Thursday 9 April 2015



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National Newswatch

Mike Duffy trial: Stephen Harper praised Duffy in signed photo

Taxpayers not made to foot the bill for Harper makeup artist: government source
        Mixed messages abound on who pays for Harper�s makeup, hair services
Is the race to form federal government as close as it seems? Maybe not, poll suggest
        Mike Duffy trial: Senators can claim expenses for partisan activities, defence lawyer says
Harper Tories Sure Have Been Criticizing Pierre Trudeau A Lot Lately

Stephen Harper hailed Mike Duffy as �great� senator, trial hears
        Duffy�s diaries: More on Sun News, party squabbles and dangerous cabbage rolls
Duffy, as Senator, Paid Journalists
        Why Duffy�s trial will interest voters more than Conservatives think
Tories tarring Justin Trudeau with alleged sins of his father
        Of shields and swords and elections
Balanced budget laws don�t have to work perfectly to be useful
        Could Tom Mulcair actually win?
Our Senate, where common sense and accountability go to die
        Less than a day after his Senate appointment, Mike Duffy was at the public teat

Stephen Harper should never have appointed Mike Duffy a P.E.I. senator
        Progress for Aboriginal peoples still haunted by the past
Budget 2015: the myth of education spending cuts in Ontario

New poll shows three-way battle, explains why Prentice is going hard at opposition
        Tories seeking fine print details from allies on Iran nuclear deal
Bell Media president Kevin Crull stepping down effective immediately
        Christine Elliott remembers Jim Flaherty one year after his death
Barrick exec with Tory ties appointed to IDRC board
        Elizabeth May Gains Trudeau�s Support To Include Greens In 2015 Election Debate
Supreme Court won�t hear appeal of group seeking to sue Ottawa over wheat board
        Crews work to contain fuel spill in Vancouver�s English Bay
Sentries at National War Memorial endured abuse, disrespect
        Canada�s sale of GM stock made C$3.26 billion: U.S. regulator document

Quebec mayor Alain Rayes to seek nomination for federal Conservatives: source
        RCMP forced to shuffle cash, staff to meet terrorism duties, documents show
Supreme Court to decide legality of another federal appointee
        Minister defends bill requiring consultation on injection site applications
�Balanced budget� bill a political move, says former PBO Kevin Page
        Social Progress Index gives Canada top marks for social inclusion, tolerance
New e-cigarette industry says regulations off the mark
        Fellow suspendee Patrick Brazeau shows up at Mike Duffy�s Senate-scandal trial
Duffy diary: Peter MacKay claims set up in chopper-fishing flap
        PM�s refusal to fill Senate vacancies challenged in court amid Duffy trial

Jim Prentice scoffs at suggestion he tried to undermine Stephen Harper
        Harper heads to summit as OAS welcomes Cuba into fold
Federal budget 2015: Joe Oliver drops no hints, warns of slow growth
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Nova Scotia forecasts $98M deficit; hikes tobacco taxes - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Don Braid: Are Alberta Tories at the tipping point? - Don Braid, National Post
Brown gains momentum in Ontario PC leadership race as McNaughton bows out - Jane Taber, The Globe & Mail
        Peter MacKay thought PM�s aide leaked embarrassing rescue helicopter story to the media, Duffy�s diaries reveal
PC leadership race: Elliott on offence after McNaughton backs Brown - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Taxpayers not made to foot the bill for Harper makeup artist: government source - Jennifer Ditchburn,
Patrick Brown accuses PC leadership rival of harassing supporters - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Duffy diaries long on party business, short on sober second thought - Campbell Clark, The Globe & Mail
�Balanced budget� bill a political move, says former PBO Kevin Page - Katharine Starr, CBC News
        Manitoba premier quiet as questions surround his ability to reunite caucus - Steve Lambert, The Globe & Mail

Harper keeps hard line on drugs despite regional trends - Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen
        Prentice hints at using trust fund to diversify Alberta�s economy - Darcy Henton, Edmonton Journal
Don�t sacrifice flexibility in the name of balanced budgets - David Parkinson, The Globe & Mail
        PM Harper knew about $90,000 repayment scheme, argues Duffy�s lawyer - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
B.C. Liberal Party raised $10 million in 2014, official records show - Cassidy Olivier, Vancouver Province
        Wynne gets rock star treatment - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Michael Wilson new chair of Mental Health Commission of Canada - Kathryn May, Ottawa Citizen
        Dear Senate, sign here and don�t worry - Scott Feschuk, Macleans
What an $11,000 TFSA limit means for your retirement- Rob Carrick, The Globe & Mail
        Starbucks To Shell Out $250 Million On Free 4-Year College For Every Employee: Here�s Why- Micah Solomon,
Desjardins Insurance mobile app for drivers raises privacy concerns- Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press,
        It�s time to stop believing central bankers can save the world economy- Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canadian Taxpayers Lost Billions On Tories' GM Share Sale: Analysts
        Mike Duffy, Stephen Harper and the politics of panic
8 Ontario Farms Quarantined In Scramble To Contain Bird Flu
        Day One of Duffy trial is bad news for Harper
Oliver confirms Tories' plan for balanced-budget legislation
        Top 10 reasons it's time to expand the Canada Pension Plan
Ottawa police to guard sentries at National War Memorial
        UPDATED UQAM students, profs call for admin to resign over 'political expulsions' Student protester
26 Fort McMurray airport workers lose jobs to privatization, temporary foreign workers
        What happened when Canada stopped counting its numbers | Al Jazeera America

Heath: Stephen Harper, warmonger
        Alberta court strikes down labour laws that take away right to strike
Ed Broadbent says Canada became more unequal under Stephen Harper

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Le Black Bloc responsable du saccage � l'UQAM?Plus
        Manifestation au pavillon Hubert-Aquin de l'UQAMPlus
UQAM: Blais condamne la violence et appuie le recteurPlus
        Retour des sentinelles au c�notaphe de la guerrePlus
14 ans de prison pour homicide involontairePlus
        Le fr�re du Noir abattu par un policier r�clame des comptes Plus
L'homme agress� est un employ� de la STMPlus
        Poursuite-b�illon: Eddy Savoie est d�bout� en appelPlus
Patrick Brazeau appuie Mike DuffyPlus
        UQAM: la direction �jette de l'huile sur le feu�Plus

R�cit d'une pr�sum�e victime d'un viol collectif Plus
        Drame de L'Isle-Verte: le propri�taire rejette le bl�mePlus
Un Qu�b�cois aurait �t� arr�t� pour trafic d'humainsPlus
        Syrie: les Palestiniens aux c�t�s de l'arm�e � YarmoukPlus
UQAM: Pavillon J.-A.-De S�ve ferm� pour la journ�ePlus
        Nucl�aire iranien: pas de garantie d'un accord d�finitifPlus
Un homme ouvre le feu au tribunal de Milan: 3 mortsPlus
        TV5 victime d'une cyberattaque sans pr�c�dentPlus
Accident mortel � LaSallePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A Warning to Hillary Clinton - Brent Budowsky, The Hill
        The Iran Deal and Its Consequences - Henry Kissinger And George P. Shultz, Wall Street Journal
Rand Paul: President or Gadfly? - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
        Dems Have an Identity-Politics Problem - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
Cruz PACs Take In Record Haul - Mark Halperin, BloombergPutin: Greece did not seek financial aid from Russia- BBC News
        40% of flights canceled in France amid strike- The Times of India
Houthi rebels fight street battles with militias in Yemeni city of Aden- The Guardian
        Iran�s Zarif seeks Pakistan�s help in Yemen crisis- Al Jazeera
Tsarnaev guilty of all 30 counts in Boston bombing- Ann O'Neill, CNN

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Ukraine says 39 pro-Russian 'saboteurs' arrested in Odessa
        US: Iran sanctions will be removed in phases
U.S. says Chinese activity in South China Sea causes regional 'anxiety'
        Ukraine outlaws Communist names in fresh break with Soviet past
Ukraine sets sights on joining NATO
        OPEC's no-cut strategy is not working, Iran says
Putin gives visiting Greek PM Tsipras historic Greek icon
        Germany confirms 'Normandy' talks on Ukraine in Berlin
Thousands join protests, strikes against French cutbacks
        Ukraine separatist leader warns of possible return to war

Greece repays IMF loan instalment despite cash crunch
        Amnesty says Ukraine rebels executed government soldiers
Islamic world risks 'disintegration': Erdogan
        Iran will sign final nuclear deal only if sanctions lifted: Rouhani
North Korea fires missiles into sea as U.S. defense chief visits region
        Canadian planes carry out first strikes in Syria: army
Iran calls for a timetable for global nuclear disarmament
        Kurdish self-rule authority: no to multiple marriages
Moscow meetings on Syria produce six-point document
        Erdogan slams brakes on Kurdish peace process ahead of polls

Putin offers cooperation but no Greek aid
        Myanmar farmers dream of resurrecting Asia�s rice bowl
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PM Harper knew about $90,000 repayment scheme, argues Duffy's lawyer

Whose well being was the primary concern of the Prime Minister's then Chief of Staff?

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