Sunday 12 April 2015


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Mike Duffy diaries reveal frailties, foibles and desire to be popular

Ontario man charged after alleged threat made against Parliament Hill
        Revenue Canada targets Steelworkers charity for political activities
Feds stand by Vancouver spill response, despite criticism from premier, mayor
        �No reason� Conservatives, NDP shouldn�t get behind Trudeau�s environmental plan: Charest

Harper sidesteps �principle� to cautiously pull Cuba out of isolation
        Aglukkaq writes to provincial counterparts, asks for better GHG numbers
Russian foreign minister to miss Canada�s final Arctic Council meeting
        Canada to announce carbon emissions targets before June�s G7 meeting: Harper
Cabal keeping UFO secrets to blame for world�s woes, says former cabinet minister Paul Hellyer
        Trudeau the big loser in ugly Toronto riding fight?
Don�t get cocky, Liberals
        Tories pursue an unbalanced strategy
PC leadership contenders Elliott and Brown are slugging it out to the end
        Lack of limits on third-party election advertising mean the Progressive Conservatives may never win again
Election trail not exactly blazing
        Early Alberta election polls show casual Tory voters are not engaged

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trudeau the big loser in ugly Toronto riding fight? - Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star
New Alberta election poll projects slim Wildrose majority - Ryan Cormier, Edmonton Journal
Stephen Harper: Conservative? Maybe not. - John Geddes, Macleans
Duffy trial is just the latest sign of stagnation in the Harper government - Conrad Black, National Post
Greg Rickford pushes back following B.C. premier�s spill response criticism - Evan Solomon, CBC News
Stephen Harper talks with Raul Castro at Summit of the Americas - The Canadian Press, CBC News
Ontario PC leadership hopefuls Christine Elliott calls party a toxic brand - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press , CTV News
Harper meets with Obama at Panama summit - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Canada�s lack of hemispheric envoy signals fading influence in Americas: experts - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Protesters rally in Quebec City for government action on climate change - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Mike Duffy�s diary: Tory senators told �don�t rock the boat� - Terry Milewski, CBC News
If Prentice wins majority, Alberta�s future will echo his contradictions - Justin Giovannetti, The Globe & Mail
Solar company sues Ontario Power Authority for $9 million - Donovan Vincent, Toronto Star
PC leadership contenders Elliott and Brown are slugging it out to the end - Adrienne Batra, Toronto Sun
�You�ll never come across a better-prepared lawyer�: A look at Mike Duffy�s high-profile defender - Daniel Leblanc, The Globe & Mail
Angry parents plan rallies across B.C. Sunday to vent on school cuts - Michael Smyth, Vancouver Province
Maker of toilet tissue, towels using wheat straw as easily renewable fiber source- Roxana Hegeman, The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Cara shares jump 40% as parent of Harvey�s and Swiss Chalet returns to TSX- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
So, What Really Causes Recessions?- Noah Smith, Bloomberg Views
Dove�s beauty campaign �has turned on the women it claims to champion�- Susan Krashinsky, The Globe & Mail
Pan Am Games store opens at Eaton Centre- Sidney Cohen, Toronto Star

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Duffy Trial Is a Reminder to Change Parliament's Culture of Blame
        In Canada, We Have the Strategy and the Tools to End AIDS
In the Next Federal Election Big Data Will Make the Difference
        David Cameron Borrows From Harper's Election Playbook
Canada Will Miss Its Climate Target And We'll All Miss Out
        It's Time Canada Lived Up to Its Climate Commitments
The Government Should Listen to Canadians' Concerns About Bill C-51
        After 50 Years of the Canada Pension Plan We've Run Off Course
Harper's Change To The Criminal Code Serves No Value to the Mental Health System
        Canada's Battle Against Extremism Should Involve More Aid Instead of Bombs
Canada's Charitable Law Urgently Needs Reforming
        More Compensation Restraint Would Help Ease Ontario's Budget Troubles

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Salle comble pour les candidats � la chefferie du PQPlus
        Corps rep�ch� � Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuPlus
Jocelyne Cazin se pr�sentera pour la CAQ dans ChauveauPlus
        Arr�t� pour des menaces de faire exploser le parlementPlus
Massacre des Arm�niens: le pape �voque un �g�nocide�Plus
        Le maire de Victoriaville chez les conservateursPlus
Vers des d�parts massifs d'infirmi�res � la retraite?Plus
        Zoo: ils �chappent leur enfant dans la fosse au gu�pardPlus
Un Montr�alais de 30 ans manque � l'appelPlus
        14 matelots � l'h�pital apr�s avoir mang� un poisson tropicalPlus

Il aurait d�lib�r�ment fonc� sur une voiture de la SQPlus
        Hillary Clinton se lance dans la course � la pr�sidencePlus
Retrait de Cuba de la liste noire: Obama tranchera Plus
        Des pompiers sauvent un cochon des eauxPlus
Rock Forest: fuites majeures dans une tour d'eauPlus
        Canal de Lachine: un homme et son chien tombent � l'eauPlus
C�gep du Vieux Montr�al: un processus �biais�?Plus
        Enceinte de quadrupl�s � 65 ansPlus
R�sultats d'�lections marqu�es par des violences au NigeriaPlus
        Europe: r�union informelle sur l'endiguement du terrorisme Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A New Chapter - Hilliary Clinton, Huffington Post
        Remains from Lincoln�s Last Day - Timothy Egan, New York Times
Hillary�s Bid and the Coming Culture Wars - Peter Wehner, Commentary
        Clinton�s Truman Show Campaign - Ian Tuttle, National Review
Walker Leads Bush, Paul in NH Poll - Real Clear Politics
        UAE warns Pakistan it could pay �heavy price for ambiguous stand� on Yemen crisis- The Times of India
�Yarmouk is being annihilated�: Palestinians in Syria are left to their fate- Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian
        Nigerian refugees: U.N. appeals for $174M for victims of Boko Haram- CNN
Clashes rage in Yemeni south as aid trickles into Sanaa- Al Jazeera
        Cuba-US ties at �turning point� says Barack Obama- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Don't interfere in Iran talks, Kerry urges Congress
Iran lawmakers demand 'fact sheet' on nuclear deal
UN chief warns of growing links between crime and extremism
Kenya asks UN to repatriate Somali refugees after Garissa massacre
Saudi Arabia dismisses Iran calls for Yemen cease-fire
Hospital in rebel-held east Ukraine shelled despite cease-fire
Russian navy evacuates over 300 from Yemen: official
With candles, prayers, Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter
Pope uses word 'genocide' to describe Armenian killings
Obama: Hillary Clinton would be "excellent president"
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Panel discussion on on prospects for war and peace in Ukraine
* Statement of the left forces of Lugansk People's Republic
* U.S. wants Canada to upgrade Arctic missile sensors
* Ukraine's Security Service detains founders of Popular Rada of Bessarabia
* Supporters of pianist Valentina Lisitsa protest her banning by Toronto Symphony

* Interview: 'We're seeing revival of Nazism & fascism in Ukraine'
* From the news archive: 'Canada admits to letting in 2,000 Ukrainian SS troopers after WW2 '
* As Kyiv gov't prepares to "ban" communism, pro-Maidan journalist says'impossible to defend the changes in Ukraine'
* Ukraine bans communism, celebrates UPA nationalists as 'freedom fighters'
* Ukraine gets access to Canadian satellite data that Canada's own defence department can't afford

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