Thursday 2 March 2017


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Kellie Leitch cites viral video as indication Canadians support her immigration policies

Chasing Trudeau � A battle for the soul of Canada�s Conservative Party
        Number of asylum claimants up, but too early to call it a trend, officials say
Support for Wynne Liberals crumbling: Poll
        Canada asked to both help and negotiate with U.K. amid 1st-ever Commonwealth trade talks
Trudeau sets new trend for PMs stumping in by-elections and raises fresh questions on expenses
        Finance Minister Bill Morneau�s U.S. fact-finding trip sets table for March budget
�All hat and no cattle:� Trudeau says Albertans tired of being taken for granted
        Scrapping refugee deal with U.S. would lead to thousands of illegal border crossings, says John Manley

Senators call out Trudeau for First Nations under-funding
        Sharon Carstairs asks Senate to reimburse legal fees after expenses scandal
Trudeau runs five-kilometre course with military members at B.C. naval base
        Kathleen Wynne�s sleazy, desperate hydro ploy to fool Ontarians is, well, brilliant
Tories seem willing to let O�Leary, almost literally, phone in leadership campaign
        Liberal party�s meddling in byelections risks harming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau�s brand
Liberals aren�t the most open party � and for non chosen ones that�s a �slap to the mouth�
        EKOS poll: Canada should support Israeli sanctions, not demonize them
Kellie Leitch and the new merchants of hate
        Why pay for Ontario�s hydro mistakes now when we can pay (more) for them later?

Trudeau government will eventually have to adjust strategy with the U.S.
        Trudeau believes Albertans coming his way on carbon tax
BC New Democrats fume as Ironworkers Union endorses Clark


Steps along Reconciliation Road
        John McCallum�s imprint at Immigration
No one under the bus: What we know about NAFTA re-negotiations so far
        A checklist for cutting out underperforming � and expensive � tax expenditures
Liberals making gradual but real progress on Indigenous issues
        Defending the Court Challenges Program
A new economy and a fair transition for workers
        Giving Indigenous communities access to offshore oil opportunities could help lift them out of poverty.
We need to reimagine an education system that better meets Indigenous peoples� needs.
        An antiracism initiative to avoid

Diversity in the Senate
        Recovering the Species at Risk Act
With Trump in office, and free trade under scrutiny, it appears Canadians are finally rallying around the agreement.
        The PM should make the case for a North American clean-energy economy during his meeting with Trump.
A Better Flight Path: How Ottawa can Cash In on Airports and Benefit Travellers
        More of Think Tanks

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Faking sincerity is hard, just ask Kellie Leitch

Ontario cuts hydro bills by 17%, but ultimately it will cost ratepayers $1.4 billion a year more - The Canadian Press, National Post
        Trudeau touts pipeline approvals while campaigning in Calgary - The Globe and Mail
Hydro rate increases will be held to inflation after 25% cut - Robert Benzie & Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        NDP leadership race a chance to stir things up and make the party interesting again - Aaron Wherry, CBC News
Maxime Bernier, the �Albertan from Quebec� - Laura Payton, CTV News
        Abortion funding: Canada�s Liberals will help fill global gap from Trump�s ban - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, CBC News
Trump may praise Canada�s immigration model, but he would never adopt it - John Ibbitson, The Globe and Mail
        Will Kathleen Wynne�s last-ditch hydro fix just add to the mess? - Adam Radwanski, The Globe & Mail
Our hydro hysteria generates hydro hypocrisy - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        Kelly Knight Craft�s cautious support of Trump pays off - Shannon Proudfoot, Macleans

Liberals aren�t the most open party � and for non-chosen ones that�s a �slap to the mouth� - John Ivison, National Post
        Justice minister seeks input from premiers on genetic discrimination bill - Joanna Smith, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Ottawa wants tougher national standard for distracted drivers using cellphones - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Canada-wide poll shows gap in opinions on immigrants versus refugees - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, CTV News
AB NDP sales tax denials firm for now but vague for future - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
        It�s no surprise that political party nominations are rigged - Campbell Clark, The Globe and Mail
Next challenge for Keystone XL is regaining oilpatch support- Kyle Bakx, CBC News


Donald Trump et l'affaire russe: ce que l'on sait Plus
        France: le domicile de Fran�ois Fillon perquisitionn�Plus
Canada: hausse des demandeurs d'asile en provenance des �.-U.Plus
        SPVM: �Il y a un m�nage � faire. C'est clair, clair, clair�Plus
France: le maintien de Fillon, strat�gie gagnante ou suicidaire?Plus
        Syrie: le r�gime reprend Palmyre, tensions dans le nordPlus
Ottawa: 20 M$ pour contrer le d�cret anti-avortement de TrumpPlus
        Arr�t� pour alcool au volant, il avoue un meurtrePlus
La circonscription de Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques pas aboliePlus
        B�b� secou�: ils r�clament 3,55 millions $ � la garderiePlus

Gatineau: un enfant de 3 ans aurait v�cu seul pendant 2 joursPlus
        Le ministre am�ricain de la Justice dans l'eau chaudePlus
Les agressions sexuelles, ��a brise des vies�Plus
        Couillard r�it�re sa confiance envers le chef PichetPlus
Investiture lib�rale: �a joue dur dans Saint-LaurentPlus
        Qu�bec d�bloque 12 M $ pour la protection de la jeunessePlus
Trump aurait choisi son ambassadrice au CanadaPlus
        Le nombre de d�tenus en chute libre au CanadaPlus
Trump savoure l'accueil favorable de son discours au Congr�sPlus
        Crise du logement des Inuits: le S�nat somme Ottawa d'agirPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How Trump�s disciplined speech came together - Josh Dawsey, Politico
        Oprah reconsidering if she could be president after Trump - Kyle Feldscher, Washington Examiner
Is February 28, 2017, �the Night the Democratic Party Died�? - Roger L. Simon, PJ Media
        Ivanka Trump pushed for family leave, environment in Trump speech: report - Max Greenwood, The Hill
Pence just made clear that Trump�s media ceasefire was a one-night only thing - Callum Borchers, Washington Post
        As water scarcity deepens across Latin America, political instability grows- John Vidal, The Guardian
Government defeated on Brexit bill- BBC News
        Twin Taliban suicide attacks in Kabul kill 16- AFP, The Times Of India
Macedonia�s Ivanov blocks Social Democrat government- Al Jazeera
        Fillon stays in presidential race despite facing charges over �fake jobs�- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Canada has seen jump in asylum seekers from US: officials
        Syria, Russia blast opposition at faltering peace talks
Pro-Kurd party rallies against boosting Erdogan powers
        Jail postponed for Israeli soldier convicted of killing Palestinian
German high school bans prayer rugs as 'provocative'
        Russia says Palmyra fully recaptured by Syrian army with Moscow's help: RIA
UK government will win over Scotland with good Brexit deal: minister
        US-allied militia agrees to hand villages to Syrian govt
Fake fashion fuels vast illicit profits, sea of human misery
        UK PM May clear she wants Brexit bill unchanged by parliament: spokesman

Sweden returns draft amid security worries and soldier shortage
        Putin, Poroshenko held two rounds of fruitless talks: Kiev
Erdogan says Turkey emergency rule to continue "until everything settles down": media
        Taiwan navy, air force to train in disputed South China Sea
Brussels tells EU states to detain more migrants awaiting deportation
        Northern Ireland votes in fractious snap election
For Netanyahu, Gaza report risks 'Mr. Security' reputation
        U.S. foreign policy becoming increasingly risk-averse
U.K. MPs hinge triggering Brexit on EU citizens� right to stay
        A softer Trump wins praise. Will it last?

Wine sours Slovenia-Croatia relations
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Automates in Finance
Guaranteed Basic Income on Verge of Take-off in Canada

Rhythm of Breathing Key to Controlling Fear and Emotional Behavior
Cutting Through The Spin on Ontario's Electricity Prices Read more.


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: The Liberal disconnect with reality

Media reports indicate that our federal government is not concerned about illegal immigrants from the United States. The Liberals claim to be �monitoring the situation�.

What is there to monitor? The US is the only nation from which a land crossing is possible. We don�t have borders with any other nation. Besides immigrants crossing illegally from the US, we have immigrants arriving illegally by air and sea. Whether they arrive with a visitor�s visa and then disappear or have no paperwork to support a refugee claim they are illegal immigrants.

We currently have no plan to deal with illegal immigrants. Apparently, they don�t exist as far as our Liberal government is concerned. They are real and must be given the necessities of life including medical attention where necessary. Someone must pay. Under the silly Liberal game the costs are undertaken by charitable organizations, municipalities or cities, and the provinces.

Under the same silly Liberal game, the federal government is abdicating its responsibility for the safety and security of Canadians. All immigrants must be screened by the Canada Border Security Agency. Until they are approved for residency by the CBSA, illegal immigrants are not different from any other applicant overseas awaiting screening and approval to immigrate other than by presence.

Illegal (unlawful) acts are not different for refugees. Due to their actions, illegal refugees are criminals - those who have violated the laws of Canada. The majority may be legitimate refugees deserving of compassion, but others are here for different reasons and a few may want to hurt us.

We know that there are millions of displaced persons driven from their homes by war or the threat of persecution, many living in refugee camps and who have been homeless for years. They exist in deplorable conditions awaiting word that some nation will take them in as refugees.

Illegal immigrants cannot be given priority over the applications of those in refugee camps overseas. To do so is cynical and repugnant. One of the thankless tasks of the CBSA is to sort out refugees with legitimate concerns for personal safety from those who are seeking better opportunities.

Our resources are limited. Our government is running deficit budgets to improve our economy (or so it tells us). We need to spend carefully to avoid huge deficits and debt. Sorting out how we deal with illegal immigration is a factor we cannot ignore. Human traffickers are adept at finding ways to circumvent border security. The refugee crises the world now faces shows no indication of abatement. It increases the opportunities for traffickers and the vulnerability of Canada when our government has no plan to deal with illegal immigrants.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Re:  Where is the Liberal plan for tackling job-killing automation?, Lawrence Martin, Mar. 01, 2017

Even if Canada ends up with a smaller private sector workforce, robots increase productivity and so our society will be richer. Government must assure this new wealth is shared, and it can do so by hiring for work that robots can't do. In addition to renewing infrastructure, this might include expanded childcare, helping the sick and aged, and cleaning up the environment.

As long as we recognize that private jobs lost will need to be replaced by public ones, then business can modernize, workers will still contribute to society and earn income by doing so, and communities will benefit from a new array of services.  

1. Dean Baker is a macroeconomist and codirector of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC.
"We can also look to boost demand by running large budget deficits. We can spend money on long neglected needs, like providing quality child care, education, or modernizing our infrastructure. Remember, if we have more output potential because of productivity growth, the deficits are not problem.
In short, there is no reason that productivity growth should ever be viewed as the enemy of workers. We just need the right set of policies to ensure that they share in the gains."

2. The Job Guarantee: A Government Plan for Full Employment
"The benefits of full employment include production of goods, services and income; on-the-job training and skill development; poverty alleviation; community building and social networking; social, political and economic stability; and social multipliers (positive feedbacks and reinforcing dynamics that create a virtuous cycle of socioeconomic benefits). An �employer of last resort� program would restore the government�s lost commitment to full employment in recognition of the fact that the total impact would exceed the sum of the benefits."


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