Tuesday 7 March 2017


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Insurance lobby could be linked to Liberal flip-flop on genetic testing bill, senator says

O�Leary brings fighting words for Wynne and Trudeau to London
        Federal government to axe �zombie laws� from Canada�s Criminal Code.
Seventy per cent of Conservative voters say government should not let illegal asylum seekers stay in Canada: Forum poll
        Liberals to table second budget March 22 with focus on skills training
NDP�s Niki Ashton wants to mobilize millennials to counter �Trump-like messages� in Canada
        U.S.-ONLY: The rule for some Irving Shipbuilding jobs

CBC News redeveloping �The National� and putting heavy emphasis on digital
        Debate over carbon pricing might be helped by release of available facts
Zika virus in Canadian patients �more severe� than expected
        Tory leadership candidate Kellie Leitch wants immigrants to be asked: �Are men and women equal?�
Federal Liberals 40%, Conservatives 31%, NDP 17%, Greens 5% in Nanos tracking
        Canada�s last lines of defence against populism
Liberals� anti-Islamophobia motion is a politically brilliant, sinister piece of work
        The Liberals� open nominations are utterly bogus � and it may not matter
Trudeau�s Liberals slow to appoint parliamentary watchdogs
        Tory leadership race reviving interest in cutting income taxes � and it�s about time

Right idea, wrong messenger, for education reform in Ontario
        Immigration focus should be on outcomes, not values
The case for � and against � an ombudsperson to resolve mining disputes
        Leitch explained her values test. It makes less sense now.
Time to recognize Indigenous people as one of Canada�s founders

OECD raises economic growth outlook for Canada this year to 2.4 per cent
        Liberals accused of rigging local races after candidates get rejected
B.C. Liberal Party says it has �nothing to hide� on fundraising
        Liberals played politics during House of Commons break with blizzard of cheque handouts worth $1.25B
Manitoba MP Niki Ashton to throw name into race to lead federal New Democrats
        Human rights, cyber security to be part of Canada-China free trade consultations
The problem with $47 billion in unpaid taxes
        Conservatives quash idea of offering refund to encourage leadership dropouts
After heavy lobbying from all sides, MPs to debate, vote on genetic testing bill
        Tax cheats in KPMG Isle of Man avoidance scheme could face criminal charges: minister

RCMP officer removed from Musical Ride over horse abuse allegations
        Report makes economic, political case for dedicated mental health funding
Former minister returns to Sask. Party caucus after drunk driving conviction
        Chrystia Freeland: Canadians Should Be �Prepared� For Russian Efforts To Destabilize Political System
No more housing rule changes, mortgage group urges federal government
        Leitch releases her list of �Canadian values� test questions for immigrants
Leitch Is Creating Environment That Could Get Immigrants Killed: Deepak Obhrai
        Canada�s military gets new senior commander
Liberals� drive to privatize Canadian airports lifts off
        It could take 20 election cycles, �or 90 years,� before House reaches gender parity, says Equal Voice

Finding Parity: Canadian Opinions About Women in Politics
        Oil prices set to rise sharply, unless new projects are approved
Offer fee refunds to thin swollen ranks of Conservative leadership race: Trost
        New Trump travel ban puts renewed pressure on Trudeau to speak out
Sajjan, Freeland announce Canada to extend Ukraine training mission to 2019
        Bob Paulson set to retire as RCMP commissioner
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Getting to gender parity means grassroots organizing

PC Leader Patrick Brown calls for halt to school closures - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Parliament to debate, vote on genetic testing bill after months of lobbying from both sides - Joanna Smith -
When people accused of serious crimes go free, Ontario finds another culprit: Cohn - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        RCMP musical ride abuse probe will examine accountability: Goodale - CTV News
Julia Munro celebrates milestone as longest-serving female MPP - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Tory candidates� anti-immigrant rhetoric an act of self-destruction - John Ibbitson, The Globe and Mail
Opposition demands crackdown on tax evaders after joint CBC, Radio-Canada report - Peter Zimonjic, CBC News
        Liberal Party says it has full discretion to vet candidates in local races - Daniel LeBlanc, The Globe & Mail
Liberals monitoring impact of new Trump travel ban - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Wynne not worried about rivals from within Liberal Party - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star

Kevin O�Leary says refugees exploiting an immigration �loophole� - Antonella Artuso, Ottawa Sun
        End �corporate welfare� � Tory leadership hopeful Bernier - Doug Schmidt, Windsor Star
Liberals extend military mission in Ukraine by two years - Steven Chase, The Globe and Mail
        Budget watchdog to examine cost of Liberals� hydro bill cut - The Canadian Press, Toronto Sun
It�s time to shake up Canadian politics - Colin Craig, Winnipeg Sun, Calgary Sun
        Premier Kathleen Wynne to call meeting of Ontario mayors to plot strategies for opioid crisis - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Saskatchewan Party to bring back former deputy premier who was charged with drunk driving - Jennifer Graham -
        Lengthy NAFTA fight would only hurt investment, Canada�s ambassador to U.S. says- Josh Wingrove - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
GM sells off Opel, Vauxhall brands to Peugeot- The Associated Press, CBC News
        Bank for International Settlements says Canada is showing early warning signs of financial crisis- Barbara Shecter

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Deux policiers de Gatineau feront face � la justicePlus
        Le budget f�d�ral sera d�pos� le 22 marsPlus
Traqu� apr�s s'�tre vant� du meurtre d'un enfantPlus
        Trump surprend des �coliers � la Maison-BlanchePlus
A�rodrome de Mascouche : le Bloc et le NPD unis contre le projetPlus
        Bertrand Charest aurait fait avorter une skieusePlus
Direction du NPD: Niki Ashton se lance dans la coursePlus
        Pas de le�on d'�l�gance � recevoir du ministre, lance FrancoeurPlus
�vasion fiscale: Revenu Qu�bec doit jouer un plus grand r�lePlus
        Faute de services essentiels, elle redouble sa maternellePlus

Fran�ois Fillon a obtenu un pr�t de 50 000 euros non d�clar�Plus
        Le plan des r�publicains pour remplacer ObamacarePlus
Un policier de la GRC meurt dans un accident en Mont�r�giePlus
        Pourquoi Trump met du papier collant sur sa cravate?Plus
Le verglas cause plusieurs sorties de routePlus
        Des skieurs emport�s par une avalanche dans les AlpesPlus
Nouvelle perc�e � MossoulPlus
        La Hongrie adopte la d�tention syst�matique des migrantsPlus
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois se lancerait en politique jeudiPlus
        Les esclaves, des immigrants avec un �r�ve am�ricain�, dit CarsonPlus

Ann�e record de plaintes � la STMPlus
        Pyongyang dit s'entra�ner � frapper des bases am�ricainesPlus


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Graham expects new travel ban to �pass legal muster� - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
        The Exhaustion of American Liberalism - Shelby Steele, Wall Street Journal
Grassley rips FBI�s reported plans to hire author of Trump dossier - Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner
        Josh Earnest Won�t Deny Trump Tower Was Surveilled By Obama Administration - Christian Datoc, The Daily Caller
What�s Different About New Immigration Order? - Ari Melber and Andrew Rafferty, NBC News
        Hollande declares his �ultimate duty� is to prevent a Le Pen victory- France 24
Venezuela escalates war of words with Peru, calling president a �dog� to US- Reuters, The Guardian
        Palestinians protest against Basil al-Araj�s killing- Al Jazeera
Britain says 13 terror attack plots foiled since 2013- AFP, The Times Of India
        French Republicans back embattled Fillon- BBC News

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US State Department says working with White House on Israeli-Palestinian peace
        Lords defy May for a second time on Brexit
Judge won't stop construction of Dakota Access pipeline
        Ex-British spy who compiled unproven Trump dossier surfaces
Russia denies Kiev's 'terrorism' claims at UN court
        G20 draft no longer rejects protectionism or competitive devaluations
Israel army seeks more jail time for soldier who killed Palestinian
        Is Arctic sea ice doomed to disappear?
Israel law banning entry to boycott supporters draws fire
        Iran keeps ban on US visitors in response to Trump order

EU court says states can deny visas to refugees
        US starts deploying anti-missile system in S.Korea after defiant North's latest test
UK PM May should call an early election to cope with Brexit: Hague
        Critics on new travel ban: more palatable, still problematic
American Indians to protest Trump, pipeline in Washington
        U.S. warned Israel against annexing West Bank: Lieberman
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Multinationals descend on Parliament as feds review pesticide ban

Volcanoes could soon erupt much more
How sound effects are really made
Why the sky is dark at night


From: Larry Kazdan
To: Toronto Star <lettertoed@thestar.ca>
Cc: bcsmith@thestar.ca
Subject: Re:  Liberals� drive to privatize Canadian airports lifts off, Bruce Campion-Smith, March 6, 2017


Classical economists wanted to free industrial capitalism from surviving feudal privileges that obstructed commerce and let absentee landlords grow rich in their sleep.  As a way to prevent price gouging, European governments kept the most important natural monopolies in the public domain and provided basic infrastructure either at cost, at subsidized prices, or freely in the case of roads. The guiding principle was to keep household and business expenses low.
Unfortunately the Liberals are proposing  to turn airports over to private hands, and to use the new Canadian Infrastructure Bank not to keep user fees down, but to provide attractive profits for private and foreign capital. Under the Liberal neo-feudal plan, toll-booths will spring up everywhere.  Business barons will exact a steady stream of charges which we the mere peasants and tradespeople will pay every time we budge.
1. Michael Hudson is Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and author The Bubble and Beyond (2012).
"The objective of the classical economists was to bring prices in line with value to prevent a free ride, to prevent monopolies, to prevent an absentee landlord class so as to free society from the legacy of feudalism .....
To prevent such price gouging...., Europeans kept the most important natural monopolies in the public domain: the post office, the BBC and other state broadcasting companies, roads and basic transportation, as well as early national airlines. European governments prevented monopoly rent by providing basic infrastructure services at cost, or even at subsidized prices or freely in the case of roads. The guiding idea is for public infrastructure � which you should think of as a factor of production along with labor and capital � was to lower the cost of living and doing business."

2. William Mitchell, Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia  http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?p=29872
"Privatisation, franchising, outsourcing, PPPs, PFIs, and all the rest of the devious transfers of public wealth and funds to the private sector have systematically failed to deliver on the promises made by the consultants.

The stockbroking and legal companies and economists who advised governments in these public robberies have all done very well.
Many private firms have done very well - enjoying the best of both worlds - a captive infrastructure, ability to gouge consumers via excessive fares, no real need to keep the quality of service up to acceptable standards, and increasing public subsidies."


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