Friday 17 March 2017


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Bernier calls rival O�Leary a loser as Tories investigate vote-rigging claims

Sen. Don Meredith begs forgiveness, says �racism has played a role� in his sex scandal
        Leitch climbs, O�Leary and Bernier hold steady lead in CPC race
Leitch campaign says Rebel commentator wouldn�t pass values test as Chris Alexander boycotts Rebel Media events
        Federal government reaches settlement with 3 Arab-Canadian men tortured in Syria and Egypt

North Korean defector warns US involvement in the Koreas could spark renewed conflict
        Daughter diplomacy: Trudeau�s unorthodox play for Donald Trump�s approval
One dead and three injured as planes collide near Montreal: minister
        Pull yourselves together, senators � Don Meredith and Lynn Beyak don�t deserve to be kicked out
Public spending should rise because it needs to, not just because it can
        What we should really test in immigrants (and citizens)
A whiff of BLM grapeshot, and Niki Ashton waves the surrender flag (I dare not call it �white�, in this context)
        Senator Lynn Beyak wanted googlers. Here�s what I found
Mexicans deported from U.S. planning to come to Canada
        If Notley�s big budget gamble goes wrong, things could get real ugly in Alberta

A budget that gambles with Alberta�s future
        Alberta politics needs to get out of the sewer
B.C. Liberals are a rogue government that must be dispatched

Federal budget to set aside billions for affordable housing
        Federal prisons have become less deadly, crowded under Liberals, numbers show
Premier Clark dismisses Horgan as a leader who lacks a spine
        Alberta, Quebec could carry more weight in NDP leadership race than in 2012
Maxime Bernier Calls Kevin O�Leary A Desperate �Loser� After Membership Fraud Allegations
        Maxime Bernier Campaign Investigated For Allegedly Breaking Tory Leadership Rules
�Not full of criminals� is a pretty pathetic baseline for Senate credibility: Robyn Urback
        Conservative Party looking into Kevin O�Leary�s claims of mass voter fraud
Bureaucratic reflex to �overclassify� info blamed for bottleneck of useful data
        Canadians should be told if their banking info shared with IRS, says MP

Senator Lynn Beyak stands by residential school remarks, cites �fake news�
        Alberta PCs to elect new leader amid talk of ending party to merge with Wildrose
Subway says it plans to sue CBC for $210 million over chicken findings
        U.S. presence �welcome� at TPP talks despite Trump withdrawing from trade deal: Canadian minister
World should follow Canada�s tax-the-rich plan, Morneau tells G20
        Auto workers union takes aim at Trump examination of auto fuel standards
Manitoba Tory government showing its �true colours:� analyst
        Battle over House rule changes could put Liberal backbenchers back in the spotlight
B.C. NDP grows its lead over Liberals in latest poll data
        Canadians trust science, CBC, media, government, though Conservatives less trusting: survey

Justin Trudeau Warns Trump About NAFTA Plan, Says Deal Is Good for U.S. Jobs
        U.S. government suing Canadian resident for $1.1M over bank form
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Rebel Rickrolls the Canadian Media Again

Federal budget looms, and Morneau lays the groundwork - The Globe and Mail
        Alberta marches forward, on boggy fiscal footing - Jason Markusoff, Macleans
No-surprise Notley NDP budget keeps digging Alberta into a hole - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
        Canada is committed to trilateral NAFTA talks: Trade Minister - Reuters, The Globe and Mail
Ontario manufacturers eye greener pastures stateside as hydro rates go through the roof - Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Financial Post
        NDP proposes bill to expand rent controls to all buildings - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Trudeau says he still believes Trump�s promise on NAFTA - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        With budget looming, federal government sparks child care talks with provinces - Jordan Press and Joanna Smith, The Globe and Mail
National Enquirer, Star magazine parent to purchase Us Weekly- The Associated Press, CBC News
        N.W.T. premier says Arctic drilling ban will stifle Northern energy sector- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Missing word in the Federal Reserve�s rate hike statement might speak volumes- Joe Chidley, Financial Post


Un homme de 25 ans accus� d'avoir tent� d'incendier une mosqu�ePlus
        Trump/Merkel, premier contact d�licat et divergences flagrantesPlus
�coutes: �l'immunit� diplomatique �a n'existe pas� affirme CouillardPlus
        Meurtre au CHSLD: il demandera sa lib�rationPlus
Voici le Justin Trudeau n�erlandaisPlus
        Maxime Bernier se dit victime d'une campagne de salissagePlus
L'action militaire contre la Cor�e du Nord est une option, dit TillersonPlus
        Chronique de fin (?) d'hiver avec une finale politiquePlus
Le meurtrier d'un papillon rare tra�n� en justicePlus
        Merkel en Hitler en une d'un quotidienPlus

Super-D�neigeur en action dans les rues de Montr�al!Plus
        Washington reconna�t une frappe en Syrie, 46 mortsPlus
Un courant de �lib�ralisme social� entre le Canada et la FrancePlus
        A-13: les Qu�b�cois d��us par la gestion de crise Plus
Kevin O'Leary d�nonce une �tricherie� dans la course Plus
        Un plan d'action promis sur le num�rique dans les �colesPlus
�vitement fiscal: Martine Ouellet somme Qu�bec d'agirPlus
        Protection des Grands Lacs: Heurtel est �pr�occup�Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump Signals Motor City a Pariah No More - Nolan Finley, Detroit News
        Trump�s supplemental budget request faces uphill fight in Congress - Jacqueline Klimas, Washington Examiner
St. Patrick�s Day Events Highlight an Irish Divide Over Trump - Liam Stack, New York Times
        Democrats� Sudden Amnesia About Obamacare�s Ills - Ian Tuttle, National Review
If they can�t do it now, Republicans can probably kiss health care reform goodbye - Amber Phillips, Washington Post
        Paris IMF letter bomb injures one employee- BBC News
Dutch elections curb growth of far-right but expose growing polarisation- France 24
        King Mohammed VI ousts PM Abdelilah Benkirane- Al Jazeera
Got any better ideas, China asks US on North Korea- AFP, The Times Of India
        Royal assent for article 50 bill gives PM power to start Brexit talks- Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Israeli troops kill Palestinian in W.Bank: Palestinian officials
        Syria raid targeted 'advanced' Hezbollah arms: Netanyahu
Pope tells priests to call in exorcists when needed
        Head of UN's ESCWA resigns over report on 'apartheid' Israel
Germany to test dialect analysis software on asylum-seekers
        Fighting for "precious union", UK's May rebuffs Scottish independence ambitions
Saudi says arrangements complete for Iranian haj pilgrims
        Military action against N. Korea an 'option': Tillerson
In backing Syria's Assad, Russia looks to outdo Iran
        Turkey threatens to send Europe '15,000 refugees a month'

Russia says US fuelling 'vicious circle' on North Korea
        Israeli warplanes hit targets in Syria as tensions flare
Philippine military says halts lawmakers trip to South China Sea island
        Japan holds first North Korea missile evacuation drill
Japan court rules government liable for Fukushima disaster
        French carrier to lead joint amphibious Pacific drill in show of force aimed at China: sources
An independent Scotland could abandon sterling union: Salmond tells FT
        German econmin threatens suit against Trump at WTO over border tax
How to slim down your wallet to just one credit card
        Brexit bill receives royal assent, becomes law

A parched planet:Where has all the water gone?
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: Secrets of the Earth

For those of you who are interested in weather changes and global warming, the TV series �Secrets of the Earth� (a documentary series) and available on Netflix is well worth the time spent going through the 9 episodes (21 minutes each � no commercials).

In my opinion, it is worth the $10 per month Netflix fee just to see this series (you can cancel your account at any time).

Episode #4 (volcanoes) puts the whole CO2 emissions nonsense (as pushed by climate change alarmists) in perspective.

A tip of the hat to reader Beth who recommended the series.
John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

If anyone would like to be added to my mailing list, send an e-mail to With a subject line:  Conservative Friends List


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