Thursday 16 March 2017


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Sen. Don Meredith begs forgiveness for �moral failing;� not ready to resign

Senator Lynn Beyak stands by residential school remarks, cites �fake news�
        Michael Chong becomes poster boy for sanitary washrooms in Guatemala
Freeland condemns Russian aggression in Crimea, prompting Kremlin counterattack
        CPC MP Liepert to donate part of his $6,000 Committee salary to charity, Grit MP Easter calls it �playing politics�

Canada developing arsenal of cyber weapons
        National Defence makes limited progress in finding more procurement staff
Alberta�s debt soars to $45B, but budget has no big cuts, no new taxes
        Canadians deported from U.S. planning to come to Canada
�Not full of criminals� is a pretty pathetic baseline for Senate credibility: Robyn Urback
        Federal front for Conservatives may be secondary to Alberta
The next big federal election agenda item has been set: Trump and trade
        Revenue-neutral carbon tax is not a fairy tale
Trudeau�s arrogance fuels �Trumpism� in Canada
        Winning the leadership of a united right will be the biggest hurdle for Jason Kenney

Canada�s elites could use a crash course in populism
        The Rebel Hits a New Low
Tory race down to three � and that�s the way it will stay

World should follow Canada�s tax-the-rich plan, Morneau tells G20
        Auto workers union takes aim at Trump examination of auto fuel standards
Manitoba Tory government showing its �true colours:� analyst
        Battle over House rule changes could put Liberal backbenchers back in the spotlight
B.C. NDP grows its lead over Liberals in latest poll data
        Canadians trust science, CBC, media, government, though Conservatives less trusting: survey
Phoenix failure eroding faith in system
        Chrystia Freeland and the Russian disinformation bogeyman
A day to remember in the House
        Forget populism � where are the big ideas from Canadian leadership candidates?

Politicians need to forget about polls and do the right thing
        The NDP and Conservative leadership races are a study in contrast
The Dangers of Coping
        Snatching defeat � Marc and Jodie Emery are winning the battles in the war to legalize pot, but have lost the moral high ground
Guess what Canada: we�re kinda racists, too
        Most Canadians support �values screening� � which is neither surprising nor concerning
Why do Canadians allow Liberals to get away with these stunts?
        It�s about respect � Women in politics still fight uphill battles every day
Time to renew social democracy
        Why are Conservatives drawn to Kevin O�Leary?

For Liberals, a little infighting among Conservatives goes a long way
        Justin Trudeau Warns Trump About NAFTA Plan, Says Deal Is Good for U.S. Jobs
U.S. government suing Canadian resident for $1.1M over bank form
        NDP calls on Trudeau to intervene in Senate�s dealings with Don Meredith
Beyak pressed to leave Senate aboriginal committee after controversial comment
        Finances of Canadian veterans� charities under scrutiny
Ottawa toughens rules for operating recreational drones
        Nunavut�s Senator will not step down after promising to support 8 year term limits
Ottawa aims to charm 70 U.S. lawmakers over 3-day meeting
        Alberta unveils 2017 budget, promising more spending, deficit, and paydown plan

Power crowd with Ivanka Trump, Trudeau at Broadway play about Canada on 9/11
        Man barred from running for NDP leadership asks court to overrule party
Harcourt Praises Horgan, Renews NDP Support
        Trading politics: UBC runs market to predict provincial election results
Ashton removes Beyonc� meme after backlash from Black Lives Matter
        Justin Trudeau speaks to audience at Come From Away
Ottawa threatens to pull $60M for high-tech centre over Pallister�s refusal to sign health funding deal
        Police say woman stole car on Parliament Hill after trying to get into Centre Block
Privacy commissioner investigating Canada Border Services Agency over electronic media searches
        Maxime Bernier says he�s been ready to run for years

Ontario Liberals� hydro rate cut plan did little to spark voter support, new poll suggests
        Large living Canadian charged with three Russians in massive Yahoo hack
Atlantic Canadians support screening immigrants for Canadian values: CRA poll
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Podcast: Ontario gov�t cutting your electricity bills by 25%

I �beat up Justin Trudeau�: Matthew Perry - Antonella Artuso, Ottawa Sun
        Ontario�s soaring hydro bills have some residents begging churches to help them pay - Ellwood Shreve, National Post
Ottawa aims to charm 70 U.S. lawmakers over 3-day meeting - Katie Simpson, CBC News
        Alberta budget 2017: More economic green shoots, but what about the debt? - Michelle Bellefontaine, CBC News
Ottawa toughens rules for operating recreational drones - Robert Fife, The Globe and Mail
        Emerson, Manitoba too off-Broadway for Justin Trudeau - Mark Bonokoski, Ottawa Sun
Ottawa linking promise of research facility to health deal: Manitoba government - Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        NDP says Wynne�s 25-per-cent hydro-rate cut won�t help bigger businesses, hospitals - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Rogers new security service to help companies clamp down on fake Twitter accounts and Facebook scams- Emily Jackson,
        Canadians richer on surging stock and home prices, but buried in debt trap- Michael Babad, The Globe and Mail
�Worst poured pint ever�: B.C. pub�s messy Guinness has stout-lovers frothing- CTV News
        �We are all doing it�: Employees at Canada�s 5 big banks speak out about pressure to dupe customers- Erica Johnson,


55 jours plus tard, qu'a accompli Donald Trump?
        A13: Couillard annonce la tenue d'une enqu�te externePlus
Trump promet de lutter apr�s un nouveau revers en justicePlus
        France: fusillade dans une �cole: 8 bless�s, un suspect arr�t�Plus
A13: l'officier de la SQ responsable de l'op�ration suspenduPlus
        Un homme retrouv� mort dans une voiture recouverte de neigePlus
Justin Trudeau accompagn� d'Ivanka Trump � BroadwayPlus
        Op�ration Nob�lium: 21 personnes arr�t�esPlus
Budget Trump: coupes sur la diplomatie et l'environnement Plus
        Une importante firme informatique de Qu�bec visit�e par l'UPACPlus
Temp�te: 4 cas d'intoxication au monoxyde de carbone


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Perverse Reality of the Republican Health Care Bill - Ezra Klein, Vox
        Graham: We�ll stall DOJ nominee if FBI doesn�t comply on wiretaps - Mark Hensch, The Hill
Paul Ryan�s Plan Is a Very Good First Step - Larry Kudlow, Investor's Business Daily
        Trump Will Visit Andrew Jackson�s Grave in Nashville - Jennifer Schuessler, New York Times
Trump throws cold water on tax return leak - Kyle Feldscher, Washington Examiner
        Chelsea Clinton fuels speculation of political run - Amie Parnes, The Hill
Brazil graft probe escalates as raft of politicians targeted- France 24
        Ultra-nationalist school linked to Japanese PM accused of hate speech- Justin McCurry, The Guardian
�Turkey backers� target Amnesty, BBC and other major Twitter accounts- BBC News
        South Korea to hold presidential election on May 9- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

10 injured by volcanic explosion on Italy's Mount Etna
        Somali pirates release hijacked ship: Somali marine force, pirates
Trump budget preserves aid for Israel, other countries being evaluated: State Dept.
        Israel court recognizes Palestinian residents' ties to Jerusalem
Senate panel leaders: no evidence to Trump claim of Obama wiretap
        Egyptian statue recently discovered is not Ramses II
Cyprus poachers kill 2.3 million songbirds in 2016
        Germany's Merkel to make rare Russia visit for Putin talks
Trump adviser meets Israeli settler leaders in unusual move
        Hollande, Merkel condemn Erdogan's 'unacceptable' Nazi remarks

'Now is not the time' for Scottish independence vote: May
        Ukraine imposes sanctions on Russian state-owned banks
Netanyahu seeks deal with Trump on settlement construction
        Queen authorizes British PM to begin Brexit
Australia urges S.China Sea ruling as basis for "code of conduct"
        G20 may sidestep trade issue due to discord with US: Schaeuble
OAS chief: Suspend Venezuela if no elections
        Turkey blocks cooperation with NATO partners
Stealing bee hives the latest buzz in New Zealand
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