondent to your letter-to-Beyak would be really a lot more burnt up by my remarks, no doubt. 

After Northern Affairs' decision that Canada couldn't abide by the cyclical starvation illuminated by Farley's book, the dilemma was that these people had been nomadic hunters since beyond history, and what kind of mobile education (what content?) and what sort of grocery-wagon could be dragged around the Keewatin mainland all-year round? Of course, none, and none. (There was some schooling in Coral Harbour, perhaps either by the Belgian Catholic priest in syllabics, or seasonally by an American Protestant woman in English.) So the "�People of the Deer"� were hauled off their wide-roaming territory and settled into a small shack-town that I visited up the west coast of Hudson Bay. And told that carving things from soapstone was the thing to do. The art had the chunky look of some Henry Moores, not the wildlife forms I'd seen in the tiny established villages of Coral Harbour and Repulse Bay.  At least one commentator, who was living along that coast at the time, told me that these people were suffering from "mass mental breakdown."� I took some very poignant photographs. 

Mr. Kruithof might not know that following hunters across vast wilderness to educate them (after deciding correctly what to educate them for) Hauling food behind them couldn't work, either.  I've crossed that country before and after spring breakup.  We switched from dog team, to canoe to summer, there was no walking, hence the gathering of the west Hudson Bay hunter-culture into a wretched community.  In the geographical survey, I remember that we thought that almost all individuals in the small old villages seemed very happy and well-adjusted to their slightly�evolved circumstances.  Where the whole culture had been twisted shut and badly re-invented, the outcome was plainly unhappy.    Ross


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