Wednesday 22 March 2017


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Budget 2017: Cash crunch leaves Liberals with little new spending

Liberal budget details $11.2B in affordable housing, plus push for private cash
        Liberals pour billions in to child care in political bid to win over families
Trudeau Responds To Tory-NDP Tag Team By Asking Them To Think Of The Kids
        Higher Saskatchewan sales tax in budget that eats away at deficit

Feds provide more cash for injured vets, but leave pension question unanswered
        Federal Liberal budget kills off 71-year-old Canada Savings Bonds program
Budget 2017 trumpets child care, anti-violence strategy as help for women
        There Is No Silver Bullet For Fake News
It�s a mystery how the Liberals are encouraging innovation and helping the middle class
        Liberals likely to resist the urge to let spending taps gush in Wednesday�s budget
Get over your funk NDP, and stick to the Layton script
        Senators Meredith, Beyak textbook examples of communications gone wrong: Powers
Pathetic history of clergy confusing forgiveness with innocence
        Trudeau and Ottawa�s culture of secrecy

Can Alberta handle a taxing truth?
        Don Meredith would like your sympathy now
The price of Ann Coulter�s �statehood� is too high

Bernier�s national membership chair MP Nuttall was accused of membership fraud in 2010
        Ottawa has rejected majority of Canada 150 projects
Opposition MPs declare �war� over feds� efforts to ram through sweeping changes to House rules, �we�re filibustering to protect the right to filibuster�
        Senate ethics committee to review Don Meredith�s case today as suspension looms
Enbridge cutting 1,000 jobs after completing takeover of Spectra Energy
        Bill Morneau�s budget caught between Trump and a hard place
One law for border-hoppers, another for everyone else?
        O�Leary wants all Conservative memberships vetted to avoid �taint of fraud�
Liberal MP Iqra Khalid addresses critics of anti-Islamophobia motion
        Trudeau to Make Case That Growth and Redistribution Can Co-Exist

Don�t blame Trump for asylum-seekers, says immigration minister
        'Struggling� Alberta looking to federal budget for help
Coast Guard ship that underwent $9-million in repairs in 2009 sells for $373,000
        Canada, NATO attempt to define boundaries of response to cyberattacks
As Saskatchewan ponders sales tax hikes, Alberta charts a different course
        Groups call on Christy Clark to return Kinder Morgan political donations
Conservative leadership campaigns worry fraud, vote-rigging will go unpunished
        Ahead of M-103 debate, duelling mobs clash on Parliament Hill over Islamophobia
Goodale plans spring legislation to revamp controversial anti-terror bill C-51
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When you dangle a political carrot, someone will take a bite

Maclean�s piece calls Quebec �pathologically alienated,� politicians erupt - Donald McKenzie, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Bernier camp declines to send proof of rule-breaking to Conservative Party - Laura Stone, The Globe and Mail
Ontario on track to balance budget next month - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Liberals to extend Iraq mission until battle for Mosul ends - Lee Berthiaume, The Globe and Mail
Will budget provide a timeline to balancing the books? - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Cap-and-trade auction little more than a cash grab - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
B.C. hoping for transit and housing cash in federal budget - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
        EU trade chief expects Canada will ratify trade deal within weeks- CTV News
Shoppers computer crash means no debit purchases or points at some stores- Sophia Harris, CBC News
        Why taking CPP at 60 can make sense, even when the hard math says otherwise- Ted Rechtshaffen, Financial Post
Apple unveils updated iPad with lower price- Anya George Tharakan and Stephen Nellis, The Globe and Mail
        Freshii founder proposes partnership with Subway in open letter- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star


L'ombre de Trump plane sur le budget MorneauPlus
        Mich�e Roy coupable d'homicide involontaire sur un pouponPlus
Po�ti croit que le rapport de la VG lui donne raisonPlus
        Sextos: le ministre Proulx �extr�mement pr�occup�Plus
Une jeune femme retrouv�e morte � Mont-Saint-HilairePlus
        Attaque �terroriste� � Londres: 4 morts, plusieurs bless�s gravesPlus
Trump, la cr�dibilit� de la parole pr�sidentielle en questionPlus
        Perquisition de l'UPAC au minist�re de la FamillePlus
Un an apr�s, la Belgique se souvient Plus
        Les d�put�s �cossais se prononcent sur le r�f�rendum d'ind�pendancePlus

Alerte AMBER d�clench�e: un enfant enlev� � Saint-J�r�mePlus
        Le MTQ est perdu dans un d�dale administratif selon la VGPlus
A13: la victime marchait en bordure de l'autoroutePlus
        Brunch-b�n�fice du PLQ: Sklavounos doit payer son billetPlus
Donald Trump au sommet de l'Otan en mai Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Here�s what�s in the House Republicans� amended plan to revise the ACA - Robert Costa, Washington Post
        Report: Ex-Trump campaign head laundered money from Russia-linked Ukraine pol - Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
Public Health: Fewer Americans Would Be Insured With G.O.P. Plan Than With Simple Repeal - Margot Sanger-Katz, New York Times
        Electronic Ban on Flights Not Prompted By New Threat: Officials - Ken Dilanian, NBC News
Trump warns GOP: �You will lose your seats� if you vote down the health bill - Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner
        Taiwan launches submarine project in face of China threat- AFP, The Times Of India
Swedish parliament holds first war game in 20 years- Al Jazeera
        Homelessness at crisis point in all EU countries � except Finland- Dawn Foster, The Guardian
Veteran Northern Irish politician Martin McGuinness dies aged 66- France 24
        Brexit: EU summit on 29 April to discuss way ahead- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Eiffel Tower to go dark at midnight for London victims
        Trump: 'somewhat' vindicated by lawmker's statement on surveillance
US spy agencies monitored Trump team communications: lawmaker
        Iranian navy endangering international navigation in Gulf: US
EU sets Brexit talk conditions, priority for people, money, borders
        Four dead, at least 20 injured in UK parliament 'terrorist' attack
US helicopters, special ops take part in Syria rebel airlift
        One in four children may face severe water shortages by 2040: UNICEF
Presidential contenders attack Le Pen at debate
        Brexit banks fleeing London must commit to EU: ECB

Scorched earth: If ISIS can't have it, no one can
        Migrants at risk of drug-resistant TB in Europe
Erdogan warns Europeans "will not walk safely" if current attitude persists
        Israel preps for war on Gaza and Lebanon
Six years of war: Is Assad still relevant or a tool?
        Can China save the global order?
Venezuela�s socialist leaders seize bakeries in �bread war�
        Google to revamp policies after ad scandal
Hezbollah denies Israeli �lies, fabrications�
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Senator Don Meredith's fate is has not been determined as this Digest is written through a Google search

The relevance of the following >?< Up to each of us to determine.

Of interest in the scandal involving Senator Don Meredith is the manner of Senator Meredith's political activity prior to his appointment.

Meredith was appointed to the Senate by Stephen Harper after becoming the unsuccessful Conservative Party candidate, replacing Mark Warner in the Toronto-Centre Riding by-election of March 17, 2008.

Warner, who was nominated by his party's Toronto-Centre riding association in February 2007, was arbitrarily removed as candidate October 30, 2007 for differences  with " the national party's campaign over social and urban issues ." At the same time the CPC Guelph Riding candidate was "dropped because he wasn't campaigning hard enough to build up the party locally, "

Meredith was made Senator in 2010 after having accepted acclamation as Warner's replacement in December 2007 and campaigning for only three months in the Toronto-Centre by-election against Bob Rae.

As with Mike Duffy and all other Harper senate appointees, Senator Meredith's appointment was made only after a "pledge" was made to pass Conservative Party policy proposals derived from its predecessors, the Canadian Alliance and Reform parties, rather than on the basis of duty to Canada in our Upper House of "sober second thought". 

The "pledge" to then Prime Minister Harper included a promise to the prime minister and his party to resign from the Senate of Canada after only eight years in the Upper Chamber, in keeping with new Conservative policy and against his constitutional duty to be a check on the prime minister and cabinet government.

The current scandal may well be sufficient reason for the Honourable Senator to resign from office. His past willingness to replace a duly elected candidate arbitrarily removed and the "pledge" made by all new Conservative senators to the former prime minister and to his party both add just causes that he do so.

From: Rene Moreau <>

Why is the issue of  the en-corporation, (turning the management of health care over to corporate entities) never mentioned?

For example, consider when Alberta fired 6 Health-care Authorities, (incorporated) when it was found that their real reason for being was to
make money, not look after citizens health care, first and foremost. Now we see where Ontario Health-care has turned over
administration to more corporate entities, this time�  called�  Local Health Initiative Networks but with the same reason for being.

One would think we would learn the lesson. Instead, in Ontario health-care, we even turned over the regulation of overly
greedy Parking lot companies, (e.g  $23.75 for 5 hours) to�  the corporate LHIN's, whose reason for existence is to do money.

When  democratic government is about functioning for the people, for the country, for the province and corporate entities
exist to do money and power and we give them protection from responsibility and even self-regulation in too many cases, do
we not have a problem, as humans?

Read 'When Corporations Rule the World', by David Korten, quick, before they do.

Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

Tories drop 2 would-be Ontario candidates

"The Conservative party that I'm from doesn't remove a duly nominated candidate. It's supposed to be based on grassroots principles," Barr said.

In February 2007 Mark Warner became "the Conservative Party of Canada's candidate for the House of Commons in the riding of Toronto Centre by-election following the retirement of Bill Graham, but on October 30, the national council of the party replaced him as its candidate because of differences between Warner's campaign and the national party's campaign over social and urban issues

Don Meredith "In December 2007, he was nominated by the Conservative Party of Canada as its candidate in the downtown Toronto riding of Toronto Centre federal by-election held on March 17, 2008  Meredith won the Conservative nomination by acclamation several weeks after the party controversially removed Mark Warner as its standard-bearer

Meredith was appointed to the Canadian Senate on December 18, 2010 on the advice of Prime Minister Harper, and joined the Conservative caucus.


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