Friday 24 March 2017


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House Republicans pull Trumpcare, millions get to keep their health care

Tory race update: O�Toole overtakes Scheer, Saxton dares to be dull
        Liberal MP�s allegedly sexist comment under review, prime minister says
MP complains about government spending tens of thousands of dollars on TVs
        Trudeau returns to byelection campaign trail but Tories say he should stay away

A bluffer�s guide to the House rules debate
        Ottawa moved to reboot warrantless access program
Analysts remain skeptical of TransCanada�s Keystone XL going ahead
        It was shoddy journalism that cost Andrew Potter his job at McGill
A Conservative wolf in sealskin clothes
        In the Senate and the courts, an erosion of our humanity
Anatomy of a Fox fake news story
        Liberals try to rush rule changes to benefit themselves
Liberals latest attempted power-grab in Commons sure to fail again
        Agrifood receives plenty of attention in the federal budget
Budget 2017 is already forgotten: Budget 2018 won�t be that easy

Premiers� Performance: Wynne�s approval rating sinks to 12 per cent � an all-time low
        Some Mounties swapping red serge for blue as they seek jobs with other forces
Canadian Brigadier-General says ISIS losing grip on territory in Iraq
        Everyone thinks Parliament should be reformed, but no one can agree on how
The unmasking of Bill Morneau, caped budget crusader
        No money, no ideas, but a wealth of bafflegab and buzzwords from the Liberals
Budget is a list of decisions to be made later
Liberals fall short with first gender-based federal budget
Morneau�s faith in small reforms � and small headlines
Budget 2017: Morneau rags the puck

Politics Electrified: Three-in-four Ontarians say their hydro bills are �unreasonable�; think they�ll rise further
        Trudeau to attend 100th anniversary Vimy commemorations in France next month
Conservative Leadership Candidates Face Off Friday
        Canada warned to be prepared for Russian-backed fake news and smears in Latvia mission
NDP leader kicked out of Sask. legislature for calling budget �deceitful�
        M-103: Anti-Islamophobia Motion Easily Passes House Of Commons
Uber Canada hits back at Liberal plan to charge tax on rides
        Canada gets green light to join controversial China-led infrastructure bank
Finance Minister doesn�t rule out future changes to capital gains taxes
        B.C. Greens gain ground on Vancouver Island at expense of Liberals, NDP: poll
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
M-103 has passed. And what today has changed for the better? - Rex Murphy, National Post
        After Budget 2017, a road map to what mattered - John Geddes, Macleans
Kathleen Wynne is the Liberals� greatest asset, not their biggest problem - Chris Selley, National Post
        Premier in war on Wynnophobia - Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun
Quebec national assembly adopts motion expressing �great disappointment� with budget - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        What happened to our �green� PM? - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Federal Liberals more interested in fashionable thinking than real-life needs - Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun
        Why Morneau got cold feet over ridding Canada of tax credits- Kevin Milligan, The Globe and Mail
Air Miles investigating after finding thieves stole miles from members- Sophia Harris, CBC News
        U.S. State Dept to approve Keystone pipeline permit by Monday, Politico reports- Reuters, Financial Post


Trump oblig� de retirer sa r�forme de la sant�Plus
        Six mois de prison pour l'ex-maire Gilles DeguirePlus
Des noms de rues c�l�bres pour une ville albanaisePlus
        Feu vert de Keystone XL: le gouvernement Trudeau se r�jouitPlus
Germanwings: le p�re du copilote conteste la th�se du suicidePlus
        Melania Trump ne voudrait plus dormir avec DonaldPlus
Non-assistance de personnes en dangerPlus
        Un d�put� sous-entend qu'une coll�gue est une danseuse nuePlus
Quand Trump se prend pour un camionneurPlus
        L'homme barricad� � Ch�teauguay est d�c�d�Plus
Londres: deux nouvelles arrestations �importantes�Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Nunes Puts Credibility of House Panel He Leads in Doubt - Emmarie Huetteman and Michael S. Schimidt, New York Times
        Spicer: Schumer�s vow to filibuster Gorsuch�s nomination is �truly disappointing� - Philip Bump, Washington Post
Bannon, Priebus, Mulvaney huddle with conservative lawmakers on healthcare bill - Pete Kasperowicz,
        With no emerging leaders, no clear message, Democrats flounder - Kristin Tate, The Hill
Gov. Jerry Brown On Health Bill Backers: �Their Name Is Going To Be Mud� - Kailani Koenig, NBC News
        Roadside bombs kill 10 Egyptian soldiers- Al Jazeera
Exiled former Russian lawmaker shot dead in Kiev- France 24
        Belgian police arrest man who tried to drive into crowd in Antwerp- Jennifer Rankin, The Guardian
JFK diary calls Hitler �stuff of legends�- BBC News
        UK Parliament attacker identified as British national Khalid Masood- The Times Of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Trump campaign chair offers to talk to House panel on Russia
        Israel fails to heed demand for end to settlement building: UN
Russian, US defense officials discuss air safety over Syria: Interfax
        Russia, Turkey, Iran must hold talks to stop Syria violence: UN
Canadian schools, Girl Guides cancel trips to US
        Tillerson to meet NATO members next week: official
Swiss cannabis entrepreneurs develop craving for low-potency pot
        Le Pen says, if elected, will mull swift lifting of Russia sanctions
Russia's Putin meets French presidential contender Le Pen in Kremlin
        Merkel worried Israeli settlement building undermines two-state solution

Germany calls for EU help in steel showdown with US
        Russia denies supplying Taliban after NATO claim
Nationalists and globalists
        Scientists uproot dinosaur family tree with new category
Arctic sea ice dips to record low for winter
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Why do we believe them?

Commentaries on the latest federal budget, both from the government and from the opposition, media and pundits are all about a fictional world of politics.

Government spokesmen tell us they are creating jobs. Governments are strangling innovation and entrepreneurship with laws, payroll taxes, red tape, regulations, rules, income taxes and demands for statistical information. The only jobs governments create are for bureaucrats.

The government tells us it is going to �kick-start� the economy. OK, start by getting out of the road. Throw all lobbyists down the stairs and ban them from Parliament Hill. They don�t represent us, our MPs do. Stop issuing masses of rules and regulations. Stop corporate welfare. Stop funding �green� anything. Stop supply management. Allow the free market to decide what talents and trades are needed and which businesses, industries and manufacturers can thrive and employ people. Lower taxes and watch the money flow in from start-ups and expansions.

Our government is going to spend $11.8 billion on affordable housing. It does not have the skill sets. The costs of housing are set by local municipalities. They decide what land can be sub-divided and costs of installing roads, sewers, water and utilities. The working poor can�t afford the cost of the lot created. The money winds up in subsidized housing. They will spend $11.8 billion without creating one single affordable house. It is window dressing for the gullible.

We are losing a transit subsidy that did not work. Some bureaucrat dreamed about saving the planet by packing us all into buses for our commute to work. We have dozens of programs aimed at herding us into government-designed pens. I want governments to get out of my life and let me make my own choices. I learn from my mistakes � governments make excuses and create new mistakes.

Governments don�t run the country. Canada was created for mutual defence of the provinces of Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec against a potential American invasion. The subjects listed in federal powers in our constitution are all things that people or provinces can�t provide or where having standards that vary from province to province don�t make sense such as weights and measures, money and criminal law to name a few.

Our federal government meddles in everything. Unfortunately for us, it can�t go broke when the meddling fails. It demands more revenue to cover up errors or spends us into deeper debt. The insanity must stop. All governments, federal, provincial and local exist to provide us with services we can�t provide for ourselves.

Governments do not know what is best for us. Federal and provincial chartered banks rip us off for billions every year because they can. People tired of it and formed credit unions which are taking a larger share of personal and small business banking every year. People are into the food, fuel and some welfare services through co-ops to fight retail giants and public agencies moribund in regulations.

The concept that governments have the power to regulate us and our lives must be buried in the deepest unused mine shaft we can find and sealed in with however much concrete it takes.

Our individual freedoms and rights depend on it.

John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

If anyone would like to be added to my mailing list, send an e-mail to With a subject line:  Conservative Friends List


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